Why Did Norbert Hofer Lose the Austrian Presidential Election?

As most readers already know, the rerun of the Austrian presidential election last Sunday resulted in a victory for the Green candidate, Alexander Alexander Van der Bellen, and a defeat for Norbert Hofer of the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). Our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff examines the reasons for Mr. Hofer’s defeat.

An Analysis of the Austrian Presidential Election

by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

“Good defeated Evil.” (Michael Häupl, mayor of Vienna)

Or: How Norbert Hofer lost an election he could and should have won

A broad alliance based on fear comprising all parts of the Austrian establishment — including all political parties —ensured an EU-compliant president. At the end of the day, Austrians voted in favor of the supra-national European Union and against Austria (the president-elect actually longs for a centralized EU, with the Commission acting as president. What he fails to realize, perhaps, is that in this case he would only be a local government leader, akin to a governor in the USA). A tragedy, one might think. However, I say: better to have a lame duck in the Hofburg (the official office of the president) than Hillary Clinton and her cronies in the White House. An Austrian president is irrelevant, whereas an American president is not. It’s really that simple.

The result of the election had one major advantage: the lengthiest election campaign in Austrian history has finally come to an end. Today, more than 53 percent are more or less happy, some even elated; 46 percent likely feel betrayed, betrayed by a tsunami of the entire media establishment (the word Gleichschaltung inevitably comes to mind), the armada of state-sponsored artists and those who think they are artists, the hysteria emanating from elderly Muppets on the political sidelines, former “Conservatives”, staunch leftists and statists, who felt the voters needed to be instructed in casting their vote for the “good” candidate. Yes, the Left’s victory required the consolidated might of all “good” Austrians. From this point of view, Norbert Hofer’s 46 percent must be applauded and respected and his voters lauded for their courage. However, the election result has baffled those who firmly counted on victory of the “right-wing extremist, who was determined to lead Austria out of the European Union and re-establish concentration camps” (not). The hungry-for-scandal media, which prior to the election descended upon Vienna like vultures, must have been sorely disappointed. What a waste of their time!

So what happened? Yes, Hofer and his team fought a valiant battle and his 46% can and should be viewed as a victory. Nevertheless, something must have gone wrong, given that Hofer had led in the polls and at the betting offices. I consider myself a truth-seeker, and thus I can and will not ignore the numerous blunders and beginner’s mistakes committed by the Hofer campaign. This election could and should have been won.

So why wasn’t it?

As always, there is no one-word answer. Yes, the establishment successfully united against Mr. Hofer. Yes, the media successfully ran a campaign of fear against Mr. Hofer. Yes, the leader of the BREXIT referendum, Nigel Farage, was an unguided missile with his uncalled-for and untrue message on election eve that a Hofer victory would necessarily lead to an ÖXIT (Austria leaving the EU). Yes, the leader of the conservative party ÖVP admitted he would cast his vote for the leftist candidate, with ÖVP mayors in non-urban areas following suit. However, one must also address the blunders in the FPÖ campaign:

1.   According to the commentator Andreas Unterberger, voters do not appreciate the attempt to overturn an election result by contesting it.
2.   Hofer made the mistake of meandering: initially, he was successful in softening the traditional party positions; however, in the final debate, he descended into polemics and constant accusations of lying on the part of his opponent. People were obviously turned off and frightened, especially women.
3.   Despite Donald Trump’s election victory, Hofer was unable to establish himself as an Austrian Trump. The media certainly tried their utmost to tie Trump to Hofer; however, Hofer is anything but an Austrian Trump.
4.   Austrians criticize the European Union, its immigration policies, and its disastrous economic policies, among others, but the majority of Austrians apparently do not want to leave the EU. (This decision will not matter, due to Italy’s NO in the referendum. It is likely that the EU will disintegrate anyway.)
5.   The election was also decided by media outlets such as the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), which de facto ignored the entire topic of immigration, terror and Islam in spite of numerous victims, not least the recent attack in Ohio. This constitutes massive manipulation of voter opinion, especially since ORF and the other media outlets are very aware how important this topic is to the population.
6.   During the entire campaign, the party did not make a serious attempt to carry its message to the different subsystems within society and to prove that the party is part of societal reality.
7.   Those target groups that were the most decisive for winning the election were never addressed. While this is a challenge for FPÖ, it is of utmost importance to focus on groups and voters in universities, arts and culture, the medical field, etc.
8.   The leader of the conservative party acting as a traitor to concervative values doesn’t mean it is is impossible for FPÖ to find reputable personalities and authorities to proclaim support for FPÖ positions.
9.   Just because the leader of the conservative party is a traitor doesn’t preclude the FPÖ from presenting an offer to ÖVP voters.
10.   In its final phase, the campaign was definitely too aggressive and offensive. The ground rule is that a controversial contender should not be in an attack mode in the final third of an election campaign.
11.   Last, but not least: FPÖ has a massive problem with women voters, not just in this election, but in all elections. Given that more than half of the population is made up of women, it is baffling to consider how the party expects to decisively win any election in the future. It is a fact that the party leadership is made up of a handful of men who live and work in a bubble, and who are immune to criticism or outside advice or pointers.

