Kebab Riots in Poland

Last night, in the Polish town of Ełk, a young Pole made the mistake of throwing a firecracker in the vicinity of a culture-enriching restaurant known as “Prince Kebab”. The proprietors of the restaurant emerged from the premises, kebab knives in hand, and proceeded to stab the Polish malefactor to death.

Poland is not (yet) in thrall to the Great God of Multiculturalism to the extent that Germany and other Western European countries are, so local citizens gathered outside the restaurant in an angry crowd today. In the following videos you can see a memorial of lit candles in front of Prince Kebab — I didn’t notice any teddy bears or flowers — but you’ll also see some of the protesters break the windows and do other damage to the restaurant.

If such a crowd had assembled and acted out in Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, or Sweden, the police would have been on them in a flash. Within two minutes the Boys in Blue would have been among them, nightsticks a-swingin’. In short order the holding cells at the local police station would have been full of bruised and morose Poles.

But that didn’t happen in Ełk until several hours later. The following news report aired this evening on Polish TV. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second and third videos require no subtitling. In each of them — recorded during daylight hours today — you can watch the same events from a different angle, as the plate glass windows are shattered while the crowd cheers:

And in the final video you can see cops and a police car with flashing lights down the street, just waiting to see how events unfold:

Below is an article from (also translated by Ava Lon) about the murder at Prince Kebab, and today’s reaction by angry Polish citizens:

Riots in Ełk after the death of 21-year-old in front of a kebab shop. There have been arrests. The mayor of the city calls for calm.

January 1, 2017

21-year-old Daniel died on the New Year’s Eve, in a fight in front of Prince Kebab shop in Ełk. Police detained four men, including foreigners [That’s an MSM lie: they all are foreign — translator]. The protests, which degenerated into clashes with police, continue at the premises. The kebab shop was destroyed; the glass door was broken.

On Saturday night between 10 and 11 pm there was a brawl in front of a fast food in Ełk. A 21-year-old was killed — on his body two stab wounds were found, probably from a knife.

According to the police, both foreigners and Poles were involved in the brawls. Four men were arrested, among them foreigners. Due to the ongoing investigation, police didn’t disclose their nationality. It is known that they were sober.

What is known about the circumstances of the death of 21-year-old?

TVP [Polish state television] reported that the 21-year-old Daniel, according to unofficial information, had allegedly thrown a firecracker towards Prince Kebab restaurant. Then four men ran out the restaurant towards him — two Algerians, a Tunisian and Moroccan. The 21-year-old was stabbed twice with a knife, which proved fatal.

Riots in Ełk

After 2pm on Sunday a crowd gathered in from of the restaurant, approximately 200-300 people. People chanted hateful slogans against foreigners (including: “F**k the chapatis!” [which is a racial slur, derived from the name of an Indian bread, but sounding like Polish word ciapa, meaning an idiot, or someone clumsy or embarrassing]) while throwing stones and firecrackers. TVP reported live that the property was destroyed, and that stones, bricks and paving stones were thrown at the shop.

According to the reporter, at the beginning the police didn’t want to intervene so as not to exacerbate the conflict. Only later they did they decide to react, and pushed the inhabitants away from the restaurant.

Riot police from neighboring Olsztyn were brought to town. Police partially blocked the traffic on the street where the crowd was gathered.

During the evening clashes with the police, military police were also deployed, among other measures

During the afternoon and evening in Ełk the situation remained uneasy. Protesters directed their aggression towards police officers. Police detained a dozen people in connection with the riot. Spokesperson Warmia-Mazury command Rafał Jackowski explained that there will be investigation concerning their participation in the gathering. “They might be charged with property damage or disruption of public order,” she pointed out.

“Before 9pm there were still more than a hundred people on the premises,” our local police spokesperson Sgt. Agata Kulikowska de Nałęcz said in an interview. “The most aggressive people are being arrested by our officers”.

“We are supported by other departments, including the Municipal Police, Fire Brigade and Military Police,” added the spokesperson.

The autopsy of the 21-year-old will be performed on Monday

“There has been a great tragedy. I would like to appeal to residents and ask for calm and respect for the tragedy that the family of 21-year-old Daniel is experiencing . I offered psychological help to this family,” said the mayor of Ełk, Tomasz Andrukiewicz.

