Switzerland: Muslims Attack Christians Going to Mass in Longeborgne

Update: A new translated article has been posted. As of this writing, the Muslim angle has neither been confirmed not refuted by the newer reports.

Additional update: The dead man may not be the perpetrator; the person or persons who stabbed people may still be at large. The authorities have repeatedly said, however, that they have no indications of a religious motive.

Swiss Christians were reportedly prevented from attending Mass this morning in Longeborgne by Muslim mujahideen with knives. Three people were injured, one seriously.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this French-language report from the conservative Christian news portal Dreuz.info:

Switzerland: Anti-Christian attack in Longeborgne: three wounded, including one seriously

by Christian Larnet
December 25, 2016

Christians were attacked with cold steel — always the weapon of Islam — for going to Mass this Sunday morning at Our Lady of Longeborgne, Brumous.

On the social networks, eyewitness reports speak of a knife attack against three faithful of the Hermitage of Longeborgne — one of which was seriously wounded — who were on their way there.

One of them succeeded in crossing the roadblock made by the aggressors, and arrived in Longeborgne with his face covered in blood. He was taken to the hospital as soon as the police arrived. According to the priest, his condition was not worrisome, but another victim was reportedly found by the policemen on the ground and seriously wounded.

“There was no mass, for the faithful were stopped by a person who assaulted them. It was probably a sharp weapon,” said Father Francis, the rector of the Hermitage. One of the wounded was able to reach the holy place and was treated on the spot before being transported by the emergency services. Three people, two women and one man, were stabbed. The latter was seriously injured.

Numerous police patrols, dogs and a helicopter were deployed in the Gorges de la Borgne.

In the afternoon, the police barred access to Longeborgne around the Café des Pèlerins.

A helicopter was still in the air around 3pm.

The prosecutor’s office has not formally communicated the facts or the identity of the aggressor, but unofficially, the trail of a jihadist terrorist act is said to be dismissed without explanation.

101 thoughts on “Switzerland: Muslims Attack Christians Going to Mass in Longeborgne

  1. BBC and NPR incessantly paint Muslims as innocent fuzzy bunny victims, fascinating.
    This is because the engineered 9/11 failed to wake people up to the evils of Islam, so plan B is underway, ship them to our doorstep so we can begin feeling Israel’s pain.

    Their move is not evil so much as logical in my opinion, we would do the same thing if we were in their shoes with a strong desire to survive.

    It is time we wake up, that the Muslim ideology is evil, it produces nothing good, only heartache and destruction for its people and their victims. All adults should be deported and their children forces into classes on writing code and doing Startups (entrepreneurialism) and the rewards of doing good in the world for self and others.

    • Evidently in gseattle’s opinion (1) BBC and NPR are tools of Israel (odd, considering the content of their reporting); (2) Erdogan, Merkel, Hollande, and Corbyn are tools of Israel (very odd, considering, well, a lot of things); (2) 9/11 was engineered by Israel, presumably with the assistance of the Bush administration.
      Bibi Netanyahu as Magneto/Dr.Doom/Thanos — but if Israel can operate on this level of Marvel Comics supervillain-sophistication, gseattle, why doesn’t Israel just take care of its direct enemies directly instead of manipulating dopey Europeans and Americans into doing so?

      • There’s another comic aspect to gseattle’s hilarious rant.

        He thinks 9/11 was deemed to be necessary to wake up the population to the dangers of Islam, ignoring the very copious number of Islamic terror incidents against the US and its citizens before and after 9/11. Besides, according to his thinking, the 9/11 was not only engineered, but it left telltale traces of its false-flag reality.

        And yes, Israel is an all-powerful, all-knowing force behind everything. Israel was responsible for the Saudi family that dropped everything 2 or 3 days before the 9/11 attack and jumped on the first flight to Saudi Arabia. Israel is responsible for the virtually open-border to Muslims policy enforced by the Obama administration. The bad blood between Israel and the Obama administration is simply a smoke screen engineered by Israel.

        • If Israel was behind 9-11, the they wouldn’t have flown right by the U.N. building on their way to the World Trade Center.

