German Greens Lose Touch With Reality

“Nafri” debate after the police action on New Year’s Eve

Green Leader Simone Peter:
Dumb, dumber, GRÜFRI*
* Green-Fundamentalist Reality-Ignoring Empty-Talker

Women-free party zones? Bild took a poll

(Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this graphic.)

In the wake of the second successive Groping Jihad on New Year’s Eve, the Green Party in Germany is taking a beating in the press for its preoccupation with “racism”. It seems that the ocean liner of German public opinion is at last beginning — every so slowly — to swing around.

The following video presentation from Junge Freiheit talks about the absurdity of the Greens and the rest of the Left for their refusal to even contemplate the underlying cause of the sexual violence and mayhem on Silvesternacht.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:01   From the sex attacks on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and
00:05   many other cities to the terror attack on the Berlin
00:09   Breitscheidplatz, the year 2016 has shown how the
00:13   security situation in Germany has changed due to mass immigration.
00:17   Now the country celebrated another year’s change,
00:21   and only a massive police presence was able to prevent
00:25   last year’s horrid scenes from being repeated.
00:30   The fact that the police were criticized for their actions
00:34   is symbolic of the loss of reality, especially
00:38   in Green circles. A report about a party that did not happen,
00:42   about racism that does not exist,
00:46   and a debate that must finally change. JF-TV “Im Fokus”
00:50   with Michael Paulwitz: Loss of Reality by the Greens
00:58   December 31, 2016 in Frankfurt. The
01:02   weather is cold and foggy. An atypical calm lies over the riverbank of the Main:
01:06   Where usually cars drive along, concrete blocks prevent any traffic.
01:10   As everywhere in the country, this too is a consequence of the bloody
01:15   terrorist attack on the Christmas Market at the Berlin Breitscheidplatz.
01:19   In Stuttgart
01:23   we meet the JF columnist Michael Paulwitz. He
01:27   made his first appearance in JF “Im Fokus” last summer, in a report
01:31   about the Truck Attack in Nice, France. The title:
01:35   “Nice threatens everywhere”
01:39   A prediction that on December 19 2016 became
01:43   sad reality in the German capital. It was only a question of time until Germans, too,
01:47   became victims of an Islamist terrorist attack on German soil. Only a dream-dancer
01:51   could expect the German Capital to escape when the bombs explode in Madrid, London
01:55   Paris, Brussels. 2016 was for Germans
02:00   a year of terror and public insecurity. The country has obviously
02:04   changed dramatically. This was evident on New Year’s Eve again
02:08   also here in Stuttgart. It was, as in many German cities,
02:13   a New Year’s Eve in a state of siege, and a celebration in high security zone.
02:16   Even the day before New Year’s Eve, a whole army of police was marched in.
02:20   Of course, big attacks could be prevented, but for the residents
02:24   it was not an agreeable New Year’s Eve. Back in Frankfurt, on the Eiserne Steg,
02:28   where last year, as in Cologne, massive sexual attacks on women occurred.
02:32   Under the leadership of the Greens’ Rosemarie Heilig,
02:36   the city wants to set a sign here.
02:40   My “no” means “no” is on two posters. German in large letters
02:44   small in many other languages and
02:48   actually, on the lower left corner even in Arabic.
02:52   And on the reverse side: “SEXISM”, a favorite theme
02:56   of the Greens. How blind has one to be! Even the Frankfurter
03:01   Greens should have understood that the problem is not some abstract sexism, but
03:05   very specifically the aggression by Arab and North African immigrants
03:09   against native women. Here it is perfectly obvious how Greens suppress
03:13   reality by jamming unpleasant facts into their ideological grid.
03:17   For sexism they have an ideological drawer. Attacks by violent
03:21   criminal migrants — they don’t want to hear about it. Close to midnight in Frankfurt:
03:25   the massive barriers lead to many people being prevented
03:29   from reaching the banks of the Main where normally 100,000 people
03:33   celebrate New Year’s Eve. Instead, the Roemerberg
03:38   becomes the stage for the annual madness. Men shoot rockets.
03:42   A particularly clever twit fires his rocket arsenal
03:46   right into the Christmas Tree. A fire truck is also
03:50   shot at with a rocket. Similar reports
03:54   are gathered next day from many cities. The new normalcy
03:58   in colorful (multi-culti) Germany. Even crazier
04:02   are these recordings made by a reporter from Vice News in Berlin-Neukölln (Turkish/Arab Quarter).
04:06   You can see young men,
04:10   obviously with a migration background. They are only warning pistols.
04:15   but using them like this is not permitted.
04:19   Well, this really does not look like a New Year’s Eve party in Berlin, these kinds of images
04:23   are more generally known to come from the Gaza Strip. As you can see:
04:27   the comparison fits.
04:31   And also what happened on New Year’s Eve
04:35   on the notorious Cologne “Domplatte” [Cathedral Square] is documented on the Internet.
04:39   For example in this video of the “Koelner Stadtanzeigers” on Facebook, which
04:43   shows the official celebrations of the evening.
04:47   “We are here on the forecourt of the Railway Station at the Dome of Cologne; it is beautiful.
04:51   Very many citizens have obviously not been inspired by this
04:55   the choir you have just heard
04:59   …they are young people.
05:03   Twenty youths from Nigeria, from the Congo,
05:08   from Iran, from Afghanistan, from Albania, and even
05:12   from Cologne”. What an absurd theatre. This is where the ideology that brought us all this mess,
05:16   celebrates itself. For the citizens who in this exceptional state
05:20   Don’t even dare to go out into the streets, this is blatant mockery. Later
05:24   a few hundred meters from there in the Central Station of Cologne, the police
