Montreal Imam: “Oh Allah, Destroy the Accursed Jews”

If you live in Canada and happen to mutter, “I don’t think much of Islam,” you may find yourself arrested and prosecuted for “hate speech”. You may well face months or years of legal hell at the hands of one of the dreaded Human Rights Commissions.

But there are different laws for Canadian Muslims, who can say pretty much anything they like about Christians and Jews, especially if they do it in Arabic. They can even call for infidels to be exterminated.

The following video was recorded in 2014 in the Al Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal. The words spoken by Sayed Al-Ghitawi, the imam of the mosque, are not significantly different from those spoken by any imam at any other prayer service there or at any other mosques. Those chanted passages are, after all, standard Islamic invocations drawn directly from the Koran and the Sunna.

Jonathan Halevi of CIJ News and Sandra Solomon are demanding that this imam be charged with violations of the criminal code against incitement to genocide.

Ms. Solomon and CIJ News translated the Arabic in this video. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Oh Allah, destroy the accursed Jews Oh Allah, show us the black day you inflict on them
00:04   Oh Allah, show us the wonders of your power and ability inflicted on them,
00:08   Oh allah kill them all and shake the earth under them.
00:12   Oh Allah, make their children orphans and their women widows
00:16   Oh Allah, give victory to our brothers who engage in Jihad for Your sake in everywhere, O Lord of the Worlds
00:20   Oh Allah, give victory to our brothers who engage in Jihad in Palestine
00:24   Oh Allah, connect to their hearts O Allah, make their feet firm
00:28   Oh Allah, make their feet firm Oh Allah, give them victory over their enemy
00:34   Oh Allah, destroy the accursed Jews Oh Allah, show us the black day you inflict on them
00:38   O Allah, show us the wonders of your power and ability inflicted on them, Oh the most Merciful
00:42   Oh Allah, show us how you do to them what you did to [the peoples] of ‘Ād and Thamud

21 thoughts on “Montreal Imam: “Oh Allah, Destroy the Accursed Jews”

  1. Demanding charges is not good enough. They have to find an organization that will press charges. I know that needs deep pockets. In the States you have organizations like the Thomas Moore Freedom Center or the American Free law Center, but surely we must have in Canada an equivalent organization that could step up to the plate.

    • An organization must press charges? No. Any citizen can report any crime, in this case a hate-speech crime. Once the police learn of the crime, their job is to pursue the perpetrator. Here the police have surveillance video of the crime being committed, so it’s an open-and-shut case. There’s no need even to conduct an investigation. It’s like one of those foolish criminals who post video of their crime caper on the Internet.

  2. I’m afraid demanding charges is not good enough. You must have an organization that will press charges. In the States you have organizations like the Thomas Moore Center or the American Freedom Center, but surely we must have in Canada an organization too that takes up such cases and presses for charges. I know it takes deep pockets to fight the government and/or the Islamist, but we should have some people that feel strongly enough about the eradication of our freedoms that they can come up with the money.

    • I’m not sure Canada does have such. In the U.S., such orgs are often run by Catholics and/or Jews with a strong tradition of intellectual freedom based on moral law. Not that all Catholics or Jews are raised in that tradition but it remains the well-spring of moral action.
      I’m not sure about the Rutherford Institute, but I *think* it’s out of the same tradition.

      See Russell Kirk’s work. He’s dead now but his widow still runs the foundation. Kirk is considered the founder of modern American conservatism. Again, I don’t think Canada has a parallel basis as its founding spirit was obedience to England…or France, depending on one’s location. Neither country was able to maintain a strong tie to religion, though there is a punctilious “respect” given, because Canadians are essentially good people (no, I’m not being snarky). But goodness, politesse, doesn’t lead to action. One has only to look to the Old Countries to see where it leads when cut off from its base, at least where moral action that is sparked by strong religious belief is concerned.

      To get a feel for Canada’s soul, at least in its 20th-century incarnation, I suggest any of Robertson Davies fiction:

      It could be that Canada has many such foundations, but I’ve not read of them. Perhaps Canadians can show me where I’m missing that kind of history/action.

      • BTW, we also have organizations to protect home-schoolers against the government. Unlike Canadians, Americans have a rebellious streak. They don’t trust government. Even beloved George Washington’s first military operation as president was to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. Yet throughout the Appalachians those moonshiners still (so to speak) operate, many of them working from long family traditions.

        That’s part of the puzzle too. That contrariness.

    • I get the feeling we’re talking about apples and oranges.

      UrsulaG is talking about extending the same oppressive Canadian fascist anti-speech laws and regulations to Islamic prayers, admittedly the most vile of communications.

      Dymphna is talking about organizations in the US to promote freedom of expression, specializing in presumably conservative expression, but not interested in cutting off someone else’s right to speak.

      We know enough, at this point, to know that when modern governments take to themselves the power to suppress hateful speech, they end up suppressing any discussion of Islam, and ignoring Islamic or leftist rhetoric, even that explicitly calling for violence.

      Canada can do what they wish, but if the Canadians think their problems of free discussion will be solved by cutting off the public recital of Muslim prayers by the already oppressive Canadian thought-control industry, they’re very mistaken.

