Austrian Intelligence: Massive New Migrant Wave Coming to Europe

Austrian military intelligence has concluded that if the EU does not rapidly revise its policies towards sub-Saharan Africa, it will soon be facing another massive wave of migrants.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Bild:

Secret Service Raises the Alarm

Europe will be facing a new wave of migrants

by Hans-Jörg Vehlewald and Peter Tiede

January 5, 2017

Estimates by the Austrian military Secret Service (Heeres-Nachrichtenamt) say that the number of African migrants will increase massively if the EU does not pay appropriate economic aid to the affected states, and does not take countermeasures as part of their asylum policies. This especially concerns Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and Ethiopia.

An analysis by the secret service that will be published in a few days, and was made available to Bild in advance, draws this conclusion: Between 2013 and mid-2016, 550,000 asylum seekers from Africa migrated to the EU.

The Top Ten List of countries of origin is led by Eritrea (ca. 100,000), Nigeria (80,000) and Somalia (60,000), followed by Gambia (40,000), Mali and Algeria (each 30,000), Sudan, DR Congo, Guinea and Senegal (each more than 20,000).

While migrants from Eritrea and Somalia indeed were fleeing terror and war, the largest portion (300,000) of the African refugees have come to Europe “mainly for economic reasons”.

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  1. Africa has long been described as a “basket case” with regards to development. In the early 1970’s underdevelopment in Africa and Asia was roughly similar. But in the 1980’s and 1990’s Asia boomed in terms of development while Africa remained in underdevelopment in the quagmire of tribal favouritism, conflicts, corruption and cronyism.

    Are African’s stupid? No, go to a hospital is the UK and you will probably be treated by a Nigerian doctor. Is Africa poor in resources? No, actually much of the world’s mineral wealth is in that continent. Diamonds, Oil, copper, rare earths, and much of the agricultural land in the southern half of the continent are as good as anywhere in the World.

    Despite the resources, in many countries unemployment among young people is extremely high.
    Add to the mix the availability in the last ten years of cheap smart phones with internet access, (really small affordable computers) and now you have tens of millions of young Africans who can see what they are missing out on, and the paradise Europe and the West appears. The migration phenomena would have happened without ISIS, though lawlessness Libya certainly has aided it.

    There is no quick fix, the UN instead of focusing on criticizing Israel, should focus on kickstarting real development in Africa. Jobs will ultimately keep people in the continent. In the meantime, unless the EU adopts a tough “turn back the boats” policy, the migrants will continue to come, seeking non-existant jobs, living on the streets and turning to crime to survive.

    • It just shows that it is not resources what matter, but knowledge. Lack of education, suppressing muslim ideology, “r” type reproductive behaviour, inbreeding, low IQ population what creates poverty.

      • They have the tools but they don’t know how to use them, which is where the problem lays. If they want development they have to reach that point by themselves.

      • Remember that in recent years China has invested heavily in many areas of Africa.

        Unlike the so called “evil” European Colonialists they have no intention of being kicked out by the indigenous population, they need territory for the ever rapidly increasing Chinese population at home.

        Perhaps it suits China to rid themselves of the useless, lazy, lawless,savages cluttering up their new African colonies making way for a well educated, hard working Chinese workforce accordingly?

        Europe seems to stupid and effete to stop the dross being driven towards them.

        Just thought!

        • From what I’ve seen discussed, China is mainly interested in mineral rights, access to territory in which to expand its shipping, etc. It also owns a great deal of American debt and American real estate. Just as Hillary sold uranium rights to Putin, iirc…it’s about the minerals they need for domestic purposes.

          The Chinese – considering their numbers – tend to want to stay home. Only the truly desperate leave.

          • Sir Gregory Copley discusses China’s maritime expansion and its deals with Australia in his book on our sidebar. Though it’s from 2012, it’s still pertinent. China will increasingly deal with Australia in the 21st century. The chapter on fossil fuel vis-a-vis Oz is informative.

            That book got me going on the geo in geo-politics. Or maybe it should be H2O-politics…

            BTW, Australia has a boat/ship building facility in the U.S. I’ve lost track of where, exactly. Somewhere in the South, I think. Perhaps Alabama.

    • Are Africans Stupid?


      The mean IQ of the populations there range from the low 70’s to 80’s, depending on the region and the tribe. The black Africans cannot sustain a modern economy or representative, limited government without the presence of Europeans or Asians.

      You can have Nigerian doctors from the upper end of the black African population curve, but the curve itself is very low.

      You can give them all the aid you wish. It won’t bring real development. The only real chance of progress would be to re-enact the apartheid, South African model: white-controlled government, very small democratic voice for blacks, strict police, areas set aside for wealthy (not necessarily just white) residents, and black workers taking advantage of the economy based on property rights, individual rights, but not democratic rights.

      What is the chance of this? Zero.

      So, there will always be an out-migration pressure from Africa. There will always be famine and war, let along unrealistic economic expectations.

      The only way to keep the massive migration waves out is to put hard-kill borders, aggressive sea and air patrolling, and an absolute refusal to admit, accept, or support, illegal refugees. This is the only way to maintain Western identity.