      • Man, how did you get so bitterly anti-semitic? Compare the Jews to the Muslims; which persons among their groups have done more good for the world? Yet, you condemn the Jews and not the barbarian, butchering Muslims? How does one become so blind that he will not see?

    • You are saying that children who are the products of generations of brother sister marriages with average IQ’s in the 80’s should be forced to learn computer coding and entrepreneurialism. They would grab the nearest sharp object and cut the teacher to death or if they could figure out how to get on the internet, would use it to view pornography. These people are simply not smart enough to survive in the modern world. Their brains are suited to a simple life herding goats or cutting Maize. Equality dreamers like you are one of the causes of the whole problem.

    • They all need to go back together unless the children can be reprogrammed. These terrorists start very young teaching the hate.

    • These fanatic extremists are bloosthirsty merciless tertorists! They are camels which are allowed a part of the tent but take over the tent, …..

  2. Very strange case. Checked it in franch and german. Nothing about the agressors, who have not been caught yet

  3. It gets so stupid that one could run out of something to say. Screw democracy? Pass out the arms and ammo? As far as the Muslims are concerned right now the western part of Europe is already conquered. How do abandoned populations convince the Muslim otherwise?

    • The Swiss already have arms and ammo. They keep them at home. There’s nothing to stop them from finding out the mosque these mujahideen attended and terminating it.

      • As I understand it, the Swiss have arms and ammunition in their homes, but the military arms and ammunition is sealed, and there are severe penalties for breaking the seals without authorization. So, the Swiss are in reality, disarmed while arms are close at hand.

        The paradox is, Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but has voluntarily put itself under its rules. I suppose this is for trade purposes, but the effect of this is to enforce open borders and blind tolerance of Islam in Switzerland. The Swiss need another William Tell.

        • My understanding is that the ‘military ammunition’ that was kept sealed in in the homes of reservists was removed several years ago and placed into armory storage.
          But, whether that is true, or that “war stock” ammo is still kept is inconsequential.

          The Swiss have always been able to purchase military grade ammunition to shoot through their service rifles (and other ammunition for their personal weapons) in mass quantities.

          Their problem is that they, like so many others, simply couldn’t see the efficacy in bearing personal arms.
          I don’t know the in’s-and-out’s of “government approved” concealed or open carry in Switzerland, but from what I do know from other Euro states, it’s probably pretty much impossible to do it legally. Well, the damned Mooze don’t seem to think much about Swiss laws, so if was a Swiss national, I might not be as attentive to those laws either.

          • From what I understand, Switzerland has a high rate of individual citizen gun ownership — heavily armed and with a low crime rate.

  4. How much more of this are western European citizens supposed to put up with? First we must ditch our politicians, then we tackle islam.

  5. Peter – “How much more of this are western European citizens supposed to put up with?”

    They are as lambs to the slaughter. They may bleat and cry and wail but that is all.

    Then they will take their knees, say the Shahada and “submit”.

    Western Civilization in Europe is lost.

    • You are right.
      And if someone dares to say “Defend yourself” or even points to something that helps in this regard the other People shy away from him and betray him to the Police faster then the original perpetrators are caught.
      And if you dare to voice such an opinion on the Internet every page bans you.

      The People have not only been subjected to Learned Helplessness, no they have been brainwashed to accept it.
      Some still have the fire of our ancestors burning within them but why should they fight?
      The People around them know and show no loyalty. If those warriors defend them as soon as a Police Sergeant / Security Service /Protectors of the Constitution questions them and puts alittle pressure on them they squeal as loud as the can.

    • I’m in England.

      My experience is that … nobody [cares]… very few want to discuss the issues, let alone address them.

      Everyone is trying so hard to conform to this pervasive ideology of acceptance. It’s difficult to explain what has happened… it seems that it’s no longer possible to say, “What you are doing is wrong.”

      I live in a society which is largely absent all Principle.

      Maybe it IS time for Europe for change hands; the current owners are not worthy.

      • Let me beat my own drum on this.