Ełk City Councillor Michał Tyszkiewicz said that Prince Kebab was managed by citizens of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, and these are the people who have been detained by the police after the death of 21-year-old Daniel. The owner of the restaurant, according to Tyszkiewicz, is an Ełk entrepreneur. According to the councilor, the Tunisian, the Moroccan and the Algerians also run another restaurant in Ełk, which was also destroyed by rioters.

On Monday an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death of the 21-year-old.

Transcript of video #1:

00:08   A dozen people were arrested and there were police cordons composed of
00:12   Ełk officers supported by Olsztyn county police and
00:16   military police in Ełk, where there are riots caused by a tragic event
00:20   that occurred on New Year’s Eve. The 21-year-old Ełk inhabitant was killed
00:24   in the vicinity of a restaurant on Armia Krajowa Street. This is currently the most
00:28   dangerous place. Armia Krajowa Street is closed between Chopin Street and Wawelska Street.
00:32   Police are trying to calm the angry mob, after arresting a dozen
00:36   of the most aggressive people. According to Agata Kulikowska,
00:40   an Ełk police officer, some people will be held liable.
00:44   The restaurant where the New Year’s Eve tragedy occurred wasn’t the only one ransacked, but also
00:48   another one of this type in town. Police are mainly securing the premises where yesterday’s
00:52   incident occurred. Molotov cocktails flew towards the police officers. It’s really a dangerous
00:56   place. The police are pleading [with the public] to not go there. —About
01:00   noon people started gathering. With time the crowd
01:04   Grew, and the police officers
01:08   are protecting them. A dozen people were arrested,
01:12   but this number keeps changing all the time because the
01:16   most aggressive people are being arrested, isolated
01:20   and detained at the police station. There are police officers from Ełk, but also
01:24   from the Olsztyn riot unit, and
01:28   from other departments. We also got support from
01:32   military police and firefighters.
01:37   The premises are closed
01:41   and secured so the incidents won’t threaten the inhabitants and the vehicles.
01:45   There were incidents of breaking bottles
01:49   and firecrackers thrown in the crowd, so, sure, this place
01:53   isn’t safe, especially for young children; we are pleading
01:57   with the inhabitants to avoid the area in order
02:01   not to put themselves in danger. The crowd of people with whom the journalist
02:05   from Radio5 talked say that they came here to the place of the New Year’s Eve tragedy
02:09   to express their anger. —We used to live in Sweden, in Stockholm.
02:13   And recently there was a bomb in my son’s school.
02:17   And next to our house was a newly opened school for the refugees,
02:21   and the youngest [student] was 30 years old. So this is the first sign;
02:25   and we need to react harshly, so this
02:29   won’t happen like it is in a civilized country such as Sweden.
02:33   There are people making money by leasing a property [to the restaurant]
02:37   and they should be… Lovely, that we didn’t accept those
02:41   7000 refugees, but we absolutely need to block those migrations!
02:45   Why are you here? —To support all those people
02:49   who are here. Of course. I’m not here to throw stones,
02:53   but I am against violence of this type [that happened to the victim], and
02:57   I would be happy if there weren’t a single Arab in our country.
03:01   I am against foreigners ruling in our country, in our beautiful
03:05   town, and that they would do such things!
03:10   We don’t need them here! They have their own countries, they should rule in their home countries
03:14   Now what? Can you blame these people here?
03:18   They are rioting, because they are protesting, because a young man was murdered!
03:22   And he was probably innocent, right?
03:26   We don’t need people like that, and…
03:30   they shouldn’t be let in, those Turks!
03:34   They shouldn’t have right to be here; those Muslims, sorry; they shouldn’t be in our country!
03:42   And especially in our beautiful town Ełk, right?
03:46   Now all Poland will find out that people are, I don’t know, being murdered in Ełk!
03:50   According to Agata Kulikowska, the spokesperson for the police
03:54   in Ełk, after the tragic murder of the 21-year-old, four people have been arrested.
03:58   Among them are foreigners and Polish citizens.
04:02   An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow, and will reveal the cause of death of this 21-year-old man.
04:06   Four people are being detained. We are investigating
04:10   the role of every person in the events.
04:14   They will be interrogated. In this incident,
04:18   Polish people and foreigners took part,
04:22   but for the sake of the investigation we are not disclosing the citizenship of the
04:26   detained people. According to Kulikowska, police officers will be deployed
04:30   until the situation calms down. —Police officers are present all the time
04:34   on the premises of the incident. We’re being supported by officers from other departments.
04:38   We’ll be reacting according to the situation.

