Enough With the Hitler Fixation!

Parviz Amoghli is an Iranian-German author who was born in Tehran. When he was a small child, his family relocated to what was then West Germany.

The following essay by Mr. Amoghli is a sardonic look at the depths to which the reductio ad hitlerum has fallen in public discourse, with almost any discussion proving the accuracy of Godwin’s Law.

JLH, who translated the piece, includes this note:

Here’s a close look at the bane of Germany. Will we one day be writing similar stuff about Barack Hussein Obama?

The translated essay from Deutscher Arbeitgeber Verband:

Enough With the Hitler Fixation!

by Parviz Amoghli
January 30, 2017

Faced with the perpetual return of sameness, your bile rises. You can’t listen to it anymore. Hitler here, Hitler there, Hitler everywhere! Nary a political discussion — public or private — that does not end with the booby-trapped conversation killer of the Third Reich, no statement where the Bohemian bloodsucker is not whispering from the wings. Enough to make you throw up!

What’s that about? As if Germany had no other problems than the “Führer” in all his aspects. Anyone who wants to be occupied with that, please, read, view and listen to your heart’s content. It’s not as if there weren’t enough books, texts, Facebook groups, films and filmlets available. Go! To the library, the internet. No one is stopping you. Turn on the TV. Somewhere there is some history porno. Consume what you will. There is something for everybody. Discover you own personal truths — whatever you like. But, please, keep National Socialism out of daily politics. I direct this at both right and left.

Some on the right side seem to believe that they can overcome the problems of the present with revisionism. As if the shameless coquetry with the Holocaust or the claim that the attack on the Soviet Union was in truth a preventive strike would change anything in the present troubled situation. But, you might point out, it’s about the “guilt cult” and freeing ourselves from it. Then everything will be good, or at least better. To be sure, a glance at Sweden — not a land with great National Socialist contamination — shows that an immigration policy does not need a Hitler cult to be wacky. Anyway, such trifles play no role in the great whitewashing. Bigger things are at stake. National rebirth. Walking upright. Or something like that, garnished with some unsavory biologistical spin.

All of that yields an eerie demagoguery of past and extinct times — hollow, musty, redolent of pease porridge — which only puts off dealing with such ideas. Is that really supposed to be the answer for the manifold problems that have been, are and will be faced for decades by the political system, the state and society? Puhlease!

The problem is that this faction within those right of center is terribly loud. Its members’ declamations regularly drown out those who have nothing to do with whitewashings or resurrections of any kind and are arguing on the solid foundation of justice, order and security. These people find themselves enmeshed in confrontations because of inane Hitlerisms, and compelled to renunciations, which unnecessarily and continuously paralyze the libertarian, conservative, Christian-socialist and other democratic resistance to dangerous aberrations. Are the advocates for national consciousness so blind that they do not see what they are accomplishing? That they do not recognize that they are performing the task of those they claim to be attacking?

And now we come to the Left. It has its own Führer-fixated megaphone. Bigger or smaller than the opposite side — that is not important. What is important is that a goodly proportion of them are sitting at the levers of power in Germany, and therefore control sufficient governmental and media power to make their own dream a reality — the Anti-Hitler State. Not a day goes by without an anti-Nazi fanfare. And because it was so much fun, there’s another, and another and…

The first and last question the leftist Hitlerists seem to ask themselves in working out their solution to the problem is: “What would HE say about that?” The answer they feel they have received to this conjuration of the demon goes on to form the basis of their campaigns, actions and policies. Nothing else matters. And then it can even happen that excessive reference to the Holocaust relativizes it. Or the state of Israel is declared to be a fascistic evil, amid the worst of the anti-Semitic lies — wellspring poisoners, child murderers — while a Palestinian terrorist organization, whose only criticism of Hitler was that he did not finish the Holocaust, is declared a bringer of peace and salvation. To be sure, they unceasingly fire off rockets at civilians and now and then slaughter some settler family. But what else can they do? The Jews are the guilty ones. Why do they not understand the meaning of the genocide that the Hitlerist glitterati of the German republic expects of them?