Finally, the success of the campaign of fear which led to a fear of isolation within the population cannot be underestimated. As noted by the German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, people fear isolation and feel more comfortable by agreeing with majority opinions, even when they are wrong. Noelle-Neumann argues that “public opinion is social control, defined as opinions that can be expressed without risking sanctions or social isolation, or opinions that have to be expressed in order to avoid isolation.” Noelle-Neumann notes that a person can “only complete and explain the world by making use of a consciousness which in large measure has been created by the mass media.”

This is one of the primary reasons for Hofer’s loss. People want to be winners; they want to side with the victorious, the good, the noble side. The media relentlessly pounded on the population the mantra “If you vote for Hofer, you’re a loser, an idiot, a hater.”

Who wants to be associated with the losers? It’s easy to prevent that by casting a vote for rainbows and unicorns, for the feel-good candidate.

So this is why Norbert Hofer lost.


41 thoughts on “Why Did Norbert Hofer Lose the Austrian Presidential Election?

  1. Clear-eyed and unsparing analysis. It would be nice if a few of the inner circle in FPOe paid attention. The future of Austria may depend on their success.

    • Dear Elisabeth,

      My analysis goes conform with yours broadly. Just read the last point:
      the KREISKY MAJORITY: Thats the real Austria.

      Concerning the obvious mistakes of the Hofer-Campaign just look at the mistakes of the VdB-Campaign.

      And then: The wife of the Krone-Chef and herself owner of “heute” came back recently from a one year sabbatical in the US. Since her return the “Krone” shows a different course, Friendly to socialist Kern und even now to the EU. What happended? You are such an expert, give us an hint.

      Paul Fischer

      HOFER GEGEN VdB – das nennt man Brutalität

      Van der Bellen gewann am 4. Dezember die österreichische Präsidentschaftswahl, weil er schon am 22. Mai dieses Jahres gewonnen hatte.

      Die Wahlanfechtung war somit für Hofer kontraproduktiv, hatte aber auf das künftige Wahl-procedere durchaus nützlich Effekte. Und die FPÖ hätte andernfalls hinfort mit einer Dolchstoßlegende agiert.

      Auch der Trumpeffekt ist nach hinten losgegangen. Was die USA in deren Wahlkampf heuer geboten haben, hat hier viele abgeschreckt.

      Den Vogel schoss wohl der Brexit-Erfinder Nigel Farage von Ukip ab: Er freute sich drei Tage vor der Wahl schon auf Hofer in der Hofburg, weil es dann einen Öxit geben würde und eine Zerstörung der EU. (Man beachte, dass er wie Hofer (anfänglich) von einer „Zerstörung“ der EU sprach. Warum muss man von Zerstörung sprechen, wenn man ein politisches Projekt ablehnt? Das lässt tief blicken).

      Die Österreicher waren wohl noch nicht bereit, die EU auf den Misthaufen der Geschichte zu schicken. 1995 hat man mit 66 Prozent für den Beitritt zur EU gestimmt. Und das war irgend-wie eine Verwirklichung des hitlerschen „Anschluss“es in anderem Gewand. Derzeit lehnen 75 Prozent einen Austritt aus der Europäischen Union ab. Wieso man dann die FPÖ „populistisch nennt“ bleibt ein Geheimnis. Denn wäre sie das, müsste sie der EU nach dem Mund reden.

