Truck Jihad in Berlin

Today was a big news day. Besides the Electoral College vote (Trump won) and the shooting in Ankara (the Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed), there was a shooting outside an Islamic center in Zurich, leaving three wounded.

But the biggest story of the day in Europe was a truck attack at a Christmas festival in Berlin, which killed nine people. The German MSM have been mostly treading water on the story — presumably not wanting to discriminate against and stereotype certain groups — and are reluctant to suggest what the incident probably was, namely an incident of vehicular jihad like the one last summer in Nice.

The truck that ran over the festival-goers was owned by a Polish company, and had had a Polish driver up until a few hours before it was used in the attack. Because of the Polish connection, there is useful information about what happened (plus informed speculation about what is not yet known for certain) in the Polish media.

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Polish truck drove into the crowd in Berlin. Police suspect a terrorist attack [WHAT DO WE KNOW?]

For guests of the Berlin Christmas Market, Monday evening ended tragically. A truck from Poland drove among people, leading to the death of nine of them.

1. What exactly happened?

On Monday, shortly after 8 pm a truck drove into the Christmas Fair in Berlin on the Breitscheidplatz . The car belonged to a Polish company. Police said there were nine deaths, and fifty wounded have already been taken to the hospital. In the truck was a dead person. “It is not known whether any of the victims are Poles,” provides a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. Services suspect that it was a terrorist attack, but have not yet confirmed this information.

2. Who was the perpetrator?

The perpetrator fled the scene but was caught and interrogated by the police. His identity is not yet known. The Scania carrier that was used for the attack had Polish number plates and was returning from Italy. The owner of the truck and the driver’s wife of had no contact with the driver for a couple of hours. It is not known whether he was driving the vehicle at the time of the attack. The media have already suggested their first theories about the perpetrator. Die Welt reported that he was a Pakistani.

3. What about the Pole, who was responsible for the truck, according to his boss?

The truck belonged to a Polish transport company owned by Ariel Żuławski. The man commented on the matter to TVN24. “This individual, who jumped from the vehicle, was not my driver. I guarantee it. It was not my driver, he must have hurt my driver,” he argued. “I’ll vouch for him. This is my cousin; I have known him since childhood,” he stressed.

4. Whose body was in the truck?

In the Polish truck a body was discovered in the passenger’s seat. Reuters announced at one point that he was a Pole, but the Polish Foreign Ministry did not confirm this information, and the agency quickly withdrew it. At the moment neither the identity or nationality of the deceased is known.

5. What do we know thanks to a GPS? reached one of the employees of the transport company that owned the truck. Based on the GPS data, the man estimated that between 3pm and 7pm someone tried to start the engine several times. According to him, the truck started at 7:34 pm — even though it wasn’t supposed to leave Berlin today. “It looks as if someone was trying to learn how to drive this vehicle. He also had problems turning the engine on,” he said. Perhaps this means that the truck was stolen.

6. When are we going to find out more?

Berlin authorities announced that at noon on Tuesday a special press conference will be held, during which they will provide all the information acquired. Questions will be answered by, among others, Police Chief Klaus Kandt. Until then, neither the police nor the fire brigade will answer questions on the subject.

7. What was the situation in Berlin after the attack?

According to police, there is no danger at the site of the attack. Nevertheless, police appealed to the citizens of Berlin to stay in their homes. The mayor pointed out, however, in an interview with reporters that the situation in the city is under control. At about 11 pm 130 firefighters were involved in the rescue operations. The streets around the fair were blocked by police.

34 thoughts on “Truck Jihad in Berlin

  1. Confirmed now it was a Pakistani ‘Syrian’ immigrant who came in Feb 2016. He killed the Polish driver and hijacked the truck and did the mass murder.

    Will be amusing to watch German state media spin this into a Polish connection and otherwise bury their heads up….err in the sand.

    As I said to a friend many years ago after the 1st WTC bombing…’wait till the professionals show up’.

    This is still bush league stuff – albeit deadly – but not the main event sadly.

  2. Has anyone considered the fact that as careful, industrious and detail oriented as Germans are ; as witnessed by the superb manufactured products from Germany……and as scrupulous as Germans are at record keeping and bureaucratic procedures; the German people on the whole….are almost Zombie Like in their failure to focus on anything other than their immediate surroundings. World War 1…world War 2….East Germany going communist without a squawk….Now the invasion of a couple million Muslim troopers;and the obedient..hard working German barely glances up from his workbench. It is a genetic fault in a people who can be described as ; ” Enterprising Sheep ” .

    • Absolutely! Having lived there, the record-keeping bureaucracy is huge. One used to have to register which city one was living in.

      If they chose to, they could have:

      1. Identified people’s country of origin at the border (linguistics for a start, also things like tissue and blood tests showing where people developed).

      2. Identified people’s age through medical means, at least with more precision than just letting grown men claim to be minors.

      3. Questioned people to some degree to find out how islam-crazed they are, though admittedly that would be a lot more difficult.

      Germany is committing suicide.

    • Only in a country of industrious zombies and enterprising sheep this kind of immigration policy is accepted and tolerated. Only in such a country it’s Chancellor has audacity to present again herself for a fourth election.

      • An immigration policy, falsely named “Refugee Resettlement”, is being inflicted on the American people. The people were never consulted about whether they accepted and tolerated this.

      • That’s right, why doesn’t she make herself Chancellor for life, while she’s at it?
        At this point most Germans are gonna pay, not for the sins of their ancesters, but for their stupidity. I can’t wait for them to properly wake up and just hope there won’t be too much damage done in the meantime. Although the damage is already terrible unfortunately.

