Scottish Episcopal Cathedral Converted into a Mosque

OK, I admit it; that’s a sensationalized title. But from an Islamic perspective, it’s exactly what happened a few days ago in Glasgow.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Communion, but it is not under the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury. As part of its celebration of Christmas and Epiphany, the Glasgow cathedral of the Episcopal Church recently invited a Muslim woman to chant part of Chapter 19 of the Koran — the part that talks about the virgin birth of the Islamic version of Jesus.

Other parts of Chapter 19 specifically deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, and say that he is not the son of God. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Scottish Episcopalians, who don’t really believe in God or Jesus all that much, anyway.

The Islamization of the cathedral in Glasgow has caused outrage in some quarters, but as of this writing, the leaders of the Scottish Episcopal Church do not regret their decision to allow the reading of the Koran in their cathedral.

Vlad Tepes has subtitled a video of the reading in the cathedral, and includes as a postscript the rest of the verses about Jesus in Chapter 19 of the Koran:

Articles about the Dhimmi Episcopal Church of Scotland:

38 thoughts on “Scottish Episcopal Cathedral Converted into a Mosque

  1. Oh where oh where are those Ranger fans and the ‘Reformed Religion’. It looks like all are are going down together on the ship of fools, tools and ghouls. If Dopey in Rome can do it then these folk can show ’em too. Head scratching disbelief..

  2. What the broad-minded Episcopalians of Glasgow did was to betray their God in the name of political correctness, tolerance, multiculturalism and other similar idols whose worship is becoming quasi-obligatory in our times.

    They remind me of Obnovlentsy – ‘renewalists’ who, in the first years of Soviet Russia, proclaimed that Jesus Christ had been the first Communist on Earth, rebelled against the traditional Church authorities and diligently licked the boots of the anti-Christian Soviet bosses. They were very innovative and introduced all sorts of reforms that suited their private tastes (which were not all ascetic, by the way). In a nutshell, they worshiped the idol of Progress in its Communist incarnation instead of Christian God.

    Their history was brief but educational: the Soviet authorities used them, albeit squeamishly, in their war against the Russian Orthodox Church for a decade or so, then decided that Obnovlentsy were no longer useful, prohibited their activities and sent many of them to prisons and concentration camps.

    Many of surviving Obnovlentsy publicly repented of their heresy and literally crawled back on their knees to the Church praying for forgiveness.

    I am not sufficiently acquainted with the religious situation in Scotland but I have some fears that the nice progressive Episcopalians may experience similar pain and humiliation in foreseeable future.

    • The religious situation in Scotland can be summed up thus: The Scottish Episcopal Church has for a long time been a pit of heresy, a den of iniquity and a cradle of infidelity.

    • I wish you would send a note to this guy. I don’t think he even realizes the destruction he is causing to his own religion.

  3. The more they try and appease these people the more they take it as a sign of weakness and then demand more and more, who in his right mind would invite a muslim into a church, they wouldn’t allow a priest or vicar into their mosques, little by little they are taking over, thank god for Trump.

    • One day their melting down with love for their far out untouchables Muslims will reciprocate with Xmas gifts. Great big boxes of Aliackack Bars or whatever the secret sharia meeting decides is the bloodiest way to clear up any misunder-
      standing by the dim Dhimmis.

  4. I’ve read also that the current head of the C. od E.-Prince Charles- prays in a Mosque. I’m glad i’m in the US.

    European civilization is going down. The Anglican clerics look sad and afraid too.

    • A great way to lose whatever respect the congregation may or my not have had for you. No wonder we have a bunch of savages building barracks and attack mobs where churches use to be. The sooner the E Spew collapses the better.

    • Ponce Charles seems more Arab than aryan. Yeah I know. The Muslims will be offended if they don’t have their very own piece of royal family vitals. If this ain’t degenerate then what is? Is nothing and nowhere safe from pay for play?

  5. “…people confident in their faith can often learn most from one another…” – Provost.

    “If anyone desire a religion other than Islam never will it be accepted of him”
    Koran 3:85, part of Islam’s rules.
    “If anyone leaves his religion [Islam], kill him” – Mohammed,
    from the Hadith, another part of Islam’s rules.

    Not even the kindest sweetest muslim has any leeway on that subject.

    Memo to the Provost:

    “It is unbelief (kufr) to hold that the remnant cults now bearing the names of formerly valid religions such as “Christianity” and “Judaism” are acceptable…..”
    Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, w4.

  6. When Moslems move into a territory, or country, that is primarily Christian, or primarily composed of practitioners of any other religion other than Mohammedanism, it is evident for all who have eyes to see that the Moslems become more fundamentalist, not less. That should be an eye opener for those fools who say that the Moslems in Europe will become more westernized, and practice some sort of Islam of France or Islam of Germany or whatever. Unfortunately, these virtue-signaling welcomers of their destroyers are blind as bats. The Mohammedans in the West are more Mohammedan than those Mohammedans in Mohammedan lands. That doesn’t bode well for the West.

  7. Maybe they are going bankrupt and need Arab oil money.What a [obscene intensifier] joke.

    • No maybe. They are bankrupt. These twisted demoralisers will reap what they sew. They are no more than appeasing sows to the Muslim fifth columns they bend over either way to curry favour with. It is easy to understand why when the Muslim clock strikes time these ultra dhimmi types will be the first to be drowned by the new wave of head first separations.

  8. Sadly, Anglicanism in the British Isles is virtually dead, strange as it sounds. Anglicanism still flourishes in Africa, SE Asia, and a few small pockets in the USA. But then, this is no different from Lutheranism in Germany and Scandinavia, Catholicism in France and Italy, etc. Europe has been de-Christianized, and now it is ripe to be completely islamized.

