Silvesternacht 2016: Once More, With Groping

Last night — New Year’s Eve — was Silvester Night in the German-speaking parts of Europe. The mass outbreak of the Groping Jihad in Cologne and other cities last year caused a ramping-up of security for this year’s festivities. As a result, there were fewer reported instances of sexual assault and other offenses by culture-enrichers.

The increased security came at a price, of course: there were ten times as many police deployed on the streets of Cologne as last year. Given all the additional equipment, cop cars, and paddy wagons, can you imagine how much that must have cost? And they will need even more next year, because more “refugees” will have been welcomed into the Welcoming Culture by then.

How long can the German state sustain this before it goes bankrupt? How much are the Germans willing to pay to be kept safe from groping, raping, assault, murder, and being burned alive?

Nash Montana has translated four summaries from Politikstube of the Sylvester enrichment news from Germany and Austria. The first one concerns the crackdown on North Africans in Cologne and other cities last night. The slang term for a Maghrebin is “Nafri”, and you’ll notice that even the police use it in their official social media posts (see the screen cap at the top of this post):

Cologne, Frankfurt, New Years Eve 2016: thousands of North Africans showed up again. Another try?

Despite the heightened presence of police, large groups of North Africans again showed up in the center of Cologne to do it all over again. 2015 was probably taken as an invitation to try it all over again.

This is the current tally for Cologne — the real tally will have to wait a few more days — two sexual attacks, six arrests and hundreds of expulsions from the area. The police controlled [stopped them and asked for ID] about 1,700 people, most of whom looked Arab, at the Cologne train station. One train with 300 North Africans was stopped in Deutz.

In Dortmund, Essen, Münster und Düsseldorf groups of North Africans also showed up. 1,200 of them gathered in Frankfurt, and Hagen reported similar numbers. Nationwide, about 25 sexual attacks have been reported up to now.

It is clear: Without the massive police presence, many towns would have seen the lights go out and the mass sexual attacks and rapes would have reached a new record. Additionally, there’s this paradox: the police have to protect the indigenous people from those who came here to seek protection — people who show up in battalion strength in order to show just how much they respect their host country.

Until now only 1,300 people had to be controlled by the 1,500 policemen in Cologne, who after having been stopped at least once before, were then let go to come back and try again. What’s going to happen when 5,000 or even 10,000 of them gather?

Focus Online and Die Welt reported about this more extensively.

The second summary concerns the aggressive use of fireworks in Reutlingen (the city where the female Polish restaurant worker was killed with a kebab knife last summer):

Reutlingen: Pakistani shoots at passersby and police with fireworks

On the Marktplatz in Reutlingen a 31-year-old Pakistani shot at people and police with a battery of fireworks. One policewoman as well as one female passerby were directly hit, but luckily they weren’t severely injured. While the 31-year-old was being arrested the other men in the Pakistani’s group were abusing the police verbally and attacking them physically. Only after more police came to help did the situation calmed down. Two more people with high blood alcohol levels were taken into detention because they refused to obey an order to leave from the area, and instead verbally assaulted the police.

And the news from Austria:

Austria, Silvester 2016: Multiple sexual attacks in Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg

Preliminary result: According to the police in Vienna three sexual attacks were recorded within the city as well as in the district of Leopoldstadt. The victims are women from Germany, Romania and Italy, who were “mob danced” by five to six “foreign-looking men”, after which they were massively harassed, touched in their intimate areas, and kissed.

The Salzburg police also recorded three cases of sexual harassment. One 23-year-old Salzburg woman was groped between her legs from behind; the offender was a 25- to 30-year-old “Asian looking man”. One 20-year-old Salzburg woman became the victim of a sexual attack; a “southern-looking man” groped her and harassed her. Also a 16-year-old was touched between her legs against her will.

A police spokesperson stated that they are expecting further cases of sexual harassment and attacks in the coming days.

