A Truckload of Chocolate Iraqis

As reported in last night’s news feed, 48 Iraqi migrants were discovered in the back of tractor trailer traveling from Bulgaria to Hungary. They were detected at a customs station in Romania, and are now in custody in Bulgaria.

There are several things about this case (and other similar cases in the last few months) that cry out for more attention:

  • These are just the ones who were caught. How many other loads of “refugees” go undetected and arrive safely at their final destinations in Europe?
  • These puir, puir Iraqis wanted to go to Hungary, or so they said. But every other migrant trying to get into Europe is trying to get into Germany, Sweden, or Britain. Was Hungary supposed to be a transshipment point, with a final destination elsewhere?
  • Moving migrants into Europe in trucks or freight cars is a risky and expensive business. Who is paying for it? Surely not the “refugees” themselves. Are the Open Society Foundations (or their surrogates) involved?
  • In order to get these enrichers into Europe, it is almost certain that organized crime is involved. Which criminal outfits are most active in this business? The Kosovars? The Albanians? The Turks? The Bulgarians? Or someone else?
  • The entire operation is being conducted on behalf of someone with an interest in replacing the population of Europe. What person or group is pushing this?

I don’t have any answers to these questions yet, but I’m paying close attention to the news stories as they appear. Thus far we have seen migrants stowing away on freight cars traveling across the Brenner Pass from Italy into Austria (with some of them freezing to death en route), in a truck crossing from Germany to Belgium, and in trucks traveling through the Balkans to Hungary and points beyond.

Many thanks to Stefan Cel Mare for translating this article from StirileProTV:

48 Iraqis found in a chocolate truck a Giurgiu customs point. Where did they intend to go?

On Friday police from Giurgiu customs discovered 48 Iraqi citizens who wanted to enter Romania illegally, hidden in a goods truck full of chocolate.

According to a press release from the General Department of Frontier Police, on Friday, at the frontier crossing point in Giurgiu, a Bulgarian citizen driving a truck registered in Bulgaria presented documents for the goods he was transporting — boxes of chocolate candy — with intention to cross through Romania to Hungary, as the final destination was a company in Hungary, according to documents.

Because of the risk factor, a Romanian-Bulgarian police team was formed and proceeded to do a full control of the truck, because the Romanian police detected a very high CO2 concentration in the goods compartment. In this way, the Bulgarian police were called, and with them the truck’s goods compartment was opened, and inside they discovered hidden 48 persons – 17 minors, 9 females and 22 males, the police report shows.

According to preliminary information, they are all Iraqi citizens, adults between 20 and 45 years old, and the youngest minor is only few months old.

During their interrogation the migrants declared they wanted to go to Hungary, and the driver of the truck did not know about the fact they were hiding in his truck. According to frontier protocol between Romania and Bulgaria, the Bulgarian authority received the migrants and the truck driver, with the obligatory condition to continue the investigation and to apply the legal penalties.

31 thoughts on “A Truckload of Chocolate Iraqis

  1. Why Hungary? Were they responding to a challenge, a dare, perhaps? Do they score extra points for getting into a country that has openly proclaimed that it won’t take them?

    • They want to use the shortcut provided by Soros’ organizations:
      They get in, they get caught, apply for asylum. Then of course their application is refused as they are not running from war, Hungary not the first safe country etc… But here comes the trick: they appeal against the decision and Hungary must follow the EU strict instruction and placem for the length of the judicial process in an open camp. (Orban was talking about it in his last interview: https://youtu.be/uvOsC6xdWNo?t=6m53s )
      From the open camp they can freely move and leave toward Austria as soon as they can.

      • Kösönöm, Crossware. Boldog új év. If international refugee law were applied strictly (that broke down in Australia in the late 70s, early 80s, I believe), merely ‘running from war’ wouldn’t be a ticket to refugee status. I think that the people at the UN who framed the refugee convention knew that ‘there’s a war on in my country’ would effectively qualify the entire populace, and the mass relocation of entire populaces would not be sustainable. Therefore, refugee status was restricted to what might be referred to as persecuted minorities.

    • They said they were going to Hungary just because the truck was going to Hungary.
      From there they would be taken to the next country by local traffickers.
      This is a net, and not the work of criminals from any particular state. Practically all criminals in the EU have oriented themselves towards this business now.

  2. I don’t know if this incident is any different than the Ceuta assault, the Italian mafia, the Egyptian or Turkish smugglers etc. These migrants come because they get freebies, plenty of naive victims to steal from, women and children to rape with little or no punishment, perhaps a land to conquer in the name of a primitive and violent ideology. And organized crime networks take advantage of the situation. Whether the migrants are financing this from their own pockets, debt to be paid by later registering for welfare under multiple identities or some billionaires or foreign countries are funding them – might not be the most important aspect. The most important question to ask is if all the hundreds of millions of persecuted or poor people around the world can and should move to Europe. Here is an interesting talk on this topic “Society is fragile ecosystem: Free Speech, Immigration, Islam” https://youtu.be/V0OM4egCLBI

  3. “What person or group” — you mean, who’s paying the mobsters? If it’s a single person, that person would have to be Morgoth, Lord of Darkness. If it’s a single group, probably the Nazgul.
    Who pays to get hundreds of thousands of working-class Cantonese and tens of thousands of West Africans into NYC? I couldn’t afford airfare to South China or Lagos, but they can afford to come here. It’s very weird.

