The Lone Wolf Paint Bomber of the Louvre Sent Money to His Pals

Last week an Egyptian named Abdallah el-Hamamy was shot while attacking soldiers with a machete in the vicinity of the Louvre art museum in Paris. Mr. el-Hamamy was carrying paint sprayers (or “bombs”), apparently intending to vandalize works of art.

Given the would-be vandal’s shouts of “Allahu Akhbar” as he attacked the soldiers, it rapidly became impossible for public offices to maintain a “nothing to do with Islam” line concerning the incident. Thus there was a quick retreat to the customary fallback position: he was a “lone wolf”.

However, that line has also failed to hold. According to investigators, Abdallah was sending large quantities of money to people just before his attack at the Louvre. Were the recipients his friends? Accomplices? Or just random acquaintances he met on the street?

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   A couple of days before the Louvre attack, while he was already in France
00:04   Abdallah El-Hamamy sent money
00:08   to a European country. €2,000 January 31, €3,000 February 1.
00:12   Funds sent by money order through Western Union.
00:16   The investigators find those transfers intriguing.
00:20   First they wonder about the extent of the suspect’s financial means.
00:24   They also wonder if he had any accomplices.
00:28   Thanks to international cooperation,
00:32   and also to El-Hamamy’s friend, an Egyptian based in the UAE
00:36   knew the ropes of his projects. At least he knew that El-Hamamy
00:40   wasn’t coming back; because the suspect commissioned him to sell all his belongings
00:44   he also gave him his credit card and the keys to his apartment
00:48   before leaving for France. The suspect, still in the hospital,
00:52   told investigators his version.
00:56   He said he chose the Louvre as an emblem of France. He affirmed
01:00   that he never wanted to target people, only the works of art, which he wanted to tag
01:04   with his spray paint. His two machetes were not supposed to see service,
01:08   but were there solely as weapons of dissuasion. The statements were
01:12   judged to be “fairy tales” by the investigators. In addition El-Hamamy
01:16   confirms his adherence to the beliefs of ISIS, but he insists
01:20   that he acted alone, on nobody’s orders; there once again the investigators are extremely cautious.

10 thoughts on “The Lone Wolf Paint Bomber of the Louvre Sent Money to His Pals

  1. Terror and physical disruptions are the tip of the iceberg. A co-equal danger, perhaps a bigger danger, is civilizational jihad, the systematic infiltration of government positions and bureaucracies by long-term agents of change. Al qaeda was an offshoot, but not a part, of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, and Saudi Arabia, seem to be in a competition for subverting US and European institutions. Imagine: if actual terrorism were taken off the table (for the time being) there would be absolutely no focus on protecting western countries from Islam.

  2. Well, I hate to say it, but a few well-placed bombs in the middle-east might discourage them from this kind of activity. It is a pity that their governments ignore these behaviors and activities. I am hoping our new president will cut off all funding to any country in the middle-east who does not reign in their stupid idiot terrorists. After this many years I would be happy to see a big bomb go down on the middle-east so they retreat to their arid deserts and quit bothering the rest of the world.

    Why aren’t they working on improving their own world? Why do they think that destroy Europe and trying to destory America (won’t succeed) are more important than just fixing their own mal-adjusted civilization?

    The British used to be good at keep these beasties under control, but then they retreated and now we have the mess that we have.

    • Mariadee, your good idea – a few well-placed bombs in the middle-east might discourage them has been operative for some years now.

      The U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs last year, 3,027 more than 2015.

      According to an analysis of Defense Department data from the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-partisan think tank, the majority of the bombs were dropped in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. leads an international coalition fighting the Islamic State group in both countries and has carried out air operations in attempt to reduce the area controlled by the terrorist organization.

      It’s too late now, but Donald Trump’s original idea in 2003, which he publicly stated when he went against the Iraqi War, was that we should go in and take over their oil distribution and be done with it. Not an oil grab but a power grab. Had we done so, in the spirit of the old imperial British foreign policy, there would be no ISIS today.

      Our naive “good will” has caused a whole lot of ruin.

      • You’re not wrong. But I think you missed the point of “a few well-placed bombs”. Which is NOT conventional bombs, but something like those that cured the Japanese ‘Code of Bushido’.
        I fear that Islam will eventually push too far and incur just such extreme measures…

    • “A few well-placed bombs…” What a primitive point of view.

      The country to put sanctions on for the Muslim terror acts is France, which allowed in the Muslims.

      I don’t blame Middle Easterners for being angry at the US: the US bombs their countries, destroys their governments, and supports the most regressive Islamist factions.

      The US should set up the wall, deny visas to Muslims and most Middle Easterners in general, unless they have a pressing need to be here, and leave the Middle East (and other countries) alone to work out their own affairs. Given the violent, aggressive nature of Islam, Saddam Hussein’s government, Assad’s government, and the Mubarak dictatorship made perfect sense.

      • A couple of well-placed bombs did wonders in 1945 WW2.
        Dymphna’s last sentence makes a hell of a lot of sense–at least to me.

        We, the west have been far, far too kind and understanding for far too long. It’s time we stomped on the ‘roach of islam, by ANY means necessary!

        • That’s by any means politically possible. With Trump in office, those possibilities open up exponentially.

          I mean seriously, what specifically can you *do*? Speaking threats in a firm voice into that microphone in the potted palm might get you some attention, but not any kind you’d want.

  3. Kinda reminds me of 9-11 when 19 mentally-ill lone wolves took down the twin towers and Pentagon. Had nothing to do with Islam of course.

    • Ah, but back then, remember, George Bush hadn’t been given his orders. He called them the Axis of Evil, iirc. Used words that were wiped from his lexicon within a few months.

      And then along came the Muslim B’hood, in all its various guises, which was pulled to the bosom of the Bubble People in D.C.

      Gag me.

      If they aren’t already indicted, they soon will be.

      And then there’s the guy the Bushes love to hate, the one who calls these killers “dirty rats”…only a real New Yorker talks like that.

      Sad thing is we absolutely had to go through our baptism of blood and ineptitude in order to get to Trump because if we hadn’t, then Trump would have been too outré for our dumbed-down political categories.

      Therefore, our soldiers and all those lost souls on 9/11 didn’t exactly die in vain, you see. They died to give us enough time to grow up.

      We’ve still got a heap of growing up to do, though. I hope our lessons begin with a clean-out of the nest of vipers in the 9th District of the Federal Court. Even before we get rid of the leaking time-servers in the White House.

      I wouldn’t actually mind those WH leakers if they’d been equal opportunity sieves. The stories they could have told about the Obama WH would’ve had more than one person up on charges…

      BTW, those are the only places the flaccid Left has still got a ball with some air in it: the Federal Court system, particularly the 9th, and the permanent bureaucracy of all the federal agencies. That would include the satellite offices in East Fumble. They’ve had more than 2 generations to get their hands on the gears and it will take some work to get them out. Wish I could say they’d age out, but academia is preparing their brain-damaged replacements even now. That’s where those fragile snowflakes (and flacks) will end up – at least some of them.

      How the non-indoctrinated will ever break their hold remains to be seen. Maybe Matt Bracken has some ideas…

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