Geert Wilders in Koblenz: “This is the Year of a Patriotic Spring”

Yesterday a summit of immigration-critical and EU-skeptical political leaders was held in the German city of Koblenz. Frauke Petry of the AfD (Germany), Matteo Salvini of the Lega Nord (Italy), Marine Le Pen of the Front National (France), and Geert Wilders of the PVV (Netherlands), and other anti-Islamization politicians met to discuss the dismantling of the European Union.

Geert Wilders gave his address in German and received an enthusiastic response from the audience. Below is Mr. Wilders’ speech subtitled in English.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:15   Hello Germany! (audience: “Hello!”)
00:21   How are you? I’m fine.
00:28   Yesterday — a new America. Today — Koblenz, and tomorrow, a new Europe!
00:44   It is a great honor for me to be in lovely Koblenz today,
00:52   at a meeting of the ENF [Europe of Nations and Freedom] fraction
00:55   and in the presence of so many German patriots.
01:05   What you stand for is extremely important.
01:11   Not only for Germany, but for all of Europe.
01:16   Europe needs a strong Germany, a self-confident Germany, a proud Germany.
01:25   A Germany that stands for its culture, its identity, and its civilization.
01:32   Europe needs Frauke, not Angela.
01:46   (audience chanting: “Merkel must go!”)
02:02   My friends, and that is because Germany is great.
02:07   Because you are great, because you are doing your duty.
02:13   Because the Alternative for Germany [AfD], and my friend Frauke Petry,
02:17   and all of you here, stand against the new totalitarianism which is threatening us today.
02:25   We are at the beginning of a patriotic spring in all of Europe;
02:31   and also here in Germany. I thank you for that. You are the new Germany.
02:50   All of our European countries are now facing a challenge to their existence.
02:56   My friends: the United Nations expects
03:01   that the population of Africa will increase fourfold by the end of the century.
03:07   From 1.1 billion to 4.4 billion.
03:14   Studies reveal that in southern Africa, every third adult wishes to emigrate,
03:21   and every fifth in northern Africa, and in the Middle East.
03:27   And many of them wish to come to Europe in the future.
03:32   And the question — the question that none of our politicians now in power asks — is:
03:38   How? How do we protect our country, and our identity, from mass immigration?
03:53   How? How do we protect our values?
03:56   How do we protect our civilization? Our culture? The future of our children?
04:03   These are the fundamental questions that we need to answer now.
04:08   In past years, our governments have
04:12   let millions of people flock unchecked into our countries.
04:17   Our governments have pursued a dangerous open-borders policy.
04:24   I know, and you know it too, that when the citizens of Eastern Europe
04:29   abjured communism in 1989, they were inspired.
04:36   Inspired by dissidents such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Václav Havel, Vladimir Bukovsky
04:46   and others, who told them that the people have the right, but also the duty,
04:53   “to live in truth”.
04:56   And freedom, my friends, freedom demands eternal vigilance.
05:03   And this also pertains to the truth.
05:06   However, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn added that, I quote:
05:12   “Truth seldom is sweet; it is almost invariably bitter.”
05:20   Let us —
05:27   Let us face the bitter truth.
05:32   The leaders of our governments have lost their ability
05:36   to recognize danger and to understand truth;
05:41   because they do not cherish freedom anymore.
05:45   Politicians of almost all established parties these days promote our Islamization.
06:03   Almost the entire establishment — the elites, universities, churches,
06:09   trade unions, the media, politicians,
06:13   jeopardize our freedom that we fought hard for.
06:26   They speak of equality, but surprisingly, are unable to see
06:33   that in Islam, women have lesser rights than men,
06:37   and infidels lesser rights than the adherents of Islam.
06:41   They are blind to the truth, but we are not.
07:00   We will not accept that they are blind to the truth.
07:05   We will no longer accept that they let their people down.
07:10   And it breaks my heart when I see that people have become strangers in their own countries.
07:18   Almost everywhere in Europe.
07:31   But isn’t it our country?
07:34   It is our country! It is your country, it is our country!
07:40   And it is unacceptable that they are afraid for the future of their children,
07:46   that women are afraid, Jews, Ex-Muslims, Christians;
07:50   they all are afraid for their safety.
07:54   And day after day, for years, we have witnessed the decline of the values we cherish.
08:02   Equality of men and women. Freedom of opinion and of speech.
08:07   Tolerance for homosexuals. All that is on the retreat.
08:13   And I tell you —
08:21   My friends, we do not want that!
08:24   We do not want Germany or any other European country to abolish itself.
08:31   We do not want that!
08:42   We want our homeland to stay our homeland!
08:46   We want to stay who we are!
08:52   And we are safe, free, democratic, proud of our culture!
08:59   My friends, what we see today is that fear is ruling.
09:05   Many people are desperate. Our ruling class is cowardly.
09:10   Our security is dwindling away. Our freedom is in danger.
09:16   And many people, ordinary people, are afraid to say what is on their minds.
09:23   Women are afraid —
09:36   Women are afraid to show their blond hair.
09:41   This charade must be stopped.
09:53   More and more people demand it. We demand it!
09:59   I say to you: enough is enough!
10:12   And then of course there is the danger, the great danger, of Islamic terrorism.
10:19   A German undercover journalist recently revealed
10:23   that some refugee shelters have become hatcheries for terrorists.
10:29   The consequences are there for everyone to see.
10:34   Remember the massacre at the Berlin Christmas market.
10:38   Remember the black summer of terrorism last year, here in Germany.
