The Dead Girl and the Sick Country

As reported here a couple of days ago, the man responsible for the murder of Maria L. in Freiburg has been apprehended. He turned out to be a 17-year-old Afghan (but are any of these Afghans in Europe really 17 years old?).

Maria and her parents were both active in the “welcome refugees” movement. The following essay examines her murder in the context of the “welcoming culture”.

Many thanks to K. from Germany for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

The Dead Girl and the Sick Country

by Wolfgang Hübner, Frankfurt

There are crimes which not only tell us something about the criminal and the victim, but also about the state of society and the country in which they happen. The humiliation, rape and murder of the 19-year-old medical student Maria in Freiburg is such a crime without doubt. The equally suspicious as disgusting appeasements and relativizations of those responsible for the “welcome culture” and their media prostitutes are not going to change this at all. Quite the opposite: this choir of the warners of blanket judgements and popular enragement only confirms that those in charge of letting the alleged murderer cross the state border in 2015 know full well about their complicity in this horrible deed, which was not the first one of a “Merkel refugee” and, unfortunately, won’t be the last.

The dead girl came from a family of the Federal Republic’s societal elite, which takes pains to be cosmopolitan, tolerant, and friendly towards strangers at almost any, yes even at any cost. This is the spirit in which Maria certainly was brought up in, and which inspired this elite daughter to engage in volunteer work for “Merkel refugees”, doubtless in a sincere and idealistic manner. There is no reason — moreover, it is outright disgusting — to heap scorn and sarcasm on the murder victim for this posthumously. Because Maria only did what the doubly and triply protected chancellor has advised the German people to do, namely to seek direct contact with the foreign-cultured “refugees”. And one can well suppose that the dead girl’s parents also had nothing at all against her activities there.

Maria’s father is a high EU functionary and active Christian in the official Catholic Church. He is, as evidenced by a documented text, an active supporter of this “welcoming culture”, which has now cost his daughter her blossoming young life. This, too, for sake of piety and compassion, is no grounds for scorn and ridicule. However, it makes for a compelling reason to ask the question: why did Maria’s parents choose not to express any sign of anger or despair at all about this heinously brutal, violent death of their child in the obituary for her? Maria did not fall victim to a fateful illness or a tragic accident, but to a sex-hungry murderer, who, after the satisfaction of his lust, “disposed” of her in a river.

This deed must not, even by the commandment of Christian charity, be denied the rage of the bereaved, the call for punishment. At the time the obituary was published, the parents and sisters of Maria could not know yet who would be apprehended as alleged perpetrator. But they could not exclude at all the possibility that the delinquent was a “Merkel refugee”. It takes some outright irrational defiance as well as ideologically motivated ignorance to call for donations to a local “refugee” charity right in the obituary while still under uncertainty what the search for the murderer would turn up.

[The obituary’s footer reads: In lieu of sending flowers, we are asking for donations to … (Catholic charity for educational work in Bangladesh), bank account no. …, or to … (local students’ initiative for refugees), bank account no. …, keyword “Maria”.]

The family now has to live with the gruelling truth about the death of their daughter, namely that they have sacrificed their own child to the moral-imperialistic hubris of the operators and supporters of this “welcoming culture”. How do the parents intend to live with this immense burden? But it’s not only about these parents from Germany’s societal elite. It is much more about the fact that those who are scandalized about this and other crimes, angry and deeply unsettled citizens of this country, now are to be downright forbidden from expressing their indignation, frustration, and insecurity.

Whatever it is that prevents Maria’s parents from showing an entirely natural reaction — one that is even indispensable for individual and societal survival — we, the indignant, angry, and unsettled must not accept at any cost that we will receive the reaction prescribed by those, of all people, who proved themselves equally incompetent and unwilling to protect the borders of our country as well as [its society] from the not-at-all surprising consequences of the Merkel invasion.

