French Police Beaten, Seriously Injured by Culture-Enrichers

The following news report from the French online video news site BFMTV describes an attack on police in Seine-Saint-Denis, a suburban department northeast of Paris.

What I want to know is, if the police really do carry SIG Sauer Pros, like in the photo, how do they manage to get beaten up by “youths”?

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Seine-Saint-Denis: Three policemen “lynched” [attacked] after an identity check

Three police officers were beaten after attempting to carry out identity checks in the lobby of a building in Bobigny on Friday evening, where ten youths were arrested, the sources said. France-Presse (AFP).

Around 8 pm, the police “controlled young people who seemed to be consuming narcotics in the lobby, when they [the police] were beaten,” a source close to the investigation said.

Police officer seriously injured in the eye

A police officer was seriously injured in the eye. Ten days of total disability (ITT) were granted, pending further examinations. The other two officials, injured in the leg and face, received ten and fifteen days of ITT respectively.

Ten young men aged between 16 and 21 were arrested. Their custody was extended by 24 hours on Saturday night, said the prosecutor. Municipal security has begun an investigation.

18 thoughts on “French Police Beaten, Seriously Injured by Culture-Enrichers

  1. Advice to French police officers
    (Note: recommended to print it with strong colors and big bold letters, child book style):
    Look down on your belt. There is a strangely shaped metal tool attached to it with a pocket. First flash news: The tool is not there to keep you being blown away by wind, you can remove it from your belt. Once you got it out, you can hold it by the handler and point it against your attacker. (Please resist the overwhelming urge to drop it and raise your hands!), There is a switch on the thicker part you holding, you can put your finger there and pull it. It will give a loud noise (later you can have counselling about that too) and hopefully make the attacker to get tired and lay down the floor to sleep. Repeat the same process for each and every attacker, then continue to apply it until you have a country again!
    Good luck!

  2. A preliminary assessment of police holsters: Before there were thigh holsters, there were only side holsters, and if you happened to be a right handed person and the driver of the patrol car or paddy wagon in Oz, access to your firearm was almost impossible due to driving on the left side of the road. As a right hander, the firearm, either a .38 Smith and Wesson or a 9mm Glock, was also on the right side of one’s body that the drivers door arm rest restricted access to when closed and even when the door was pushed open, the deep seat cushion that wrapped itself around one’s side, also restricted the weapon being withdrawn using any speed.

    At times I wondered how I would pull the weapon if needed while behind the wheel? I never got to figure that one out.

    But to answer your question as to what happened to those cops. One may imagine that the ideal of officer safety was not being practised at that time, and for whatever reason, those ‘youths’ were able to surround the police thereby restricting their movements. I have no doubt that those cops once surrounded would have found themselves trying to keep their weapons holstered and not getting into the hands of those ‘youths’ who, and I have no doubt in my mind, would have turned them on the cops.

    The Muslim has had much practice at ‘working’ the infidel’s police in great numbers and are experts at it.

  3. Their custody was extended by 24 hours?!!
    The poor things! And those Things don’t belong..Two periods!

  4. Exactly what is the use of carrying firearms if you have no will or ability to use them?

    It would seem the war to save France is still some way off, as with the rest of Europe…

  5. It’s probable that the officers were ‘police municipale’. Only about 39% of municipal police offices are allowed to carry firearms. They’re usually restricted to to batons and tear gas, unlike the ‘Police Nationale’ the ‘Gendarmes’ and the dreaded CRS.

  6. There are such things as tasers. Having said that, it should never have been allowed by the French politicians to get this far. No wonder the police are protesting.

  7. Meanwhile citizens are largely unable to defend themselves in any Western nation.

    Don’t believe me?

    Go read up on US state laws for knives…heck, not even knives, go read up on the restrictions against expandable batons…it’s incredible…even the possession of the most minimal defensive tools is basically a felony in the US now…

    • All that means is you’ll have to use your imagination on how to best employ what you already have and take to learning guerrilla tactics in urban areas and how to survive, if you live in a city.

    • A squeeze bottle and a barbeque lighter will do the trick I think. Or perhaps a can of RAID and lighter.

  8. Yes they do use Sig 2022 or Sig pro. The “2022” refers to the year the contract ends. Great pistols. On of the best values for the dollar out there.

  9. What these inbred mutants and criminal vermin are in need of is the ‘old fashioned’ type of policing , an application of [brutal details redacted]. This type of behavior modification will ‘give them the message’.

    • Thank you for the editing, I could not help myself. I have a lot of Law Enforecment in my family and friends. Suddenly they have become the enemy.

      • I find it’s confronting today to hear how some folk have been brainwashed into thinking that everyone else thinks the same as they do, even the criminals. No wonder we have so many unsuspecting victims as compared to what there used to be when people actually took to defending themselves.

        I was the ‘old copper’ on the beat who used to deal out ‘summary justice’, but, I had much respect from those who liked to break the law. When I see police in action today, and unless things change, I can see how it won’t be too long before the whole system collapses from the sheer stupidity that now drives it.

      • Well, as long as they are defending the ruling classes and their interests, while stomping on the rest of us – even for thought “crimes” – well, then THEY ARE THE ENEMY.

        “I was just upholding the law” is a disgusting excuse when the laws have become unjust and oppressive.

        • I have often turned that one over in my mind. I think we all need to remember that the street police are being directed to do what they do as they realize that their livelihood depends on it – and I do know that some do not like doing what they are told to do – but that is the nature of the beast we all now face.

          The real enemy is the police hierarchy and their political masters who give the orders.

          The solution for such a fix is what I will leave to your own imagination.

  10. I don’t think that there is a law anywhere that requires a policeman to take a beating. The rule of disparity of force would certainly have allowed the officers to shoot as many of their attackers as necessary until they stopped attacking them. Ten against three should lead to somebody getting shot at least once. Repeat as necessary.

    • That is true and it is the officer’s perceived level of threat that would determine when to use lethal force, but the incident mentioned has three officers in a lobby that tells me they were in restricted space and easily surrounded thereby limiting their movements. In other words, they weren’t practising a certain level of officer safety.

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