57 thoughts on “Kebab Riots in Poland

  1. God bless the Poles and the other Eastern European countries that stand up to the invaders and the sickness of multiculti. Finally, some real men in Europe! I doubt this is the last of the avenging against the invaders over this particular outrage. The average Pole probably has very low regard for the muslim invaders at this time, seeing as a fellow Pole was just slaughtered trying to fight off the hijacker of the truck that was used in the attack in Berlin.

    This is how the expulsion of the invaders will begin; some similar but more egregious incident, and the cops will look the other way until events become outside their control and it becomes dangerous for the government to appear in opposition to the anger of their citizens. And the choices of the government will be out of their hands as more citizens find their courage and strength in numbers.

    • Those who do not belong should leave for their home land to practise their culture of violence.

  2. Respect to the polish…at least they look after each other and the legacy of their friends. I am English and a knowledge our debt to them…1683. Thankful citizens of Poland.

  3. Reminds me of the incident in Corsica last year when a muslim migrant attacked a local with a “harpoon”, the locals took matters into their own hands. European governments are giving the impression that they are facilitating the spread of Islam. The public in many countries don’t like that. And so this killing of the Polish man may be a turning point that galvanizes opposition to muslim immigration. It was interesting to listen to the man comparing the situation in Sweden as a factor that motivated him to be there. The Poles get it, they know the danger.

    • Corsica and Poland – places on the very margins of western Europe whose men haven’t had their sense of honour educated out of them.

    • “European governments are giving the impression that they are facilitating the spread of Islam.”

      They do not give an impression. They purposely helping it. A divided, low IQ population, indoctrinated, ready to self police itself and suppress dissent is an ideal mass to rule over. As the existing smarter population slowly figuring out the financial tricks of the elite, they just following Bertolt Brecht advice:

      “Some party hack decreed that the people
      had lost the government’s confidence
      and could only regain it with redoubled effort.
      If that is the case, would it not be simpler,
      If the government simply dissolved the people
      And elected another?”

  4. Same tired old tale. The moslems killed a Pole. Have they faced any retribution? No.

    They have been arrested. Terrifying.

  5. The Polish police hasn’t been yet infiltrated by muslims. If this would have happened in UK, Germany, Sweden, the protesters would have been chased away immediately, pepper-sprayed, arrested. The sad fact remains a young man was butchered by migrants and it is a certainty it will happen again, no matter how much protesting takes place, unless the migrants are kicked out. While Eastern Europe is in a better position to fight islam by having fewer of its followers and not having key positions of power infiltrated by them, the danger is very real (e.g. new islamic center opened in Warsaw a few months ago

  6. Hello, thank you for your note and work you put in , just little advice If I may: if you follow events in Poland please do not base on (they are an internet portal of Gazeta Wyborcza) and are as leftists as autocrats in Brussels&co. So I doubt you would like to relay on them.. Good information source you may find on: the bigest and most popular wright portal in Poland : , and more wright-wing: . They say as it was, no lies, they are normal. Best regards. Nina

    • I don’t rely on or any other Polish outlet, because I can’t read them! I rely on two Poles to read a lot of stuff — including forums, blogs, and similar sites — and then pick out videos and articles to translate. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  7. So:
    – polish [epithet] throws a firework into kebab shop
    – gets stabbed to death
    – mod gathers, kills kebab owners, starts BLM-style property looting and clashes with police
    – gets praised as hero nationalists, saviours of Europe, etc by “the right”

    Now let me get this straight: anyone who praises such a behaviour is a clearly [an epithet] and is no better than any muslim savage from Sudan.

    I know this website has turned into Eastern EUrope fanboy mag long ago and will defend any mob crime as “uh oh revolt against invaders”. But let me tell you guys, when real Europe starts removing gimmigrants, poles (and their eastern european bros) will have to leave as well. Poles know like anyone else how to leech on a richer neighbouring countries. Ask anyone from UK, Germany or Netherlands what he thinks about poles. Eastern EUropeans fill crime stats here as much as muslims. [additional anti-Polish invective redacted]

    • No one killed the Kabab owners, quit using your Muslim lies to change the subject. Muslims are dangerous, that is the story here and Europe is getting sick of dealing with their violence.