It’s disgusting.

Less disgusting — and therefore more dangerous for peace, freedom and security — is the fact that leftist Hitlerism has step-by-step assumed totalitarian characteristics. What was inconceivable ten and certainly twenty years ago — like an outsourced governmental censor’s office — has become an ominous reality. The censorial measures taken are predominantly against rightist “haters” — a category which includes all those who do not agree with the politics of the leftist Hitlerists. Islamist, anti-Semitic or leftist hate posts, calls for violence and murder, are not affected — they are rather the expression of healthy freedom of expression and civil courage.

And what is going on with the Center — that political force which is supposed to hold such crude thought burps of the Left and Right in check and guarantee stability and continuity? If it still exists, it is sitting like a rabbit before the snake, overwhelmed by the fear of being tangled up in the mustache of the Evil One. All that comes out is a little I-am-not-a-Nazi-but rhetoric, which makes any further conversation unnecessary.

It’s enough to make you tear your hair out. In one political generation, the home of political reason has become the hideout of scaredy cats. No rescue from the Hitlerism of the right and left margins is to be expected. And you can’t blame the so-called middle. What can it set up against the Führer and his iridescent band of demons? The desolate present with all its insoluble problems? Against the mandate of history, whether it leans toward whitewashing or the anti-Hitler state? It is not surprising that the Center, too, is positioning itself in alignment with its relationship to The-Greatest-Military-Strategist-Of-All-Time, depending on whether the particular centrist leans right or left. None of which makes its failure any less pathetic.

It is truly bizarre. In a time when it is more necessary than ever to concentrate on the possibilities as well as the distortions and crises of the early 21st century, to develop a new thinking adapted to the altered circumstances. That in such a time, the Führer — seventy years after his death — still holds the land in his iron grip. It is not possible to eat enough to vomit as much as this makes you want to.

Stop it!

Enough with the Hitler fixation!

Parviz Amoghli is a prize-winner in the competition Writing between the Cultures, has published in divers anthologies and newspapers and belongs to the authors of TUMULT — Quarterly for Upsetting the Consensus .

20 thoughts on “Enough With the Hitler Fixation!

  1. They won’t stop it while it keeps on eliciting the response they are hoping for.

    Cure? Don’t feed the trolls (the hitler-baiters, in this case). Don’t give them what they crave.

    This article is a good start at it.

  2. The crazies (aka ‘the left’) have no moral standards of their own. None.

    Yet they want to make some kind of moral argument, so that they can condemn anyone who disagrees with them.

    The only moral standard they can appeal to is something, anything, from our shared history which everyone agrees upon – that the Nazis were bad eggs.

    So they yell ‘Nazi’ and ‘Hitler’ not because they have any moral standards of their own, and having compared the actions of the person they are aiming this ad hominem insult at, they have found them to be as ‘bad’ as the Nazis, or as ‘bad’ as Hitler.


    They yell ‘Nazi’ and ‘Hitler’ because they have no morality of their own!

    If anyone asked them what was so bad about the Nazis – could they answer? I have yet to hear one of these crazed ‘leftists’ say what they actually thought was wrong, or bad, about the Nazis.

    It’s only because everyone else understands that the Nazis were bad, evil even, that the crazed leftists use those terms as a form of ad hominem abuse.

    • To the left there is only one moral standpoint, that of ‘equality’ and violating their rules of equality is called ‘racism’. Unfortunately it is difficult for us racists to be redeemed because we are so ignorant of the ebbs and flows of the philosophies of the leftist equality morality.

      The left has discovered that if you paint a cute pretty picture, it covers up the lies, and that if you attack first, your opponent defends instead of attacking back.

      It is Stalin and his KGB, not AH, who have really damaged our civilization.

