Identitäre Bewegung: “Women, Where is Your Rebellion Against This?”

The German equivalent of the French Generation Identitaire is Identitäre Bewegung, the “Identitarian Movement”. The following video features several young German women talking about what the two-year wave of “refugees” has meant for their security and well-being.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Silvester night in Cologne has changed the lives of all women
0:03   forever in our country. Over 1000 so-called refugees
0:06   gathered to humiliate women, to defile and violate them,
0:09   and to rob them.
0:12   Almost one year has now passed.
0:15   And 22 rapes and uncounted sexual attacks
0:18   have still not been solved.
0:21   Since then, hardly a day goes by in which
0:24   immigrants don’t violate women.
0:27   Berlin, October. An immigrant brutally kicks a young woman
0:30   down the subway stairs, without any reason.
0:33   They embraced the possibility
0:36   of life threatening injuries to the woman.
0:39   Bochum, August and November, two students
0:42   are raped near the university. One victim was injured so severely
0:45   that a homicide squad was established for the case.
0:48   The perpetrator was an asylum seeker from Iraq.
0:51   Kiel, December. An African sets his wife on fire on the street in broad daylight.
0:54   The mother of two died during the night.
0:58   Hamburg, December. A 24-year-old woman is raped in a club.
1:01   The offender is a previously convicted asylum seeker
1:04   whose application for asylum had earlier been denied.
1:08   The Moroccan should have been deported a long time ago.
1:12   These are only a few plaintive examples from a huge number
1:15   of cases, cases which — just one year ago — would have shocked us,
1:18   and that we now take with a shrug of the shoulders.
1:22   The murder of Maria Ladenburger in Freiburg became
1:25   symbolic for all of this, just a short while ago.
1:28   Maria should have turned 20 years old, but instead she was raped
1:31   and murdered by a man who shouldn’t even have been here.
1:34   The murderer came to our country in 2015 as an alleged refugee,
1:38   and just like after Cologne, the Tagesschau [Evening News]
1:41   concealed this case, because it was only of regional importance.
1:44   And then it came out that three years ago this man — who for years
1:47   claimed to be a minor — already had pushed another woman
1:50   off a cliff after which she was severely injured but survived.
1:55   Maria’s death could have been prevented.
1:58   So many cases SHOULD have been prevented.
2:01   You speak of isolated incidents.
2:04   You say, Germans do this kind of thing too.
2:07   You want to make us believe that these things
2:10   have always happened and you bring up Oktoberfest.
2:13   You kicked off a s*** storm because Rainer Brüderle
2:16   hit on a journalist, but you are silent
2:19   when there are rapes and murders everywhere.
2:22   You still believe that immigration will make our country
2:25   colorful and diverse, you want to grant protection to strangers,
2:28   but you will not protect us women.
2:31   You have sympathy for the offenders and call those who
2:34   warn others about them racists. You are hypocrites.
2:37   This did not exist before. This is not part of our country and our way of life.
2:41   This is not only an attack on everything that women have fought for
2:45   for an entire century, but this is also a war against our culture,
2:48   and the humiliation of women is the weapon.
2:52   Women, where is your rebellion against this?
2:55   This is Europe.
2:58   Here our rules apply, and our values.
3:01   It is our country.
3:04   Defend yourselves and become active.
3:07   Come and join the Identity Movement.

19 thoughts on “Identitäre Bewegung: “Women, Where is Your Rebellion Against This?”

  1. At least the German frauleins know that it is better to be raped than appear to be racist or inadvertantly help the AfD.

  2. Who is this “you” to whom these women are appealing? They are shouting into an echo chamber. The chains that bind and enslave the West are manufactured from the votes of Western women. They were too stupid and miseducated to see that they were voting for their enslavement and subjugation . . . by emasculating their brothers, sons, fathers, husbands and other “patriarchal oppressors” with “progressive” laws and the power of the state. They invited the barbarians. They welcomed their rapists.

    Stop whining ladies. Accept the consequences of your decisions.

      • Yet, enough of them voted for it to make it a reality. Such is democracy and the perpetual “free” welfare and compassion it promises.

        • Their voting decisions are based on the knowledge they received from the media. The media routinely distort the facts. Even their anti patriarchal views are based on what they learn in school and what they see in the news.

  3. All Western women have been betrayed by the political correctness “rainbow”. From being forced by economics to give up our children – babies – into the hands of strangers to bring up, so that we can pay tax, to the threat and actuality of abuse, rape & murder.
    Well done the West. We are obviously of no value, just like the Muslim women.

    A Merry Christmas to all, lets hope we can continue to celebrate this Christian date.

  4. The radical feminists don’t lift a finger in protest. They believe it is far more likely for a female university student to be raped by a privileged white male, than by a barbarian.

    However, we can see that the tide is now turning and the PC political elite are beginning to feel nervous (hence all their obstructing tactics) – and well they might, […]

    Fomenting violence isn’t something we allow in our comment section.

    • I concur with your opinions about the abysmal failure of radical feminists. They live in a bubble where angry delusions are substituted for reality.

    • You see, in the PC world, when a white male engages in sexual violence, it’s (correctly) seen as horrible, but (incorrectly) extended to cover the entire white male population as “supporters”.

      When a “barbarian” engages in rape, it’s obviously just a cultural misunderstanding, and while unfortunate for the woman at the receiving end, she really needs to “take one for the team” and zip up her mouth about it, lest it taint the “barbarians” with the same brush as ‘orrible white males.

      I have the old-fashioned idea that rape is rape, regardless of whom done by, and should be treated the same way. If that makes a particular group in society look bad, so be it.

      I’ve always been in favour of sexual equality. That used to make me left-wing. This ongoing belief is a large part of what has now made me *right*-wing.

  5. The “god” of the Muslims is basically a book…the Koran.

    The “god” of liberal western countries is the mentality of “charity and accommodation for the needy.”

    Of course both views are wrong. The contents of a book are not the ultimate authority of truth. Actual people are sacred in God’s eyes. So one must never ignore the commandment “love your neighbor as yourself.”

    As for the present day “god” of liberal western nations, one must never put the concern for “charity” or “kindness” ahead of the importance of protection for those we care MOST about which should be our children, or community, and the long-time citizens of our country.

  6. I find this video very telling about what the european people actually think and say. They describe the attackers only as “immigrants or asylum seekers or moroccans…” How safe is that. But what do they all have in common? They are muslims, all of them. Yet these smart and informed women dont mention that word at all. Can anyone who understands what is going on in Europe please tell me why Islam is not mentioned?

    • Well, someone has to say it. You must be very new to this site or perhaps living at an abandoned Russian or Argentinian base in Antarctica for the last 10–20 years? No offence meant, it’s just that we assume by now everyone knows that in Europe, to bad-mouth islam is to be frog-marched to the local constabulary, there to explain your offensive, ‘racist’ remarks about the poor, downtrodden, traumatized refugees.

  7. We tried defending you even before your video, but we are far away. Make your voices be heard in YOUR country.

    • I am sorry to reply to my own comment. How gauche!

      Ladies: Demand that the chancellor be seen by a neurologist. I think that the disruption in your country coincides with the full-blown presentation of the chancellor’s frontotemporal dementia.

      The German media and parliament should have asked why a competent chancellor of over 10 years unleashed chaos, instead of calling people names.

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