    • Some U.S. Anglicans were so revolted by the shenanigans of the Archbishop of Canterbury, they broke off with the Episcopalians and eventually joined Rome under some special dispensation. That happened I think a couple of years ago. From the frying pan to the fire.

        • You ask, I can but answer–to islam.

          Well, the way they’re going, it’s the only answer.

          • Yes, there are many Jews who do not believe God exists, but who basically worship the Jewish ‘identity’; in essence “having a form of religion but denying the power thereof” to quote a Jewish writer of the 1st century.
            Islam offers more to a CofE person whose ‘social gospel’ and cultural identity are now under attack. In all places traditional Christianity is now portrayed negatively as effete, trivial and stupid; Whereas Islam is manly and solid nd stands up for itself.

        • You kinda understand how that supposedly one billion more or less Muslims might see the sacking of Rome and the west in general as a very doable dream.

  9. This and other activities, such as flying the “palestinian” flag on Glasgow City Hall, make me both sad and mad…
    This is not the Glasgow in which I grew up…

  10. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    I suspect that they are provoking God, by calling themselves Christian yet letting the Antichrist in their Church.


    Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    That is Islam. It is denying the Father and the Son.

    For all Christians out there, be very careful about the one commandment which includes a personal threat from God!

    • You ought to read the second part of Chapter Three of Revelation to hear what Jesus Christ has to say about what He thinks about Last Daze churches such as this one. Nauseating is a polite understatement. Thank you, I will remain faithful, regardless of the cost here, because I know I have rewards there. Just seeing what they said in that church makes my skin crawl, out the door and into fresh air.

  11. Inviting pagans and pagan worship into Christian Church. Ballless bishops. The God’s Truth is NOT with them.

  12. I used to watch a lot of Douglas Murray video lectures, thinking him to be very erudite in his defense of British culture…

    …then I saw an interview with him where he was gleefully bragging about how wonderful Christianity was in the UK, because it wasn’t like “fundamentalists in America.” He was very proud that Christianity in the UK is limp and meaningless.

    There’s a very fine line between erudite and smug.

  13. Good to see that GofV reports accurately that she did not recite the verses denying Christ’s divinity; the distinction was lost on Jihad Watch.

    • WRONG

      From Provost Kelvin Holdsworth’s weblog linked at Jihad Watch:

      He was asked by Happy Jack:

      Can you please explain why the printed order of service stops at verse 33, and yet the actual recital included verses 34-6 of Sura 19 which include denial that the Creator God has a son? How did this discrepancy arise between the printed order of service and what actually happened?

      Provost Holdsworth replied:

      Thanks for your question. I can’t explain that as I don’t know the answer and it might not be possible for me to get an answer to that question. However, I don’t think anyone was being malicious or trying to get one over the Christians.
      Indeed, I have found all involved in this service to have been gracious and kind to one another throughout all this.
      The text that was printed in the service sheet is what we expected to be read- Sura Maryam 19 verses 16-33. I don’t have Arabic and given how difficult it was for me to acquire appalling Hebrew, I am unlikely ever to attempt to learn.
      I won’t be publishing any further questions or responses in connection with this as I’ve said above all that I know and am likely to know.

      He doesn’t think anyone was trying to “get one over” the Christians.

      Another contributor, Bro David, at least as buffoonish as Provost Holdsworth, thinks it was all done innocently. He wrote:

      If I may Father K, I also covered this section of the Quran in an Episcopal Cafe story. I also chose to stop the reading at verse 33. However, it is my understanding that for Muslims, the full reading is usually verses 16 – 36, which is the complete version of the Quranic Nativity. Your guest, in all likelyhood, read what she is accustomed to reading as the full story, innocently not realizing that whomever chose the portion to be printed had cut it off early. I can’t see any ill intent there, but then again, I don’t go looking for the worst about an event or a person as a matter of course.

      Bro David, like Kelvin Holdsworth, are totally clueless about Islam and its teachings and are far too willing to see good in evil. Except, of course, when it comes to those who are familiar with Islam’s doctrines; the so-called islamophobes.

  14. Scotland is a far left welfare state; too bad the SNP failed – the English could’ve teamed with Trump and rebuilt Hadrian’s wall.

    • I hate to disillusion you, but the SNP is as lefty as they come. It wants to leave the UK and join the EU.

      • I think he Jeff is referring to the Scotland referendum on independance….

        England would have been freed of its ball and chain and could have rejoined the Angloshere.

        • Yes, he is. But he is sadly mistaken about the SNP, which is a Labour-like socialist party except with a hatred of the Sassenach. The SNP people want independence from the UK so they can rejoin the EU and suckle at the Brussels teat.

          If Nick shows up here, you can ask him. He’s a Scot, and he’ll confirm what I just said.

          • You are exactly right. Have these people no shame? Same in that other ultra “patriotic” outpost Northern Ireland. A bastion of loyalty to the UK living off English goodwill. All these subjects of the crown, both left and right are falling over themselves to take out Irish passports so that either way the winds blow they might still “suckle at the Brussels teat” – as well.

          • Something is amiss here, Ahem. The relevant video, above, has been withdrawn over a copyright issue, and I can’t find it now in recent postings from Jihad Watch, where I first saw it. My recollection is that it stopped before the controversial verses, but I daresay it may have been censored at that point.

        • Correct; if SNP had won their referendum then they’d be free to gorge on EU benefits and Ms. May could’ve had that wall rebuilt by now. Trident could’ve been kicked out of Aberdeen and quite possibly selected Jeremy Corbyn as one of their leaders.

    • YouTube removed it last night due to a copyright violation, presumably a claim by the Episcopal Church of Scotland.

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