      • I would argue with your summation concerning Stalin and the KGB in that thousands of Nazis escaped Germany toward the end of and shortly after WW2 to all points of the compass, but more numerically to South American countries and with them went much unknown technology and the loot of Europe.

        The Communists ‘influenced’ our institutions of learning, government and religion while the Nazis and their money have influenced our institutions of industry, military, intelligence and finance.

  3. I think all cats are either monarchists or aristocrats. They act too aristocratic to have anything to do with either of the great totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century…

  4. I find something disturbing to me in this article. I partly understand what he is saying…that the term Fascism is misused. I agree but he does not say how because he has not told us what Fascism was and what it did. If anything he leads us away from understanding what it was. That is my opinion. Others may disagree.

    Then there is a comment among others like this “I think all cats are either monarchists or aristocrats. They act too aristocratic to have anything to do with either of the great totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century…” Is the commenter trying to be funny?

    Yet the author is wrong. We must understand what Fascism is. We must study this period of history from 1918 to 1945 in a very determined fashion so that we really can understand what is Fascism.

    For example, Obama was not a fascist, as I understand the term. But his type of divisive politics certainly lay the groundwork for Fascism.

    These crazed protesters are more like left fascists. There was an equivalent in Germany.

    but the phenomenon is much wider. It certainly includes every one of the journalists on the BBC. It is one thing to hate Donald trump. It is another entirely when this hatred leads to not accepting the majority vote of an election. THAT latter mindset is a step towards Fascism.

    All I have seen and understood about Donald Trump so far is that he is a nationalist in the good sense who fights to found America on the basis of the great American revolution and the Constitution.

    Veering away from that is not Fascism but is preparing the ground for Fascism to emerge. But most still do not understand what Fascism is. Yet it is very comprehensible.

    • The essence of fascism [Click on link] can be summarized in the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall”. Yes, it is really that elementary. It is collectivism vs. individualism. The most rabidly “anti-fascist” proclaimers are usually some of the most fascist people out there.

      Go check a coin that says “E pluribus Unum”. It is proclaiming fascism.

    • Felix can you tell me the ultimate goal of Fascism as compared to say, Totalitarianism? And you do realize that all those ‘isms’ are of the Left?

    • No, Obama was not a fascist–he was a destroyer. And despite the damage he did to the USA, not even very good at that.

      As to fascism, I have long wondered why the word evokes such hatred; is it merely because we have been told since WW2 fascism=bad? Probably. In any case fascism, or nationalism, is today assuming a different meaning which seems to be giving it greater legitimacy in a world gone increasingly mad, and which fascism might go a long way to solving….

  5. “….And what is going on with the Center — that political force which is supposed to hold such crude thought burps of the Left and Right in check and guarantee stability and continuity? …”

    The Center…. Hah, harhar. Hardihahahaha….

    The Center, oh Brother!

    The Center, Like the CDU in Germany? Under Merkel the CDU is far further to the left than the SPD ever was.

    Let me put it this way. I read a few weeks ago about the manifesto of the CDU from 2002, and some statements thereto by CDU politicians. That would today be condemned as absolutely Hitleristic, Fascist and Ultra-Right! Next to that manifest and those statements, the AfD could or would be classed as a semi-left wing party. Isn’t much different in the rest of Europe.

    The Frankfurters (68ers/anarchists), the Kalergians (and associated Hootonians) have infiltrated everything. As they said they would, so they have. The “Long March through the Institutions”. They certainly marched and have succeeded. Courtesy Georg Schwarz, sorry, George Soros and others. Plus of course, OPEC money – and a lot of it. Internationalists {i.e. Soros & Co.}, Left Wingers and Muslims, what do they have in common? Apart from considering each other to be useful idiots. Simple answer: Everybody who disagrees with them is a Nazi, Neo-Nazi, Racist, Imperialist, Fascist, Hater and Bigot.

    Giving up the primary, and license free, guilt generator? And errrr, errrrrrr….. Nahhh, too useful.

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