    • Well, here in the UK, most Poles seem to be working for a living, not “leeching”.

    • Nobody killed kebab owners. They’re alive. Maybe you should read whole article or spend some time to understand before writing comments like that. Also it’s not Poles fault that they’re looking for job in UK and other countries. Blame polish government for not providing such standards as in other european countries. Poland has european prices but not earnings. Also if Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Sweden and other countries are “Real Europe” then I don’t want to be a part of this Europe anymore. It’s like a suicide and 2016 only proved it. I’m not telling that such behaviour is good, right or perfect but for now it’s much better way to show disapproval than just telling “Please we don’t want emigrants” as according to stereotypes (which are partially true) would some “Real European” nations do.

    • Ahmed, there is difference…every normal society has criminals. Islamic society is a criminal society that has some normal people. And they usually end without heads.

    • Also they never threw the firecracker into the kebab shop it just went of near or in front of the kebab shop.

      Even if it did go off inside, murder is not an appropriate response.

  8. Fortunately, the Polish seem to have their spines intact and will not just bow down to invaders. This shop should be boycotted by all the Polish locals. Why is it that where ever Muslims are in the world there is unrest?

  9. Coming on the back of the brutal murderof the Polish truck driver in Berlin, the response is hardly surprising. They aren’t going to be taken for fools lightly

  10. When people start rioting and are cheered on or given ideological cover, it’s very easy for the rioting to turn to violence against people.

    Because there usually aren’t juries, judges, and defense attorneys in mobs, they end up hurting or killing innocent people.

    Do not walk down that path.

  11. I am Polish and I dare to say that this young Polish criminal posed a much bigger threat to the society than all the Muslims in my country. What happened was that a guy, punished before for robberies and thefts provoked the kebab workers into a fight. No denying, murder is a serious crime. But in a law-abiding country there is no place for lynching. Leave doing the justice for the courts. Don’t try to make heroes out of a group of hooligans devastating a kebab bar and throwing stones at the police. The encouragement you give to such behavior might as well sparkle a wave of violence that may afflict many innocent people.

    The problem in Poland, so far, is not the Muslim immigration – in fact, they are not really interested in coming here – the real problem is racial hatred aimed at everyone with darker complexion. The real problem is a very high criminality rate, drug abuse and alcoholism especially among young, aggressive men. Polish men. You might as well get beaten up in the street by a ‘Polish patriot’ just because you speak German. Any reason will do.

    One more thing – the vast majority of Muslim immigrants in Poland are hard-working people. The reason is simple – it is not possible for any immigrant to survive here with the social help they get from the Polish government, if they get any. The kebab owners and workers try hard to make ends meet. And obviously, they don’t normally stab their customers with a knife.

    • [I disagree vehemently]. You don’t know that. Besides you are probably a Muslim and you are allowed by your religion to lie to protect Islam. These are Muslims acting like Muslims. Pure and simple.

    • Oh, get out the violins! If you’re so in love with moslems, and so law-abiding, why didn’t your heroes just hold the young Pole until the police came? No, they had to kill him, and you shill for them, shame on you!

      “In a law-abiding country there is no place for lynching, leave justice to the courts” That’s just the problem, Agata, throughout Europe at present there is ‘justice’ only for moslems; you should know that! Real Europeans are beaten, arrested, pepper sprayed, raped and murdered! And no, it is only one crowd responsible for this, one crowd only–moslems. Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians, lutherans and others are NOT ruining Europe; however much traitors like the Pope and many western ‘leaders’ try to tell you they are just as guilty.

      Nor do I know, or have I ever heard of decent, hard-working moslems just trying to make ends meet, (and assimilate?) they are moslems, they follow the koran, which tells them to convert us or killl us, ergo, they are the enemy–you’d better learn that, fast!

    • This person above me is as polish as [a forign custom]! No pole Speaks your thoughts [epithet]!