Finally, a report from Dortmund:

Silvester 2016 in Dortmund: “Allahu Akbar”, a church fire, 1000-strong mob attacks police

Not only in Cologne but in Dortmund as well, groups of young men predominantly from North Africa gathered in the city center and the situation became seething hot on Silvester Night 2016: Around 23:38 a spokeswoman for the Dortmund police reported to Ruhr Nachrichten that “a remarkable number of young men of North African descent were on the streets” and that there had been many expulsions from the area by the police against aggressive people. Which is why the police received more reinforcement personnel. And a few moments later it became obvious that the reinforcement came just in the nick of time.

About 1,000 people were gathered at that point at the Platz von Leeds between Brückstraße and Reinoldikirche. Almost without exception they were young men an Arab and North African migration background, as a series of photos from the Ruhr Nachrichten undeniably show.

These young men targeted the police and threw fireworks at them, the WDR channel reported. Rockets flew, the mob of people was aggressive, and the police had to step in against rioters again and again. Offenders were pulled out of the group and detained and arrested. Pictures show how hundreds of helmeted policemen faced a hectic situation; they were clearly undermanned.

In the middle of it all were many Syrians waving the flag of the terror organization “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). According to the press they supposedly celebrated the ceasefire, but a video that the journalist Peter Bandermann published on his Twitter shows the threatening situation of a heated-up mob that was tightly surrounded by the police, who didn’t just wear the helmets but had the visors pulled down, in expectation of (further) attacks.

That the Dortmund Reinoldikirche, the church, was set on fire by fireworks, and that the fire department had to put out the fire, is only mentioned as a sidelight by the news.

More information is at the Dortmund Echo.

Peter Bandermann has a lot of pictures on his Twitter.

23 thoughts on “Silvesternacht 2016: Once More, With Groping

  1. As the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung informs us, the police assigned to prevent a repetition of last year’s little New Year’s problems in Cologne are apparently unreconstructed bigots, and have been called out by the head of the Pirate Party for using the “dehumanizing” term “Nafris” to identify the masses of North Africans who appeared in the square, seeking some innocent fun. Their language use could benefit from a brief course in a quality American university.

    • And additionally, Police have also been called out by the Greens (Grüne), and by The Left (Die Linke).
      You know what? It does not even annoy me; I am actually glad they are honestly and unmistakenly showing their priorities.
      Let’s just hope the German voters take note.

  2. One year of progress since the last time. As with other years of this kind of progress our fine western leaders have consigned the future to ever greater violence.

    Those who have voted for this kind of leadership must be very proud.

  3. Next year when the German government is bankrupt, they will just cancel all Silvester events and use the funds that they saved on security to ensure the “new germans” have plenty of halal food to eat, and Nuttella available at all hours in the migrant centers. And the “old germans” can cower like sheep in their cold apartments after all the extra money went to cover the migrant tax, all while being thankful that Merkel won her reelection and saved them from those racist AfD fascists.

    • I do belive you’re right Moon. Germany must be on the brink of bankruptcy especially when the drop in tourist receipts is considered. I have tried to find out information on tourist dollars received but can only assume they must have dropped like a stone.

      No-one in their right mind would visit Europe now.

  4. Looking on the bright side, Brexit, Trump, and on the way up, LePen, Wilders, and a variety of others. It may be that if our past leaders were not so awful, we might not have sought out better ones.

    They will have a heavy workload.

  5. This year the fences were there to keep away the gropers, two years from now it will be there to keep the women running away.
    Germany will use the new “Scharia” laws.

  6. “About 1,000 people were gathered at that point at the Platz von Leeds between Brückstraße and Reinoldikirche. Almost without exception they were young men an Arab and North African migration background”

    So what do young Austrian men do these days, where are they? Hiding at home or playing computer games perhaps. With the muslims moving in packs, it’s not surprising.

    I think the next stage in the invasion will see packs and mobs of migrants dominating the streets, intimidating locals so they fear to go out at night. The Police will be a very thin blue line that will not be able to be everywhere.

    • When I was younger I would have put myself at risk to protect a woman from harm, but I wouldn’t nowadays. Years and years of feminist propaganda telling me that I am useless and that women don’t need men, that all the world’s problems are my fault because I am a white male.

