Fillon Flunky Flacks for Funding Mosques on French TV

François Fillon is a former prime minister of France from the Republicans (formerly the UMP), the party of Nicolas Sarkozy. Mr. Fillon pushed past other leaders in the Republicans’ recent primary to win his party’s nomination for this year’s presidential election.

During his campaign Mr. Fillon has been taking a hard line against immigration and Islamization, obviously intending to take the wind out of the sails of Marine Le Pen and the Front National. However, Mr. Fillon’s spokesman recently appeared on TV singing a different tune — he wants to help Muslims build more mosques, using taxpayer funds if necessary.

A comment at Les Observateurs (translated by Ava Lon) encapsulates the outrage against the words spoken by Benoist Apparu in this brief video clip from French TV:

François Fillon’s new spokesman, Benoist Apparu, wants to facilitate the construction of mosques in France, if necessary with public money by amending the law of 1905 on secularism! Spread this widely to inform your friends.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Today
00:04   we are asking ourselves the question about “basement Islam” [irregular mosques].
00:08   We’re asking about religions, which, for instance Islam,
00:12   which organize street prayers. Because there isn’t enough… —Nothing was decided yet
00:16   about that. —I am asking questions for now. —As for me, the answer I would like to tackle
00:20   is very simple: in my opinion we have to help [make it easier] to build
00:24   mosques in our country. Even, if necessary, that the State funds it.
00:28   …funds it with taxpayers’ money? —If necessary! Even if it’s against the 1905 law [re secularism],
00:33   we’ll have to make some adjustments. —Why? —Because you cannot on one hand… —You’re
00:37   supporting building mosques with public money? —Personally? Yes!

20 thoughts on “Fillon Flunky Flacks for Funding Mosques on French TV

  1. These so-called “leaders” in the EUropean mess seem able to do virtually ANYTHING to appease the invaders; whilst completely ignoring the will of their constituents.
    Can mere cupidity (va$t amount$ of $audi monie$ a$ bribe$) account for this? I wonder what else there might be…………..
    Trump is likely a solution of sorts over here, but…………
    Bad as the EUropean lefties may think he is, other solutions to the problem can be FAR worse. Check into what happened to the Caliphate when the Mongol Horde bumped into it.
    Choppety, choppety, chop chop chop…….a bloody business indeed. History may not EXACTLY repeat itself, you know. Today we have all sorts of new and different technologies to play with………………swords are kinda passe’ here in the new, improved twenty-foist century.
    We have many other kinds of toys, now.

    • Weapons are not going to eradicate bad ideas . . . like Islam. Look what happened to the Mongols and their offspring after they had been hanging around the former caliphate for a while.

      Of course, bad ideas and values will fill a vacuum of NO (worthwhile) ideas and NO values . . . as is happening in the West. Removing empty heads from their bodies may not be such a bad idea after all. Perhaps a new caliphate is a necessary step towards – even the possibility of – sanity.

        • Exactly! The left invented their “perfect” solution: The Fourth Reich combined with Islam!

          • Ya ain’t the first. The Czechs have been calling Merkel’s Germany the Fourth Reich for a while now. 🙂 Fitting. That we should live to see the day….!

          • . . . especially the stupid, docile ones who just follow orders. Come to think of it – the problem is not limited to Germans.

  2. Not quite on topic, but the French state should help maintain historic churches, as it is supposed to, for their cultural and architectural value if the Church is struggling (?) to do so; one or two I saw in Brittany in 2002 looked in need of resources. Maybe mosques might qualify when they’re old enough? But not new ones.

    • The AFD platform is not ideal. They do set themselves to conflicts with some entities that should be on their side. However, the AFD is certainly reasonable. A 4th Reich, a Chaliphate or a Muslim 4th Reich would be a disaster to the whole world, especially Germany. I guess that despite any reservation, we all should support the AFD

      • Sorry I don’t get it. What entities (that should be on their side) the AFD set themselves on conflict?

    • You have already accepted that Muslims, their Koran and sharia law have a future then? Britanny might not be a good example. Thrir is a whole population in the French province of Brittany who do not consider themselves French. A very strong Indo European Celtic ‘fringe’ group who blow things up every now and then. They are at least as ambitious as the Scottidh nationalists pre independence from Britain Irish. That could have something to do with resources flowing from Paris? Also the Breton culture may be much much older.

    • Thank you. Remember when Variety used to do headlines like that? They had a thing for alliteration.

      • I don’t know Variety but I’ve seen that game in action occasionally, more in the UK. This is one of the best I’ve seen.

  3. A politician is never to be trusted blindly.
    That said, in almost any (Western-)European country the traditional political parties from left and center right are corrupt and a bunch of greedy, narcisstic half-wits (with a few solitary exceptions, but single persons don`t make a party).

    The often younger far left is ineligible because of their extrem views combined with their disregard (often plain hate) for European culture.
    Though I noticed in some of them a slight movement towards more criticism against EU, migration policy and Islam, we will see how this develops in the near future (fe. Sarah Wagenknecht of the “Linke” in Germany).

    Whats left is are either far right parties (like the Greek “Golden Dawn”) or oppositional and often younger center-right ones (who of course are mostly vilified as right wing extremists).
    But in this every single political landscape differs.
    They real problem almost everywhere is, that to change anything or to even get in governing positions, most of them would have to gain an absolute majority of voters.
    And that is not an easy task.
    Afaik only Orban so far was succesfull.

  4. And Poland of course.
    But both need the cooperation of smaller, radical and less reliable parties for constitutional changes.

  5. Obviously, the French and most non-Muslims do not understand the two basic objectives of the Muslim communal prayers: 1) a military-type drill to align Muslims physically and mentally; 2) a public display to mark Islamic territory much as dogs mark their territory. The prayer they pray is merely a rote incantation.

    Here is the hadith about straight rows and like mindedness:

    It was narrated that Abu Mas’ood said: The Messenger of Allah used to touch our shoulders when we were praying and he would say: “Make the rows straight and do not differ, lest your hearts differ.” Narrated by Muslim, 432.

    Here is the Sharia Law about praying in public:

    “In a city, prayer must be held in public places such that the manifestations of obedience to Allah’s command are evident. If held in houses where the rite of prayer is not public, the obligation remains unfulfilled.” (Reliance of the Traveler, Section f12.1)

    That provision goes on to say that Muslims should not go to bigger mosques and allow an existing prayer group to dwindle down to one or two people. Under such a command, the number of mosques needed to satisfy the prayer “needs” of Muslims is infinite. All the better if the mosques are funded by the clueless government.

  6. Isn’t life strange? In the final analysis all the smuggled and the smugglers and the elite smug may be doing is smuggling in wild and wooley rabbits for the chase. Unless the Muslims get hold of a nuclear weapon or such they will not be multiplying or lying or plotting the next outrage beyond a certain point. I imagine.

    • When a device is one day detonated in whichever city has the honour to be so enriched our Lords and Masters will immediately describe it as an isolated incident. Strangely enough, accurately.

      Until the others go off that is…..

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