A country whose political and media class would prefer to treat the barbaric rape and murder of a young girl as a regional detail*, is a deeply sick country, partly striving for its own annihilation. Those who intend to refuse this sickness and urge for self-destruction have a right, and must not shy away from breaking entirely with those, who seek to deny their co-responsibility for the dead Maria. The year 2016 began with the shock of the massive sexual aggression of alien-cultured “refugee” men in Cologne and elsewhere. It ends now with a student in Freiburg raped and murdered allegedly by a young “refugee”. The message for 2017 is clear for the part of Germany still willing to live: Whoever still wants to continue to tolerate the political and media class responsible for all of this no longer has a future in mind for this country.

*   Refers to official news refusing to cover the incident country-wide with the excuse of ‘special suspect protection’ as it is claimed he is only 17 years old, which was the topic of a separate article on PI News.

95 thoughts on “The Dead Girl and the Sick Country

    • You are partly correct in your assessment when it comes to Liberalism. I think you don’t go far enough in recognizing and then condemning, the kind of thinking that the promotion of Liberalism or its supposedly opposite, which is generally referred to as Progressivism (and both thought captures are really two sides of the same coin, just like Nazism and Communism) as both will eventually lead to the gross stupidity and human moral decay that is so evident and on continual display throughout the West that Liberalism/Progressivism is responsible for.

      Liberalism/Progressivism will always eventually lead to a squalid and immoral thinking that is Libertinism, a despotic and invitation to evil thinking that purposely negates all God given morality and the natural goodness of the human spirit.

      But, you are on the right track.

  1. So, can we expect a sentence of only a few months, suspended, of course? Sure we can! He’a child, after all. Think of the terrible conditions he must have been through which compelled him to do this thing.

    • Another rapefugees supporter. You should know that young age or bad conditions cannot lead a healthy person to rape and brutally kill a girl.
      People that live in very bad conditions are worrying about their survival and not how to rape and kill. Will you tell as that the attacks from afgans to small boys to several public pools in Germany is because of “bad conditions”? Only a sick monster can do such things, like this afgan garbage. He is a monster since birth, raised to treat woman like a “zero” like a thing, very usual in his paranoid country with customs like “bacha bazi” (rape small boys). Monsters have no human rights.
      Wish he burn slowly on the electric chair.

      • If we do not give monsters a modicum of human rights – in terms of following our own rules – we sink to their level.

        Unless and until his native culture gets rid of that “bacha bazi” you mention (thanks for the term) those small boys will grow up to be monsters; but they were indeed once small, helpless little boys. It took the genius of Freud to recognize we repeat in adulthood the traumas inflicted on us when we were too small to get away. In an effort to excise them, we repeat our traumas over and over again. [See Stephen King’s books and movies.]

        The Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels, worked with several hundred adolescent immigrant boys as a school counselor before he finally declared them as essentially untreatable: their current behavior was induced very early by trauma and then reinforced culturally in their still-tribal families. He was let go for his diagnosis but quickly found work elsewhere.

        IOW, you’d have to tear apart their immigrant culture and in *our* culture such wrenchings won’t happen because it’s not part of our values. But our values – not counting the perversions of the leftists’ “victimology” studies – also don’t include taking responsibility for another’s inability to adapt and change. We still demand individual responsibility for behavior.

        That’s why the monsters have to go home. The sooner, the better. Sending them back goes against the leftist victim culture (of which the media is a big part), but those weepers-keepers are only half of us (at least here in the US). For us, the other more adult half, we’ll have to find a way past our own kith U& kin who will be throwing tantrums and generally acting out like three-year-olds.

        • If you search google a bit you will find out that men from countries like afganistan and pakistan are used to first rape and then brutally kill. Or first rob and then brutally kill with a knife or stone etc That means that they have it also in their DNA to behave like that and it is not only because of childhood abuse. (Like eye or hair color is inherited same is with tendencies to kill or to rape etc) And this behavior is not of a human.
          Somebody who has proven raped and after killed a girl has no right to live. I just agree with what you have there in USA, and this is death penalty in such cases.
          As I mentioned before except DNA, child abuse play a role in order somebody to become a monster and yes, afgan boys are helpless. But this is not the issue here to search why afgan boys become criminals. Issue is that this is not German boys, or German women, or generally German people fault to pay for paranoid horrible afgan or pakistani customs. Like another one “taharrous jamai” (massive attack to women.) Big example Cologne last New Years Eve.
          So, I don’t care why they become monsters. Issue is that they are. And it’s normal not to want them in my country.