      Perhaps the Austrian men feel the same way.

      • Feeling more or less the same here. These days I don’t even know if I should hold the door for the lady or what. One day you’re not enough the other you’re too much.

  7. Hey, Beucent, the police aren’t a blue line over there—police uniforms are green, and so were police cars, until Berlin started to paint them blue and label them “police,” instead of the customary German word, “Polizei.”

  8. Unsurprisingly, this morning’s BBC news reports are pushing the line that German police were forced to deny accusations of racial profiling and to ‘defend’ their action.
    Note: The pro-EU BBC, which is forcibly taxpayer-funded by licence, also receives thousands of pounds from the EU in research grants.

  9. Oh my giddy Aunt!
    And to think that I was watching the Italian job last night.
    It made me giggle when Benny Hill played Prorffersser Peach.
    Unfortunatly sexual harrassment seems to be the norm with the new europions.

  10. So the church in Dortmund was attacked with fireworks and set on fire. Last year, a few hours before the Cologne assaults, the cathedral was also subjected to a firework attack whilst a mass was being held inside. One of the worshippers reported that she could hardly hear the service because of the noise. Both cases were buried by the attacks on women but they are just as – if not more – significant.

  11. I read on Gatestone Institute that the Cologne police have been accused of ‘racial profiling’ because they concentrated on the large groups of North Africans. So let’s get this straight. The police should instead have been using their limited resources to also check on random groups of Germans who, until last year, had no track record of mass groping, rape, theft and firework attacks on Sylvester’s Night.

    Just as at airports the proverbial little old lady is patted down whilst the veiled woman sails through. Because according to left/liberals (and Obama’s CVE programme), we can’t use our knowledge and intelligence to catch the bad guys, but instead must see everything through rigid, blind, universalist eyes.

  12. Isn’t Nafri just a shortened version of “North African” ? What could be offensive about that?! (beyond the absurd assumption that North African culture is all that different to, say, Syrian or Iraqi culture)

    • no, it implies the notion of ” I”, intensive delinquent of north african origin, which all of them are just by entering the country without visa. Sure enough,a radio station presented a young men who got frisked and who spoke fluent german and had a german passport.One in a thousand and what took him there on such an occasion? unfortunatly, these cultures have an old tradition of crime, drug traffic, smuggling, enslaving and piracy.The US marine corps was installed to fight them in early 19. th century.check tripolitanian wars on wiki.

      • Back in the early days of GoV, before the Depression of 2008, we had a generous book budget (compared to today).

        I also realized there was much catching up to do re early, very early, American foreign policy. It was a period of awakening to read and understand how we began our maritime adventures by fighting the kind of Islam that still goes on today. Europe had its own reasons for paying the ransom for citizens taken at sea (or very often letting them go into slavery never to be heard from again).

        Our basic characterological formation re “foreign policy” took place up against two main factors, first, the cynicism of Europe whose nation-states were too busy fighting one another – and second, the predatory nature of the Berber states, i.e., those Barbary Pirate hell-holes (much like present-day Somalia sans the technology).

        One of the most informative books about this part of our foundation was/is,

        The Barbary Wars: American Independence in the Atlantic World

        Reading that book, in addition to reflecting back on the 17th century, when France’s cool calculations to stand by and let Islam destroy/capture Vienna, thereby increasing French power in “Christian” Europe, led to some sad conclusions about our erstwhile allies. Nothing, absolutely nothing, that transpired in Europe and MENA right down to the present day has changed those conclusions. All is based on a scarcity principle: e.g., if Vienna falls, then France is stronger.

        Beginning in the first quarter of the 20th century, our own American ignorance, hubris, and forgetfulness about who we are as a nation and what we are dealing with has cost us dearly in treasure and American lives.

        Along with many others, I slowly morphed into an isolationist. That’s neither realistic nor generous…simply a reaction to the endless strife.

  13. Well soon it can be claimed that groping in New Year’s Eve is an ancient German custom…

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