Nicolaus Fest: “The Chancellor is Politically Responsible for Maria’s Murder”

In the following video, the German journalist Nicolaus Fest discusses the rape and murder of Maria L., and the role that Chancellor Angela Merkel played in it.

Nash Montana, who translated the video for subtitling, includes this introduction on Nicolaus Fest:

Dr. Nicolaus Fest is a German lawyer and journalist, and an independent publicist. He also runs a blog entitled “Islam Unveiled — the Political Blog of Nicolaus Fest”.

This is his Facebook page, and this is his YouTube channel.

Back in 2004 Fest wrote an article in the Sunday edition of BILD in which he said that Islam cannot integrate. BILD’s reaction was to distance itself from Fest. They stopped publishing his commentary, and instead wrote a commentary denouncing Fest and his opinion of Islam.

Fest joined the AfD in October of 2016. At a press conference about his joining of the AfD, he openly stated that he considers Islam to be not a religion, but a totalitarian movement that can be compared to National Socialism, and that is completely incompatible with German law. He said a totalitarian ideology has no place in the public and that mosques will have to be closed.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Good day! But… is this a good day today?
0:06   Maybe it is a dark day,
0:09   as dark as the 16th of October.
0:12   The day 19-year-old Maria
0:15   was murdered in Freiburg.
0:18   Unfortunately many days have become dark days,
0:21   days on which here in this land
0:24   women are groped, raped, and murdered.
0:27   Days on which people, obstinately called refugees,
0:30   but who in reality are illegal migrants,
0:33   Break into apartments,
0:36   sell drugs and “mob dance” passersby to rob them.
0:39   Days on which a refugee who is supposedly seeking protection
0:42   suddenly becomes a terrorist for the Islamic State
0:45   who enters our country with falsified documents.
0:48   Since the opening of our border,
0:51   every day is such a day.
0:54   Maria was raped and murdered by an Afghan
0:57   who came into our country illegally in 2015.
1:00   And of course the grand choir of reassurance and appeasement
1:03   has already begun, just as after the incidents in Cologne,
1:06   just as after the countless sexual attacks in public swimming pools,
1:09   and just as after the attacks in Wurzburg and Ansbach.
1:12   Again we’re told that we can’t draw any premature conclusions,
1:15   that not all migrants are criminals,
1:18   and that Germans, too, rape and murder.
1:23   That may be! But all these reassurances
1:26   will not erase two facts from this world:
1:29   Without the illegal opening of our border through Angela Merkel
1:32   the murderer of Maria would not be in this country.
1:35   And without these unlawful policies
1:38   Maria would still be alive.
1:41   If you now are of the opinion that I am politically exploiting
1:44   the murder of Maria, then you are right.
1:47   Because a murder that has been enabled
1:50   through these unlawful policies is precisely the cause
1:53   for speaking up now about these policies.
1:56   We have to talk about what is going wrong in this country,
1:59   and we have to talk about who is politically responsible for it.
2:03   The Chancellor is politically responsible for Maria’s murder.
2:06   And since she wants to be re-elected, this is precisely
2:09   the thing that she seeks to obfuscate.
2:12   That is why she expresses just as few condolences to the family of Maria as she did to the families
2:16   of the victims of Wurzburg and Ansbach, or the parents of the boy
2:19   who was stabbed to death at the Hamburg Alster.
2:23   Merkel is acting as if she has nothing to do
2:26   with these murders and attacks.
2:29   And that she has nothing to do with all the other problems
2:32   that stem from her opening of the borders.
2:35   The problems in day cares and schools, the overloading of our
2:38   healthcare system, administrative offices,
2:41   the hundreds of millions that this illegal influx will cost.
2:44   Merkel acts as if these merely were problems of the police,
2:47   the school and other managing administrations, or of taxation.
2:50   In other words, trinkets, odds and ends, that no Chancellor
2:53   should have to be bothered with.
2:56   But the truth is, it is she who is responsible
2:59   for all these things, and she alone.
3:02   Because she broke the law
3:05   when she allowed the illegal influx of hundreds of thousands.
3:08   And that is the exact point clearly driven home by Maria’s murder.
3:12   Today, I will do without my usual conclusion.
3:15   There is no reason neither for merriment nor for poise and composure.
3:18   Be sad and be very indignant,
3:21   about a Chancellor who has transformed this country
3:24   into a very unsafe country, and who is not willing
3:27   to draw the necessary conclusions from her own failure.
3:32   Only, don’t forget your good manners
3:35   through all the sadness and indignation.
3:38   But that is all that I have to give to you,
3:41   on such a dark day.
3:44   OK, then!

12 thoughts on “Nicolaus Fest: “The Chancellor is Politically Responsible for Maria’s Murder”

  1. Oh dear,

    He was a very reasonable man.

    Expressing his fury in a very quiet and reasonable way…

    It’s almost time then.

    • and good to have him on our side.Quiet and reasonable and moreover from a fine pedigree: his father was editor of Germany’ s finest daily and author of a most respected biography of Hitler.

  2. In his introduction are the MOST IMPORTANT statement:

    “he openly stated that he considers Islam to be not a religion, but a totalitarian movement that can be compared to National Socialism”

    That is it!!! The most important thing anyone, – who wants to counter the islamic invasion against the western world -, must lobby for!
    Every western society has laws to protect real religions and their believers against discrimination. Also almost every western civilization has laws against totalitarian ideologies (Nazis, Communists etc).
    The only way to successfully fight islam is to officially/legally revoke its religious status and finally call it as this distinguished gentleman: a totalitarian ideology comparable to Nazis! He is right, if you count the Thule Society as the religious component to Nazism, you actually got something very similar structure to Islam.
    Communism with its cult toward the godlike fearless leader also shows some level of religious/faith based tendencies.

  3. He speaks the unadulterated truth. What a shame his blog is only in German. The google translation is not very good.

    It would be great if there was an international movement of ‘reform conservatism’, not just national movements. I would join in a heartbeat.

  4. I must disagree that Chancellor Angela Merkel is responsible for this poor girl’s murder, and she is not responsible for the people killed in Germany and France during these last 2 years, nor is the chancellor to blame for over 10,000 drowned in the Med who tried making their way to Germany, heeding her sick siren call.

    It is the the cowards and sycophants surrounding her who did not step up and insist on getting this obviously ill woman the serious help she needs who should hang their heads in shame. It is they who are at fault. They must have known deep down that something was terribly wrong with her, but they did nothing.

    • Althea your suggestion that Merkel is not responsable and that she is ill or deranged in some form is utter ridiculous.
      You don’t become or stay chancelor in Germany by being deranged.
      She has been in politics all her life. In her younger years she was already a prominent and loyal member of the DDR communist party.
      What we see happening in Germany is not an accident but design.
      Merkel knows very well what she is doing. She must have been hatching this plan for a long time and the Syrian civil war plus the photo of the drowned little boy on a Turkisch beach with the uproar it caused convinced her that now the time was right to set her plan in motion.
      Her design.
      Her execution.
      Her responsability.

    • Well Althea, you got one thing right, something is indeed seriously wrong with Frau Merkel–she is evil incarnate, and knows very well what she is doing, ‘murdering’ her country, and a lot of Europe into the bargain!

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