  2. Asking donations for migrants in the daughter burial, killed by migrant. Well that is dedication for one’s mental illness!

  3. They’ve taken this Christian forgiveness thing and loving one’s enemies a bit too far. For starters, nobody’s repented. Let them pray all they like for those who’d just love to persecute them, but for the sake of Bärbel and Dorothee, who would appear to be their other daughters, they need to speak out against this danger and those who have imported it.

    • Amen.

      The good Samaritan is NOT a suicide pact! The Samaritan certainly did not invite the traveler into his home to eat his food and sleep with his wife!

      The parable was also intended to point out that there were a FEW good Samaritans amongst a group of people that hated the Jews, rather than imply that ALL Samaritans were GOOD.

  4. Maybe some (the only?) German men with a pair, will go Boondock Saints on this cretin at its trial, and redeem German manhood, but I highly doubt it. Or will it take another Austrian to step into the fray and stiffen the submissive German spine? If islamists can terrify their opponents into submission, why can’t our side do the same? Why does no one do anything, raise a voice of complaint, or put terror into those who act to silence dissent? Is it a flaw with the German psyche specifically or the European psyche generally to tolerate such evil and defend it by inaction?

    The death of the girl is sad, but it is difficult to feel any sympathy for her parents, as they were intimately involved in creating the circumstances which led to her death, and appeared to have learned nothing from it. And the apathy of German “men” in the face of the invasion and colonization of their country is equally appalling.

  5. This can only be seen as a perverted conscience on the part of the parents and Merkel’s administration. Bending over backwards for a group of people who hate you is not Christian Charity – it’s flat out sanctimonious self-delusion.

    ‘What you do to the least of my people, you do for me’ (to loosely paraphrase Christ’s words), never meant ‘put yourself at risk of destruction’. Indulging people who are barbaric in their violent hatreds is the opposite of helping them. It is encouraging them to continue! Turning the other cheek is only advised where the person being attacked cannot fight back!

    Remember what Christ did to the moneylenders? He tossed them out – and that’s exactly what needs to be done to Muslims, unless they forgo their barbaric culture.

    The parents’ lack of response is an absolute disgrace! If they were normal parents they would be in an agony of guilt. Perhaps they are. Certainly, as the years go by, they will be -IF they really do have a true Christian conscience!

    • This has now happened many times in Europe, which has indeed gone mad.
      (With the exception of four eastern European countries, whose leaders face continual persecution and insults for not joining the insanity.)

  6. The obituary reveals the depths of cultural depravity Merkel has inflicted on a society that has struggled to accept and throw off the burdens of the past. Martin Luther and Friedrich Schiller would probably be rotting in jail, if they lived now.

  7. As the great commentator and radio host Dennis Prager once noted, the German people learned the wrong lessons from the Second World War. Today’s Germans have been taught – and many believe – that the use of force is always morally wrong and unethical, even in self-defense. The lesson they should have learned is that force, when it is used to stop evil or protect the innocent, is both moral and righteous.

    I for one hope and pray the German people come to their senses and cast off their guilt for the crimes of the past – very few living Germans had any role in the crimes of Nazism whatsoever – and begin to defend themselves. That nation and its people have long-ago made amends for the sins of the past; they have every right to defend themselves and their civilization from the marauders within – by force of arms if necessary.

    • The Antifa does believe ‘that force, when it is used to stop evil or protect the innocent, is both moral and righteous.’ They use force against AfD and Pegida people. They have just used violence and spitting against AfD people who tried to hold a vigil at the Münsterplatz:

      And the Police allowed this violence to be used against those holding the vigil. The Antifa believes that they do ‘protect the innocent’ – so-called refugees, and think they are ‘moral and righteous.’

