Filip Dewinter: “We Use the Cross as a Symbol of Resistance Against Islamization”

Vlaams Belang (Flemish Issue) is one of the two major Flemish separatist parties in Belgium. For the last few years VB has been bested at the polls by New Flemish Alliance (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, N-VA), the other major party that favors independence from Belgium. Vlaams Belang, however, considers N-VA less than adequate in its resistance to the Islamization of Flanders.

Filip Dewinter, the leader of Vlaams Belang, has just kicked off his party’s campaign for next year’s municipal elections. Many thanks to Dr. Van Helsing translating this report from Antwerp, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   With the municipal elections more than eighteen months away,
00:03   the Vlaams Belang party has already begun its campaign in Antwerp…
00:06   …with Filip Dewinter as its familiar man up front under the slogan ‘Antwerp will stay ours’.
00:11   [Mr. Dewinter] We use the cross as a symbol of resistance against Islamization
00:15   and the Multiculturalisation of our city.
00:18   Immigration has to stop, and Antwerp has to be de-Islamized.
00:22   Bart de Wever [leader N-VA, separatist party] isn’t doing anything about these problems.
00:26   On the contrary: Allah is great, but I get the impression that Bart de Wever is his prophet.
00:30   Besides Filip Dewinter as the candidate for leadership,
00:33   Vlaams Belang in Antwerp presents several new faces…
00:36   …such as the writer Sam van Rooy and 26-year-old Isabelle Huysmans,
00:40   who will move to Antwerp. She is expected to attract younger voters.
00:44   People tell me all the time ‘Isabelle, you are right;
00:48   your party is right, but we dare not say that in public.’
00:51   I want to make a difference for those people, such as saying,
00:55   ‘Look, there is an alternative. There is also a younger Vlaams Belang.’
00:59   At the other end of the spectrum we find Freddy van Gaever, the founder and former CEO of VLM Airlines.
01:03   The 79-year-old will move from Wommelgem to Antwerp in order to run in the elections.
01:10   This is probably the last chance of doing this during my lifetime.
01:13   In recent years I got more and more disturbed by the way the elderly are being let down.
01:19   I believe we should have more respect for the elderly, and that we need to do more for them.
01:24   Breaking the cordon sanitaire is, remarkably, no longer a must for Vlaams Belang in 2018.
01:29   We will, if necessary, support the municipal authorities, while being in the opposition
01:34   and not part of the governing administration. Let’s call that the Danish formula.
01:40   All options are on the table. [Voice over] For Vlaams Belang
01:43   the Antwerp campaign has officially begun today.

6 thoughts on “Filip Dewinter: “We Use the Cross as a Symbol of Resistance Against Islamization”

    • Nemesis, I wonder whether you know “1066 and All That”, a satire on British history published in 1930? This explains that “…the Crusaders under Richard never got Jerusalem back; this was undoubtedly due to the treacherous behaviour of the Saladins (sic), who used to fire on the Red Cross which the Crusaders wore in battle.”

      The final chapter tells us that after the Great War: “America was thus clearly top nation, and history came to a.” Where have we heard that more recently?

      • I am not familiar with that book? However, I do have some knowledge on the crusades and what some of those knights got up to.

        The Knights Templar were formed as a defensive force in and around Jerusalem and began to digging under certain areas of that city. According to some sources, they found ‘things’ that nearly turned the Catholic world upside down and that caused the Vatican to grant the Templars special privileges, privileges that went far beyond the then normal Vatican practise and that allowed the Templars to become so wealthy, that within a few decades they had become perceived as a direct threat to Vatican power.

        Check it out because the whole story while being filled with many mysteries also answers many questions when delving into who really controls the world.

  1. As a Vlaams Belang member myself, I would like to state emphatically that the VB is a SECULAR party. Let no one believe otherwise. I’ve been a member since 2004 now, and I’ve known the VB twenty years before that.

    That said – and while I think VB will remain a secular party – somebody, something was needed to make this point; that Christianity is the bedrock of our civilization. As recently as 50 years ago, Belgium was very devoutly Catholic; both Flanders and Wallonia were.

    But all that is the past. Under the ex-tre-me-ly agressive secularization offensives Christianity has withered away. In the main church of my hometown, the Saint Bartholomew Church, which can seat at least 500, the priest is lucky if he gets 50 worshippers on any given Sunday.

    Normally spoken, the task of reminding people that we are – were – a Christian nation, would fall to CDV, the Flemish “Christian” “Democrats”.

    Since it fails to do so spectacularly – it even managed to put a muslim first on its list for municipal elections in Ghent, a major Flemish city – that task has now apparently been taken over by Vlaams Belang.

    Another example from last September: the town of Aalst’s municipal college “welcomed” its first veiled town selectman. Or “woman” , rather: Fatma Yildiz:

    The reaction of one VB member in the municipal college, Michel Van Brempt, was noteworthy: he placed a silver cross on his bench, saying:

    “Vandaag verwelkomen we het eerste gemeenteraadslid met een hoofddoek, binnen twee decennia zullen we het laatste gemeenteraadslid zonder hoofddoek uitzwaaien. Socialisten, liberalen: ze hebben zo hard gevochten om alle religieuze symbolen te verwijderen, maar met de hoofddoek hebben ze geen probleem. Dag laïciteit, religie is terug. Dan mag een kruisbeeld ook wel”, zei Van Brempt.”


    “Today we welcome the first municipal councillor with a headscarf, within two decades we will wave goodbye to the last municipal councillor without headscarf. Socialists, liberals: they have fought so hard to remove all religious symbols, but with the headscarf they see no problems. Goodbye secularism, religion is back. If that’s the case, a cross is also okay”, said Van Brempt.

    Prophetic words.

  2. Dear Baron, a few remarks yet:

    Filip Dewinter is not the VB Chairman, that is a promising youth (indeed, a former Chairman of the VB’s Youth Chapter) by the name of Tom Van Grieken.

    Dewinter however is often mistaken for VB Chief because he is the most visible VB politician. It’s not that he seeks out the limelight, but it’s simply his dynamism.

    Sam van Rooy is a promising young VB intellectual. Kind of what the Dutch have with that Thierry Baudet guy (yeah, Dutch despite his name) but less flamboyant.

    The girl I do not know.

    • Thank you. I didn’t know Filip wasn’t the chairman.

      I met Sam van Rooy in 2012. He sat next to me on the podium at the second Counterjihad Brussels conference.

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