It Is Madness And There Is Method To It

During the New Year’s Eve festivities in Cologne last weekend the police sensibly “profiled” young culture-enrichers based on their North African (“Nafri”) appearance. The Gutmenschen in the media and polite society immediately and predictably leveled charges of “racial profiling” at the police.

Vera Lengsfeld — whose writings have been featured here in the past — is a German politician, a peace activist, and a former DDR dissident. In the following essay from her website (via Politically Incorrect) she dares to dissent from the current wisdom about the actions of the police on Silvesternacht.

K. from Germany, who translated the piece, offers these prefatory remarks:

Cologne was mostly peaceful this time, but only due to massive police presence and preventive measures, i.e. the turning away of certain “clientele” already at the train stations. These measures themselves are now coming under fire from our professional SJWs. Other places, which were not so heavily guarded, received their share of incidents.

The article also alludes to reports of “suspicious gatherings” of mostly North African and Arab men, often numbering more than 1,000 strong, appearing in various cities of West Germany seemingly “out of nowhere” as official language puts it. We’ll be hearing more of this, I am sure.

The translated essay:

It Is Madness And There Is Method To It

by Vera Lengsfeld

The year 2017 began like the unfortunate 2016. Despite massive security measures, which were covered beforehand extensively, about 1,700 North Africans, called “Nafri” by the police, attempted to reach the New Year’s festivity in Cologne’s Cathedral Square. As determined by the peace officers, they were the same clientele responsible for the mass violations in the previous year. In Dortmund, Duisburg and Essen there were similar aggressive gatherings of young North Africans, accompanied by vulgarities or attacks on police, firefighters or rescue teams.

The police were not the only ones who appeared to be “irritated” about this inrush. In the quality media, too, the question was raised what such crowdings might possibly mean. After all it looked like a provocation. What did the young men, who took on the journey deliberately, want in Cologne, and why were they so aggressive? Had the quality journalists forgotten what took place there last year, or are they really that naïve? Those who believed that this would be the absolute low point in this year’s New Year’s Eve reporting found themselves to be wrong.

Shortly after the police had announced that they were passably able to provide for quietude, at least in Cologne, with the help of 1500 personnel, a “racism” campaign was launched against them in social media. The notorious Mr. [Jahn] Böhmermann participated with the daft question: “What is actually the difference between Nafri and Negro?” One Herr Fichtner even called for an investigation committee. “Are the police in #Cologne either not working at all — or only based on racist clichés?”

Spiegel Online gladly took it up and turned it into a story, which raised no less an accusation than that of “racial profiling”.

“Last year, especially in the Cathedral City, hundreds of women were molested – and stated that the perpetrators looked ‘North African’. Now the Cologne police, in the eye of critics, obviously used this stereotype for prevention of possible violations.”

How dare these police? Instead of watching out for choirboys or old white men, who, as is well-known, did not make trouble in the Cathedral Square 2016, they turned their attention towards men who fit the “perpetrator profile”! This has to be denounced and most severely sanctioned!

Have the quality journalists participating in the racism accusations or the politicians, who were quick to express their indignation about the racist police via Twitter, lost their marbles?

It is bad enough that a major event in Germany can no longer take place without most massive police protection. To face the policemen, who provide for this security under high risk to their own physical integrity, on top of this with the worst, untenable accusations, is a scandal! Should they have let loose hundreds of young, aggressive men on the revellers? If it had come to massive sexual violations again, what would our quality journalists have said then?

Shame on you, Spiegel Online and all those who deconstruct our constitutional bodies with such detestable methods!

14 thoughts on “It Is Madness And There Is Method To It

    • Don’t forget the Amish people who sneaked in during the confusion!

      All them young men in straw hats and long beards, young women in bonnets and modest dresses too!

      Spoilt the whole of the NYE celebrations by behaving in a modest and becoming manner, properly lowering the tone of violence, sexual assaults and drunkenness normally expected.

      Why weren’t they racially profiled?

      Only joking!

      To all the offended NAFRIS your reputation precedes you where ever you appear. Just go home!

  1. Profile, detain, track, report, do not employ, intern, deport. Close mosques. Ban all Islam lit. After war is won and this sick Muslim ideology is crushed and Saudis in particular flushed boiler plated security by design for our children.

