Warsaw Joins the Islamization Craze

You’d think the Poles would have learned from the experience of their western neighbor that Islamization is, all in all, a bad idea. But apparently not — Warsaw is going full speed ahead with a Muslim “cultural center”, and is even building a new residential neighborhood for the “New Poles”.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from wRealu24:

Muslim Cultural Centre in Warsaw offers Arabic language classes and teaches about the Koran. You can also pray in the huge, new mosque. That’s not all! Arab sheikhs announce the construction of condos.

A Muslim neighborhood in Poland?! It’s a fact already! The media are silent, and authorities don’t ask about public opinion!

The center will eventually consist of a number of prayer halls and lecture and teaching rooms. It will host exhibitions and sports events. There will be a computer room with the Internet, a Muslim library, and even a kindergarten and a store. There will also be parking.

The whole thing is being financed with money from sponsors in the Persian Gulf. Who exactly are these people? No answer. In the fall they’re coming to Warsaw.

The new Arab neighborhood is to be built next to the National Stadium. All buildings will be designed exclusively for Muslims.

There is one essential question: whether anyone asked the Poles about their opinion on the matter?

Concerning the construction of the mosque, the Polish people also found out after the fact.

King Jan III Sobieski is spinning in his grave.

37 thoughts on “Warsaw Joins the Islamization Craze

  1. This must be a legacy of the previous government, no? Or, Poles are succumbing to the massive bribes. Any Poles here? What is going on?

    • A legacy of the current mayor of Warsaw, who is pro-EU, very PC and belongs to the previous governing party…

      Saying that, the new “Saudi-funded” mosque has already had its fair share of bacon and pigs’ heads come its way, and I am yet to hear any specific details from a reputable source about the “Muslim neighbourhood” – so, still hoping the story is fake 🙂

  2. Traitors to Europe should be marginalized and removed from power. Once the foothold is established it is more difficult to remove the cancer of Islam.

  3. And i was thinking poland coukd be better country to move to, ;((

    Well, its same pattern thats going on all over, it seems that these oil rich muslims are simply buying out leaders, buying up everything, taking over,
    And using our own democracy to defeat us.

    It has to be stopped!!! Who are the persons in poland who are facilitating this??? Names??? Faces???

    These traitors have to be arrested, people have now got start forming vigilante resistance groups.

    Before we can tackle islam, we have to deal the blows to the goverments and left wing traitors who are selling us all down the river for oil money!!!

    The games up, its clear to see the same patterns, in all europe and usa.

    Its all been planned for decades, read a nook named.

    Milestone by said qutab, he is one of architects of muslim brotherhood,
    This book, proves muslims are the new nazis!!!

    Its time to intern all muslims, ban koran outright! Dynamite all mosques.

    We are at war, with our own phony leaders, the game is up!

  4. No thinking man, who spent some years in Poland and speaks their hissing language, came out with love or respect for that country. People are generally not very nice, suspicion of non-catholic foreigners and very unpleasant in everyday encounters, being it at work or social life.
    With catholic church attitude towards islam, it was only a matter of time for Poland to get “friendly” with moslems.

    • You must have been in a different Poland. The one I lived in, for 8 of the past 10 years, was a place where all you needed to do to be popular and highly-regarded was to not be from Poland. There’s even a joke that the best Polish chat-up line is “Nie mowie po Polsku” (I don’t speak Polish).

      • It’s hard to say.

        My mother’s side of the family are of Polish heritage, and they are forthright, hard-working people that have done well in America.

        On the other hand, my colleague’s wife is Polish, and she is one of the nastiest, most misanthropic individuals you could ever hope to meet in this lifetime.

      • On more then one occasion I hide my knowledge of Polish language. Knowing a language and hiding that knowledge gives a good inside information about people and country.

    • You met all 38 million people in Poland? That is an impressive feat. If that were not the case I would have thought that your nose would be as long as Pinocchio’s.

  5. Population of Israel is approx 7 million.The population of muslins in the world is approx 1.7 billion.Doing the math that is equivalent to 7 Jews vs 1700 muslims.It is good that the great satan defends them.Also Putin’s idea to segregate muslim prisoners to retard recruitment seems a good plan.

    • “1.7 billion”. It used to max out at 1.2. Then that got maxed out up to 1.5 billion. Now it’s 1.7 and beyond. The French don’t count actually or metaphorically speaking so I imagine that space will become the first wasteland out of Islam.

      • Dear Lord Mark, I just love you. You are the nit picker supreme!
        So OK, let’s more than double the number of Jews living on planet earth. How about 18 million as compared to the lowest estimate of muslims at 1.2 BILLION?
        Does that make you feel better? Or are there Jews hiding behind bushes and rocks that we haven’t counted?

        • Love you too, babs. I meant this was a good thing; Jews on average make a considerable contribution to human well being.