      Without the Police controlling violence and having the only right to use force, there is no hope for Germany. Basically, the most violent and strongest will win, and in future years that will be jihadis, helped along for a while by the Antifa.

      • Wow. Antifa just keep getting more insane… the only thing that puzzles me – how Germans tolerate it?! Are they so indoctrinated, that every time someone shouts “Nazi”, they lose all their senses?

        • Many Germans today have been cowered by the teaching of the sins of their fathers that they are now held responsible for.

          I have witnessed this first hand and cannot find words to describe the reactions to what I saw.

      • “The Antifa believes that they do ‘protect the innocent’”

        I bet most Nazis thought the same as them…

  8. As a father I can only imagine how he feels, actually I can’t.
    If her father was the leader of say, the Iron Workers Union, I’m sure we would see a reaction I could relate to.
    It’s just a matter of time until we see what happens when a well respected leader of a large labor organization gets a beloved child culturally enriched.

  9. A criminal case that reminds me on a similar one in Vienna early this year.
    US-American female student who was active in a Refugee-NGO in Austria was killed in her small appartement by a so called Refugee from Africa (Gambia).
    Strangled to death, and found lying half nacked on her bed.
    He was caught later by the police in an asylum lodging in neighbouring Switzerland.

    Young girls or women from middle class are somewhat stupid I have to conclude. And because of that also are easy prey.

    • “Young girls or women from middle class are somewhat stupid I have to conclude. And because of that also are easy prey.”

      Protected, therefore inexperienced.

    • I think of this as a story with happy ending! Why, you ask?
      Because it could have been much worse! Example if he is breeding with her, get about 6-8 little jihadi kid going and 20 years later they murder a bunch of other people. At least this case his DNA not yet propagated further down the line…

      • It really vexes me that the feminists haven’t figure out that women’s only roles in Islam are to care for the grown jihadis and to birth 6 to 8 new jihadis to continue the struggle against the infidel.

      • No victory here. Maria was brutally murdered and there’s nothing to say her attacker won’t go on to father many children. He’s a “child” himself and will likely receive a light sentence, especially in [Epithet]-land.

        • Don’t be sure he is a child. Many of them give fake age.
          As concerns the sentence I wish it was possible to burn him slowly on the electric chair.

    • I remember that case. If I remember correctly, she thought she had the moral duty to protect a poor refugee, but things went bad and she tried to kick him out, but couldn’t. I am so angry at every celebrity, artist, and politician, downplaying the dangers of the situation.

    • They, tragically, are brought up stupid. Fairyland demands it. Certainly, many parents are thinking, thinking Europe is too dangerous for their daughters and their sons! Media does not spread the word or the truth of suffering endured by so many. Unchecked migration, dregs in many cases, beyond reclaim, are pouring in. Off course many good people had to flee from Syria and were from a modern society but Afganistan?, Somalia? Terrifying backward systems, truly an evil is being visited upon the innocents of Europe. Nothing can excuse. Tragic. Watching from afar, it seems the victim’s parents are suffering, suffering Stockholm Syndrome and strangely enough Sweden is a nightmare of crime against the person. God help Europe.

  10. I have the horrible thought that just as the disgusting, evil hands started to tighten around her throat that a crystal clarity of “what have we done” crossed her mind.

    As much as it truly pains me to say it there are many more to come.

    Very many.

    There will, eventually, be a backlash of course and it will be one worthy of the name. What have our traitors wrought? Beware the rage of the quiet, reasonable man…..

    All so completely predictable and avoidable.

    • Isn’t this partly natural selection then? The morons will die (unfortunately they will be plenty of normal ones)!

      • In a rather twisted way I suppose it is but with an unhealthy negative bias due to current political correctness and “diversity ideology.

