Bulgaria: Gang-Rape of Children in the Harmanli Asylum Center

The situation at the Harmanli migrant camp in Bulgaria seems to be getting worse. The following video describes the behavior of the camp’s inmates and their impact on the local townspeople — good for the prostitution and alcohol industries, bad for everyone else.

As has been noted many times before, all these “refugees” want to get out of Bulgaria and go to Germany, where Chancellor Merkel will welcome them with open arms. Where they can get more money and more free stuff, and can rape teenaged girls instead of little boys.

Onward to Berlin!

Many thanks to Tanya T. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. WARNING: This video contains descriptions of sexual violence against children. Even though there are no images of the acts described, sensitive viewers may find the footage disturbing:

Transcript (times from the original program):

18:12   Today Harmanli is a divided town. Some see clear benefit in the presence of a migrant camp in it.
18:18   In spite of the problems with the culture of the new arrivals, the trade in alcohol,
18:22   food, and prostitution is flourishing, without doubt.
18:25   On the other hand people feel it’s better to stay locked at home, not to go out too often.
18:29   All good wishes for integration are seriously compromised.
18:33   We are waiting for a savior. But before that we need the most important thing — we need the truth.
18:37   The truth can be unpleasant, and I have to warn you — it’s not fit to be shown on television.
18:42   By the way, when truth is not fit to be shown on television, our freedom is already dead.
19:04   At 9:30 pm the only people you can see on the streets
19:08   are those looking for a prostitute or drugs, or something like that.
19:15   The ordinary person is already at home, and dare not go out.
19:20   Does the presence of so many foreigners have an effect, for example,
19:24   on the ladies of the night in Harmanli?
19:27   [Petya Georgieva, Initiative Committee for Harmanli] It does. — What happens with the local…
19:30   The local… so-called dealers in flesh, that is, the pimps,
19:34   are extremely pleased with… what is in the town at present,
19:39   for the simple reason that their clientele has increased, i.e. their income is very high.
19:45   New streetwalkers can be noticed in town.
19:49   There is a difference from six months ago, when I was back there, and now —
19:55   It’s a public secret that around the “X” [name is concealed] hotel,
19:59   prostitutes stand there waiting for clients.
20:06   They are new ones, definitely new ones. There are veterans, but many new ones can be noticed.
20:10   The presence of migrants also has a positive effect
20:14   on some of the businesses in town — in alcohol, in cigarettes…
20:19   because the moment these people enter our territory,
20:23   they start buying alcohol in extreme quantities —
20:26   perhaps because in their countries its consumption is forbidden.
20:29   Three new casinos were opened — another thing that is atypical for the town.
20:35   They buy a lot of food — they can afford to do it; they buy clothes…
20:40   and for this reason the town is divided — one part of it is frightened of what is happening,
20:47   but the business community is mostly pleased with this presence in town.
20:57   There is no hygiene in the camp — I mean, no one maintains hygiene.
21:03   Anyone who feels a call of nature, answers it wherever he is at the moment.
21:15   I have been told by people who work there that they have found excrement
21:19   in the trash cans, in the corridors…
21:25   food thrown into the hand-basins…
21:30   because they didn’t like the food… it was not what they thought it should be…
21:40   we know from the guards that they don’t let them into the rooms to see who they are and count them,
21:51   which is compulsory at every change of shift.
21:56   They just hand over a note with their number instead.
22:00   Nobody has any idea if the people in the room really are that many.
22:07   There were several brawls — very brutal — in the camp itself.
22:10   There were brawls outside the camp [in town].
22:13   The injured were mostly refugees. A few guards, a few local people, but just a few.
22:19   The last thing that happened, and it was shared privately by the medical staff in Harmanli,
22:25   I will quote it, it’s a bit brutal, but I will still quote it —
22:29   the exact words were — “we are sick and tired of sewing a***s”.
22:32   It was in relation to several brutal rapes
22:35   that happened within the space of several hours, of boys between 13 and 15 years old,
22:43   I looked for information about it — it turned out that it was
22:47   perfectly acceptable in Afghanistan … — Wait, the rapes
22:52   must have been registered in the hospital, or the police… — They have been registered, yes.
22:55   Among themselves, or…? —Yes, among themselves. It is practiced among the Afghans —
23:01   the rape of little boys.
23:04   It’s their custom, a tradition of theirs. —Are there little boys in the camp? -There are, yes.
23:07   And are there little girls? —No.
23:10   What’s interesting is that little girls who come are with their parents.
23:18   [Anonymous citizen of Harmanli] Another thing we know about is that there are frequent fights,
23:23   very frequent rapes of children, usually boys, about 12-13, up to 15 years old;
23:29   especially during recent weeks, this has occurred very frequently,
23:37   something that is incomprehensible to us.
23:40   They say there have been group rapes of boys — at that age.
23:46   By men. —Of…? — Children.
23:49   After all, 15-year old boys are children.
23:52   They call — the guards, or the administration staff who are on duty.
24:03   when they learn of such cases, they call physicians.
24:09   For both the physicians and the employees at the center these are more than outrages.
24:18   It’s not normal, it’s unacceptable, at such a place
24:22   and with so many people, for so many things of that kind to happen.
24:26   They say this happens almost every night,
24:33   but one time it was very brutal, and happened on a large scale —
24:38   about six or seven children, I don’t know exactly — group-rape by many men.
24:48   Nobody said the exact number, but the people were very outraged…
24:56   such things, that they just… they could not even have imagined,
25:00   they had never thought that they would witness such… situations.
25:06   We later learned that this was normal for these ethnic groups.
25:12   They have some norms, for entering manhood, for entering maturity…
25:24   The problem is that the child went through the horror, and the pain.
25:29   This is a problem for the administration, in my opinion,
25:33   because they have been informed about the things that are happening.
25:37   And they don’t want to make them public, probably in order not to make the people feel uneasy.
25:43   There were people who were threatened that if they went to a protest they’d lose their jobs.
25:48   All this has been going on for years. It’s been happening here
25:52   for over two years. This is the third one.
25:58   For a small town like Harmanli these things are quite shocking, and people are worried.