      Meinungsumfragen zeigten im November Hofer mit 4 Prozent voran. Die Sache drehte sich während einer lauten, angriffigen TV-Konfrontation. Die Wähler erlebten plötzlich einen bösen, unfairen Hofer. Jemanden 7 x einen Lügner schimpfen, bringt keine Stimmen, wie man sehen kann. Auch ständig im Nazistil von „Systemparteien“ zu sprechen, lockt keinen Wähler hinter dem Ofen hervor.

      Dass aber gestern die „Elite“ der ÖVP auf der VdB-Wahlsiegparty in der Hofburg vor Begeisterung jubelte, wird noch auf sie zurückfallen. Othmar Karas, Ferry Mayer, Raiffeisen Konrad und Maria Rauch Kallat (ehem. Gräfin Mensdorff-Puilly) boten ein Bild, das bei der 2018 anstehenden Nationalratswahl seine Wirkung nicht verfehlen wird. Wie die Ratten sind die schon lange Vergessenen plötzlich aus grünen Löchern gehüpft. Nur, wo war Erhard Busek, der 1995 die Internationale sang?

      Aber sie sind nicht das, was wir 2018 wählen wollen. Wenn schon schon, dann eher Doskozil und Kern. Und sollten sie Kurz verheizen, dann treiben sie Strache in den Ballhausplatz. Und „unser“ Präsident in der Hofburg wird das nicht verhindern können, oder er bekommt eine Demonstration unter seinem Fenster wie seinerzeit Bruno Kreisky mit Karl Schranz.

      Übrigens, die 54 Prozent für Van der Bellen erinnern stark an die Wahlergebnisse jenes Bruno Kreisky, der als Jude in einem „Naziland“ reüssierte. Hitler war Österreicher und die meisten der Holocaust-Verbrecher stammten aus Österreich wie Eichmann oder Kaltenbrunner. Die Bibliotheken sind voll, welche diese Tatsache ausleuchten. Dass Dr. Kreisky so oft gewählt wurde, widerspricht der Affinität der Österreicher für braunes Gedankengut. Wir hatten nach Kreisky zwar einen „jetzt erst recht“ Waldheim (den Schwiegervater von Othmar Karas). Und in Kärnten einen Landeshauptmann, der von einer ordentlichen Beschäftigungspolitik träumte, ja gar eine Dritte Republik anstrebte (neben einem Beitritt zur Nato). Und jetzt haben wir den Weißrussen, in Estland geborenen, „Kommunisten“, „Spion“, Universitätsprofessor und Obergrünen Alexander Van der Bellen mit einer Kreisky-Mehrheit in der Hof(er)-Burg. Ein Rätsel, das heute Abend, die CNN-Anchorwoman Hala Gorani, eine Muslimin, nach Wien lockte, um von hier der Welt über dieses besondere Austriakum zu berichten.

      PF, 5.12.2016

      • Paul,

        When you paste lengthy German text, please include an English translation. This is an English-language blog.

        Machine translation:

        HOFER AGAINST VdB – this is called brutality

        Van der Bellen won the Austrian presidential election on 4 December, because he had already won on 22 May this year.

        The election challenge was therefore counter-productive for Hofer, but had effects on the future electoral process. And the FPÖ would have acted otherwise with a dagger thrust.

        The trumpeffect has also gone backwards. What the US has offered in their election campaign this year has deterred many.

        The bird probably shot the Brexit inventor Nigel Farage from Ukip: three days before the election, he was already looking forward to Hofer in the Hofburg because there would be an Oxit and a destruction of the EU. (Note that he, like Hofer (initially), spoke of a “destruction” of the EU, why is it necessary to speak of destruction if a political project is rejected?

        The Austrians were probably not yet ready to send the EU to the dunghill of history. In 1995, 66 per cent voted to join the EU. And that was somehow-like a realization of the hitler’s “connection” it in another garment. At present, 75 percent reject a withdrawal from the European Union. Why one calls the FPÖ “populist” remains a secret. If she were, she would have to talk to the EU about her mouth.

        Opinion polls were up 4 percent in November. The matter turned during a loud, attacking TV confrontation. The voters suddenly experienced an evil, unfair Hofer. To swear a liar, does not make any voices, as one can see. To speak constantly in the Nazistil of “system parties” does not attract any voters behind the stove.