        The only thing our traitors are guaranteed to do is to increase the suppressed rage (an intense white-hot fury in fact) which will, without doubt, explode in a totally unregulated fashion at some point. It’s interesting to note that when one looks at the history of insurrection that often there are very few overt warning signs even up to the day it kicks off.

        Merkel and ilk probably feel their systems of surveillance and control with keep them all snug n safe in their beds.


        • In fact, every instinct I have tells me that their systems are very acutely aware of the contents of sites such as this and will know everything they choose to know about commentators here. I personally have no illusions whatsoever about this.

          Frankly, I would be quite disturbed if they didn’t have such an ability because such is also there to protect me and my kind under different circumstances.

          It’s those who have their hands on the levers who have to be swept away. By any means necessary and possible at this point.

          Peacefully of course. I wouldn’t want to be accused of inciting violence.

          How about by a peaceful referendum?

          I’m sure demanding a revote if the demos goes against the narrative doesn’t violate the spirit of democratic principles?

          Surely not………….

  11. This poor girl’s parents should have been protecting her and not exposing her to the dangers posed by the invaders. I wonder if they have yet acknowledged their negligence?

  12. This is outrageous. The problem is many people brainwashed by the left do not realise the danger they are in! Islam is the direct enemy of Christianity. Whatever has happened to the good old casting of evildoers from amongst the people? Do people even remember one must cast OUT but not blatantly invite IN? Nowadays many Christians are soft when they are supposed to be strong people. What is happening is a sick joke.

    • “Nowadays many Christians are soft….”

      I disagree. I think miracles are expected if one only prays enough and properly. …Which boils down to a lack of understanding about miracles.

      • Give me one single, solitary example where praying has ever accomplished anything. (other than making the pious one feel good)

      • Like the story of the drowning man. A boat comes to him and he says ‘no, God will save me’. A ship arrives and he says ‘no, God will save me’. A raft arrives and he says ‘no, God will save me’. It starts getting dark and he cries out ‘God, why haven’t you saved me?’. A voice from heaven calls ‘I sent you a boat, a ship and a raft to save you, and you rejected them all!’

  13. I am so sad to hear these news but I am hoping the RC Church and Anglican Church start realising that they have been deceived into believing the muslim sob stories.

    • No, there will be plenty who have muslim friends and many truly sad muslim stories. Even I, after all the information I see daily, still remember some pleasant, cultured muslims I’ve known. It’s just not simple.

      BUT because of the increases in crime and the overall ideology that is theocratic, misogynist, homophobic and violent towards infidels, the ideology should be placed with other ideologies treasonous to our societies. And the nice people who grew up muslim can decide – either find a more loving religion or choose a country that lives under sharia.

      • Why aren’t the nice muslims made to answer for their faith’s sick teachings? The peaceful, inert muslims act as a cover for the so called radicals.

    • The best hope at this time for Christianity is the Russian/Greek Orthodox Church.

      You can forget about the RC/Anglican mob. They’re done!

  14. It is so sad that this young woman died, a victim of her parents ideology. I truly hope that her death will wake up the parents, although I have little hope for them if they are so blind to have followed this ideology this far.

  15. While I am deeply sorry for a human to lose their live to an animal, I must also express my disgust for the elites. They have ignored and been silent when we the great unwashed have been raped, murdered and groped and been accused of racism. I have always believed but not wished that when the elite suffer as we unwashed do then we might have a chance. This family is delusional . I can understand forgiveness, but not justice. They want some one else to die at the hands of […]. The inmates are running the institutions.

    • “I can understand forgiveness, but not justice.”

      Justice is the foundation of forgiveness (and love). If justice did not exist, there would be no need to forgive.

  16. This same “refugee” is suspected in another rape and murder about 3 weeks after this young lady was the victim of German/Merkel stupidity.

  17. “are any of these Afghans in Europe really 17 years old?”

    Absolutely, just like this Ethiopian ‘refugee’ on the front page of the leftist Guardian is 16 years old:

    The Guardian has responded to criticism of their promotion of obvious adults as children with a headline ‘Rightwing tabloids pour scorn on appearance of child refugees’. The Guardian is deserving of scorn.