    • Głupia jesteś, aż szkoda. Tak miło się czyta, jak ludzie widzą prawdę. Aż nagle jeb. Kretynami są Ci, co mszczą się się na niewinnych ludziach. Jednakże chyba lepiej nie wpuszczać tych idiotów do Naszego kraju. Może nie wszyscy są terrorystami i mordercami. Ale zdecydowana większość jest za tym, by takie głupie kobiety jak Ty Agata, robiły im w łóżku co sobie tylko wymarzą i najlepiej jakby nie miały prawa głosu. Ja absolutnie nie jestem rasistą i nie mam nic do Islamu. Bardzo dużo podrużuję. Nawet teraz jestem w Azji. Mam dużo kontaktu z muzułmanami i nardzo cenię ich inność. Jednakże, pasują do nas jak chuj do męskiej dupy. Przepraszam za porównanie. Uwierz mi, że naprawdę noe chciałabyś arabskiej kultury u nas. Bo to jest tak samo, jak polski pleps jeździ do Anglii. Nigdy nie będzie normalnie. Ale po wypowiedzi podejrzewam, że to Ty jesteś tym plepsem na zachodzie i nieźle dajesz dupy arabom. Pozdrowienia z Boracay i miłego dawania dupy

      [Translation courtesy of Green Infidel:

      “A shame you’re [of such low IQ]. It’s so pleasant to read, how people see the truth. And then suddenly f***. Cretins are those who take revenge on innocents. However, it’s probably better not to let these idiots into our country. Maybe not all are terrorists or murderers, but a decisive majority of them would wish to see such [not so intelligent] women like you Agata giving them in bed whatever they please, and ideally not to have any say. I absolutely am not a racist and don’t have anything against Islam. I travel a lot. Even now I’m in Asia. I have a lot of contact with muslims and value a lot their distinctness. However, they suit us like [obscene comparison]. Sorry for the comparison. Believe me, you really wouldnt like an Arab [unfinished]”

      To the commenter: This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • The point is, they were allowed into the country – and they repaid this by killing one of its citizens! Yes there are a lot of idiots with fireworks on New Years Eve – but how many times has this led to stabbings?! Arabs though, and especially North Africans, hardly need any excuse to pull out a knife and go for the kill… FYI whenever one of them gets into the tiniest spot of bother, they’re also known for rapidly congregating in a group of 50 or more cousins. So why are you angry that Poles react in a similar way? Surely they’re just enriching themselves by infusing the habits of the wonderful Arabic culture? 😉

    • You are not Polish you are a Muslim engaging in taquia for the purposes of discrediting brave Polish men who will not submit to Islam.Thank goodness for Poland and the Poles they have my gratitude and admiration.I have never come across a Pole who committed an act of terrorism or violence .But wherever one goes the whole world is simply infested with violent Muslim criminals and terrorists terrorists living on welfare and amassing said welfare to fund terrorist acts..

  12. I’m living in Poland. We (normal people) are not proud for this breaking windows. This young man who died – he started all this, couse he was agressive and stole bottle of cola. Muslims was worse because they have used the knife and killed him. We don’t want muslims in our country but these poles breaking windows are just idiots like “he dindu nothing” [persons of color] in US kind of people. Shame for this fools and no to islam!


  13. The last comment ; ” Don’t normally stab customers etc. ” sums up the colossal cognitive disability if the commentator. The fourteen hundred years scourge of humanity which is Islam needs to be contained in the geographic areas of the Middle East. These peoples { many of them unfortunate to have been born into that devilish culture } need to be quarantined, and isolated from the Judaeo/Chritian civilized areas of the world. Geert Wilders is as clear about the danger of Islam and it’s followers as any one today. Wake up.

  14. Prayers to all of Europe. I thank God we voted in Trump and that he will stop this madness in America before it is too late. Europeans must take matters into hand before their politicians completely sell our their lands from under their feet. It is time to group together and to send a loud and clear message, WE DON’T WANT MUSLIMS IN OUR LANDS. Don’t hire them, don’t speak to them, don’t go to their shops or restraunts (God only knows what they do to your food probably spit in it), do not allow your children to go to school with them, boycott any place that hires them to serve you in any way. This is not prejudice this is war, they are here to destroy your way of life and to steal your country from your children. This is war.