  2. It will be interesting to watch the attrition rate in the police force over the next 12 months. Nothing says thank you for your valiant service like getting slapped in the face, and kicked in the groin.
    “Should they have let loose hundreds of young, aggressive men on the revellers?”
    Maybe they should have, let’s hope next year they do. What will it take to get some action on this file.
    After this years elections we’ll finally know how people actually feel over there, so far it’s not looking promising.

  3. Baron, I am still reading this site at times. It can be informative. Would like to writing a little more here at times, but am not wanting to have my head (metaphorically) bitten off if ever to trying.

    Fewer than a thousand burnt-out cars, quite the triomphe for l’Etat Francaise.

    So, as long as they keep the number between 500 and 1000, it seems to be all fine.

    It would be nice to see the crazy allowances the actuaries are having to make for this dimension of enrichment, vehicle insurance policies in France must be very strange and lenient.

    There is probably a business model in buying vehicles and parking them in areas where they are likely to be set afire, not suggesting that it may be general, or that it excuses arson, or that the arsonists are not rotten people, just that the probability of such a phenomenon approaches 100%. There must be profit in it.

    Can imagine intense discussions in head offices of insurance companies in France on the topic.

    A belated Happy New Year to all here, from this generally read-only (because I don’t want my head bitten off) poster.

    She:This auto is a little old and decrepit.

    He:I don’t have the money for a new auto.

    She:But you are having insurance on it?

    He:Yes, of course.

    She:So why don’t we park it in the depths of the banlieus, if we get out quickly in daylight, it is not too dangerous and we get a nice new car after your old is culturally enriched by being burned?

    He:If you say so.

    Note that the sex roles in the above can of course be reversed.

    • I wonder about auto insurance premiums in France. Are they maybe subsidized by the government? Otherwise one would expect them to be prohibitive.

      • So do I, Baron, my post is partly based on real observation in a different western country where, among the upper middle-classes, fraudulent vehicle destruction and insurance claims were a kind of sport. Shocking to me!

        I am sure something similar must be at least part of the case in France.

        A:Where should we park the car?

        B:Oh, I don’t know, how about somewhere where it’s guaranteed to be burnt out in nightly Moslem riots at this time of year?

        A:That is sound thinking!

        • I don’t know if this is different in France (can’t imagine it though) but I cannot insure my car above its actual value. If it gets destroyed, the maximum I receive is its market value, so I could replace it with a used one of similar age and mileage. If you want a new car, you have to top up the difference yourself.

  4. The German police forces seem to have strong union leaders who are willing to deflect the unwarranted vitriol and ridiculous laws being enacted that is being seen as counter productive to their authority.

    Regardless of their political persuasion All governments need their police forces, for without an effective police deterrent within a society whose civil mores are being manipulated to break down, it would soon be anarchy on the streets that would eventually find its way into parliaments.

    Police forces may be employed to follow the orders of a heavily politicized police hierarchy which is beholden to what the government may dictate, but it is the individual police officer who is the dealer and witness to the ‘problems’ that a government that has become destructive brings to the streets.

    Merkel’s government may now be on notice from the police unions and the strong union leadership that enough is enough!

  5. And when the elections come around, women in large numbers will vote for the same political parties that continue to import their molesters. Look at the distribution by gender in the recent Austrian elections.

    • Don’t forget the men too. The society is but a product of its education and the liberal education that has been prevalent has failed all. Unless it’s brainwashing. Well, then we can call it a success.

  6. “Wah, wah, wah! You profiled the Nafri and caused us to miss any opportunity to be groped, molested, assaulted, or raped. Wah, wah, wah!” Go fecking figure.

    As my German neighbor replied, when I told her about a favorite bumper sticker of mine—”Stupidity should be painful”—there is an old saying, “If stupidity were painful, they’d all be screaming.”

    Profiling worked and kept everyone safe. But profiling is evil and, and, and … (blank-out)

  7. I think part of the problem is with the emotional baggage that comes with the word “racist”. If a herd of cattle are running amok in a town, it is just plain stupid to start searching for ducks. Of course racial profiling makes sense, it should NOT have negative connotations, rather the word should stand on its merit, which is to discriminate based on race. Given that the perpetrators are exclusively of Arab/Pakistani/Near Eastern, it makes sense to target them.

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