    Then again, once you are able to delude yourself into believing a castrated man is a genuine woman, you can convince yourself these men are children and even have no qualms about trying to make others believe it too.

    I’d suggest the Left is mentally ill except I believe they are simply evil.

  18. Perhaps the Germans need a White Rose resistance: the mainly non-violent, deeply moral young people who couldn’t stomach collaboration with the Nazis and covertly disseminated critical of the Nazis and their philosophy. For this crime of thought subversion, the members of the White Rose resistance were hunted down, and most hung.

    The last surviving member, a beautiful young girl at the time whom even the Nazis couldn’t stomach hanging, met a few years ago with Robert Spencer, the anti-Jihadist scholar, and expressed sympathy with him. Obviously, to meet someone like her is a peak life experience.

    I think it would be fitting for young Germans of character to organize a White Rose movement. It would be completely non-violent, would ignore the captive MSM, would present a dire threat to the German establishment, and would almost certainly meet with the most drastic legal persecution accessible to a corrupt and venal government.

    • Actually, Micjhael Stürzenberger–who alone battled against the mega-mosque in the center of Munich–met with that woman a few years go, and they did form a revival of the White Rose. He has been harried from pillar to post in Munich and I have not heard much of him since, except that he is again/still writing for Politically Incorrect.

    • It wasn’t for the Nazis not being able to stomach executing a pretty young lady, but for the fact that the rule of law was strictly adhered to even at the worst of times (what awful kind of laws they made and how is a different matter). The prosecution couldn’t prove Susanne Zeller-Hirzel’s involvement to the extent that would have gotten her a death sentence. She got away with 6 months prison, iirc. Hans and Sophie Scholl on the other hand were not hanged, but executed by the guillotine.

  19. It will not surprise me in the least if the father were to appeal to the court for a light sentence for the murderer.

  20. How on earth is it possible not to have contempt for all those involved? The parents and the daughter were busily engaged in the importation of rape, violence and murder. So she ended up on the receiving end. Are we supposed not to hate those who are helping to destroy the relative safety we in the west once enjoyed? They are not innocent bystanders. They are cheerleaders for killers.
    No sympathy. Pity it doesn’t work out more often this way.

  21. Please, dont come to the false conclusion that this is only a sickness Germans fell victim to.

    One can easily find some what similar dhimmitude in almost every western country.
    I can remember such cases happening from France to Sweden.
    Earlier this year even a communist young woman with muslim-migrant (!) background in Germany fell sorry for her rapist afterwards.

    This crazy abjectness has its historical parallel:
    “Since pacifists have more freedom of action in countries where traces of democracy survive, pacifism can act more effectively against democracy than for it. Objectively the pacifist is pro-Nazi.”
    George Orwell, No, not one (1941)

  22. The purveyors of socialism have worked judiciously for over half a century to destroy Europe’s Christian foundation. Now, when it needs the commitments of Christians to combat totalitarian and violent Islam, it has few willing Crusaders. Maybe this murder of a beautiful young German girl by a Muslim barbarian will lead to the realization that the situation created must be reversed. Somehow I think things will have to get much worse before anything is done to reverse this obvious disaster.

  23. The girl’s family are behaving as Christians would be expected to – showing mercy, charity and compassion. These are the same qualities that allowed the death of their daughter. This is the great paradox – that Christianity has created the kind of societies that others flock to and then attempt to subvert. The productive way to approach this dilemma is to try to find a way for Christian charity to be channeled in a less destructive manner. We need to continue to behave decently as our society and beliefs demand – without committing cultural and religious suicide. This is the challenge we need to face. Simple resistance is not enough.

    • Christ wasn’t ‘decent’ to to the moneylenders. He violently threw them out – and that’s what we need to do to Muslims!

    • Christ taught his followers to love your neighbour as yourself. He did NOT require you to love your neighbour more than you love yourself. The Left has distorted this instruction, coating it in sweet virtue signalling to make people feel good, and used it to incite us to self destruction.