        Two world wars of mass, indiscriminate slaughter, killing almost anyone with the character and courage to wear a uniform, and a universal welfare state penalizing responsibility and industry, have deteriorated the genetic pool in England. There are simply very few people with the inherited character to stand up against financial, social, and often criminal, pressures.

        • Ronald, a quick search suggests British and Empire military fatalities were about 10% (fortunately not including my father); hardly enough to support your hypothesis. And many people of “character and courage” served in essential civilian roles, from scientists to miners.

      • In the meantime choose where you live carefully. There will be crossfire and chaos like Western Europe has not experienced since WW2. The Muslims are ready and have reinforcements on the way. Genocidal Christian killer pouring through the gates of Vienna. Are you ready? The reality will probably be far worse than the fear projections. Know your enemy. Look in the mirror. What ‘nonsense’ was one spouting in 1969? I am of course just imagining all this. Almost overnight we went from the smartest to the dumbest advanced civilisation. Shut down Bruxelles.

      • I am also in England, but I do find that there are a great many people who do care, but like in other parts of Europe, the general population has been so brainwashed . My Nephew posts many links via his facebook page about true events, but is very quickly inundated with hate mail. Non Muslims should be made aware of the highly respected Dr. Bill Warners videos on You Tube, specifically Hijra, Islamic Migration to see what is in store for us.

      • I pray every day that we will wake up, but I’m afraid it’s going to have to get far worse. The whole of Europe and America don’t have the will the will to live, it’s evidenced by the reproduction rates. The Europeans will go extinct from this alone without any help from Islam. It’s not a physical problem that’s stopping the reproduction either. We’ve no self respect, dignity, or hope left therefore no will to live. It’s the same way in ALL Western Nations and it’s painfully obvious the culprits. The question is are we going to reach back to our roots and regain what we so willingly gave up? There’s only been one world leader openly name the problem and he just did it on Christmas Day during a 4 hour question and answer session. Secularism and our faithless society has taken our human dignity and if we do not immediately put a a stop to this PC culture and the active destruction of the very thing that allowed western society to flourish all will be lost. It’s as if Western nations are ashamed of Jesus Christ and Christianity. We replace any mention of his name or any celebration which involves him with some generic name. “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas. It’s a disgrace and now it’s taking its toll. I’m not a religious person either and I can see it plain as day. And what’s waiting in the wings to fill the void left where Christianity used to be? Of course, Islam and people are hungry for something to fill the void. The whole thing is very sad. I hope people will wake up but I fear that they’re far to “sophisticated” to “accept such nonsense”

    • As long as you pay your dhimmi the Muslims will allow you to live in “your” country. You will be a second class citizen though.

      • Not true. Political Islam, beginning with the Young Turks in 1915, has mandated the violent suppression of non-Muslim populations. In places like Iran, a very small, compliant, Jewish population is tolerated and even supported, but the history of Islam shows that force is sooner or later applied to dhimmis to compel them to convert.

  6. I can’t wait till they try this is the US. We have the 2nd Amendment, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight…

    • For now they’ll pick away at the U.S., but won’t go for a takeover until they have subjugated Europe. Ten years, maybe?

  7. we need to deport all muslims – whether peaceful and deceptive or all our jihadi – we will still have the same problems – they want to take over!

  8. There are many millions who will fight rather than embrace Godless Muslim ideology.

    • Yeah…officially, there are about 60.000.000 muslims in Europe. Unofficial, about 100.000.000 – 120.000.000… Now…in islam, killing kuffar is a virtue. It is like a ticket to 72 virgins in heaven (allah must be a pimp and heaven a brothel).They will kill us with big pleasure. Can you kill a chicken ?

      • we are stupid to dismiss the violence the islam invasion has become in every country. no more sympathy, let us prosecute heavily and stop the head in the sand response of law enforcement…

  9. Native Europeans must be allowed to purchase and carry firearms for self-protection.

  10. Unreal!

    Have you checked the location? Longeborgne is a very old mountain village, inhabited by mostly old people, with distinct Christian roots and traditions. To implant Mohammedan savages into such an environment is just like letting wolves amongst the sheep. This is a crime against humanity.

