A Koran Event at an Advent Performance by an Austrian Kindergarten

Update: Below is a video of the incident described:

Yesterday a man described as Somali took over the stage at a kindergarten’s Advent performance in Austria, and proceeded to frighten the children and the audience with a Koran and a backpack. It’s not yet clear what he was up to, but it is assumed that he had mental issues. In any case, the citizens of Schwanenstadt will no doubt be relieved to learn that the incident had nothing to with Islam, but instead stemmed from some form of mental illness.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report from OE24:

Islamist stormed children’s Advent event

Parents and children deeply shocked over the Koran attack

Police carried out a dramatic operation on Sunday in Oberdorf near Schwanenstadt in Upper Austria. During the annual Christmas performance of the local kindergarten group at the “Oberndorfer Advent” in the event center, a completely white-clad man — a 24-year-old Somali — suddenly appeared on the stage during the performance, and too his backpack off.

Subsequently, he asked the children to leave the stage with hand gestures. “At first we thought it was part of the performance,” says a spectator. But then the probably mentally confused man took a Koran from a plastic bag and began to preach. Three fathers, police officers, showed presence of mind and ushered the man off the stage.


When arrested by the officer in charge, having been alerted by the parents, the “preacher” strongly resisted and called “Allah is great” in front of the hall. Originally it was reported that he said: “Allah kills you”, but the police corrected this information later. “We were petrified and feared tremendously for our children,” says the kindergarten teacher Sandra S. about the frightening situation. The children are well, despite moments of shock. What the African wanted to achieve with his Koran action, and what was in the backpack, are still unclear. The Schwanenstadt police are investigating.

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    • ‘Tis not just you. Someone recently mentioned Nicolai Sennels so I went to his website. I recommend that you explore his work on the cultural problems inherent in Islam. Here’s his website. Enjoy…kind of.


    • A result of in-breeding together with the consuption of adrenalin-soaked helal-slaughtered meat.

      • You know, I think you have something there with “adrenalin-soaked meat.”
        The halal slaughter does exactly that.
        Please write to your respective representatives asking that all meat is labeled halal or not. It seems to me that this is a religious and ethnic neutral law. If you want to eat halal meat you are able to clearly see a certification on it. If you don’t want to eat it you are able to differentiate.
        It seems like a win-win to me.

  1. Terrifying. Doesn’t help my son’s own kindergarten Christmas program is tomorrow. Don’t think there are any Quran-preaching communities nearby as of yet….

    Anyways, I am glad the incident passed without violence given the past 24 hours the world has had in the name of jihad. The man did seem a little out of it though. I guess the so-called “moderates” will only spoil our kids’ Christmas programs with preaching rather than shooting. Lucky us.

  2. Creepy!!! I can hardly even watch that.
    If those were me and my neighbors kids I would have grabbed a table, large speaker, or anything with a bit of heft and dove onto that back pack.
    Then I would have dealt with my new buddy, boy would we create some memories.

  3. muslims attack christian traditions: mental health issues
    christians attack muslim traditions: ISLAMOPHOBE, RACIST, INTOLERANT, CRIMINAL

  4. The Somalis are probably the loopiest of the muslims out there. They all chew that narcotic Kaat leaf, and mental illness is probably real. That said, this could be a rehearsal to an actual attack. The pulling out of the Koran in readiness to preach to the kuffar prior to an attack (giving them a chance to convert) is in line with their teachings.
    The prompt action by the two Austrian men was what surprised me most.

  5. Why did everyone just sit there and look at him when he very first came on that stage, while the kids were still up there? Why wasn’t anyone curious/bold enough to go up there and ask him what the heck he was doing up there and tell him to leave? Wouldn’t the kindergarten teacher have known he didn’t belong there? What a bunch of sheep.

    • I would have been on that stage in a heartbeat directing the children off in a direction away from the weirdo in the white outfit. My guess though is that 80% of the people there thought it was part of the show since he WAS wearing a costume and 10% thought it would be rude to do anything. But thankfully two large men stepped up.

  6. “Mental Disorder” is the fastest growing religion in the world – if you worship Allah the Moon god it will turn you into a LUNATIC.

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