France Needs Tighter Machete Control

A mujahid carrying a machete attempted a jihad attack on soldiers near the Louvre today in Paris. The attacker was shot five times by a soldier. Not counting the perforation of the jihadi (who is receiving treatment for his wounds in the hospital), there were no serious injuries.

When they can’t get guns or bombs or trucks, the preferred weapon for mujahideen is a machete or a kebab knife (the latter, which is readily available to Muslims in the West for obvious reasons, is often mistaken by witnesses for a machete). France obviously needs to tighten its machete control laws to prevent further senseless tragedies like this one. Or even institute kebab control, although that would be racist, and thus unlikely to be implemented.

Below are excerpts from the The Local:

Machete attack on soldier near Louvre was of ‘terrorist nature’

A French soldier patrolling at a shopping centre at the Louvre museum in Paris shot and seriously injured a machete-wielding man on Friday who yelled “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”) as he attacked security forces, police said.

Hundreds of tourists were confined to secure areas of the world-famous art gallery in central Paris after the attacker was shot five times around 10:00 (1100 GMT) in a public area inside the complex.

Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called the attack “terrorist in nature.”


President François Hollande called it ”a savage assault” and reaffirmed the state’s determination to fight terrorism.

One soldier was “lightly injured” and has been taken to hospital, while the knifeman is in a serious condition but is still alive, security forces said. He was undergoing an emergency operation at Georges Pompidou hospital.

“I think this was an attack by an individual who obviously intended to cause harm,” Paris police chief Michel Cadot said, saying the fact that the man shouted “Allahu Akbar” suggested a “terrorist nature” to the assault.

Two backpacks carried by the assailant were checked by bomb disposal specialists at the scene and were found not to contain explosives.


A second man whose behaviour was “suspicious” has been arrested, Cadot said, without giving further details.

Soldiers and armed police have patrolled tourist attractions and other sensitive areas like shopping centres ever since the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Kosher store attacks of January 2015.

12:26 — Attacker in a critical condition

The latest reports in the French media say the attacker is in a critical condition and is undergoing an operation. He was hit by at least one of the five bullets fired by the soldier.


11:28 — Woman also arrested at the scene

The Ministry of the Interior have also confirmed a woman was arrested at the scene, but they say it is not clear what role, if any, she had in the attack. The ministry says we have to be “cautious” at this stage about suggesting she was involved.

11:21 — French PM describes it as an attack of a “terrorist nature”

Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the attack was “clearly of a terrorist nature”.

11:18 — Attacker wounded in stomach and taken to hospital

Latest reports from French police say the attacker was wounded in the stomach rather the legs as first reported. He has been taken to the Georges Pompidou hospital.

29 thoughts on “France Needs Tighter Machete Control

  1. Baron, you should add a predefined footer to articles like this:

    [X] It had nothing to do with Islam
    [X] Mentally unstable perpetrator
    [X] Authorities are baffled as for the cause
    [X] Bullied in school/university (even he is illiterate)
    [ ] Not all muslims
    [ ] Religion of Peace

    • “terrorist in nature.”

      AND may I add: The French Traitors still have the audacity to criticize Trump to protect America and become unsafe like France, where they change their names to muslim names and wear hijab to avoid being takes mujahidi sex slaves.
      Was attacking the mujahid terrorism in nature or attacking the soldiers. Our radically clever Traitors say things too clever for us to understand. Unless you are cleverer than them. Why?

      Because killing the soldiers of the s o t b of allah and the Pirate and fighting for religion of allah is a terrorist crime.

      Given the axiom that Traitors adopt islam’s and muslims’ theology it becomes clear who Traitors defend and the significance of what proceeds from their mouth the virtual mouthpiece of mujahideen.
      allah make these things numerous so as to waken up the comatose sleeping infidels.

    • . . . and that is YOUR fault. May the guilt be revisited upon you and your heirs in perpetuity.

  2. I had a worrying reaction to this news story: “Hmm, another crazed Jihadist in France trying to kill people.” Even allowing for the counter-Jihad focus of GoV, the frequency of these attacks is such that one gets inured to it. Which is a disturbing development for citizens of the West: who could have imagined 40 years ago that a machete attack at the Louvre would become passe?

    • I think the great future overlords of NWO count on this. After a while this is just a new normal.

  3. This is simply a throwaway attack by a low-IQ, expendable Muslim loser out of place in the West. For the price of a machete, this garbage damages the already-devastated tourist industry, increases security costs, and sticks France for the costs of expensive surgery, intensive care, rehabilitation, and long-term confinement at state expense. In other words, millions of dollars in costs at zero expense to the jihadists.

