Georg Spöttle: “We Are Slowly Locking Ourselves Into a Cage to Defend Ourselves”

Georg Spöttle* is a German-Hungarian security analyst with special expertise in Central European affairs. Several television interviews with him were posted here last year.

In the following interview from Hungarian TV he discusses the failed migration policies of Western Europe, and how they lead inevitably to the erosion of civil liberties and personal privacy.

What is striking about this, as in numerous other Hungarian programs, is the discussion of topics that would be entirely off-limits in television presentations west of the old Iron Curtain. Nor would many of the sentences spoken on TV in Hungary ever be uttered on major American TV channels.

For those who understand German, the article about Shams ul-Haq referred to by Mr. Spöttle may be read at the Berliner Morgenpost.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Electronic ankle bracelet, biometric data, they would use them all in Austria,
0:04   to track and filter suspected radical terrorists.
0:08   After the terrorist attack in Berlin, in Germany also came up the idea of better coordination
0:12   between the security agencies. Perhaps then it would not have happened,
0:16   that days later in an Italian train station,
0:20   at a random check the Italian police officers would find the terrorist.
0:24   The topic continues with Barna Fábián and his guest. Thank you very much!
0:28   Here is the security and political expert Georg Spöttle. Good morning, sir. — Good morning.
0:32   My first question would be about the electronic tracking and biometric data collection.
0:36   Sounds good, but do they have enough people to process all this information?
0:40   Second, isn’t this a bit too little too late?
0:44   Yes, a bit late. We know that in Austria there were around 65,300 asylum requests,
0:48   registered officially, who all came with the great migrant wave.
0:52   This is such a low number, if they have a couple of people,
0:56   maybe at worst a hundred, a couple of hundred radicals, who it is possible to track;
1:00   there is a capacity from the human resources point of view to make that possible.
1:04   As we saw from the video clip, the techniques must be improved upon.
1:08   Most of the gear can be bought from neighboring Germany,
1:12   such as camera systems for watching car licence plates; much better systems are available,
1:16   advanced tracking systems are available so they (Austrians) can build that up.
1:20   What the politicians, Human Right Activists are philosophizing about
1:24   is that an ankle bracelet — what is used in France, for example —
1:28   how much it violates human rights.
1:32   As we know in France, the two ISIS fighter who beheaded that poor old priest,
1:36   also had a ankle bracelet, but for privacy rights reason it was deactivated for 5 hours daily.
1:40   So the law mandates that the tracking be switched off for privacy. This is not the case in Germany.
1:44   If they introduce it in Austria, most likely it will be the same.
1:48   They will be tracked for 24 hours daily. His movements will be tracked continuously.
1:52   This is to be followed, but there are other issues that come up here:
1:56   how far this can go? Ankle bracelet, electronic surveillance,
2:00   wiretapping, tracking cars, listening to everything.
2:04   A Pandora’s box was opened with this migration wave.
2:08   We are slowly locking ourselves into a cage to defend ourselves,
2:12   against those who we let in, as asylum seekers.
2:16   I would like to quote two very interesting statements. [Wolfgang] Sobotka,
2:20   the Austrian minister of the interior said the EU is not in the position to
2:24   defend its external borders, so Austria will assign its border defense to the national authority.
2:28   And the Defense Minister added to this: we must end the
2:32   failed migrant politics of the European Union!
2:36   This is music to my ears! Both politicians quote Viktor Orbán.
2:40   They want to follow the Hungarian example. Austria has already
2:44   introduced similar border controls. They admitted that
2:48   the EU is unable to defend its maritime borders.
2:52   Something must be done: as I watch the Italian television news,
2:56   how many migrants are arriving, and how many drown.
3:00   Families and children are drown, something must be done!
3:04   Because this migration wave has not stopped; it slowed down, and maybe shifted.
3:08   The UN High Commissioner for refugees said
3:12   far more are dying in the Sahara than on the ocean.
3:16   Of course even a single human life is too high a price.
3:20   Absolutely. This should not happen, that people from the sub-Saharan area,
3:24   Sub-Saharan places such as Togo or Nigeria, they head north,
3:28   or whole families are lost at sea, this must be stopped.
3:32   The humane thing would be to make these people understand they must not come to Europe
3:36   as economic migrants, because they can’t stay.
3:40   But as we discussed before the show, the deportations are
3:44   not working, they deport 5,000 and let 20,000 back in.
3:48   From this we have a table which will show
3:52   though November of last year how many went home
3:56   voluntarily: 55,000; 22,000 were deported,
4:00   or at they least tried to them send home, to the Balkans and Morocco primarily,
4:04   but to shade the image a bit,
4:08   they let 287,000 new immigrants in.
4:12   I am not too good at math, but it seems the numbers increased by 210,000…
4:16   This is happening continuously; they are crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
4:20   As general Bakondi said, they trickle through on the Balkan route also,
4:24   I see it myself, when I am around train stations:
4:28   there are always one or two trains and buses coming from Romania;
4:32   The Pashto, Urdu or Farsi languages are spoken there.
4:36   So some people regularly seep in from Afghanistan.
4:40   Someone who went undercover as a migrant, named Shams ul-Haq,
4:44   a journalist, who went through the migration route,
4:48   in Germany he registered under ten different names and lived in fifteen
4:52   different migrant centers, and he said he could have easily picked up welfare ten times.
4:56   I wonder how many others have actually done this?
5:00   I am thinking, maybe there are not that many migrants in Germany;
5:04   did they just register multiple times? —It is possible they number in the hundreds of thousands.
5:08   I was very interested to read in the Berliner Morgenpost, where this article
5:11   was published yesterday — and I will immediately order the book too because it is very interesting.
5:14   He is a very intelligent person, 26 years ago he also arrived as
5:18   an asylum seeker in Germany. Now he is a terrorism expert and
5:22   a investigative journalist, and I can safely call him a patriot,
5:26   despite his not being born there. He is a genius.
5:30   So he registered under ten different names in different cities.
5:34   If he had been a criminal, if he had come to plunder the German state,
5:38   he could have done this easily; he would have collected thousands of euros.
5:42   He also writes about the nuances, how the Jihadists try
5:46   to get these young people involved, how they work like cults.
5:50   They try to find their weak points and spread false information such as:
5:54   “This is not really halal food” — not following
5:58   the Islamic doctrine, this food is not prepared well, come to the mosque;
6:02   you can eat there, and pray there undisturbed.
6:06   The Jihadists shave their beards and the present themselves,
6:10   as part of a humanitarian organization… Suit and necktie. Exactly!
6:13   They go there, talking nicely to the people,
6:16   entertain them and after awhile these people will be susceptible to these new “friendships”.
6:20   When they realize where they are, they already sympathetic to the cause,
6:24   agreeing with the radical Salafist and Wahhabist ideologies.
6:28   Shams ul-Haq writes that terrorist nests
6:32   really are in the migrant centers,
6:36   and the dangers that await Germany are great.
6:40   The government should come to its senses as soon as possible about what is going on in Germany.
6:44   He has a friend who is a federal agent, who confirms
6:48   that no matter whether they take fingerprint multiple times, the systems are still
6:52   not connected in Germany at the federal level. So anyone
6:56   can use aliases — as we found out, the truck terrorist in Berlin
7:00   had fourteen different aliases, and he actually used them to get welfare, too.
7:04   Georg Spöttle, I thank you very much. You’re welcome, thank you.

