There’s Lebensraum for Everyone in Modern Multicultural Germany

The following video is in Merkelspeak, so I’ll provide a précis of what the chancellor said:

If you can make it across the border into Germany and find a place to crash, then you’re living in Germany, and that makes you a German — forever. No one can take that from you. You’re as German now as Bismarck or Goethe.

Congratulations! You’ve just joined Das Volk!

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   …dear friends and all of this in deepest conviction
0:03   that’s at least how I wish it, that the country
0:06   in which we live today, is a land that…
0:09   has many virtues that have to be defended.
0:13   Openness, diversity of opinion,
0:16   freedom of religion,
0:19   freedom of the press… all these are things
0:22   which for us nowadays
0:25   are taken for granted, but 27 years ago
0:28   they were not.
0:31   I know that it’s not right to talk about the past
0:34   over and over again but nonetheless the time of
0:37   the German Union [Deutsche Einheit, reunification in 1990] the moment when the Iron Curtain fell,
0:40   the time when Europe grew together, a wonderful time,
0:43   and therefore there is absolutely no justification
0:46   for small groups in our society arrogating the right
0:49   to define who ‘The People’ is.
0:52   ‘The People’ is everybody who lives in this country,
0:55   my ladies and gentlemen and dear friends,
0:58   nobody can take that from us,
1:01   and many make… (applause)

31 thoughts on “There’s Lebensraum for Everyone in Modern Multicultural Germany

    • She is trying to renew the glory of Nazi Germany albeit in a non-racial way. Islam is the Arab Nazism, proclaiming the supremacy of the Muslims over all, and their god-given right to conquer and subdue and extort Jyzia from the the non-believers.

      Herself having no children, what does she care if the next generation of german Nazis are dark-skinned who shove their women, especially the newly-won blond ones, into burkas and rape them repeatedly so they deliver many more babies to feed the Islamo-Nazi lebensraum subjugation apparatus.

    • It’s always interesting to me to speculate on people like Merkel and her political success, although speculation is not of value in actually dealing with her.

      Is Merkel a sociopath? The defining characteristic of the sociopath is they have no empathy or internal values. It’s not a choice. They simply don’t have the brain structure (my speculation). So, no amount of reasoning or the display of consequences will change them, as they don’t care. The more dangerous sociopaths do have a drive to money, sex, power, whatever, and are intelligent enough to cover up their real nature through learned and very calculated actions. It’s very dangerous to assume you can pick out a sociopath, as that makes you vulnerable to the really intelligent ones. Sociopaths are master manipulators of people. They have no hesitancy in acting as dramatically as they need to, to achieve their objectives. Picture Keith Ellison shedding obviously phony tears in response to allegations Muslims were involved in subversive activities.

      Sociopath political leaders are not subject to second thoughts when they are confronted with the disastrous consequences of their policies. They don’t care and never will.

      But, what is driving Merkel? It’s not necessarily bad to have a sociopath head of a country if the objectives of the sociopath are good for the country. When your policies are responsible for millions or hundreds of millions of people, it’s not necessarily functional that you be emotionally affected by the hardships of individual cases. I’ve heard it said that the best doctors are not emotionally involved with their patients. A good proportion of patients are going to die, perhaps painfully, and a doctor with too much empathy will not be able to function.

      Merkel obviously has a strong drive to implement policies destructive to the German society and nation and just as obviously is not dissuaded by their disastrous consequences. Is the drive internal? Did her childhood transition from West Germany to East Germany, which were very different cultures, leave her with a feeling of alienation in a culture in which she was nevertheless very successful, and thus she wished to see dissolved?

      Or, are there some external incentives to Merkels actions? Many politicians are driven by either power and influence, or money. Certainly, there is plenty of Muslim money (Saudi Arabia) and Muslim political power (OIC, biggest UN voting bloc) to provide Merkel whatever she wanted: riches or mega-national position. Hillary, the heir-apparent US President, had already declared she had admired Merkel as one of the top leaders in the world, so there would have been no US impediment to any UN coronation of Merkel. Another reason leftists hate Trump so much.

      • I hope their hate for Trump keeps them up at night!

        All good points in that comment Ronald. Another point you may have forgotten to consider is that Merkel was a member of the East German Communist Party – although I believe, that her father was a pastor? If that is the case, then his influence in her formative years must have born some fruit? If true, what was he teaching her?

        Maybe this:

        From my own research I found that the bombing of Dresden was blamed by the Soviets almost exclusively on the Germans themselves. Apparently they did this to turn the minds of the Dresden survivors against the Nazis and the Allies to make the transition easier of the then East Germany into a Communist satellite state within the Soviet System.

        As to how many of the survivors swallowed that one I have no idea. But the destruction of Dresden was ingrained into future students through the ‘education system’ as to what the West is capable of doing to those who go against it.

        So, Mutte Merkel may have had her formative years being brainwashed into believing the West in general and including West Germany at that time, were inherently bad and needed reforming?

