Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: Feminists Battle Ghost Adversaries While Remaining Silent on Shariah

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is a leader of the Front National in France and a niece of Marine Le Pen. In the following debate in the National Assembly, Ms. Le Pen wades into the Culture Wars to blast the hypocrisy of traditional hard-left feminists who fight “ghost adversaries” while France is progressively Islamized and women groan under the oppression of Shariah.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Thank you, Mr President. When I listen to you on those recordings,
00:04   I think again about the adage: “Whoever lives to fight the enemy
00:08   had better keep him alive.” In order to justify your lobby,
00:12   you keep attached to a respirator fights won long ago; you agitate over threats that no longer
00:16   exist, ghost adversaries. The truth is that today nobody
00:20   in the political spectre is threatening the legality of abortion or the free access to it.
00:24   It’s you, who regularly, certainly TOO regularly, reactivate
00:28   societal debates, probably to obscure your deplorable failures on the economic level,
00:32   and particularly concerning the precarious situation
00:36   of many single women and mothers. The reality
00:40   is that you are outdated feminists, political dinosaurs
00:44   of 1968, the long-gone past. Today, luckily, and it’s time for you to realize it,
00:48   women can vote, work or not, they can get married,
00:52   they can get divorced, they can use contraception, they can have an abortion if they wish to.
00:56   What is less lucky, on the other hand, is that many women have an abortion for economic reasons,
01:00   47% , according to a poll [unintelligible] from 2010.
01:04   An endured choice to which you propose no solution. Besides, you don’t even talk about it!
01:08   No, Madame Minister, the alternative to abortion isn’t solely, and I’m quoting you,
01:12   “an undesired pregnancy carried to term.” It could also be
01:16   a woman who has the joy and privilege of being able to keep her baby while avoiding an abortion
01:20   because she could find the necessary support and protection.
01:25   I’m telling you, and I believe it sincerely, that you are the shame of the women’s fight
01:29   obsessed by the color of the schoolbag, the sexism of grammar, the pink toys
01:33   of Kinder [candy w/toy inside], the distribution of dish-washing time in a relationship.
01:37   Totally missing the point, missing the real threats that lurk today
01:41   over women’s freedom. I consider your silence guilty, concerning
01:45   1,200 women subject to sexual aggression by migrants in Germany on New Year’s Eve, for example.
01:49   I’m thinking about your silence concerning the shariah, Islamic law,
01:53   which is being applied in certain neighborhoods in France and which forbids women
01:57   the most basic liberties. I understand that this is disturbing to you, since your
02:01   champion, Benoît Hamon, sees in that Islamist erosion
02:05   the continuation of the machismo of the French working class.
02:09   What guilty blindness, if not complicity, or even electoral!
02:13   Your aversion to the patriarchy as incarnated
02:17   by straight white males brought you, in any case many of you,
02:21   to collusion with all the minorities who shared that aversion,
02:25   sacrificing thereby all coherence of the ideas and struggles: feminists, Islamists, LGBT,
02:29   same fight! And it’s true that all those who today pretend
02:33   to be guarantors of the right of women to own their bodies, are the same to defend
02:37   their submission by wearing the veil and their commodification by being surrogate mothers.
02:41   Isn’t it, Madame [Catherine] Lemorton? for example. Concerning this subject,
02:45   could you enlighten me, Madame President of the Commission,
02:49   when you explain in your speech that a child
02:53   suffers when his parents may talk about him as an “accident”? I’m quoting.
02:57   What are you suggesting? That he would be better off if aborted?
03:01   I don’t understand the suggestion! You’ll have to explain it to me. Because, allow me
03:05   to share something, only because it is common knowledge: you have before you an “accident”
03:09   who is living well and who prefers today to be in front of you,
03:14   to be honest, rather than to have been aborted. So, finally, since
03:18   you reproach the elected men, on those benches, for it,
03:22   I am a woman and I am telling you: this text against women
03:26   and against the freedom of speech, it certainly won’t be in my name!
03:30   There.

14 thoughts on “Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: Feminists Battle Ghost Adversaries While Remaining Silent on Shariah

  1. Wow! And she even serves in the French military!

    The more I see of the LePen’s, the more I am convinced that they are the right people in the right place for this particular time in history. It gives me optimism about the future of France, and Europe for that matter, that such people exist with the clarity she expresses so eloquently. Churchill too, was a lonely voice in the political wilderness for many years until events and changing attitudes of the population caught up to his message.

  2. Some translation mistakes, I’m afraid :
    0:00 She doesn’t say “when I listen to you on this recording” . She says ” quand je vous écoute sur les bancs de cet hemicycle” which means ” when I listen to you on the seats (benches ) of this assembly” ( Hemicycle is an allusion to the shape of the french National Assembly , half a circle )
    00:08 she doesn’t say “lobby” but lubies, a word meaning “whims” ( ” in order to justify your whims ” )
    01:00 the unintelligible word is IFOP , a poll institute which is the french equivalent of ” Gallup”
    Except that, everything is perfectly translated.

      • I would be extremely glad to help you if you have any translation problem from french into english ( I can also translate from greek, spanish, portuguese into english, but written texts only in those cases )

        • Wow! Very impressive Docdory :). But wait, we’re a bunch of uneducated rednecks, aren’t we ;)?

  3. Yes, how come these so called feminists avoid any mention of islam?
    But seem to be only fixated on attacking white christian, or white western men?

    Feminism = anti white male racism!
    Feminist is femiNaZiSm

    Now i know why i couldnt find a wife in finland!
    Because of a huge proliferation of femiNaZis that appeared in the 1990s,
    Finland became a pc hellnole, its full of queers, women who afe anti family,
    Pro lesbian gay marriage.

    Theres a club in helsinki named: “dont tell mama”

    Its a breeding ground for homosexuals, and pc losers.

    Finland wS lovely place up until 1992, then it changed!

    Kiitos suomlainen

    • Why feminists not criticize Islam, but the straight white males? Because it is much less dangerous to kick the house pet, than start messing with a pack of wild hyenas…
      Why do you think the people who protest against animal fur, always attack little old ladies and never a Hell’s Angel dressed in leather?

  4. Absolutely amazing God bless guide and protect her as the evil one and his minions are aligned against her. St Joan of Arc pray for her.

  5. The Le Pen originate from Bretagne, Brittany, even today a very independent region of France.

    In Bretagne, they still learn the local language, which is totally different from French, and the local culture based on a long history, is very vivant, with music and folklore festivals during the year. You may easily get the idea that they couldn’t care less about what is going on in Paris. The Bretons take pride in their independent culture, and this seems to stick with the Le Pens.

    • I know this is a late time to comment on this thread, but the Bretons are such a beautiful example of why, in the name of “diversity”, the left seeks to break up any expression or grouping of European white cultural identity. Obama’s housing department couldn’t wait to drop a bunch of ghetto blacks into functional, basically pleasant suburban enclaves.

      And I feel strongly non-whites can participate profitably in such enclaves, but one can have only one cultural identification.

  6. We have seen the Women’s March already. Feminists in cahoots with muslims. What a sad joke!

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