  6. Concentrate all the potential terrorists in one place; easier to cordon off and cauterize when war comes.

  7. One listening to news like this coming out of the V4 countries must remember, that even their government are nationalists and still resisting, the treacherous apparatchiks from the Leftist-Marxists EU loving PC socialist politicians and their loyal SJW fans are still there. Their voice is louder than their numbers would suggest because George Soros pumping them full with money and support them via his “civilian organizations”. As this nationalist right wing governments respect the freedom of the media so this people are free to commit sedition. All their projects they started when they were in power might be still going. Judicial, public workers, teachers (and their unions), still fully loaded with their people. I can’t exactly speak for the Poles, but I have a pretty good view of the Hungarian society. Even as we will have a referendum in October and an overwhelming number of citizens support blocking migrants, the members of the post communist parties still organize (they even split into a dozen small party so in the propaganda painted by the western media can make it look like there is only one party wants the keep the migrants out: Fidesz + PM Viktor Orban, while every other “party” wants them in). (The reality is that all Marxist dwarf parties together barely add up to 5% of the size of Fidesz). I am actually pretty surprised how well the situation in Hungary mirrors what is happening in USA. Just substitute Orban with Trump, Hillary with the Marxists and you see the picture. Large part of the media owned by Leftists and Soros foundations just like the biased MSM in the US.

  8. “King Jan III Sobieski is spinning in his grave.”

    Quite possibly. One thing I have noticed is Islamists know their history and the power of symbolism. They are quite aware the intervention of a Polish King ended the last major push into Europe by Islam. So wanting to gain a foothold in Poland, is a kind of payback. And ultimately if they can have legions of Polish jihadist running around it will be sweet irony.

    • The Ummah’s long memory is one of their greatest strengths, unlike we fools in the West who can’t even remember what we ate for breakfast yesterday!

      • Until recently I was sure we had education in history, libraries and more recently the Internet. “Ummah-strength” sounds very spears and sand crabs.

  9. it is quite silly to get over-excited about 1 (one) mosque built in a country with VERY FEW Muslims, while this country keeps refusing to accept arrival of more Muslims in future. If you want to compare it to Britain, France, Germany with many millions of hostile Muslims – you have a sense of proportion problem.

    BTW. King Jan Sobieski was using loyal Muslim Tatar soldiers in his army too 🙂 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was a tolerant free country, where you could have equal rights never mind your religion.

    • And there were Christians (and Christian traitors) who worked and fought for the Ottomans.
      But one has to judge this in context of time and circumstances.
      Those tatars on the polish side were never part of the regular forces.
      And they were mostly driven by the outlook for booty. Sometimes even being former captives or having fled to the polish side because of personal matters with other muslims.
      Not even the ottoman turcs trusted their own tatar allies.

  10. Brilliant military strategy that. If we had enough armed wimps we could surround every mosque everywhere. Open borders makes that easy.

  11. Btw. The greek Government had recently announced, that there will be a huge mosque built in Athens.
    And due to the lack of money (No, not on the side of the Greeks – stupid indifidels!) the greek state will co-finance the building of the mosque.

    Sadly the only protest came from the (truly and self proclaimed) fascist political party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn).
    All others willingly do as Brussels commands.

  12. The sight of the death gas chamber building’s moon entity thing on top reminds me of a scorpion’s stinger or an earwig with posterior up trying to force entry through the chimney. To inject Muslim everywhere expecting a Christian, Jewish or humane outcome says loud and clear that at the end of the enlightenment we have learnt absolutely nothing. When did integrity become a dirty word?

  13. I haven’t heard of this Muslim neighborhood, I live in downtown Warsaw. The article doesn’t provide any quotes or sources. The national stadium and the new mosque (opened over a year ago) are on opposite sides of the city from eachother so there isn’t about to be a critical mass of Muslims in Warsaw. The new government has stood firm on migrants and hasn’t been letting them in (I don’t think many want to come to Poland anyway, welfare would be meager). I don’t think there is even smoke here, let alone fire. It’s good to be vigilant, but crying wolf is counterproductive without evidence.

    • Popeye was leveraging his big see there recently? I imagine therefore something additional and major is in the popeline.

      • As regards the meager welfare I’m sure special payments and supplements for special a Poland jihad is being arranged through any of many sources. Saudi Arabia being just one. ISIS another. And of course they can hook-up with their bros already connected across Russia, the Balkans and in all European countries. They just need a place to plant their heads and recoup, regroup and wait until they have figured out how best to undermine and subjugate these latest idiots.

  14. Yes indeed. None of that, “using your experience” or that, “planning and preparation leads to success” nonsense. Better to just wait and see.

  15. Just think of the wonderful changes these cultural enrichers will make for Poland. What happened to all the anti Muslim refugee protests in Poland? Need to bring them back to Poland and America as well.

  16. A little bit like all the gun owners in the US. Talk, movies and television is one thing. Etc.

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