        They say the expertly brainwashed are the most difficult to re-adjust to reality.

        But, that may explain her tunnel vision concerning Islam and Turkey and the bulk of the results for which she is responsible. Of course, I have no doubt that what you offer about her has much to it, and the best brainwashing is done with people tested for personality disorders.

        Look up MK ULTRA for verification of that.

        • I really enjoyed your post, nemesis, and did look up MK ULTRA. The founding fathers were entirely correct in their deep suspicion of unfettered government.

          Here is a thought on Merkel. It is, of course, possible she was subject to some form of brainwashing or organized mental coercion. However, you have people in the US, people high in the government and Congress, who have exactly the same drive to destroy the US culture and society through immigration. My family member has that mindset, and I can say that any brainwashing was strictly self-induced and voluntary.

          My point is that formal, intrusive brainwashing techniques are not necessary to produce the zombie, self-destructive behavior of immigration fanatics and rabid leftist haters of self-identity.

          • Actually, my younger brother would fit your description. And the difference I believe between us is that he is university trained and I am not.

            We shouldn’t omit what the ‘education’ system of today can produce in the kind of ‘thinker’ who willingly accepts his/her education as being sacrosanct and beyond criticism. I have had many ‘discussions’ with him and cannot sway his mind into seeing his own indoctrination – he just won’t have it.

          • Nemesis, the separation among family members is a sad result of this corrupt education “system” we have cobbled together since the mid-60s. I used to tell the Baron not to worry about it, that the current generation marching through the institutions would eventually retire and would be replaced by more humane, sane younger people. Little did I know they were training their replacements.

            I no longer believe we can avoid a civil war of some sort. Your purblind brother is like my cousins, all of them liberal Catholics who think this truly awful current iteration of a Pope is just wonderful.

            I’m glad the Mormons and the various small churches are keeping the flame of religious conservatism burning bright in America; I don’t know how Europeans will fare, though.

            Are you familiar with the Jewish tradition of 36 just men (people) who keep the world afloat? It’s here:


            Of course, it comes from the Biblical tradition of the various wicked cities Yahweh destroyed – or didn’t, because of human pleading. It’s an idea that appeals to me just because.

          • An observation based conclusion of Ace’s fits in here. I hope it may help you and the rest come up with finding some path to agreement with well-edukated family members.

            Those who have the most ego invested in the skill of repeating what Teacher has told them are naturally going to be very averse to suggesting the heresy that Teacher might be wrong. — Ace

          • Dympthna, I looked up that link. Very interesting concept that probably has much truth to it.

            I have been reading a book by Jonathon Gray at titled, Stolen Identity, Jesus Christ: History or Hoax?

            You may care to look that site up as this man has some very in depth and away from the main stream info regarding Human history.

            That book, by the way, has some details on Christ’s crucifixion and burial not normally found in historical/religious texts that can only enlighten one’s belief on that event. Too, it details how the prophecy of the Messiah has been perverted and twisted to suit all those false gods who went before Him.

            I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to re-confirm their faith.

            Pascal, that observation is spot on! I can understand why anyone who has spent a lot of their time and good money being ‘edukated’ would tend to resist other points of view as to that given to them. But, it is those who steadfastly refuse the opportunity to even look at other aspects to what they have learned who I cannot understand.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t see Germans ever doing that, more likely she will just be pensioned off, nice house, area, etc..

      For what she has done to Germany, I’d like to see her in intimate friendship with a power pole–Mussolini-style.

  1. Openness, freedom of opinion, freedom of religion, freedom of the press – if she believes in these things why is she colonizing the country with people that don’t believe in them?

    She didn’t believe in them when she was in east Germany, she doesn’t believe in them now; no communist believes in them. she wants to colonize Germany with enough people that don’t believe in these ideas so that she will have a majority of people that will agree with her communist ideas.

    This is the same thing the communists in the United States have done since the 1980s. Look at all the trouble that has caused in the United States. Our Bill of Rights, the checks on the power of our politicians, were under constant attack for the last eight years.

    German people, if you want to keep your freedom get rid of Merkel and her colonists with her.

    • Thinning out the indigenous German population and filling it in with human debris who do not give a flying you know what about God and Country, History and preservation, and who have zero physical, emotional or social/historical/ancestry ties to Germany. Very convenient when one wants to create a “one-nation” Goober Mint out of Europe.

  2. So how did this hog feel about East Germany when she was part of it? Can anybody enlighten me?

    • She was a smiling member of the party apparatus trusted to work in agitprop, namely, selling the system to the masses.

      Her pastor father was trusted by the regime and allowed to travel freely outside the GDR. A probable Stasi officer.

      She had it good as a member of the ruling class. What’s not to like about being top dog?

      • Her father was probably the only person who is”escaped” from the west to East Germany.