    The logic is obvious, as is the conclusion: any response by the French government other than massive deportation and systematic squeezing of “refugees” is worse than useless.

      • Thanks for the reference, CrossWare. I tend to agree with the critique in the article that so-called fourth-generation warfare is simply warmed-over insurgency. The concept of escalating subversion, by the way, is well-explored in the Muslim sources “A Quranic Concept of War”
        and “Milestones”.

        The main point I want to make, though, is that insurgency warfare generally assumes a government distant from the population under contention. But, Muslims have the task of coming in under a peaceful guise (although with Europe, they seem to have been able to dispense altogether with the fig leaf of being peaceful or productive), establishing enclaves, and initiating asymetrical warfare from within those (go-go zone) enclaves.

        The fascinating and unsettling aspect of this conflict is that the native population, which would naturally resist this encroachment, has been systematically disarmed and disenfranchised by its own government.

        A poignant example of this occurred during Hurricane Katrina. Law totally broke down, with gangs of blacks roaming through the city, looting and pillaging. The police went door-to-door, sometimes having to use rafts, systematically disarming homeowners dependent on the guns as their only means of protection against the black gangs. The very few police who actually took any action against the black gangs were charged with federal crimes. And this was the Bush administration, before Obama.

        What is the etiology of a government’s direct war against its own people? I don’t know and still have no idea.

        • The defining feature of Western Govts since WWII is that they are all waging war against their own citizens. Immigrants are their weapon of choice, a proxy militia backed up by Antifas, SJWs and draconian hate laws.

          It is a huge conspiracy. I wonder who is behind it. The Baron asked that question last week but did not offer any answers.

          • No, I don’t have any. Soros is easy to point to, but there’s obviously more to it than that.

  4. Good luck with better machete control, with the National Machete Association lobby basically running the French government.

    • Not to mention that people regularly running with scissors there and enjoying strong government support!

  5. Hey Frogs: Wrap that infidel, enigmatic, haram smiling Mona Lisa chick in a niqab or else.
    Allahu Nakbah Bitchez!

  6. Here’s a thought experiment: how do you think the French would react if a jihadi managed to attack Delacroix’s Liberty Leading The People and slashed it to threads? Would that do it? Would that energize the French to expel the Muslims? To, at the very least, enter the no go areas in force, capture the Mullahs (as many as possible) by whatever means necessary and expel them? After all, Liberty Leading The People is a glorious cultural symbol of France. Actually it’s a glorious visual representation. Of France. Of The West. That should be enough, oui?

    In my opinion it would not be enough. There would be expressions of outrage! outrage! And then…nothing. Hey, I’m not going to do a rant. I know the reason it would not be enough. And if you say to me, “But it’s only a painting”… despair is justified.

    • I had the same thought; kind of like here in the USA how no one gets worked up over garden variety rapes and killings but heaven forbid one hurts an animal…

      It is as if these muslim philistines are purposely trying to hand the election to Le Pen, because that would have guaranteed the result had he been successful in the attack. Either that was the intent all along, or Mr Mohammed the art critic is so culturally obtuse as to have no idea as to what effect his intended art desecration would have had upon tbe French.

  7. URGENT… NEWS BULLETIN…. Dateline PARIS, FRANCE, Feb. 3, 2017
    ( This is what really what happened at the Louvre today.)

    A young man named Abdallah, 29, born in Egypt and coming a few days ago from the United Arab Emirates, was cowardly shot in the stomach by a racist French Paratrooper. The young Culture Enricher was coming to France to immerse himself in French culture. At the Louvre, he felt hungry and took a baguette bread from his backpack, along with a large Kebab knife (he wanted to make himself a sandwich). But he was also thirsty. And as he had learned a bit of French, he asked the soldier politely: ” Ou est le bar?” ( Where is the bar?). But the racist soldier, perhaps a secret Marine Le Pen supporter, saw only the kebab knife, thought it was a machete, and misunderstood what the young visitor had said (his accent was bad) …

    We all know what happened next… While falling to the ground, the young man inadvertently cut the soldier’s forehead with his knife. The soldier had to go to the hospital to get a few stitches, but he is OK.

    He will certainly be well enough to stand trial later for attempted murder, as the French law requires when a member of the Religion of Peace is a victim of that kind of aggression. As for the young defenseless victim, he will (if he survives and if Allah the All Merciful protects him!) be awarded the Legion of Honor by President Hollande…(The horrible fascists/racists French must show forever how much they repent for their past crimes as barbaric colonialists.)