    • Dass war ein Familiendrama ohne religiösen Hintergrund ,wer diese Fake-news glaubt ist selber schuld

      [Machine translation:

      That was a family drama without a religious background, who believes these fake news is itself to blame

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  11. From reading a few newspapers I dont think its obvious that it is a muslim. I’d go with emotionally disturbed local

    • The mere fact that the ‘newspapers’ don’t specify is in itself confirmatory of the muslim identity of the perps, just as the ‘newspapers’ in this country don’t specify race when the perp is black.

  12. I think the time for ordinary Citizens to Fight is NOW! Violence is only thing Muslims seem to respond to.

  13. I’m Austrian-American. Hitler was from Austria. We Austrians have a very good idea of what God wants and are not afraid of following God’s will. God wants the Muslims driven back to their own lands or DEAD! Let’s do this thing! CRUSADES 9.0!

  14. They haven’t found the culprits. Longeborgne is East of Geneva and North of Turin. The nearest city. Sion, has a 5% Muslim population (1,360). There is a Jewish population of 16. The majority are Catholic as the city used to belong to Italy.

    The Hermitage of Longeborne clings to a high rock and is a tourist attraction, but remote. The perfect soft target. Nowhere is safe any more.

    Bring in the army and shoot the lot, unless they leave Islam. This is war, for goodness sake!

    • please stop appeasing muslim hate crimes and this sounds like one for sure. not only do they hate christians and are murdering them daily but they also hate anyone that disagrees with their so-called supremacy…

  15. I will tell you a story. I am somewhere in Scandinavia. Not Sweden. In this area where I live, we are about 4000 east europeans (25 km radius). All kind. From many east countries. We meet from time to time to have drink, a grill, a fight. That’s normal. We discovered that the native population has no link with their own country, beside benefits. Muslims are just some people in need, and we must help the muslims with all we can. This is what they think. We, easterners, probably own an extra sense of reality. So, despite our conflicts when we’re drunk, we are dedicated to protect our families and the area we live in. After many meetings (and drinks) , we agreed about that if any of us (including natives of the country in our villages) does have one conflict with muslims, if any of us (or natives in our villages) experience a conflict with muslims (refugees or not), there is a sign to take action. We are from ex-communist countries. We do know how communism smell. West Europe smells like communism, but not the old type…it is the communism with human face…easy to eat. So…we decided that if any has a life threatening conflict with a “protected” person from far away, we must act as is a personal problem. Some polish guys are very against brits. After last successfully killing of a polish worker in UK, they don’t give a [hoot] on brits. But, as general idea, we decided to do all we can to help and fight. If west fall, east will be next in danger. But if west europe will continue to be aggressive against easterners (they don’t have [many wherewithal] to insult muslims) then we will just sell all we have here and return to our countries. You cant force somebody to love you…it is rape…We like love…but not rape. We are now after Christmas… also me… meaning, I am under the influence of alcohol…but this is what I mean also after Christmas, after alcohol. Difference is , after alcohol, after Christmas and new years celebration, I will not post this on a website.

  16. We need to arm ourselves NOW. The Swiss already have lots of guns at home. Let them carry it for protection. Reset of Europe needs the right to carry. Right now, the immigrant population has lots of firearms. We need firearms with law abiding citizens.

    • The immigrant population just wait to use the guns. I dont think you are ready to do that.

  17. Europeans, buy guns illegally. Get your hands on them by any means necessary. You’re going to need them. They’re pretty easy to build from parts you buy online. We’re praying for you.

  18. well the local swiss police are absolutely reporting it as a family feud, with the dead man being a relative of the injured. you’re going to look stupid if this is a fake report, it;s just going to add to the clamouring of ‘fake news’ shouts.

    • “Fake news” sites don’t retract and correct. I would “look stupid” if it turned out to be a hoax and I did not retract. I will retract in due course, if a translation comes in that contradicts it.

      I think you must have not been here very long, otherwise you would know that we have done so many times in the past. It’s our standard procedure.

