Will We Get Used to This Slowly?

Zsolt Bayer is a popular Hungarian journalist and opinion writer. We have featured translated material by him several times in the past.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this op-ed from Napi Migráns (Daily Migrants):

Will We Get Used to This Slowly?

by Zsolt Bayer
December 14, 2016

“Mohammed wanted to rape little girls from kindergarten then poison them”

Essen — 17-year-old Mohammed and Yusuf, who was the same age, decided to express their gratitude toward the German people for their hospitality in a very special way. Not only did they try to blow up a Sikh temple in Essen, but they planned to sell poisoned ice cream to children in kindergarten, whom — if Allah willed it — they would also rape.

The staggering plan of the extremist teenagers — organized into the ranks of the Islamic State — was brought to light by the German authorities after a bomb exploded in a Sikh temple in Essen. Fortunately, the explosion resulted in injuries to only four people. However, it probably gave Mohammed and Yusuf the idea that in order to increase the destruction they should sell poisoned ice cream to young children in preschool, then subsequently rape them, and finally carry out suicide attacks in a kindergarten.

Given the fact that after the bombing of the temple the two teenagers were caught by the authorities, the plan did not ultimately become a tragic reality. However, from the correspondence between the two boys, the authorities found out that Mohammed worked as an ice cream vendor, and had special insight to how to dose the dessert efficiently with deadly poison to kill small children. He wrote a letter to Yusuf asking for permission and theological guidance, wanting to know whether, based on Sharia law, it would be OK to give arsenic-laced ice cream to the kids, and maybe even rape some little girls?

Mohammed Yusuf and are currently awaiting judgment by the German government while they are still maintained on taxpayers’ money. The charges of course include religiously-motivated attacks. According to press reports, Yusuf has very much regretted his actions and would like to work together with the German authorities.

Are we slowly getting used to this, or are we finally going to do something about it? Are we going clear out all these animals out once and for all?

48 thoughts on “Will We Get Used to This Slowly?

  1. when are people going to wake up? they are only doing what your leftist politicians brought them to your country to do, create the climate for revolution.

    • They aren’t going to wake up. They are going to die. If they were capable of waking up, they’d be awake by now.

      • It certainly seems so. Mesmerised and messed up to the max. Will be interesting to see who survives the next few years.

    • Most Europeans see the Left as a positive, even moral force, that brought down aristocratic capitalism & the Church. They can’t accept that the Left has brought this ruin on them, so they stay in denial & hope it’ll somehow work out, which of course it won’t. It’s perfect. It’s what anti-Semitic, Israel-hating & America-hating Europe has brought on itself.

    • The first threat to terror, and later the regime-backed dictatorship in the name of restoring law. Whose is the logic?

  2. I’m afraid it will take a couple of Beslans for the figurative social “neutron bursts” to occur. Then it’s away we go….

    What a state we’ve put ourselves in….

    The trials will take a decade to get out of the way. Probably longer to track down all those remaining in hiding in their tax-havens.

    • “We” suggests a higher degree of citizen participation in the debacle than there has really been.

      • Yes, quite correct. I was talking “generically” of course. In an authoritarian sense the numbers who truly hold the levers of power are quite small indeed (I know, always the case to be sure).

        A fact “they” seem to forget however, which could be useful.

        What a fascinating era to be alive in. The sands really do seem to be shifting now and at an accelerating pace.

        I thank God our civilisation still retains an overwhelming preponderance of the raw power. It just awaits the necessary political will to be used.

    • Fast track trials are the order of the day with so many enemy inside the gates teaming or should I say ‘teeming’ up with the ghastly left out on a limb.

  3. Upsets me the evil creep. In my world he’d be castrasted and thrown in prison for 20 Years then deported.

    • Why make the taxpayers have to support these vermin for the next 20 years? A cinder block tied around the neck and tossed into the nearest river would be too good for them.

          • They should be fed to pigs. I don’t believe in any supernatural nonsense…. but they do. If the end game for their shenanigans meant no 72 virgins, maybe they wouldn’t be quite so quick to volunteer.

    • “Ellie on January 5, 2017 at 3:54 am (above) said:

      They should be fed to pigs. I don’t believe in any supernatural nonsense…. but they do. If the end game for their shenanigans meant no 72 virgins, maybe they wouldn’t be quite so quick to volunteer.”