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  1. Nothing to see here, just muslims doing what muslims do!
    Also with gay raping, drinking and gambling a bunch of muslims getting ready for martyrdom, as the only “legal” way to meet with the 72 virgins and some pearl like boys…

  2. Well, I have to say that I am strongly tempted to leave a highly intemperate remark here. I will leave it to your (hopefully lurid) imagination to suggest what that might have been.

    That said, what remedial measure would you suggest for crowds of men seeking to rape young boys?

    Are these really circumstances in which temperance and cool heads are appropriate? That is by no means clear to me. In fact I have the very liveliest doubts.

    • For child rapists of any stripe capital punishment should be applied.

      This is because these grown adults have mentally and physically poisoned an innocent youth, in effect “murdering” their full potential and the life they could have lived under normal circumstances.

  3. Thus are European culture and civilisation eroded and destroyed.
    Thanks, Leftists. Thanks, Mrs. Merkel.

  4. What I got out of that horrific programme is that raping boys is a right of passage for young Afghan men. I can’t conceive of the mentality that thinks it’s ok to import these wretches into Europe.

    • Should be ‘rite’ of passage! I’m illiterate before at least three cups of morning coffee …

  5. years ago my teacher asked us, what do you do if you find a (repeat offender) paedophile raping your daughter in your basement. The parents in the room said, grab the child. Most people said …. errr nothing. My head at that time was evidently quite full of some ideas of idyllic Swedish penitential rehab systems I knew nothing about, for I argued forcefully that the right system could rehab the person.

    Kill him, she said. Send him home to God. There’s nothing we can do for him. Sure you’ll get karma for the murder, but you’ll cope. And you save that soul more karma, not to mention preventing further damage to innocents.


  6. The report above touches upon another huge aspect of mass illegal immigration – the epidemic of rape and barbarity aside- the huge monies to be had for organised crime and certain legitimate businesses.

    What’s happening to the small Bulgarian town has happened to Athens, which the mayor says is becoming the ‘new Beirut’.
    The extremely data-rich independent site ‘Balkananalysis’
    reprints a reported leak from Greek Intelligence,
    “crime syndicates have been able to create pro-immigrant NGO’s, buy real estate and create “zone of influence” within Athens, so as to construct their ghettos and evade possible police surveillance.”
    A self-perpetuating multi-£Billion illegal immigration ‘industry’ has arisen- not just for criminal gangs from all over the world.
    “significant numbers of white-collar domestic and international actors,”
    Gangs, Charities, NGOs and a host of subsidiary legitimate businesses are all making money from the mass illegal immigration, of mostly young Muslim males into Europe.
    They also list extensively the left-wing terrorist and anarchist groups, with links to organised Balkan and Greek crime-groups for weapons, left-wingers have also aligned with migrant activists, and have ties with similar groups across Europe.
    Organised crime links to Islamist groups for weapons is also reported.
    Various liberals,leftists,centrists and globalists, have the temerity to call this invasion and crime-wave ‘progress’ and an economic boon (which it is for some).
    While in reality it means, first to Dickens 19th century, then regress further towards the 7th.
    It is the great leap backwards.

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