10:45   Remember Cologne and the mass assaults of hundreds of innocent women.
10:52   And our governments neglect to do anything at all.
10:58   But if we do not do anything, we cease to exist.
11:05   Some immigrants —
11:15   Some immigrants came here with a totally different set of values.
11:21   It is a fact. Not a political fact, but a fact confirmed by scientists
11:28   such as the Dutch professor Ruud Koopmans at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
11:35   His studies showed that about half of the Muslims in Germany
11:42   pine for the roots of Islam.
11:45   Professor Koopmans also says, I quote, that
11:49   “Of one billion Muslims worldwide, between 10 and 20 percent are ready
11:58   to accept violence, even against civilians, to defend Islam,”
12:07   end of quote. But in spite of all these dire warnings,
12:13   our ruling class refuses to see the elephant in the room.
12:20   People are sick of the political correctness of the elites.
12:26   Are you sick of it, or aren’t you?
12:40   We are sick of the elites feigning a beautiful ideal world
12:45   where all cultures are morally equal.
12:49   The people demand — we DEMAND — the truth.
12:54   We have to speak the truth, because people have a right to the truth.
13:01   Because the people should not let be down.
13:05   We, all of us here together, are the bearers of hope for the people,
13:11   and we will not let them down, never!
13:26   Maybe you have heard that the government of the Netherlands is trying to silence me.
13:35   But I tell you, I will never shut up.
13:52   My name is on several death lists, only because they hate me,
13:57   because I criticize Islam and because I am a friend of Israel.
14:03   But I will never be silenced,
14:06   despite all the threats by politicians and terrorists.
14:09   Because, my friends, the free expression of opinion is the foundation of democracy.
14:27   Nevertheless, there is much positive news, too.
14:32   There is reason for hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
14:39   Better times will come.
14:43   The wind started to shift last year.
14:47   It brought us the victory of — and, from here, congratulations
14:51   to the victory of American president Donald Trump.
15:09   But not only in America. We can also see it here in Germany,
15:15   in the Netherlands, in France, in Italy, in Austria, in all of Europe:
15:21   the patriots are winning. The time for a change has come.
15:27   Therefore, my friends, it gives me incredible courage to see you all here today.
15:34   This hall full of German patriots shows me something important.
15:41   It shows me that Germany is not lost,
15:45   and it shows me that Germany will survive.
16:04   All of you here, you are the power of good,
16:09   the power that will bring this beautiful country back onto the right track,
16:13   the way into a patriotic future,
16:17   a safe future. A free future. Our future.
16:22   History summons you to save Germany.
16:27   History summons us all to save Europe.
16:33   To save our own classical, Jewish-Christian culture and civilization
16:39   our freedom, our nations, the future of our children.
16:57   We have no choice. We will make it.
17:00   My party, the PVV in the Netherlands;
17:04   Frauke Petry and Marcus Pretzell and the AfD here in Germany,
17:09   Marine Le Pen and Front National in France.
17:12   And yes, Marine Le Pen will be the next president of France.
17:33   And of course Heinz-Christian Strache and Harald Vilimsky and the FPÖ, our friends in Austria,
17:41   and Tom van Grieken und Gerolf Annemans and our friends from Vlaams Belang in Flanders,
17:47   and all the other politicians.
18:00   But I tell you: it is not we, the politicians, who are important here.
18:07   It is not about us. It is about you.
18:12   It is about the voters, the people here in this hall, but also the millions in the country.
18:19   Not us: it is you who are important.
18:34   You are the true heroes, and the saviours of Europe, and I thank you.
18:39   Our parties give the people the chance to vote for good patriots.
18:45   Patriots who want to secure our borders again.
18:50   Patriots who want to stop the mass immigration.
18:55   Patriots who want to restore the sovereignty of our countries
18:59   over our money, our laws, our future,
19:14   We are sick of the Europhiles in Brussels, who want to abolish our countries
19:20   and force an undemocratic superstate on us,
19:24   by making us a uniform multicultural society.
19:28   To such a Europe, we say NO.
19:44   I could not hear it clearly. What do we say to such a Europe?
19:49   NO!
19:52   We stand for the Europe of Nations. The Europe of Freedom.
19:58   We will take our countries back.
20:02   We will see to it that our countries will become ours again.
20:07   My friends, this year will be the year of the people.
20:13   The year when the voice of the people will finally be heard.
20:18   The year of a democratic and nonviolent political revolution in Europe.
20:26   The year of liberation, the year of a patriotic spring.
20:44   In two months, next March, we will give the Dutch people
20:49   a chance to liberate the Netherlands.
20:53   And next April, Marine, as I said, will become the next president of France.
20:59   And next autumn, it is your turn, my dear German friends.
21:03   I am convinced that with Frauke Petry, the future of Germany is secured.
21:11   Long live the German spring!
21:24   And I am telling you, we will liberate ourselves.
21:31   We will make our countries great again, we will do it.
21:36   All across Europe, we will vote for new and courageous politicians
21:40   who serve the interest of the people, and together we will win.
21:45   My friends, we are living in historic times.
21:49   The people of the West are waking up.
21:52   They are casting off the yoke of political correctness.
21:57   They want —
22:06   They want their freedom back, they want their sovereign nations back.
22:14   And we, the patriots of Europe, will be the instrument of their liberation.
22:21   Long live freedom. Long live the Netherlands.
22:26   Long live Germany. Long live the Alternative für Deutschland. Thank you!