    • “don’t go to their shops or restraunts (God only knows what they do to your food probably spit in it)”

      Are you aware of the case of Charlene Downes?

      “Following the decision to start treating Downes disappearance as a murder, there were a number of arrests in the case. In 2007 two men were put on trial. The prosecution alleged at Preston Crown Court that Charlene Downes, 14, was killed by Iyad Albattikhi, a 29-year-old man from Jordan, the owner of “Funny Boyz” fast-food outlet in Blackpool. Mohammed Reveshi, Albattikhi’s business partner, was accused of disposing of her body. According to the prosecution, the defendants had sex with Downes………… The prosecution alleged the men spoke of disposing of her body by putting it in kebabs sold from a fast food outlet……………. The jury failed to reach a verdict, and at a re-trial the prosecution withdrew the charges. Both defendants were freed and given compensation for false arrest of around £250,000.”

      Odd, I don’t seem to hear about this case being given sainthood status by the press….

  15. This is Hijrah – “Jihad by emigration” – this is a “KILL or BE KILLED” situation – I hope our Polish brothers get rid of these #Islamic invaders.

  16. A Polish priest and philosopher said once ‘ It is not love which is blind. It is hatred. ’ Very true. An example? A couple of months ago a Syrian Christian (read it again – a Christian) was cruelly beaten in broad daylight in the Polish city of Poznan. On the way back home from work. The crowd was watching and shouting ‘Kill the Moslem’. Nobody helped him. He is disabled now.

    He is a good friend of mine and my husband. You know what we felt? Shame. It took us a long time to get over the shock.

    Another Arab Christian – a covert from Islam, and an active Bible teacher in the Middle East, who escaped persecutions in his home country (the conversion is punished by death in Islam – you, experts in Muslim culture should know that), had his bar demolished. Here, in Poland. For being an Arab. Months of hard work, a hope for a safe life and a conviction that he has come to a civilized, Christian country is gone with the wind for this man.

    This is exactly the kind of behavior I am afraid of when I read biased articles, and your comments. If you did history at school you should know what I mean. Unfortunately, some people seem not to learn anything. Hatred is blind.

    There is no Muslim invasion in Poland so far and what I described was the situation in Poland, not elsewhere. And where did I write, remind me, that I am for letting Muslims come to Poland?

    Read my post again, with understanding. I am sure you can. And in case you can’t – the point I am trying to make is that I am afraid of inciting social unrest in which innocent people might suffer.

  17. We are the Poles! This is our Country! This is Our Culture! We will fight for it, we will die for it! My brothers and sisters around the globe, do not listen to left wing media! Open Your eyes to see the obvious… This is a new kind of war my friends… look what happend to Sweden, germany, france and other “modern, civilized” Countries… Protect Your women and children and let the God be with You!

    • Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki

      Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát

      [translation courtesy of CrossWare:

      “a Pole, a Hungarian, two brothers … to the sword, and to the glass”

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]


    Firework was thrown IN FRONT of the door of bar, by victims friend, AFTER victim was killed by stabbing 3 times with knife taken from the kitchen.

    Victim probably stole 2 cans or bottles of coke or something similar (~ 2 EURO). But the begging of the quarrel and the reason isn’t really clear by now.

  19. You don’t know full stoey so shouln’t comment. Polish idiot was aggressive, he was punished by Court two times, insulted two workers in kebab, took food and Cola and went out. What would be your reaction in this situation? Why good people from Arabic country who work, pay taxes for this fool Pole (who I think never work) have to go to prison? Poles should thanks them..

  20. That link is a testimony of a customer who few hours before the tragic event was served by very polute smiling kebab workers. Surprisingly because in that time they were repeatedly racially abused by young polish drunk men…

  21. Before you start spreading hatred get your facts right. It’s not Daniel who is the victim. Daniel and his friends were perpetrators. They planned the whole thing, rounded up on the Internet, sat there for a few hours harassing and abousing the men working in the kebab bar. Really, get your story right before you start hate-mongering.

  22. According to Polish prosecutor office the victim 21 y.o. male with known criminal past attempted to leave the location without paying for drinks. (4 cases of robberies with use of violence with two guilty verdicts, two cases of use criminal threats)
    He was chased by employees and in resulting scuffle suffered 3 stab wounds. Two kebab workers were detained and will face murder charges.

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