Claus Strunz: “Germany: The Country of Deniers of Reality”

The following op-ed from German television discusses the lunacy and deep denial that seem to have taken over public affairs in Germany in the face of the migration crisis. The speaker is Claus Strunz, a German journalist born in 1966 in Münchberg/Oberfranken. He is the moderator of the Satellite 1 “Frühstücksfernsehen”, “Breakfast TV”, where he regularly comments on current events.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Women dare not to be in the streets
0:03   for fear of sexual violence.
0:06   Terrorists can prepare their attacks undisturbed,
0:09   despite the fact that investigators know what they are planning.
0:12   And whoever — in the light of the complete overload in the government —
0:15   criticizes that far too many refugees have come into the country,
0:18   will immediately be vilified as a racist,
0:21   and verbally knocked down.
0:24   This is Germany, one week into the year of 2017.
0:27   The newest insights into the Berlin terrorist Amri
0:30   painfully laid bare
0:33   just how weak we really are in the fight against terror.
0:36   Jealousies over competences between Federation and Counties,
0:39   administrative failures and the lack of courage to apply
0:42   existing laws in a resolute manner are paralyzing our nation of laws.
0:45   The fear of being unjust to even a single terror suspect
0:48   or women-groper creates for many more the freedom
0:51   to commit their perverse offenses.
0:54   The rights of possible offenders are valued more
0:57   than the protection of their future victims.
1:01   The most nightmarish aspect is, however, is that an attack
1:04   in Paris, Brussels or Istanbul affects Germans obviously entirely more
1:07   than the 12 dead and 50 injured
1:10   in the midst of their own capital city.
1:13   No chain of lights, no commemorative service events,
1:16   no public show of sympathy for the victims and their families,
1:19   no funeral service, no state funeral, and there’s not even
1:22   a vocal and a visible protest against terrorism.
1:25   Germany. The country of deniers of reality.
1:30   Where has all that outrage and determination gone to,
1:33   with which we once — long ago — fought
1:36   and defeated RAF [Red Army Fraction] terrorists?
1:39   Politicians and citizens have to find a way back to this very quickly,
1:42   or living our lives in freedom and peace is truly endangered.

8 thoughts on “Claus Strunz: “Germany: The Country of Deniers of Reality”

  1. I was nice to know this guy! I am pretty sure we will soon found out that he is a racist, nazi, Russian agent… what else?

  2. He speaks the sentiment of the long ignored silent majority, politicians who refuse to listen may pay dearly at the polls, as both BREXIT and Trumps’s election show.

  3. “Where has all that outrage and determination gone to, with which we once — long ago — fought and defeated RAF [Red Army Fraction] terrorists?”

    The Red Army Faction succeeded in their ideological war. That is why there is no will to fight – everyone who would fight is considered the enemy of the new Left and their Islamic friends.

  4. Externally the MSM has done a great job of brainwashing people that Germany is some sort of super-efficient fantasyland.

    Having been there a few weeks ago I can tell you it is not the case. They are hardly more efficient than the French or northern Italians. Lyon is a far nicer airport than Munich.

    • Some years back, I met an ex- West German Luftwaffe pilot (F-104s, for those who are interested). He blamed the “Ossis” (former East Germans) for the decline in efficiency, especially on the railways.

      Frankfurt airport is a stunning piece of architecture, but I can’t comment on the service as I was changing trains.

      • Nah, I spent the 70s and there and also 86. The basic problem was that bureaucrats had high salaries and expected to be treated almost with reverence. This did not make them helpful or efficient. They seemed to have no concept of actually serving the public, as in ‘public service’.

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