Prima Noi: Time for Active Resistance in Veneto

The video below shows a demonstration against a proposed migrant center by a group known as Prima Noi (First Us) in the northern Italian city of Vicenza. The Veneto region, which includes Venice and Vicenza, has received an overwhelming number of migrants.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article from Il Giornale (also translated by FouseSquawk) concerns the Prima Noi protest in Vicenza and the arrest of its leader:

Do an anti-migrant protest. Get sentenced to jail

Alex Cioni, the leader of the Committee Prima Noi [First Us], sentenced by the Tribunal of Vicenza to 5 days in jail and €1,310 fine for unauthorized protest

Five days in jail and a €1,310 fine. This is the punishment to which Alex Cioni, leader of the Committee Prima Noi was sentenced by the Vicenza Tribunal.

He was guilty of staging a demonstration in front of a hotel designated as a future center for migrants in order to show his dissent against the arrival of refugees.

The facts go back to last July 17, when some representatives of the Committee Prima Noi affixed a placard and posters onto a glass door of the Hotel Eden di Schio to express their dissent concerning the announced arrival of a continuous number of asylum-seekers. An unauthorized demonstration because according to the judge, it had not been formalized beforehand by a request to the public security authorities. Thus Ciano was convicted even though the punishment was suspended because he was a first-time offender. The accusation on the part of the offices of Digos and the sentence by the Vicenza Tribune stated: “The missive from the Committee represents in an unmistakable manner a clumsy attempt to intimidate our activities.”

Video transcript:

00:13   Saturday, 10 September 2016 —picketing begins in the environs of the Hotel Eden di Schio.
00:29   Sunday, 11 September- Citizens of the Committee still in place
00:33   “Immigrants protected-Italians forgotten”
00:38   The appeal of the Committee: Picket the structure. It is no longer the time to talk.
00:43   Like me on Facebook.
00:49   We are doing our part. The moment has arrived that others must arouse from the torpor in which they
00:53   find themselves. It is not the solution. Raise the level from passive protest to active resistance.
00:57   Northerners, wake up. #PrimaNoi
01:06   The hundreds of people who participated in the protest on August 1 in front of the hotel
01:09   must realize that that the time of slogans has ended.
01:12   If the prefect forces our hand, regardless of the revocation of certificate of safety,
01:17   it must be the citizens who create a wall.
01:22   Enough with the reception business. Stop the attempts between private and cooperative with
01:25   the complicity of the State, which contributes to filling our quarter with fake refugees.
01:28   Prima Noi is a committee of citizens constituted in the (area of) Vicenza to confront the problem of the continuous arrival of immigrants who pretend to be refugees.
01:32   The committee is open to all citizens who share the need to make their voices heard beyond and above political (persuasion), aware that the first defense is born of ourselves in that citizens belong to a community.
01:35   First the citizens of the Veneto — First Italians — First Us. Sign up.

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    • Including incentives to violence? Could be very hard on our already threatened Jewish populations, among others.

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