  3. Merkel is a fool who thinks that she can bluster her way to immigrant prosperity. These people-from the Middle East or Africa will never be German. They can only understand their own cultures and have no interest in any other. Germany will be chasing cockroaches for generations!

    • She’s a useful idiot, that’s not a fool. She will push her agenda no matter what, and if people complain, she will hush it, and then continue stealthily. That’s her modus operandi.

      There are clues that she knew about the plans to open EU up for all years before 2015…

  4. My dentist will complain, every time I have to listen to this monster, I am grinding my teeth days to come!

  5. Is there some dire information about the white birthdate that we don’t get to see? Really, it’s that bad that you flood the place with Sandpeoples? Modernity in Germany has opened the Abyss (the pill, feminism, multiculturalism, multiracialism, war guilt, TV, homosexual apologists, anti-white [nonsense]) and these brown eyed parasites like Achmed state dullwittedly back expecting gibs me dat and white girl to service them.

    [Note from the Baron: You know our PG-13 rules. I don’t want to redact any more naughty words. Restrain yourself. Next time I’ll just hit the “delete” button.]

  6. Incredible what’s happening to Europe.

    We are experiencing a process in Europe. The following steps have already been taken place in our European countries.

    1. Indoctrinate the population with a feeling of guilt.

    2. Create an in-group morality based on the idea of making up for this guilt by living up to certain universal morals, such as caring for the entire world, the idea of tolerance; and the idea that every culture is equal (cultural relativism); which will lead to the in-group supporting multiculturalism and mass migration.

    3. The media and academic world must support the in-group morality, creating the illusion that the in-group is very large and therefore powerful.

    4. The media and academia must also demonise, degrade and ridicule their own culture. The own culture and history is seen as “evil”. Other cultures are seen as “exotic”, “interesting”, etc. This goes further than cultural relativism. This is cultural marxism. Their own culture is “evil” and “nothing special”, so the way to solve this is by multiculturalism.

    5. Not agreeing with the universal morality of the in-group will leads to social exclusion from the in-group. Those outside of the group are immoral and must be demonised (“nazi”, “hiter”, “racist”, “white supremacist”, etc).

    Once this climate has been established, the trick is to gradually flood the country with mass migration from outside of the Western world. It is the best to do so in a gradual, but constant and consistent manner, so that the new reality becomes “normal”.

    Their own country and culture can be destroyed the fastest by importing Muslims, because they carry a very strong negative ideology with them.

    This is how you destroy a culture and it’s currently happening to the West. This is real and this is the process.

    Let’s end this rant with a quote from a much greater German.

    Karl R. Popper, from The Open Society and Its Enemies
    “Less well known is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. — In this formulation, I do not imply, for instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant philosophies; as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be unwise. But we should claim the right to suppress them if necessary even by force; for it may easily turn out that they are not prepared to meet us on the level of rational argument, but begin by denouncing all argument; they may forbid their followers to listen to rational argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer arguments by the use of their fists or pistols. We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal.”


    • Popper’s focus on intolerance plays right into the hands of the Treason Class with their proscription of”hate speech.”

      Far better to focus on actual aberrant behavior like criminal conduct. Rape? False oath of allegiance? Subversion? Plural marriage? Pedophilia? Vigilante killing of blasphemers and apostates? FGM? Beating of women? Fighting in jihadi wars?

      Blammo. Prosecution. Punishment.

      Why should we beat around the bush? Islam involves a constellation of behaviors. It condones discrimination based on religious identity or rejection of Islam. (((Therefore))), title for tat, convert or leave.

      Above all, don’t even think about coming.

    • The great Isaiah Berlin expressed the same sentiments: intolerance of the intolerant is not intolerant (sorry if that’s not word for word; Nemesis will correct me!)

    • Notice that Popper is describing a class of speech that’s criminal, rather than criminal actions, such as Col. Bunny points out. Popper’s argument is totalitarian: all that needs to happen is your particular argument is on the proscribed list and bam!: You’re a criminal. It’s not far from Popper’s reasoning to a proscription of the idea that races are actually genetically different.

      But, the other side of the argument is that values really do matter. Do we wish to allow in masses of people, even if intelligent and productive, if they will vote for increased, third-world immigration and population replacement? So, we cannot be neutral to someone’s ideas, especially when evaluating them for admission into the country.

      I’m afraid what it comes down to is that much of the latitude of freedom that came from having a relatively homogeneous society is no longer possible with cultural and racial diversity, and large identity groups having substantially different values from those envisioned by the founders of the Constitution.

    • This is only true for Western and parts of Central Europe, they’re trying hard with the rest of us, but for most the memories of a dictatorship are much too vivid to ignore the signs

  7. Didn’t Aristotle warn us that tyrants always relied upon foreign mercenaries to keep the indigenous natives under control while a King could easily motivate his indigenous subjects to repel invaders?

    What was said centuries ago is relevant today.

    Merkel like all other western leaders requires foreign mercenaries to keep her and her allies in power.

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