    As Merkel and Holland are always saying: ” Migrants should be welcomed with open arms!” … Welcoming them with bullets is a big no-no in today’s Europe…

    We in Europe don’t understand why your new President Trump wants to bar people from these countries from entering the US. He must be a fascist himself.

  8. Has this been reported on French TV? When I visited Carcassonne a French police woman had been stabbed (in France) but there was nothing about this on the French TV.

  9. Destroying the West from within
    by terror

    How many more tourists will flock to Louvre after this? How many more tourists will go to Paris this spring and summer?

    The Chinese are already changing their plans about going to France. Instead, many of them are going to Russia.

    So, this is still a success for the religion of peace and submission, whereas France is losing business, and getting more no go zones.

  10. If the west knows nothing of its history, which seems apparent, then they WILL go down and Europe will turn into the Muslim Paradise, aka the Andalusion Paradise. Ever heard of that book? It’s called: They Myth of the Andalusian Paradise. It is by Dario Fernandez-Morera and I will be glad to supply a book report after I have worked through it — it is a fairly thick book.

    But if you Europeans do not start thinking of your own existence, you are going to be nothing but mince-meat.


    Muslims should not be permitted out of their own territory. They are poison to the west and to Christianity, and if you don’t get that, you will eventually.

    As I have said before, here in USA we have guns if we wish so there is no muslim that will come to my door without suffering the consequences.

    Other than that, I have no problems with muslims if they wish to live in peace in a culture that is not exactly conducive to them but a lot of other Americans manage to live here without everything being to their liking.


    • They just don’t have the numbers in most jurisdictions here to recreate the hellholes they came from. At least not yet, but they breed like rats so that day is not far off. However, in certain locals such as Dearborn MI, or Minneapolistan, the day is a lot closer than one would think could be possible in the USA. What kind of contribution could a Somali possibly make to American society? They should all be rounded up and shipped back to Somalia before we have the same dysfunction here that exists in Mogadishu.

  11. Dateline: New York, 2 January 2027

    A day after the The Congress of the United States of America stumbled and bumbled in both word and deed in not coming to a conclusive decision regarding that the Declaration of Independence Protection Act. Unable to decide if the cherished/despised document should remain within the National Archives (where it is presently held in a secret location for the past 5 years) or will it be relocated to a lunar orbit along with the remaining masterpieces of western and eastern arts and letters since the so called Jihad against Western and Occidental thought commenced in the Nineveh area of Iraq in the early 21st century.. Disreputable sources claim a so called group of dissenters named ISIS went on irreligious rampages destroying ancient and useless Christian ghettoes that inhabited the Nineveh Plain looking to encourage

    fair and affordable housing to it’s inhabitants.

  12. Dateline: New York, 2 January 2027

    A day after the The Congress of the United States of America stumbled and bumbled in both word and deed in not coming to a conclusive decision regarding what language should the the Declaration of Independence Protection Act both contain and advocate. And unable to decide if the cherished/despised document should remain within the National Archives (where it is presently held in a secret location for the past 5 years) The curators of of the worlds finest museums have decided their works will be relocated to a lunar orbit along with the remaining masterpieces of western and eastern arts and letters already ensconced safely in the black matter of space. Since the so called Jihad against Western and Occidental thought commenced in the Nineveh area of Iraq in the early 21st century. Disreputable sources claim a so called group of dissenters named ISIS went on a series of irreligious rampages destroying ancient and useless Christian ghettoes that inhabited the Nineveh Plain looking to encourage fair and affordable housing amongst those who might lose their heads in the marketplace of ideas.

    The Louvre, the British Museum of Art, Tate, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City) and countless others have volunteered to to give up ¾ of they’re collections as to reduce the thumbprint of they’re patriarchy and homogeny over what is often described proto-nihilistically as transcendent representations of civilization. (insert heavy breathing)

    Train and planes and automobiles burdened down with transcendent representations are carravening their loads of sculpture, scrapbooking, and glassblowing towards Central Florida’s JFK SPACE CENTER, so to relieve the world of artifice that leads to violence more violence and head chopping and more head chopping. Bicycles, toys and some dolls and and and all judged non-threatening non-transcendent objects of non-art can and will have a revered safe space to stay on the planet

    The nondescript space warehouse that will have no name and will have no address or even a GPS location may even have occasional visitors if one can afford the multimillion dollar space fare if you have the nerve to want to participate in a transcendent civilizational type of experience, Amazon the online retailer is threatening to send drones to pick up all the transcendent crap that they’ve sold over the past ten years to all their customers home if they promise to buy non-transcendent crap, lucky winners will get a free trip to the lunar warehouse and a peek at the dark side of the moon. ALL VIA AN AMAZON DRONE.

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