Another Day, Another Culture-Enriching Rape

It’s horrible to contemplate, but stories like this one have become commonplace, almost humdrum, in today’s Germany and Austria.

One thing to note about this Austrian report, however: the reporter points out how many sexual attacks are being committed by Afghan migrants, and that the number is increasing.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Kronen Zeitung:

Police free woman from the apartment of a sexual predator

“Help, call the police!” a rape victim yelled out of the bathroom window from an apartment in Linz-Ebelsberg. An Afghan had tricked the lightly mentally disabled woman into following him into his apartment, and then abused her. The woman managed to flee to the bathroom, locked herself inside and called the police.

The Afghan had tricked his future victim, a mentally disabled woman from Linz, into following him to his apartment. Together they rode the elevator up to the migrant’s apartment, where the suspect then raped the woman in the living room.

She called on passersby for help

When the Afghan let go of her, she was able to grab her things, flee to the bathroom, and lock herself inside. Using her cell phone she dialed the emergency number, while her abuser tried to break down the door. “I don’t know where I am,” the shocked victim said on the phone. The officer had a life-saving idea: “Go to the window and call for help!”

The woman did exactly that. A person who was walking by called the police and gave the address. The Afghan was arrested; he denies all accusations.

Unscrupulous attack on a mother of two

With that the number of cases of sex attacks that have been perpetrated by Afghans in the past months in Austria increases. The unscrupulous attack on a victim who is only 17 years old and on a 31-year-old mother of two just shocked the nation. The young man attacked the Vienna woman in broad daylight — even though she had both her small children with her in the stroller. The mother defended herself with all the might she could muster and managed to get her attacker to flee. A little while later the police found him and arrested him.

Also headlines were made by a 19-year-old Afghan in February who masturbated at least ten times over several months in trains and at train stations in the Vorarlberg area. The young man was found. He confessed and was reported.

9 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Culture-Enriching Rape

  1. Maybe we should have some counters by countries and just move the counter for rape, murder and of course the most used one: “Nothing to do with islam”.

  2. But it is so hard to find a girlfriend if one is from a migration background…

    If it were desirable to have third world trash in one’s country, then at least neuter them so they don’t overwhelm the host country with their spawn. Also they would lose any desire to rape and molest, and most of their aggressiveness. But I wouldn’t allow them in in the first place.

  3. Maybe it’s time to have “decoy” women walking around, who are actually cops (and have a few colleagues nearby) to entrap… no, not would-be johns, like in the old days, but would-be rapists.

    Sick, sick culture!

  4. It’s appearing the term “lightly disabled” could be applied to most living humans born in Germany these days

  5. ** The young man was found. He confessed and was reported. **
    For a horrible moment there I thought the perpetrator had been deported.

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