        However, the fact that yesterday’s “elite” of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) rejoiced in enthusiasm at the VdB election victory in the Hofburg will still fall back on them. Othmar Karas, Ferry Mayer, Raiffeisen Konrad, and Maria Rauch Kallat (Countess Mensdorff-Puilly) offered a picture that will not be missed by the 2018 national elections. Like the rats, the long-forgotten ones have suddenly leapt from green holes. Only where was Erhard Busek, who sang the International in 1995?

        But they are not what we want to choose in 2018. If already, then rather Doskozil and Kern. And if they’re short-burned, they’ll drive Strache into the ball house. And “our” President in the Hofburg will not be able to prevent this, or he will get a demonstration under his window like Bruno Kreisky with Karl Schranz.

        By the way, the 54 per cent for Van der Bellen are strongly reminiscent of the election results of Bruno Kreisky, who succeeded as a Jew in a “Naziland”. Hitler was an Austrian and most of the Holocaust criminals came from Austria like Eichmann or Kaltenbrunner. The libraries are full, which illuminate this fact. The fact that Dr. Kreisky was so often chosen contradicts the affinity of the Austrians for brown thought. After Kreisky, we had a “now even more” Waldheim (the father-in-law of Othmar Karas). And in Carinthia, a provincial leader who dreamed of a proper employment policy, even a Third Republic (in addition to joining NATO). And now we have the white russian, born in Estonia, “communists”, “spy”, university professor and supergrass Alexander van der Bellen with a Kreisky majority in the Hof (er) -Burg. A mystery that tonight, the CNN-Anchorwoman Hala Gorani, a Muslim, lured to Vienna to tell the world about this particular Austriakum.

    • I’m going out on a limb here, and I greatly fear I might hurt women’s feelings. But let’s be honest. Women are generally speaking more emotional and less rational.

      I’ve been married for 17 years now, and thanks to my influence my wife gets to see, hear and know stuff that would otherwise elude her. If my influence weren’t there, my wife would be a hardcore leftist.

      I hasten to add that I don’t behave like a tyrant at home. I always make it clear that everyone should decide for himself. I don’t force my viewpoints upon my family. E.g., I always tell my 15 year old daughter that she should accept nothing at face value, not even what her dad tells her. I tell her to listen to all the sides, and then make up her mind herself.

      But even if they know all the facts, women seem to be natural leftists. It may be the doom of western civilization, ultimately. There, I said it. Now shoot me.

      • Exactly, Outlaw Mike. I share your experience here in NW-Germoney, though I might be a little bit older, with grandchildren in ages about 10-11 (unto 1 year young). My wife, 62, is very intelligent but hardcore leftist. For example, I told her to join every Monday-evening walk with Pegida if I would live in or naar Dresden (and would even skip my weekly rehearsel with the Bach-Choir for that purpose). She thinks that crowd over there in the ‘creepy East’ is merely formed by pure neo-nazists and skinheads. Alternative for Germany (AfD) which I joined from the beginning, she dislikes from the bottom of her heart. When I read some interesting things to her, she replies simply with: “That’s only an opinion”…
        Well, I survive…

        • Guten Abend Peter Der Grosse, I verstehe worueber Sie reden. My sister is absolutely not the type of welfare addict, quite the contrary. She’s 48 and has worked all her professional life in the private sector. She oversaw, and was instrumental in, the real estate operations of a big shopping center in Brussels North which opened 1 month ago.

          And yet….. she was ADAMANT in insisting that Americans who voted for Trump were brainless hillbillies, stupid [epithets] and that smart, educated people voted Clinton. We almost got in a fight over that during a family dinner recently.

      • I did a little research on election results last year here in Germany and now after the Austria election.
        Always same results: Most Women vote for the green party.

        (Männer = men; Frauen = women)

        In my opinion thats completely insane. Van der Bellen is from the green party which is absolutely pro open border without any control: And most women vote for him.
        Today (after all the rapes, murders of the last days and burning of a women (today)) this video was posted in the media:


        I read a lot of web comments how cowardly german men are. I’m a german man. I’m not cowardly. Believe me.
        But I’m unwilling to help such deranged, disordered women.
        That’s for sure.