05:28   saw to it that a group of about 1,200 male migrants, mainly from
05:32   North Africa were prevented from repeating their ‘celebrations’ from last year
05:36   The instinct of the police?
05:40   Obviously spot on! Despite all prevention campaigns, in many cities in NRW
05:44   large numbers of North African immigrants assembled
05:48   to challenge police and citizens.
05:53   In Dortmund there were even direct attacks from the crowd on the police.
05:57   But not only in NRW [North Rhine-Westphalia], also in Frankfurt, Hamburg and many other cities
06:01   attacks were reported. Without the massive intervention of the police, it would probably
06:05   have been even worse than last year. A situation that can no longer be denied,
06:09   and which is manifestly in contradiction to the
06:13   multi-culti ideology dogmatically represented in Left and Green circles.
06:17   The multi-culti ideology of the Greens makes believe that the living together
06:21   of all peoples and nations and cultures is paradise on earth.
06:25   There must be no problems. If there are, they will simply be prettied up
06:29   and denied, and those who dare to point them out
06:33   are evil spoilsports and branded as racists. That’s exactly what
06:37   happened on New Year’s Day to the very police whose intervention
06:41   on New Year’s Eve had prevented worse. Criticism, including
06:46   accusations of racism because of the term “Nafri”, as well as
06:50   because of alleged “racial profiling”, put forward by
06:54   Greens boss Simone Peter, whose indignation the ZDF Today Journal
06:58   (National Media) found worthy of imitating,
07:02   “and yet the picture was clouded by a tweet from
07:06   the police who boasted ‘live’ that they
07:10   were checking a few hundred ‘NAFRIS’.” Well, they
07:14   they have completely lost the plot. There are 1,700 police to
07:18   protect the people from a raging mob and all they worry about is
07:22   that the police said “Nafri”. It has long been known that up to
07:26   two thirds of German journalists sympathise with the Greens or the SPD [Socialist Party].
07:30   In such scenes one can see how much the Greens’ ideology has penetrated the mainstream media,
07:35   and how it dominates the whole of public discourse in Germany. An ideology whose
07:39   failure has now become tangible.
07:43   Everyone knows what “Nafris” are: North African Intensive Perpetrators.
07:47   The problem has been around for a long time, and accordingly, the term has been in the police jargon
07:51   for a long while. It’s public knowledge. It is significant that the Greens have
07:55   apparently only noticed it now. It is interesting that the Greens Leader, Simone Peter,
07:59   who has started this whole debate, is now being sharply criticised herself.
08:03   This is an indication that the climate in the country has changed, and with it
08:07   the tone of the debate. The “Racism” club and flowery multi-coloration,
08:11   until recently self-propelling in German media,
08:15   don’t seem to penetrate any longer, so strong is the headwind from the population.
08:19   In the end even Green politicians criticise the Green boss.
08:23   A “farmer’s victim” of the party whose blockade
08:28   led the Federal Council to refuse to place the North African countries Morocco,
08:32   Algeria and Tunisia on the “list of safe countries of origin”.
08:36   Meanwhile even the Federal Government has realised that
08:40   people from North Africa come to Germany mostly for reasons other than asylum.
08:44   Woe to those who knew
08:48   that before. It’s not very credible if CDU [Merkel] and SPD now suddenly
08:53   fall over themselves with demands for which, only a few months ago, they branded the AfD as
08:57   “right-wing populists”. The citizens should pay close attention to see if the feisty words
09:01   are followed by deeds. And the citizens?
09:05   They already have resigned anyway a while ago. This was also obvious on New Year’s Eve.
09:09   Where tens of thousands of people used to celebrate, just a few
09:13   thousand came. Quoting Lenin: they are voting with their feet
09:17   against the attempt to sell them a deceptive normalcy.
09:21   This, too, is a Germany-wide trend.
09:25   Meanwhile, the political discourse on the Main is already carried out with
09:29   concrete blocks.
09:33   And here, the father of a family has found the best way
09:37   to teach this new reality to small children:
09:41   “This looks like a big Lego block” But is this the future?
09:45   A future in which every major event must be
09:49   protected against Islamic terror? And a future
09:54   in which women prefer to keep a safe distance in public places?
09:58   And indeed more than just an arm’s length, and that
10:02   not only on one day of the year. New Year’s Eve under high security and massive police protection
10:06   cannot be the solution. And furthermore, the police cannot
10:10   protect the citizens at this strength 365 days of the year.
10:14   We do not need more of a police state; we have to tackle the problem at the roots.
10:18   And this means: whoever wants to remove the danger from the country
10:22   must remove what’s threatening the country: that is,
10:26   deport North African Intensive Offenders consistently and speedily.
10:31   A law allowing for this was passed by the Bundestag nine months ago. It was blocked
10:35   by the Greens for nine months in the Federal Council. Of course, the Greens are not in power,
10:39   but it is their ideology that poisons public discourse and paralyses politics.
10:43   It is their ideology which the chancellor has, opportunistically, adopted with
10:47   her policy of uncontrolled frontier opening and the unconditional welcome culture.
10:51   If something is to change here, it is the mortal terror of Green Ideology that must be broken.
10:55   It’s in the hands of the citizens: 2017 is the year of decision.
10:59   Join us in this year of decision.
11:03   There will be more contributions from JF TV offered to you
11:07   by “Junge Freiheit”, your weekly journal for debate.