    • Soros + UN
      This is a short video with Laszló Toroczkai, Hungarian mayor of a city close to the border fence. He shows proof of UN involvement and Soros founded organizations:

      It is worth watching the whole thing from the beginning and the second part too. This guy was painted of course as racist, nazi etc etc (usual MSM stuff)
      Make that judgement yourself!

    • Well, with some Chinese it goes like that: they pay human traffickers only part of the money, the rest they are paying back (with interest) with the money they earn in the destination countries. Because smugglers are also Chinese and they are usually came from the same part of China and often from the same area or town, they know the families of the migrants. So if the person who migrated to the Western country do not pay the money in time they can make big trouble for the migrant’s family inside China. So in reality migrant’s family are the hostages, they guarantee the migrant’s paying the money to the smugglers.
      Also, usually Chinese know that they will be having job in the West, that it will be low paid, but better paid than in China, they know it because often the human traffickers arrange their first job in the Western country.
      But this is specific to China.

  4. In the Greek islands the groups that welcome the illegal immigrants come from different countries,Germans,
    Italians,French,and other Europeans,even Israelis.
    What we call NGO(no gov.org,),and the LIZARD pays for it.

  5. Baron,

    I very much admire the breadth and scope of your coverage.

    My reading of the incident is that the best use of resources would be to prop up and support the actual police who do the jobs. It’s a war, but in this case, supporting your foot soldiers is the best strategy.

    You hint strongly that George Soros is involved in the practice of population replacement. For all his billions, and his unlimited evil, I think one man is unable to cause this amount of damage. My money is on the oil billionaires of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are getting their Muhammadan paradise points by financing jihad far, far away from where they live profligate lifestyles.

    Border patrol agencies in any country form a distinct unit, with their own distinct esprit de corps. It takes actual effort for a government to subvert the ethos of such an agency. The Obama administration has put great effort into demoralizing and emasculating the US border patrol and immigration services, with only partial success. From some accounts, they are unable to do their jobs under the current administration, but are ready to pick it back up once the anti-American Obama administration is replaced.

    The cohesiveness and distinct ethos of such units make it more difficult to corrupt them, which is the reason I say they should be the focus of anti-immigration efforts.

    • The migrants crossing from Libya to Italy are “rescued” near the North African coast and brought safely to Europe. The boats that pick them up — in addition to the Italian coast guard and Frontex vessels — are in the service of various “humanitarian” NGOs. Many of those orgs, but by no means all, are being financed by the Open Society Foundations and subsidiary groups. That’s why I pick out Soros as a possible financier.

      George Soros wants those migrants to flood Europe, and is paying for the cost of getting them there. The Mediterranean crossing is now the dominant route to Europe since the “Balkan Route” was largely closed. However, the Med is not the preferred route — it’s longer and more difficult to use, hence more expensive.

      The Turkish government can rid itself of “refugees” by turning a blind eye to the traffickers who are packing them into the cargo compartments of trucks and shipping them across the Bosphorous. From there they have to use various criminal stratagems to get them further into Europe — forged documents, bribed customs officials, bogus bills of lading, etc., etc. For that process they would naturally turn to the mafias, who have decades of experience smuggling dope along those routes. You would expect that whichever criminal enterprise dominates in a particular area would be hired by the organizers to get these loads of migrants into the Schengen Zone.

      Somebody is paying for all that, and it’s expensive. Since we already know that Soros is funding the cross-Mediterranean traffic (and much else), it seems more than likely that he is pouring money into this new truck-cargo (and freight-car) tactic to accomplish his aims.

    • Soros not doing this as personal hobby I think, he is representing a group. (NWO) He is a proxy only.

      • Agreed! What we are now witnessing is a direct result of the Globalist’s failure to subdue Russia. The added incentive to all this is the Trump victory that has now set off all the panic buttons at the Globalist HQ – wherever that may be as there are so many ‘institutions’ entwined – Soros is just a medium for the money tap to continue pouring out unlimited funds to all those NGOs that actively assist all those nice ‘refugees’ into countries that they will eventually swamp if not stopped.

    • Ronald. From my own experience as a policeman I can tell you it takes very little effort to subvert all those agencies that are supposedly in place for our sovereign protection.

      I’ll put this question to you; what is the most effective means of indoctrinating police, border and customs agencies into towing a Globalist agenda as is pushed via the United Nations?