        And yes: Women go for socialism.
        Well, they get what they want…

        • Sad but true. There are many brave women out there – the VB’s Anke Vandermeersch comes to mind – but I’m afraid the grand majority of women vote left/green.

          In other news, all across Austria FPOe gangs wreaked havoc on the streets, destroying shop windows, setting trash bins on fire, throwing rocks to the police, and smashing cars. Scores of disgruntled rightwing voters staged sit-ins in front of Parliament and marched through the streets of Vienna, Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Heiligenblut and Zell-am-See holding banners with ‘NICHT MEIN PRAESIDENT!!!’

        • Uh, if my words are offensive to Dymphna or other ladies with their heads screwed on right, I apologize. Sincerely. However, facts are facts. I see it in my own family.

        • “Deranged and disordered”? And you wonder why we don’t want to be in one boat with you.

          • No I don’t. We are not sitting in one boat.
            To be honest: We are not within earshot.
            At least with those majority of women who vote for those parties.
            Every action we do lead to consequences. And we have to bear that consequences.

      • I agree. And I am a 69 year old grandmother. Years ago, I offered to sacrifice my vote if women were banned from the process.

        With the exception of the highly manipulative LGBT operatives on the left – [who exhibit more testosterone than most men] – women are still too easily manipulated with 3 hankie fables and kumbaya campfires.

        We are in a race war. THERE, I said it. I just returned from a month in Austria and Hungary – I spoke to as many locals as would broach the subject… and outside Vienna and Salzburg, the rural Austrians are unaffected by most of the vermin invading the big cities. They don’t like it, but it’s not upon them like it is in Vienna and elsewhere.

        Austrians will come around after the Greenie… because he can’t help himself from the excesses of the left. I witnessed the internet censorship firsthand in Germany – I left Ramsau -Konigsee area after 3 days…

        the Hungarians get it… Budapest is experiencing a full out renaissance now that all their gypsies have left for welfare checks in Germany, Britain and France…. Hungary was virtually gypsy free … and lying on a park bench was enough for a tap on the knee by a local copper.

        I loved it… the Hungarians are merciless and understand the gravity of this invasion. Ditto for Romanians and Bulgarians.

        • “Equality” has not served women well. They equated it with being like men. And the stupidity continues…

          Yeah, I’d give up my vote, too, if it would make any difference, but…let’s say I would if I got to choose which more-than-usually dumb man were likewise denied the vote. Three guesses who I’d choose.

    • FPOe propagates an idea of women that was current approximately in the early 1900s. Hofer is the editor of a recent (2013?) book that proclaims that women are for breeding and their purpose is to look after said breed. Equal rights are only for hippies, real women stay at home and all they want is a strong man, so they better look after that strong man.
      Also, they have a pretty violent diction and are talking with a lot of hate, it’s insane. And especially their supporters as well (of course, not all of them! But a large amount of death threats, violence threats and whatnot – even though it may be by keyboard warriors – comes from their supporter side. Not from any of the other sides). Pretty sure that women are put off by this moreso than men. Source: I am an Austrian woman 😉

      • I hate to say this, but after touring Austria, Germany and Switzerland for many many years… this 69 year old woman has witnessed much of the aforementioned.

        As an American woman – I have never been subject to such nonsense, but routinely witness this attitude in some European men.

        Not as bad as South America and Africa, and Asia… but still — those old ways die hard.

        I didn’t know Hofer was an old style misogynist… if so, he has 2 enemies… the women he has been disdaining… and the invading 3rd world hordes with IQ’s below the minimum for self governance.

  2. It just goes to show that most Austrians can’t think for themselves. What’s new there? They have not had much experience as an independent state. They were the center of the sclerotic Austro-Hungarian Empire, and after that fell apart in World War 2, they soon rolled under the Hitler machine with scarcely a murmur of protest. They are notoriously antisemitic.

    Granted, their musical and intellectual talent (much of it Jewish, let’s not forget) has been remarkable because under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna was a cosmopolitan city. Now it is a museum.

    Their laws against free speech are some of the harshest in Europe – remember the treatment of brave Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff?


    Let them stew in their own juice! The fate of all idiots.

    • Thank you for your kind words.

      However, I don’t want to stew in my own juice. I love my country. I want it to prosper, not fail.