      • All news in the mainstream media is censored.As soon as there is an attack where the perpetrators are Muslim the police have been instructed come out and say it has nothing to do with politics or religion.This is an attempt too stop members of the community from meting out vigilante justice.

        But it has backfired because people realize that the mainstream press are no longer interested in reporting the truth but rather hiding reality from the people.

        The Mainstream press in Europe are anxious to follow Merkel’s orders and not report anything that casts Merkel’s free for all immigration policies in a bad light.And the police are hampered in their job of finding the perpetrators of atrocities because they may say nothing that could lead to people questioning Merkel’s wisdom in any way.

        As a result no-one who possesses the faculty of critical thought places much faith in official statements from the European police or from the European mainstream press.For the mainstream press is so clearly a propaganda tool of Merkel’s government that they might as well rename themselves PRAVDA and be done with it.

        • In this case, however, we don’t really know anything at this point. We have but a single source for Muslim angle, Dreuz.info, which I wasn’t familiar with previously. The translator tells me that they have posted other reputable material, so it doesn’t seem likely that they made it up. They may have been fooled by mistaken information, or disinformation — in which case, we have been, too.

          But we don’t know that yet. We have to wait and see what else comes up.

          • The local authorities have closed the investigation. The perpetrator is a 32-year-old Portuguese man born in Switzerland who was previously treated for psychotic behavior.

            The man and his 69-year-old uncle were walking on steep cliff when the latter seriously wounded himself after falling down. The former subsequently started to act erratically and stabbed three elderly people including his uncle laying on the ground. The guy then walked away and was found dead after he fell from the top of a cliff. Fortunately none of the three victims were killed

            No there is no evidence that the attacker was a Muslim nor any indication he was motivated by religious bigotry. It seems that because two of the victims were on their was to Mass and attacked in a road known for its pelerins Dreuz.info immediately assumed it was an anti-Christian attack.

            All of this is indicated in this French article I can translate if you wish to


        • this is what has been happening in the usa, too. if it is a muslim or a black perpetrator, they do not want to report the truth.

  19. European press is reporting nonsense to hide the real reason for the crime. To say it continues to be a mystery, no one knows anything, may be suicide, etc. Then just under the picture on article, it states “no connection to religion.” Its censored media, plain and simple. Why bother writing an article that gives you zero information, only that there was a crime, and it wasnt connected to any religion. I dont buy it that police know nothing, because if so, how could they possibly know it is a family matter, possibly a suicide and not connected to any religion? Nonsense. Shame on the press for making up “news” so they can protect Muslims. Europe will be utterly conquered unless they stand up to this shame and elect leaders who will stand up for the right, and protect their citizens.

    • There are none so blind as those “useful idiots” who cling to their belief in Merkel’s “free for all ” open door immigration policies and uncritically accept the propaganda pronouncements of her propaganda organ the mainstream European press.

      • Ma réponse est déformée, je me demande si certaines personnes de la police d’internet sont capable de le faire, on appelle cela de l’écriture intelligente, le mot ne me conviens pas, je vais voir à la lecture de ce post.

        [Machine translation:

        My answer is distorted, I wonder if some people from the internet police are able to do so, this is called intelligent writing, the word does not suit me, I’ll see on reading this post.

        This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • J’ai lu précédemment stupide message de haine, j’ai l’impression de me trouver sur un site internet sur lequel les bisounours font de la résistance à appeler un chat un chat, le mobile de l’attaque des fidèles se rendant à l’église Notre Dame est évident.

      [Machine translation:

      I read previously stupid message of hate, I feel to be on a website on which the bisounours make resistance to call a cat a cat, the motive of the attack of the faithful going to the Notre Dame church is obvious.

      This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  20. WARNING!
    (from ‘G-84’ and ‘Company’)

    Muslims NEVER assimilate into a non-Muslim culture. NEVER! They only come to breed and conquer.

    Muslim immigrants and “refugees” are INVADERS… and they employ traitorous psychopaths like Justin Trudeau, Malcolm Turnbull, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel (etal) to enable a ‘Trojan Horse’ to come inside the gates.