  3. The proper definition of Islamophobia is: denial of the truth of the Islamic religion or of any part of it; denial that Muhammad was sent by Allah; profession that Islamic beliefs and teachings are idolatrous and/or blasphemous; defiance of the judgement according to Islamic law that the Queen and her judges (in Canada) are established in defiance of the Law and Providence of Allah and that they are commanded to stand down and give way to the Muslims.

    Establish that, and you can challenge the jurisdiction of the Canadian courts. Either they have jurisdiction and the claim can’t succeed; or the claim can succeed and must be tried by a sharia court.

  4. My point exactly, incite to commit a hate crime, premeditated murder against an ethnic group for no other reason than the hate of that ethnic group.
    Actually, the imam did mention Jihad, which is Holy War, Batman!
    If, in fact, the Imam has declared war against the Jewish people, the government has a right and an obligation to respond to the threat of the declared war with confronting the soldiers of said war under the rules of engagement for armed combat, which is shoot first and ask questions later. We did not declare war on them, they declared war against us. We are fighting in self-defense an honorable war under the Treaty of Westphalia.

  5. Just below the 4 yr mark, I left my fourth tour of duty in Iraq in support of that operation – I was there from the beginning in 2003 and left the summer of 2008….I saw, first hand, the evil and darkness that is Islam…and any so called 1st world nation that suppresses their citizens in protection of this death cult is just as evil….Canada needs to vote out those politicians and re-take their county now!

    I wrote a book called, Babylon’s Covert War on what I learned over there to help us and educate those of us in the fight….I have it on Amazon for under$10….I’m not here to make $$$ – but to get the word out….

  6. In my opinion, most people in all modern nations are afraid of these “devout muslims.” They don’t want to get their face in their business as they are scared these people will seek to harm them in some way to get back at them. Also we know that even if such do indeed get arrested it is only for a very short time and then they are out again and madder than before. Also, while they are in jail, they will be coddled with plenty of food, sexual visits, internet time, and Koran and other good texts for reading and visits by an Imman. i doubt any Catholic priest will attempt to convert such a one while he is in the slammer, cuz he too is afraid of him more than he is afraid of the Mexican gang member or other inhabitant.

  7. The Mexican gang member is not out to behead you, just to rob you perhaps. Whereas (sp), the nutty muslims are out to behead you. I remember it from a few years back and it was horrifying. That’s when I wondered what are we doing, letting these savages into our country? I blame it all on former president Obama, who seemed to have a rather strange affinity toward muslims — I wonder why?

    This is why some people think Obama is a secret muslim. Too much empathy for head-choppers.

  8. P.S. This […] religion has to be stomped out in America. Either they play by the rules or they go back [home]… Sorry for that word but it is necessary.

    People, wake up! This is very bad for our country.

    ADMIN NOTE: Mariadee, the words you choose to throw around are not necessary and we won’t permit sloppy prose into the comments. Home schooled children come here to read and we promised their parents to keep it civil. You don’t have permission to break that promise for us.

    There is a place for language like that, but GoV’s comment section isn’t that place. Perhaps find a cathedral, or some building with high ceilings and great acoustics. But not here.

    You’re an adult. Cut it out.

  9. “You’re an adult. Cut it out.”

    Why do you not tell that piece of Islamic filth in the video likewise???
    Will you now object to the word ‘filth’ in describing this subhuman savage?

    • You’d have to be aware of the many, many times I’ve cut and pasted this poster’s comments so she could have her say. And asked repeatedly that she obey the comment guidelines.

      Obviously, the word you supply -‘filth’- is an acceptable substitution. But your snarky response to my attempt to stop the persistent “spout-off-and-apologize” pattern of this commenter doesn’t help matters.

      Since this commenter drops these things randomly without ever returning to answer others, it’s not as though I’m interrupting a dialogue. However, the situation is my responsibility for permitting the pattern to stand for so long. However, since my health grows more limited all the time, I’ll simply not bother with the courtesy of fixing up “broken” comments enough to let them in.

      Your response to my efforts is a good wake-up call.

  10. Our strategy has to be to either try to convert Muslims or to go to war against them. I can’t see how we could prosecute a war against a billion or so people. Thus, it seems, our purpose must be to make apostates. I’m not sure as to the best style of speech to use in this effort, but criticism of Islam, either direct or implied, would surely be in there. Even if we only used reasoning and logic, the Muslim community would perceive criticism. I suppose other ways to make apostates are available: bribery; gifts; welfare; extortion; threats, but we know that some apostates have been created by Muslims themselves, reasoning about this hateful dystopia that surrounds them.

    My point is that we don’t want to inhibit critical talk too much, because we only have a few tools to use to make apostates and this talk seems one of them. Of course, we don’t want to incite imminent criminality which would violate our own laws constraining dangerous speech.

    • Wm., you should know by now that we’re not going to convert moslems, so your second option would seem to be unavoidable in theory, though when it will start…

      For far too long now westerners have given in to and appeased moslems, who found out very quickly that they had only to scream and westerners would cower; it’s been that way for over four decades now, and there is NO indication it will stop any time soon, at least in western Europe.

      I’m going to take your last sentence as an excellent example of sarcasm!

    • There, you got it! That’s why we moderate comments. (Never can tell when there might be a palace coup since Obama just down the street, anxious to serve. Oh wait, that’s tennis…)

      Well, when the EU and Canada invade and force their hate-speech laws on us we’d better be ready.

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