      Islam compounds the problem by telling inferior people they are superior, but the problem would exist even without Islam. The massive migration, the lack of skills or intelligence, the vast sociopathy of the migrant populations, the exploding crime: all would be there with or without Islam. There is no solution to the “migrant” problem. The only outcomes are to hold migration low enough that the migrants constitute a nuisance but not a threat, or else to totally transform Western countries.

      I am not injecting value judgements. I can do that another time. I’m presenting what I see as objective predictions. One of my base assumptions is that human behavior is genetically predetermined to a very large extent.

        • Exactly right. With no government involvement and no coercion. Eugenics makes a lot of sense: encourage raising the quality of the population, which is determined largely by genetics.

          Right now, with welfare and higher taxing of productive people to support non-productive, we’re in effect engaging in negative eugenics.

          • “…Right now, with welfare and higher taxing of productive people to support non-productive, we’re in effect engaging in negative eugenics.”


      • I agree 100% Ronald, and islam only and always makes matters worse, wherever they go.

        Actually, I think you would agree there is a solution to the “migrant” problem, get rid of them; the vast majority have nothing to offer western countries, and therefore have no place here.

    • What those migrants don’t get is that Europe and the whole West are no paradise, contrary to what they see on their smartphones. There are already millions of unemployed people and God knows how many homeless folks. Not to mention the millions of muslims that are not properly integrated after décades of immigration. In that context, more migrants equals more troubles.

      • Rob-

        That’s right. The problem is that they cannot distinguish fantasy from reality until they land in Europe. Once the harsh truth of life in Europe sets in, their immature worldview causes them to resent Europe and Europeans.

        • Exactly. That’s why we can expect even more social troubles on top of terrorism. They’re already complaining because they thought they’d all get big houses.

    • Some Africans are bright enough to become doctors in the UK (or economics professors on Staten Island). Do you mean this literally, that you’ll PROBABLY be treated by a Nigerian? Do they get your jokes? Do they appreciate those subtle conversational nuances that are so essential to effective conversation?

  2. This is to the great pleasure of all the unattractive women in Europe who empowered themselves to everything except their men who turn away from them in ever increasing numbers. Imagine the screaming if all these immigrants were single, young women to the possible delight of old, white men.

  3. It’s about time they realize their mistake. But what about all the migrants who are already there and will be able to bring their families later on if they’re granted to stay?

  4. My Mother is in her 80’s and she remembers collecting their pennies in school to send to Africa. It still continues today but on a much larger scale money wise. They should have used this money more wisely, and maybe sent a few Israeli agriculture experts there to show the Africans how you can yield plentiful crops on land that is less than perfect for this use. Perhaps Sir Bob Geldof could facilitate this instead of his usual worthless rants against anyone who opposes migrants invasions.

    • Agricultural experts are wasted on native Africans because of the fact that they don’t understand or appreciate property rights.

      You can have the best technology and experts in the world, but if you don’t have property rights protected, nobody will spend his money, time, or effort developing a resource of value that someone else will simply take away.

      • Disagree slightly.

        The Zambians seem to have recognized the value of white farmers, whereas the Zimbabweans are now forced to go begging for food aid after ethnically cleansing their population of white farmers.

        • Without knowing the specifics of the situation, I’ll assert again: having whites is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for prosperity in the black nations. They have to respect and protect the property rights not only of whites, but of blacks, who also have an entrepreneurial class. And, horror of horrors: of Indians and other Asians who made up a significant component of commercial Africa.

          You recall Amin in Uganda cut his tyrant eyeteeth on terrorizing and expelling Indian entrepreneurs.

      • And more power to them.

        Perhaps, someday, one of the countries Israel has aided will actually vote against the BDS resolutions in the UN.

        Anyway, sending experts is a good move, diplomatically, but can you assert that the experts actually have an effect without the protection of property rights?

        • You make much sense Ronald. I have often looked at the ‘African problem’ that seems to get worse as time goes on.

          Rhodesia and South Africa were once the two top economies in Africa until Communism came to town advertising its sweet lies to those who felt left on the outer of those booming economies.

          Tribalism too, has played a huge part in holding back any kind of real advance, and those Western countries foolish enough to take in the Sudanese and people from the other failed ‘states’ of Africa are now reaping the benefits of such primitive tribalism.

          Western norms and culture is at complete odds with African tribalism/culture – which has taken over South Africa and the old Rhodesia and they have become part of the larger failure that will always be Africa.

          Chinese Communism is part of the Globalist establishment that is now pushing the Globalist model as America falls from ‘grace’ on the election of Trump. Even we in Oz received our warning from China some years ago about being able to serve two masters, meaning either China or the U.S. And going on current Chinese military expansion its intentions in Africa would be more for strategic purposes. I have no doubt that once the Chinese really get their claws into Africa that the African population will see little benefit of having the Chinese there stripping out their resources.

          And once that is realized, it will probably serve to bring even more trouble to Africa.

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