    THE NAME OF THE MUSLIM GAME is to subsume native culture and traditions, and also the established rule of law, with Islamic Sharia law… thereby compelling the original population of conquered countries to convert to Islam under penalty of death. Indeed! Sadiq Khan, formerly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and now the new Muslim mayor of London-STAN, suggests a foreboding and ominous future for the British Isles and all of Europe.

    Also…the construction of thousands and thousands of mosques in Europe and North America serve as Muslim ‘markers’ of conquest. Mosques are used for furthering Islamic POLITICAL IDEOLOGY.

    Needless to say… PC leftists, Jews, feminist-sexist control-freak lesbians and [gay] guys in Hollywood will be the first ones beheaded or thrown off apartment buildings when Muslims become the majority… and implement Sharia law. This isn’t rhetoric. This is real! And it’s happening to your children and grandchildren. To YOU!

    Also… ALL Muslims practice taqiyya (lies and subterfuge) for furthering Islamic IDEOLOGY and Sharia law in non-Muslim societies. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE MUSLIM… OR MODERATE ISLAM. There is only Islam without modifiers.

    I read the Qu’ran. I know the Sith doctrine and the Hadith. I know taqiyya. And I also know that…
    Islam is NOT a race.
    Islam is NOT a nation.
    Islam is NOT a culture.
    Islam is NOT an ethnicity.
    Islam is NOT even a religion.

    Islam is a barbarous and savage 7th century MINDSET. It is an intolerant and violent patriarchal POLITICAL IDEOLOGY that treats women like cattle and gives men the right to ape-rape them at will.

    Europe is already lost. Most of Europe will be under Sharia law by 2050-2060. Certainly before the end of the 21st century. Millions and millions and millions of Muslims from Africa and the Mideast (most of them young male ape-rapists) have invaded Europe over the last few years. TENS OF MILLIONS MORE ARE ON THEIR WAY!

    Yesss! And Canada, Australia and the United States are next. We’re talking about the collapse of Western civilization.

    Old Coyote Knose… that Islam is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to humanity.

    The kaffirs in the West better wake the [obscene intensifier] up! Your days are numbered!

    Ewe-folks have been warned!


      • The total lack of your government to defend its own people shows the leakness and fear they have. And their inability to protect you. It is therefore you must consider to protect yourselves.

  21. Is there no law system in Switzerland….to arrest those moslems who attacked the people going to Mass on Christmas? Is there no Police force? Is there no justice system? Switzerland used to be admired for its way of life but that seems to have gone, like in Germany, France, the Lowlands, Scandinavia. No real people with a love of their country and a devotion to their families and their people, young and old. The fall of Europe? Designed by the One World Order manipulators? As if they will live forever !!!

  22. I was watching a travel show hosted by Rick Steves’s, a so-called authority on travel in Europe. He was in a city in Austria known as Graz, which is the capitol of the area known as Styria. He visited a museum there, that housed 6,000 suits of armor that was worn by the Knights of that time charged with protecting Vienna, known as the gateway to Western and Eastern Europe. Much blood and sacrifice was required of those brave men, who stopped Islam at the gates of Vienna. But it seems it was all for nothing, with today’s leaders of Europe allowing in Islam with an almost malicious glee. Wow!!

    • Now that’s a clue, Bobby, as to why you’re commenting on a website named “Gates of Vienna”. Did this “authority on travel in travel in Europe” tell you that the date of that defeat was September 11th?

      The interim period is not entirely wasted. The West had three hundred-plus more years to develop the technology which allows you to make your comment here.

      Besides, the victory was celebrated in the walled city by the creation of those wonderful cookies, Viennese crescents. Later the French (who did NOT help Vienna but instead stood by, hoping to profit from its defeat) improved on them by giving the world croissants.

      It was the Poles who saved Europe, and they will again, as will other parts of Eastern Europe who know full well what it is like to live under oppression, both Muslim and Soviet. Like Orban, like, Israel, America is finally going to build walls to keep out the culture enrichers.