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  1. The smart Grmans will listen. The smart people will also remove the expression ; ” Radical Islam ” and correctly state the proper word : ” ISLAM ” whose adherents are to a a man ; quite willing to visit death and destruction on non believers. Remember that Political Correctness is a code word for “self censorship” of the masses by those who want to rule .

    • The recognition of what Islam truly represents is slowly evolving. Where it was once referred to as ‘the religion of peace’, it is now referred to as radical Islam, and soon, it will just be Islam.

    • I do not mind if they start with let’s eradicate “radical islam”… Soon anyone who really looking can find out all of them is “radical” so it just islam.

  2. I prey to god that this eussr socialist nazi nightmare will COLLAPSE!!!

    Italy is next! The italians will vote to leave eussr hell.

    And we must arrest people like the communist traitors “martin schultz” kinnock, merkel, rutte, straw, blair, and the swedish gang of current and past socialist political

    I want to see these evil gang of brussels eussr crooks in chains, behind bars,
    In orange clothing, sent to life in jail, better they are executed by hanging after
    Trial and found guilty of there evil crimes against european peoples!

    This Merkel commie rat woman is more EVIL than hitler.

    Bring it on!!! I cant wait to see these bunch of crooks, traitors running for their rechid lives from the mob that is soon to be waiting outside the places that they sleep at night.

    There body guards will melt away into the night, and like ceaucescu the mob will
    Catch them.

    Merkel your living on borrowed time.

    • I think better the smooth transition of power than the mob lynching those who have brought this to us all. The rule of law places an orderliness on society that mob rule out for revenge simply tears apart and in the process produces even more casualties, many of them innocent of any wrongdoing.

      Let those who take power deal lawfully with those who have undermined the West and let justice be seen to be done so that this undermining by a secretive elite intent on total control can never take place again.

      • Indeed Nemesis, I would completely agree..and I hope for just such a change.

        But there does come a point……….

