The Tunisian Connection

Two Tunisians living in Italy have been deported due to their connections with the mujahid who massacred twelve people last December by driving his truck into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from La Stampa:

Two Tunisians linked to Berlin attacker deported from Italy.

Two Tunisians were expelled (deported) today “for reasons of state security”. One of the two, a 47-year-old without fixed address, is the registered owner of a telephone number found among contacts of the attacker of the Berlin Christmas market, Anis Amri, in June 2015 when the latter was guest of a family of a co-national currently detained in the prison of Velletri for common crimes.

This raises to 147 the number of deported subjects involved in the circle of religious extremism deported from the border under guard from January 2015 to today. Of these, 15 (have been expelled) in 2017.

The other deportee is a 34-year-old identified by the intelligence services by monitoring the Islamic community in the province of Perugia, of which a radical element was part of an association of Tunisian (drug) dealers operating in the chief city of Umbria, connected to other co-nationals already expelled from the national territory for reasons of state security on 14 May 2015. Of the reported investigative cases divulged, in addition, the Tunisian expelled today, besides having shown his sympathy for Daesh (ISIS) during his residence in Lucca, would not have excluded the possibility he that he might go to Syria.

Traced to Palermo last 14 February he was found to be in (Italy) illegally, and was detained in the center of Caltanissetta. Today [February 25] he was repatriated from the border in the area of Palermo on a direct flight to Tunis.

As for the 44-year-old, as a result of the investigation, he was detained in the center of Caltanissetta awaiting deportation, which occurred today at the coastal border of Palermo via a boat that departed for Tunis.

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  1. prediction:

    more than just a few european countries will be asking america to lend europe its expertise and to share lessons learned the hard way fighting insurrection in multiple muslim countries

    • Yeah. That would be great. We could teach them the rules of engagement keeping our troops from defending themselves, and our methods of fighting insurgents for 12 years without coming close to winning. Finally, we can teach them to let in our allies wholesale, who claim (probably true) they will be massacred, without vetting them at all. What if a few enemy slip in between the cracks? The allies and the enemy are not really that different, especially when they form their own tightly-knit communities inside the US after being allowed in.

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