      And I disagree with you: not ALL Austrians are notoriously Anti-Semitic. Many are, especially among the New Austrians who are – you may have guessed it – Muslims.

      • I take your point. I guess you are one of the 46%. It is very galling to be surrounded by the blind.

        And of course I agree that the rise in antisemitism is due to the Muslims. I was thinking of Vienna up to and including WW2 – so perhaps ought to have used the past tense, instead of the present.

        I wish you well in your endeavor!

    • Sorry, but [I disagree vehemently with what you said]
      Even the part with science and music. 😉

      Austria also didn`t just roll under Hitlers machinery.
      The Nazis murdered the Chancellor, and before that Austria was under heavy oeconomic pressure from Nazi-Germany (while still suffering from the crisis in the 1930`s and the payment of war reparations).
      You know what, only Mexico protested against the annexion of Austria by Nazi-Germany – not a single other country.
      Italy even betrayed us (not for the first time), because they would`ve been obliged to military protect Austria from Germany, but they gained Southern Tyrol instead from Hitler as payment for their betrayal.

      And of course at that time the Nazis still had to commit their biggest crimes, while many in Europe were in fear of the real communist aggression.
      So it was easy to gain support by the people (many of them without job or even starving), just like they deceived the British Goverment, Stalin and others.

  3. “What he fails to realize, perhaps, is that in this case he would only be a local government leader, akin to a governor in the USA).”

    He might be eying a nice cushy retirement job into the EU’s la la land where rivers flow rich with thick bundle of euros and every politician lives happily and responsibility free forever…

    • Oh, he was already retired… as a well-paid university expert within the socialist government of Vienna. He did not achieve anything. He was silent throughout his tenure, until he was was dusted off by the Green party to run for an independent (haha!) presidency.

    • He was already semi-retired in a comfortable position in a well-paid position within the socialist government in Vienna. He did not make any waves… until he was dusted off by the Greens to run for an independent presidency.

  4. Lack of free speech protections hobble this kind of candidacy. Further, every establishment reference to this party included that it was started by ex-Nazis. It’s not that Austrian are unwilling to support a party of ex-Nazis, but many don’t want to flaunt this.

    • FPÖ might have been started by ex-Nazis, but it was the Socialists who had a number of ex-Nazi ministers in their governments.

      Today’s FPÖ is not a party of ex-Nazis, just as today’s Austrians are not Nazis. Please stop this accusation. It’s getting old.

  5. Lost a battle, but may be not the war. Pulling in 46% of the vote shows nearly half the voters are ready for change.

  6. I am sorry to hear that comments by Nigel Farage are viewed as a negative.
    My first thought after the result was published was that Austrian voters had not yet experienced enough pain… Give it time because this migrant situation will not decrease, only increase.

    • I think you’re on the money. It’s on the electorate. Ultimately, we can specify that Hofer should have jumped up when he jumped down and visa-versa, but it is still circuses for the proles.

      Trump,up to the very last, made grievous blunders and errors, but his strength was simply muttering “immigration”. That drew him overflow crowds every time. The American voters were looking for a man; apparently, the Austrian voters were still looking for a glorified performer.

      Hopefully, Austrian voters will get another chance, and will see the necessity of focusing on actual issues. I think America’s goose would have been cooked if Hillary had won the election. She would have flooded the country with low-skill, low-IQ, violent, left-voting immigrants and made sure they were scattered in the red states. She would have appointed a Supreme Court thoroughly committed to producing laws in accord with cultural Marxist assumptions. She would have supported election reforms making it virtually impossible for any candidate to run without the support of large political contributors. And of course, she would have signed TPP and a hundred other trade conglomerations designed to promote the free flow of immigrant labor in, and capital out.

      Traditional America would have been completely neutralized politically as well as economically. No one but a Democrat or a Democrat posing as a Republican would ever be able to win an election again.

    • The problem was, that first of all the presidency has nothing to do what so ever with an exit from the EU.
      Secondly there was a sort of smear campaign by the opponents of Hofer with massive support from the economy sector that voting for Hofer would mean voting for an exit.
      Even the FPÖ knows that our economy is so much interwoven with Germany that we just can`t easily get out of the EU (we are not Switzerland).