        • Well, the natural urge is for revenge, and I can tell you that personally, there would be nothing better for me to able to see a few heads on sticks, but when one gives into their natural urges without consideration for the consequences of their actions, then one becomes no better than those whose heads are being paraded in the streets while anarchy reigns from which there can be no guaranteed outcome while others plot to overthrow the whole thing in their favor.

          The process of law is still at this time being adhered to by both sides. It would not be wise, and for either side, to revert to extreme tactics. Even Obama and his cronies had to let it go.

          Those who have willingly fallen in with the Globalists have also been willing in denying their own kind their natural rights as citizens in their own land while bringing in the followers of Islam who have been raping, murdering and pillaging their way across Europe, and for these actions they must be brought to account, otherwise, history will sometime in the future simply repeat itself.

          • Back in the late eighties someone said this about Gorbachev (I paraphrase, since I can’t remember who said it or any other context):

            “We’ll know that freedom will truly have come to the USSR when Gorbachev reads the morning newspaper, sees something that makes him angry, bangs his fist on the table, and then realizes he can do nothing about it.”

            That’s what happened to Obama, Hillary, and the NWO crowd when Trump was elected. They tried everything they could think of to prevent it, and then everything they could think of to reverse it. But it didn’t work, and they had to just walk away. They didn’t yet have enough power to simply annul the result and suppress any complaint about their actions.

            That’s how we know the system is not totally broken, not yet. It still has at least a slight capacity for self-correction to prevent a catastrophic failure.

        • We don’t need to be violent. We can organise mass protests even without a Soros and his bribes, as with the left thugs; when we notice democracy is being spat upon.
          This is our right. As the Brexit voters should be doing in GB now the high court and lefties are plotting hijacking Brexit..
          We can take to the streets in our millions in regular peaceful protests. Not leave that to i.e. Pegida

    • Zhukov: The Chancellor is not to blame. Please do not be angry with her. She appears to be in the early stages of frontotemporal dementia, a common type of dementia that strikes people in their prime which leaves chaos and crises in its wake. This brain disorder is devastating.

      I am stunned that no one has taken her to a neurologist.

      • What symptoms have you observed? I just looked at her speech on Donald Trump’s win and couldn’t see if her speech was affected.

        • I can’t comment for Rose of Sharon, and I wouldn’t know anything about this medical condition she mentioned. But Merkel read that statement in November from paper, sentence for sentence. When Merkel speaks freely, it always makes me wonder why she sounds so child-like.

    • I agree with much of Zhukov’s post, especially in regard to Merkel. That coldblooded female is pure evil and mainly to blame for Europe’s chaotic “migrant” situation. She has to be brought to justice for her traitorous actions. . . soon!

  3. Geert Wilders – the man that has been a constant source of irritation for some and an inspiration for many others. Will he become prime minister this year – the man they couldn’t hang? I certainly hope so!

  4. I’m less hopeful for Germany; they’re well past the point of no return. Their compliant citizenry has been dutifully reared by the government and educated in schools which teach tolerance. Even if Petry were elected, Germany nor France will muster the courage to rid themselves of the millions of imported or cultivated Mohammedans.

    • First one needs to take power. Then the rules change. Fingerprints facial recognition software. Then the deportations. Simple really. Don and Vlad will stop the war in Syria. That part has already begun on day 1 of the Presidency.

      • I am hopeful that Don and Vald can work together, but I have my doubts it can last forever. Maybe there is hope for Germany, but from what I’ve been exposed to – I’m not convinced their men have the stomach for such things.

  5. I teach ESOL to African immigrant kids (among others), and a lot of their families are acting like the Asian immigrants of yesterday and the European immigrants of even earlier–and I mean neither Triads, Mafias, or political radicals. There are many who are quick to establish small business, their kids are often highly studious and a pleasure to teach, even when the English is halting. Further, in the face of the furor islamicus, we would be very wise to heed some of the things African Christian immigrants have to tell us.

    BTW, I am [mostly] white. I drive some of my prog friends livid when I note how during many years in Flyover Country, people whom I know to have been Trump voters in Nov., 2o16 (if not earlier) were perfectly decent and kindly to my Eurasian family. In America, our post-racist age has found that a goodly portion of our non-white immigrant population will not riot, loot, or rape, but prove solid sojourners and citizens, and end up assimilated (probably while teaching the rest of us to appreciate some new foods in the process). Maybe a Europe that recovered a bit of its self-confidence (and its Christian heritage) might find the same thing.

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