    • I’m not sure the East Germans had much choice in 1945, Francis. If I recall correctly, the Red Army occupied all of Berlin, in contradiction of Stalin’s agreement with his western “allies”, so they conceded more German territory than expected in order to share the administration of the capital.

      With the war against Japan expected to last into 1946, they were not likely to get into a military confrontation over the issue.

  3. If Europeans actually had any historical memory, they would know where this is going. Best to stop it now or suffer far worse. Islam is a violent and sociopathic ideology of conquest. It has no place in the West and realistically no place in the modern world.

    • I’m afraid not. There are to many Germans still living in lala land.
      More straws are needed for them to wake up.

      And before anybody else does it, I wish to go on record as the first one to claim this attack has been organized by Russia. This Putin guy has been in on it from the start.

      Other than that; Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to you Angela Merkel and your loved ones.
      If you have any left which I seriously doubt.

          • Well I must – sincerely – apologize to ‘copywriter’ if the editor’s shrewd eye has detected irony.

            My ‘epithet,’ mercifully obscured by editorial discretion, was indeed unnecessary, if irony was intended.

            I can only put my lapse down to my mounting nausea and revulsion at the relentless succession of outrages against humanity and civilisation, which had momentarily put my temper on a hair-trigger. I shot my mouth off in haste, and now I must repent at leisure.

            One reflects how easily the mass of people could at last be lost in their own red mist, as horror mounts to existentially intolerable levels.

            Then I very much fear that the wise words of a good Christian peacemaker like The Baron will be lost in the breaking storm.

            But I am grateful for his patient correction. We must try to keep calm, or all is lost.

    • No, I just searched for ‘Grenzen zu’ in Google news – is anyone at all saying ‘close the borders’? Nothing.

        • My suspicion is that the brainwashing has gone too far… and they’re far more likely to ban “incorrect opinions” than close any borders (apart from maybe the border with Poland).

          Kind-of like a 1944 mentality… back then, with bombs raining down on them and the Wehrmacht in retreat on all fronts, many Germans still believed they’d win, that the Fuhrer was invincible… could there now be something similar, with Angela playing the role of Adolf, and instead of winning the war, Germans convinced that they’ll make a stunning success of integrating millions of Muslim fanatics – in spite of all the evidence?!

        • Immediate response from German Police to this dreadful attack – notifying people on Twitter to stay in doors and not spread rumours.

          Putin’s response to assassination of Russian Ambassador – We (Russia) are going to obliterate ISIS!

          Where is any Western Leadership on this ongoing farago?

  4. Will adolphia merkel attend the funerals or be too busy trying to help this misunderstood jihadi? After all, Germans need to understand that multikulti has been decided by their enlightened politicians. They should stop complaining or else.
    As for this unfortunate mishap, the German media can easily ignore the jihadi and concentrate on the Polish truck company. Its probably their fault anyway. Or its possible that climate change played a part, it is cold there, right?
    Whatever the media decides one thing is obvious. Like Sweden, France, Austria, etc. Germans have apparently lost the will to defend their country.
    Keep quiet sheep, and don’t go shopping or celebrate Christmas. Your muslim shepherds might be offended.

    • It it possible that that pooooor jihadi man totally misunderstood the sense of the word “integration”?
      Let’s bet on the MSM pushing the “mental issues” or the “lone wolf” theory, as usual. As if that wasn’t enough in itself to close the borders.

  5. So who is surprised at this? ISIS themselves said they were planning on weaponizing anything available. What is more available than personal vehicles?
    ISIS is a war machine. Islam is their propaganda and disinformation bureau. That is it.
    Nothing more needs to be said.
    Further ” dialogue ” with muslims is simply enabling more disinformation.
    I see the European continent engulfed in counter insurgency warfare by 2020. That is, full on civil war ; what has happened up to now has been target practice. The British gave decided to leave Europe but what hasn’t been emphasized is why. Some commentators nervously say “immigration ” but what they really mean is being drawn into a bloody continental war fought street by street. The Americans will not be invited in. They will offer but that will be refused. Hillary Clinton bears a lot of responsibility for the present mess. ” What difference does it now make ” indeed.

  6. Yet the very first bit of information from ZDF, German state TV, said that a “Polish truck driver” drove into a crowd at a Christmas market…

    Would they ever write a tweet like that, if he was Syrian?!

    I was at that Christmas market once, as it was conveniently located next to Zoo station, while I was waiting to catch a train to Poland. Condolences to all the victims – seems like yet more victims of the PC plague gripping Europe.

  7. People calling for “dialogue” with islam don’t seem to realize that islam doesn’t want that “dialogue”. Even the so called moderate ones. They just don’t care. Why should they? They come from country where that mess is their everyday lot, they’re used to it.

  8. I watched a “news” interview on Irish television recently where a bunch of these creepie Muslim murderers were being interviewed. A “Mr Big” old fart Pakistani clown in full beard and costume was the star of the show. The terse very serious local converts were there to “explain” the true Islam. “All that anti Christian stuff was just nonsense”. It was sickening to watch the nervous almost shaking character interviewing these pieces of Islamic work. Soft craven questions. Frightening.

  9. hey folks, nothing to blame on islam! From my local newspapers headline I could learn that it was a truck who killed. So we should prevent the production of trucks and sue Sweden that exported this item. Those Swedes, tststs.

  10. Meanwhile the radicalised as needed fifthest of fifth columns move around our exposed societies with evil Koranic intent to maximise the irritation. The sneering jeering costumed in-your-face so called caliphate nationalists. Hey, maybe the bloody handed Merkel identifies easier with imaginary constructs like her Soviet East Germany. Maybe her vision lives in the Muslim leper’s Godless sadomasochistic rubbish dump of an ideology.

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