      Kindly do not contaminate the pork chops, bacon, ham sandwiches, etc. Contaminating pork will merely add fuel to the claim that pork is evil.

      • Agreed, Countess. Seriously, is there really anything better for breakfast than crisp fried bacon and coffee?

        • My vote: Coffee in the form of espresso which can support a spoon in the cup.

          As for bacon, I prefer it English style – i.e., cooked without browning and then allowed to cool down. Crisp? Not so much. Limp with lots of body. This meat is served preferably on crisp toast, buttered while hot and then left to dry on a toast rack.

          Yeah, an acquired taste. I didn’t know it was “English” style until the Baron asked for overdone (“crisp”) bacon and then described his first encounter with toast in an English hotel. One of many such encounters, all made up for by pints of local beers. And curry.

          • WOW! You really do like your coffee strong!
            Limp bacon? Yech! But BTW, is that what the Poms call a ‘bacon buttie?’ I always forgot to ask that while in England.
            Oh, one other thing, have you tried your toast without butter? Many years ago I gave up butter on bread/toast which is really just a bad habit acquired from our parents, and certainly won’t help your blood pressure. Tastes just as good without the butter, imho.

          • A bacon buttie is a bacon sandwich. I think “buttie” may be mainly a Yorkshire expression, but I’m not sure. Pronounced “boo’ie” (where the “oo” represents the same sound it does in “hook” [unless you’re in Lancashire, but that opens up a whole new can of worms], and the apostrophe is a glottal stop).

          • Thanks Baron, I wasn’t sure but have heard references to bacon butties and ‘sarnies’ many times in Brit-coms which we love, particularly in our favourite place, Yorkshire.

  4. Will We Get Used to This Slowly?

    I won’t.

    And, let us consider the matter as well as some similar matters. You have a presumably happy situation, children joyful over getting ice cream. The joyfulness or fun thing doesn’t spark a sense of satisfaction at bringing joy to someone but rather thoughts of “this is something to destroy.”

    Now, why destroy something happy?

  5. Well the Glorious and Fearless Leaders seems to think so. After Nice they started pushing the agenda: terrorism is like the rain, just tolerate it, bring an umbrella… After all who has the money for bodyguards and gated community, have nothing to fear.

  6. The Germans are not slowly getting used to this. They are rapidly getting used to this.

    They are not going to do anything about it so long as authority says not to. Germans do not fight authority.

    They might, just possibly, elect a radically-populist party to a majority. But the betting is very much against.

  7. We must remember to take out our anger not only against these moslem monsters, but equally against the Quisling traitors who knowingly brought them into the West.

    This is no different than mandating that cobras must be released into kindergartens in order to be fair to cobras.

    If an evil farmer puts a hungry fox into the formerly secure henhouse, who is more responsible for the slaughter of the hens, the farmer or the fox? The fox is only acting according to his well-known nature. If the fox will be shot, the farmer should be hung.

    • It mostly definitely is the Quisling leaders I am most furious with. The muslims for the most part are announcing to the world their intentions. The whole “religion of peace” jargon is for the ‘useful idiots’. It’s not even clever but it works because our leaders and media help to sell the idea. I even pity the muslims who are lied to themselves about how their precious prophet is or who feel trapped because apostasy equals death.

      I’ve also noticed that most of my liberal friends who want to “support a muslim” don’t watch the news because “it’s too depressing”. Then don’t get mad when those of us who do pay attention are against the whole “poor refugee” narrative.

      And if Breitbart/The Rebel and “alt-right” media are Fake News then so is Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Give me a break.

      • You’ve got my vote. I’ve said all along that while the moslems are sub-human trash, those who dragged them into the west, and defend their every atrocity are infinitely worse, for had they not done that, there would be NO invasion in the west now, and no problem.
        Well, we’d still have the abominable leftists….

      • How many people did the Nazi/Commie upper hierarchy PERSONALLY murder during their reigns?

    • A man saves a stray dog. He has no idea of its background or its temperament, he just knows it’s a dog in need of a better home.
      He takes it to show the children at the local school saying it’s a sad dog and needs love.
      The children gather around and the dog attacks them.

      What would normally happen to the dog and the man in such a situation?

      Would the dog be given a second chance, would the man be ignored?