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  1. True Lib/Greens are against almost all migration because it suppresses wages and puts stress on the environment, especially the water. True Lib/Greens want to leash the banks and punish the politicians beholden to them. We would prefer to spend money on health care, not bombs. Real Liberals lost this time because our candidate was kicked from behind and made to eat dirt.

    I am so glad Clinton was not elected president. Lib/Green candidates take note.

  2. Who will flinch first?

    The Greens? The anarchists? The followers of Franz Fanon? Yes, there are thousands of followers of the Pan-Africanist revolutionary intermingled in this gestalt of madness with a purpose that motivates the Greens and all the subgroups that seek to unmoor the EU into a caliphate.

    Made a strange pun in that last sentence. “unMoor”. Not Mrs. Merkel’s strategy, she plans “moor and moor”. My vague memory of reading Fanon was he was inflamed by the Moorish Moroccans and especially Algeria and their fervor to extricate from French colonialism. If history does or does not repeat it rhymes with bad puns. “Here come the Moors again parles vous.”

  3. “True Lib/Greens”
    [I disagree with your assertions]. You were sold lies by the True Lib/Greens. You self-identify as them because you think their lies are what the Lib/Greens are about. The Lib/Greens are about State Power and Collectivism – everything else is a deception to give them State Power and impose involuntary Collectivism on an unwilling populace.

    Modern “Liberals” are not “liberal” at all – the core of every one of their ideas is the imposition of INVOLUNTARY policies.

    What we are seeing is the True Lib/Green agenda – it is only people who swallowed their lies who are surprised by this and STILL deny the reality.

    The Lib/Greens want the West to be destroyed so they can have their ‘socialist revolution’. Isn’t this what you always wanted ? This is the reality you have always supported. Every Lib/Green supporter worked to achieve what we see in Germany, because you all supported INVOLUNTARY collectivism.

    Stop trying to distance yourself from the disaster you helped cause. The only possible atonement now is to fight the Lib/Greens to bring the end to their power.

    Those that believe in the VOLUNTARY choices of Individual Liberty (which requires Limited Government and opposition of Collectivism) told you [people of the Left] this would happen and you called us names like ‘racist’ and ‘greedy’ and ‘fascist’.

    You own this. Your only recourse is to fight the Collectivism that seeks to destroy the Free World and enslave all Free People under the yoke of ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ (which will be swiftly replaced with Sharia).

    • “Stop trying to distance yourself from the disaster you helped cause.”
      Now I think that’s a little bit too hard on the guy. He didn’t really do anything.

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