Jihad at the Louvre: A Machete and Paint Bombs

The mujahid who attacked police at the Louvre this morning has now been identified as an Egyptian named Abdallah E.-H. In addition to his machete, he was carrying paint bombs in his backpacks. Evidently he intended to modify some of the works of art in the Louvre to suit his own aesthetic tastes. Or maybe he planned to hide the filthy kafir nude slut statues with a coat of paint.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Le Parisien:

Attack at the Louvre: what is known about the Egyptian Abdallah E.-H., the main suspect

The Egyptian man, aged 28 or 29, reportedly landed at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport on 26 January. He was coming from Dubai, where he would have obtained a visa for France.

The identity of the Louvre assailant, who attacked the soldiers of Operation Sentinel with a machete this Friday morning, is gradually becoming clear. He was hospitalized in serious condition at the Georges Pompidou hospital in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, after being hit on the flank and buttocks by several gunshots. It is now known that the man is an Egyptian who was born in 1988.

If he did not have any ID, a cell phone and paint bombs were found in the backpacks he was wearing. These elements allegedly enabled the investigators to establish his identity: Abdallah E.-H. The man who rented a hotel room in Rue de Ponthieu, not far from the Champs-Elysées, in the very chic 8th Arrondissement of the capital. Police then quickly searched the premises.

A return ticket to Dubai

The search allegedly confirmed that the assailant arrived by air on January 26 at the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He allegedly entered France with an Egyptian visa. The man had a return ticket to the UAE for Sunday February 5th. He was unknown to the French intelligence services; his identity was transmitted to Egypt for verification. In addition, DNA and fingerprint analyses are underway.

No explosives found on him

On Friday morning at around 9:45 the man burst into the gallery of the Carrousel du Louvre carrying two backpacks. After he approached the soldiers on patrol, he took out two machetes to attack them. According to prefect of Paris Michel Cadot, the man rushed at the soldiers, “uttered threats” and shouted “Allahu Akhbar”.

In the report, the aggressor, aged about thirty, was seriously wounded in the flank and buttocks. He was conscious when taken away by the ambulance. No explosives were found in his backpacks.

16 thoughts on “Jihad at the Louvre: A Machete and Paint Bombs

    • If they did, it has quickly passed. Getting the left to think critically and make logical connections is, sadly, impossible.

  1. He only wanted to wipe the smile off Mona Lisa’s face. Please give him lessons in art history. He is innocent. Dindu Nuffin!

  2. Where did he get the machetes? Did they get through security in his luggage? How did that happen? X-rays on the blink?

    Did he buy them in Paris? Who in Paris sells machetes? Would a Parisian seller be suspicious of a Middle-Easterner, an Egyptian, strolling in and buying two machetes? For his gardening, maybe?

    Mujahideen is plural, by the way. One of them is a mujahid.

    • Machetes are not that hard to come by. In fact I stopped going to a local grocery store which, during one of their weekly offers, stocked machetes as spring garden tools (there is a migrant house near that store and I didn’t want to risk being caught in a space with machetes and potentially crazy jihadis).

      But paint bombs are a clear indication he wasn’t working alone. Other jihadis already in France prepared the suitcase for him.

      I wonder how the media is going to explain it this time. First, it was a cartoon of the world renown pedophile – “well, that’s offensive to muslims”. Then it was an attack at a concert hall – “well, the muslims are poor and feel excluded”. Then, it was an attack during a state celebration – “well, it was a truck attack”. Then, it was a beheading in church – “well, we need to take in more muslim refugees”. Now priceless art was up for destruction by muslims.

      • They mutilated defenceless young people at the Bataclan with knives and machetes. [anatomical details redacted].

        All that was hushed up as quickly as possible.

    • And they say that those people has a loose work moral. Of course they might be more motivated with things, they more like. It is more of a hobby for them.

      • Yes, nothing like priceless works of art to destroy, infidels to behead, or western women to rape to motivate the muslim mind…

  3. It’s almost to the point where these priceless works of art need to be replicated with the precision of 3D printers to use for display purposes and seal away the originals until Islam is no more.

    • I agree 100% And statues surrounded by bullet-proof glass, accompanied by large notices stating: “We regret this is necessary, but this country now has a large islamic population”.

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