  8. Poor Germany. Mohammed and Yusuf are simply being true to the distortions of the distorted ideology called Islam. Germany is to be pitied because the citizens ; who so much favor ” Order ” and ” Regimentation ” can’t seem to get beyond their Blind Obedience to Authority. If the Political Elites tell them to be passive in the face of such provocations ; they blindly accept their insane circumstances . Only when their blankets are taken away…and the food supply disapears will they react on the basis of their survival instincts. It is a very soft life for most people in present day Germany ; so some news articles in the media about Savage Primitive with prayer rugs will only glean a passing glance from them

  9. Not only are they terrorists but they want to act like paedophiles now? That’s absolutely disgusting.

    • Unfortunately, the paedophilia has been part and parcel of what Islam allows/encourages, right from the word go. Not a new thing at all.

      It doesn’t recognise an “age of consent”, it doesn’t recognise “consent”, it doesn’t recognise marriages between non-muslims, or divorces obtained by Muslims from non-Muslim courts.

      It calls for homosexuals to be murdered, yet allows Muslims to have sex with boys or animals in a sexual “emergency”.

      The boy, not the rapist, is then liable to deemed to be homosexual and murdered.

      The animal is to be slaughtered, but – thoughtfully – it’s flesh shouldn’t be sold to anyone in your own village.

      The Koran is – in part – a rapist’s charter.

      Fortunately, the majority of Muslims don’t behave in this way,and the majority of Muslim countries don’t follow the worst parts of Islamic doctrine, but this is what Islam lays down as permissable.

      The idea that the world is steadily progressing towards ever greater freedom, wealth, democracy etc following a Western model, has hit the buffers.

      Progress is now going backwards as non-Western nations have realised that they don’t have to buy into the whole package of human rights, women’s rights, girl’s education, democracy, law and order etc etc in order to get rich and have a large army.

      We have armed and enriched our enemies, and unsurprisingly, they are now making war on us.

      A 5-year old can see that giving a lot of money and powerful weapons to people who intend to overturn Western civilisation is not a good idea.

      A politician can’t, because they think that life consists of endless free money in return for no work, and that if there are any consequences to their actions, they’ll only happen to other people.

      Should Merkel, May, Obama, Soros, Blair, Brown, Barroso, Campbell, Clinton et al ever find themselves being intimidated, beaten, robbed, raped, knifed, driven from their homes, blown-up, tortured, mutilated, castrated, disembowelled, set on fire, thrown from buildings, beheaded, or any of the other 101 things that they have caused to happen to the innocent populace, then they will have thoroughly deserved their unpleasant fate. The rest of us don’t.

    • Their prophet was a paedophile. I think it is fairly common for girls to be married off by 9 (if not younger) in the most traditional/orthodox of circles and my understanding is that paedophilia is rampant in Muslim nations. It’s not considered homosexuality if the victim has yet to reach puberty.

      • As per Mohammed example, taking a 6 year old for “marriage” is permitted and “consummate” that “marriage” at age 9.

  10. Islam is evil. All Muslims are infected with Islam. There is only one way to rid the planet of this hideous disease before it destroys all of humanity.

  11. If Gates of Vienna was not of the high caliber it is and of this nearly venerable elegance of mind (reflecting its owners and contributors) I would have dismissed this horror out of hand, as one of those Tales told to frighten the guillible. But GoV is and I am not dismissing it out of hand nor at all.

    I have stopped believing that this or that event (Paris, Nice, Berlin) will bring the big awakening, a change of direction – let alone revolution; physical comfort has softened us too much…..but there are images, pictures and moments that get to me and mark me, personally, for ever – this one will be one of them.

    • The image that got me was one of the less violent ones. The image of those white western kids in the Netherlands being forced to bow and pray in the mosque while their teachers grinned has shaken me to the core. The battle is not just for our lives but our souls (if you’re not spiritual consider it a battle for your core values and philosophy). Nothing could make me bow but I worry for my children. I must always be vigilant and ready with the counter-programming.

      • yes Anon_in_Canada. Some images stab you, others creep under your skin, like leeches and won’t let you go. Whatever your concept of “Soul” and/or “Mind” is, these are the ones penetrated by my little example of ‘leeches’.

        Folk who put their heads in the sand lest “it” may kick them in the face really annoy me, but PARENTS who via their CHILDREN have a very tangible vested interest in our near future, who do that, drive me up the walls !!!

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