  23. Les coupables courent toujours, ils commettront d’autres attaques avant que la police leur tombe dessus, les musulmans veulent nous empêcher de vivre notre foi, leur but est de nous convertir.

    [Machine translation:

    The guilty are still running, they will commit other attacks before the police fall on them, the Muslims want to stop us from living our faith, their goal is to convert us.

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

    • Calling news reports “fake” is the latest leftist tag game and it’s already past its sell-by date.

      Calling a report “FAKE!!” is merely over-wrought adolescent female hysteria, Petra.

      Get a grip and then supply a reliable source for your assertion.

  24. Was Sie hier für Lügen verbreiten ist ziemlich abartig .Diese Tat hat keinen Religiösen oder Islamistischen hintergrund.Staatsanwaltschaft wird gegen Sie ermitteln

    [Machine translation:

    What you spread here for lies is quite devious. This act has no religious or Islamist background. Attorney’s office will identify against you

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments.]

  25. Why Russians are fighting in Syria? They understand that if they will not protect their interests in far away it will get a war at home. Now, remember those Armenians? What did Europe do when Turks committed it’s sadistic genocide against Armenian Christians? Nothing. It supported Turks. Of cause, much of that because Europe is not ruled by Europeans. And now, Europe has become Armenia II. It’s about to experience the same fate as Armenians did. Yes I’m surprised at Europe for Armenians, but I’m watching Europe’s fall in horror and sadness. Let me tell you Europeans something that only Armenians understand. Christian mindset can’t survive Muslim. Don’t try to understand Islam. Don’t try to find meaning were there is none. You’re loosing time. If you want to survive you must put you Christian mindset on the shelf for later use. Go back to your roots. Take action. It’s no time to philosophize. And put some Europe oriented rulers in the drive seat for a god sake. It’s disgusting to watch the picture.

  26. Frankly, I wish we would all just evolve past religion. A lot of it is fantasy. They are social and mind control documents.

    We need to start using these our minds more.

    Control systems want followers &workers, not thinkers.

  27. I think people all over Europe need to vote out most of their present governments.

    If the west and Nato had not screwed over Libya and then Syria and armed and the rebels, there would be no ISIS.

    The military hardware of Libya went to Turkey.

    Ther would be no current refugee crisis. People in the EU have not been on the ball and stopping the actions of these governments.

    Part of the attempt to overthrow Assad is to deny Russia access to Mediterranean seaports and Syria in 20011 not agreeing to allow a pipeline through to bypass Russia.

    The question is why are people so anti-Russian. Frankly, they are culturally they are closer to Europe.

    The answer to that is an ongoing 200+ conflict, started in 1814 when Russia screwed up plans for financiers for a world financial takeover at that time. Today this nation that has been brutalised & still is a thorn in their sides. Read Prof Andrew C Suttons book, Wall St and the Bolsheviks. Then you realise that was to get rid of the competiton, a royal family, opposed to them with > USD 300 billion wealth in today’s terms.

    The elite financier who screw the world, are the not the friends of the average person in Europe or the USA. Trump got voted in as reaction to the system, but they forgot abouyt getting rid of the two major parties and having fresh ones. Thye are starting to react, but not thinking. All the people in the USA and EU need to do that

    The EU should station masses of troops in countries near the divide to stop a further avalance of refugee’s. Those floodgates will open.

    Its divide and conquer going on. I think the EU needs to be with Russia.

    Lincoln paid the price,when he created the Greenback, and ran a war without loans. He showed us the stroke of the pen can turn the tables on the ultra-wealth. So why not follow his lead again. reset the world banking system and have a new better one.

    Much more world peace will follow.

    Look at the TPP, TISA and TTIP, the only 5 major nations that were not in these crappy treaties were the BRICS nations. I think that says most of it.

    They dont want competition. I mean any at all.

    The drrivatives time bomb is set to go off, so we have more distraction, whilst carnage will be committed upon us.

  28. So far there are no evidence the attack was committed by a jihadist. Some news outlets pretend the attacker and victim belong to the same family. Authorities neither confirmed any thesis.

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