      So while the FPÖ and Hofer tried to get the message to the voters that this was a lie, the mainstream media happily made use of Farages stupid statement (at the end of the election campaign).
      I dont know how much damage it has caused, but it certainly wasn`t helpful either.

      • And keep in mind, Trump would`ve lost in Austria.
        Because it`s a direct ballot and the one with the most votes win.

        There is no Electoral College like in the USA.

        • An electoral college is what saves the rural Austrian from the snowflakes and LGBT city dwellers.

          never EVER demean the electoral college… it was a brilliant way to stifle the urban majority.

  7. In the televised debates, perhaps Hofer should have asked Van der Bellen to explain how allowing in thousands of people ( mainly young men) whose role model is a mass-murdering child-abusing 7th Century rapist version of Charles Manson – and who will try to kill you if you mock, criticise or depict him in any way – is a good idea.

    • You seem to have missed the point of my analysis. It is NOT just the media’s fault. That would be too simple a diagnosis.

      In a perfect world, we’d find balanced media; we are far from a perfect world.

  8. It is not the end of all…
    In Hungary Orban’s party had 4 years in the past, then they lost the election against the socialists (post communists/marxists/liberals) who were promising all the stars from the sky!
    They were in power for 8 long years! They ruined the country, throw it into a huge debt, chaos and PC was ruling. Then Orban’s party the Fidesz came back with a vengeance, because the naive population was able to learn that all promises of the liberal-socialists were just empty lies. In the meantime the Fidesz learned from their loss, it taught them how to organize, mobilize their members, the importance of media (which is all ruled by the left) and won.
    The moral of the story is, that maybe the Austrians has to taste a bit more misery (they are generally much wealthier than the Hungarians) and once they wised up they can get out of trouble.
    But until then, their women must endure rapes and attacks by their invaders. I guess everyone learns in their own pace…

    • Orban has a comfortable position governing with an absolute majority (if I remember it correctly).

      But even he has setbacks.
      In parlament and with his plebiscite.

  9. Unfortunately, in a nutshell………….women did it!! I am a woman, but I have to acknowledge the sad truth. Unlike men, women tend to vote left of center, and not in this election but in all elections, on all issues. It’s nature. It doesn’t bode well for those of us who understand the gravity of the threat that the leftist, progressive ideology poses, for Austria, for Europe, for the world.
    Here the numbers on male/female voting in the Austrian election:

    • And the candidate from the far-left (VdB) did all he could to downplay his political background, even with plain lies and a phony campaign.
      So much that allready people from the left started mocking.

      But by doing so he obviously gained enough votes from the center.
      And many left nonvoters voted for him in my opinion.
      Not so much for him as a candidate, but to avert a success of the FPÖ.
      So yes, many women went for what they belived to be the less hazardous and well known center path.

  10. Als sich die ÖVP für den grünen Kandidaten entschied , die Junge ÖVP auf den Genderzug aufsprang , war klar, daß Norbert Hofer nicht gewinnen würde. Diesen Verrat an christlichen Werten seitens der ÖVP hat Hofer zu wenig thematisiert.
    Die Kampagne war zu wenig kantig, und zum Schluss zu aggressiv.
    Wenn die ÖVP weiter diesen polit Kurs fährt, wird sie noch die letzten chrisl. Wähler verlieren. Van der Bellen hat sich als “Netter Opa”präsentiert, ähnlich wie Kreisky.
    Die Österreicher mögen”Vaterfiguren”, und wählen aus dem Bauch einen Typen, zu dem sie sich gefühlsmäßig mehr hingezogen fühlen, da bleiben Argumente, die dagegen sprechen leicht unbeachtet. Und wenn alle für Van der Bellen sind , muß er doch der bessere Kanditat sein, oder?

    [Machine translation:

    When the ÖVP opted for the green candidate, the young ÖVP on the gender train, it was clear that Norbert Hofer would not win. This treason of Christian values on the part of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) has not been addressed too much.
    The campaign was too short, and ultimately too aggressive.
    If the ÖVP continues this policy course, it will still be the last chrisl. Losing voters. Van der Bellen has presented itself as a “nice grandpa”, similar to Kreisky.
    The Austrians like “father figures,” and choose from the belly a guy, to whom they feel more attracted, there remain arguments that speak against it easily. And if all are for Van der Bellen, he must be the better candidate, right?

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