  24. Matthew 10:16

    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

    The Left deliberately leave out the shrewdness part, that is necessary when dealing with wolves.

  25. If anything good comes out of this it would be the realization by the elite that they are not impervious to the problems they created themselves. They too can become a victim anytime anywhere. In spite of their gated comunities and bodyguards.

    For the family the worst is yet to come.
    After the mourning subsides a question will begin to sink in with the force of a runaway freight train.
    “Was it all worth it?”

  26. These Germans hate themselves and their offspring. It seems this is just the latest iteration of their insanity. Their only hope is since passed.

    • A woman would have to be an expert martial-arts artists to fight off a strong, young male intent on violence. Also, the immigrants would simply hunt in packs, then.

      The big advantage in self-defense training and tactics is the mind-set it gives the citizen. They begin to think in terms of helping themselves and not depend on the government. This is one of the primary motivations for the draconian gun controls desired by leftists, and the horrendous penalties in so-called civilized societies against citizens who defend themselves in their own homes.

      If this girls parents had thought of having her protected, they would never have supported bringing massive numbers of immigrants into their country in the first place.

      • “Also, the immigrants would simply hunt in packs…” But they nearly always do. Occasionally a loner attacks, such as with Maria Ladenburger, or Elin Krantz in Sweden.

  27. The moment this father wakes up to the falsehood of his moral righteusness, he no longer has such a prestigeous job. His and the family’s social status depends on it. So entangled in this evil, he couldn’t leave it even if he were struck by sudden insight.

      • And little careers too, especially in the public sector. That’s why Rotherham was allowed to continue for so long with only one brave voice speaking up. It’s a bandwagon that vast swathes of the middle class have to be on board lest they’re cast out into the wilderness.

  28. In the final analysis one must feel immense sorrow for the poor girl and unflinching contempt and no sorrow whatsoever for the parents. Raising their daughter with the mind-set that they did was an act of child abuse. My daughter has known since age 12, to watch for and flag only taxis driven by a Chinese or a Black driver (there are no Black Muslim cab drivers in my city, they are Christian Nigerians or Ghanaians) and then call me so I can speak to the driver. As only about 1 in 30 or 50 are, safe, European drivers, it is simpler to hail only, visually obviously, East Asian and Black drivers and wave on all the rest. Has this made her a bigot? Who cares? She remains alive and unharmed because she practices such precautions.

    “The family now has to live with the gruelling [sic] truth about the death of their daughter, namely that they have sacrificed their own child to the moral-imperialistic hubris of the operators and supporters of this “welcoming culture”. How do the parents intend to live with this immense burden?”

    I don’t care. For all their “education” they are bad parents and have reaped what they have stupidly sown. Hopefully, this horrible event will have a paradigm altering effect on their weltanschauung, which their other two daughters may benefit from. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  29. Some biting reality that today, December 6th, is Maria’s twentieth birthday. No comfort in the fact that she’s thus Forever Young.

  30. Actually, Christianity says, “Whosoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed.” That is, the penalty for murder is death meted out by the “state,” not in vengeance. The current reaction, or lack thereof, is a tribute to the indoctrination that has taken place over the years.

  31. I recall a similar case in South Africa a number of years ago where an idealistic young American lady named Amy Biehl went to help the poor underprivileged blacks and ended up being murdered by some of them. Her insane liberal parents made excuses for the perps and doubled down on their support for the “oppressed”.

    • Obviously, from your photo of the murderer – or as we say in the U.S., the alledged murderer – he’s well past 17 years of age. Or perhaps his superior genetic make-up shows up as physical precociousness. They must be well ahead of European adolescents.

      • One of the photos reminded me of Omar Mateen- not the facial features but the expression – narcissistic preening.

  32. It is a (vanishingly small) comfort to think that young Maria is now beyond the reach of pain.

    I wish her parents all the torments of hell, right now. But I can’t make myself believe that they actually give a damn. May they share their daughter’s fate, in spades,

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