* This brief bio of Georg Spöttle is based on another interview, Soul of a commando 2002:

Georg Spöttle was born of a German mother and a Hungarian father (he uses his mother’s name). He lived in both in Germany and Hungary. He joined the German army (Bundeswehr) at age 20, specializing in experimental weaponry. Following his personal interest in the Middle East, he learned Arabic and visited many countries in the region. Recruited by the German military intelligence service for his extensive knowledge (he also speaks four different languages), he spent ten years in service. After that he joined the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalalamt, equivalent of the NSA and MI5). He spent another ten years in the service, visited many Middle Eastern countries (Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, …) as an operations officer. Since he retired from active service and now living in Hungary he has worked as a security/anti-terrorist expert with very good connections to the office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He also has extensive knowledge of the German military and great connections to the European intelligence community. (his blog [Hungarian])

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  1. If the Italian fools did not run a ferry service from North Africa to Europe, far fewer of these invaders would attempt the route in the first place. And sinking the boats and returning the invaders to the Libyan coast after confiscating any valuables to offset the policing costs would dissuade the rest.

    The problem is not one of being unable to police the borders; the problem is instead one of the will to do so. The fish rots from the head down… Deal with the traitors in the highest levels of government and industry allowing this to occur, and the problem will be rapidly solved.

    • Make that Italian slaves, chained to the EU by debt and now getting the lash if they fail…a little more nuance in your news, sir…And some compassion since you never know when it will be your turn…

      • Yes. Every country in Western Europe especially is set up for disaster. It’s just a question of who is next. How could it be otherwise? Already some previously English speaking places seem more like turn of the centry South Africa or the Slavic Balkens. A

    • I am now of the view that any attempted remedial action is just too late.

      Came to this view over the last 2 years.

    • that is how it works, always and everywhere, – Problem, Analysis, Solution.
      what is your point, and what is your definition of “NWO”.

      • Oh I forgot to explain what I mean:
        Problem: let large number military age muslim into western societies.
        Reaction: population demand security against the invaders
        Solution: convert society to police state with full surveillance. Arrest those dissent.

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