  6. You could probably figure on Saudi Arabia funding a great deal of the hijra. Islam does not see the royal family as fitting into the narrow band of “true” Islam and so the royals are paying for a lot of the global jihad and mosque building worldwide to put off the day when Islam comes for their heads.

    • I totally agree. This is a form of Pascal’s wager. What does it cost for the Saudi princes to contribute a few billion to jihad (far away), when it might guarantee them a place in Islam paradise?

      I think CrossWare’s claim that the UN is providing a lot of the funding sounds reasonable. The more refugees, the larger the budget for UN bureaucrats. Plus, as I have made the point elsewhere, leftists simply think differently from other people and do not have the same cost-benefit calculations as “normal” people. In the crudest of terms, the destruction of European nations and civilization is not a show-stopper for leftist thinking. Indulging their free-floating anger and rage is much more important to them.

      This rage and anger, by the way, is an exact fit for Marx, who personifies the leftist thinking, although he did not create it.


  7. In oct. 2016 the Supreme Council of Defence from Romania had a urgent reunion because of the growing number of migrants trying to cross the border illegally. The decision transmitted to all frontier points and frontier troops was “…if groups of individuals or individuals refuse to conform orders when caught (like “stop”…”stay”…identify yourself…on your belly) they have green light to open fire…first, warning shot and if they still refuse to comply, direct shot-to-kill.
    Romania is not member of Schengen agreement, and so, border defence is only subordinate to Ministry of Interior (border police) and Ministry of Defence (frontier special troops).

    • Thanks for the information.I shall now add Romania to the list of countries that I admire and respect.Let us hope that the rest of the civilized world learns about and follows Romania’s commonsense approach..

  8. I also remember last year, 2016, in the summer, few times, turkish “fishing boats” entered
    Romanian waters…when they was warned to leave Romanian waters, they ignored and accelerated heading to Romanian beach…The Black Sea guard opened fire against them every time…and it was proven that the “fishing boats” had something fishy on board. Migrants. After few of this demonstrations, no more “fishing boats” from Turkey were pushing the Romanian waters.

    • The Romanians are clear thinkers.That sort of lucidity escapes that old hag Merkel .

      • How, how….there are many stupid romanians also…believe me… Only that when they cross the line, the rest put them in the right place.

      • You’re assuming Merkel has any interest in maintaining the integrity of her country. If she did, her thinking would be fuzzy. But, I see no evidence that maintaining the well-being of Germany or Germans has any motivating power for her.

  9. The EU commission is trying to convince the generals from military army, using politicians as tool, to cancel some orders given to frontier troops, explaining that refugees need help and protection, not bullets. One of the generals in the Supreme council of defence, said something like: “if the refugees are following the normal procedure, if they are presenting at frontier point and request asylum, then we have no problem…But, those who want to get into Romania illegal, because Romania is not member of Schengen means that all asylum requests does not give the same rights to refugees as Schengen countries, from military point of view, they are aggressors, and military speaking, they will remain viewed like that. So, I suggest politicians to fulfil their work, and we, the military, will fulfil our work.”
    There is also pressure these days also about the mosque project in Bucharest. After the pig blood and pig bodies over the place where they planed to build it, they want to clean and “purify” the soil, and they also want to build it. But, there is nobody to give a “build permit”, because there is a trial in justice about forbidding it and put the project to stop forever. The turks are nervous because they dream to build a big and beautiful mosque, and stupid romanians are trying to kill this beautiful dream.

    • The Romanians are clearly too clever to believe in the lies the E.U puts out.
      I hope the Romanians manage to bring in a law prohibiting the building of mosques in Romania.

      • Romanians are more connected to earth…they are more resistant to new ideas that conflict basic logic. I think this is the main reason romanians don’t swallow everything EU recommend. But, there are also in Romania politicians who are EU’s puppets. At the past elections (dec. 2016) the main criteria to NOT elect a candidate, was Soros. There was a common accepted idea that if a party or politician is connected to SOROS in any way, he don’t deserve a vote.

      • The funny thing is, I don’t believe the EU actually puts out lies. The choice is clear: choose self-preservation and self-determination or choose destruction and annihilation.

        Like in the US, Obama is clearly what he is. His identity becomes clearer over the weeks. But, the population continues its nearly equal split: for Obama or against Obama. For open borders or against open borders.

        I live in the same area as lots of Mexican households. Individually, they’re not bad people, but the sheer number of them will overwhelm any purely American consciousness. More than half the conversations in stores and other places of business are in Spanish.

        Similarly for Muslims. The garbed, masked and hidden women and the surly Muslim males makes you wonder what they’re doing here in the first place. It’s not hidden, it’s not subtle, and you don’t have to be smart or educated to see it.

        • Talking business in spanish is not as bad as talking attack methods in arabic… And I bet, when things will get dirty, mexicans will help. They are christians and they will understand that speaking business in spanish is better than not speaking at all, as last reason.

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