Berlin: Some American Views on Merkel, Immigration, and Culture

Oops…Munich, Berlin…DUH.

Mostly people complain about the cross-talk on these shows, but interruption is something people do – i.e., get passionate and become engaged in making their own views known.

Despite the interruptions here, some important points emerge. Do readers think these opinions could be spoken publicly in, say, Germany?

22 thoughts on “Berlin: Some American Views on Merkel, Immigration, and Culture

  1. And immediately, Juan Williams gets it wrong, as usual. Why FOX puts up with Williams is a mystery to me, he’s an Obama man through and through, and when Americans finally wake up to the damage Obama has done to the country, it will no longer be chic to shill for the ‘first black president’.

    • The usefu idiot. It was not the Muslim. It was the truck. Why can’t we see that! It was the truck!

    • when Americans finally wake up to the damage Obama has done to the country, it will no longer be chic to shill for the ‘first black president’.

      Those who shilled for him – about half the country, not to mention leaders in Europe – will continue shilling.

      And as long as we have radical leftist extremists, people like Obama will be considered cool. He raised a lot of money for Democrats…they love empty suits.

      • Oh, I agree. We both know very well Mr Trump will have a very hard row to hoe, and even if he does brilliantly, the core-rotten lefties will still find fault, hurl abuse and obscenities and smear him mercilessly.

        Perverse though it sounds, before the election there was a time when I actually wished for a Clinton victory; why should Trump have to clean up obama’s mess and debt? So I thought if Hitlery became Prez the country would of course go even lower, and it would take ‘rock-bottom’ to get leftists to finally see the error of their rotten ways.

        Well Mr Trump made it, we should all be grateful–yes, up here in Canada too. He must really love his country, or be the ultimate masochist for what he is about to endure…

  2. I live in a “liberal bubble” area. And, frankly, I doubt that anything could wake up most of these people to the damage Obama has done. I wish I could think otherwise.

    These people tend to be either stuck in the radical campus politics of the 60s or 70s (the older ones) or they have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the indoctrination centers known as our colleges and universities. Or they are just walking zombies with respect to politics and believe the news they are fed.

    For some reason they feel morally superior as well.

  3. No this discussion would not have been possible in Germany. The attack serves only as a background for pointing fingers at “haters”, and hammering in that we must not give in to “hate”. By “hate” they mean, criticising Merkel.
    The word Islam in that context is taboo.
    So taboo that the average German has never even heard about “Jihad”.

    • My impression is that this debate takes place in Germany right now. Don’t underestimate the people.

  4. It’s difficult to listen to the discussion.

    Juan Williams is slow and stupid. He’s obviously the token black Fox puts up with because…because…he’s willing for the other, more intelligent commentators to run over him. NPR booted him because he observed that a shouting Muslim in a plane would worry him also. This gave him conservative credentials, I guess.

    But, the discussion itself put me off. Gutfield was religious in distinguishing between Islam and Islamism. Also, they assumed the refugees had to be handled and the “problem” solved by the West, as opposed to simply barricading the migrants out and not assuming responsibility for them.

    I’m afraid we can’t count on the news media, even Fox, for any realistic opinions on the refugee situation or the types of measures needed to simply end it.

  5. I listened through the entire discussion . . . and waited for even ONE of these “geniuses” to utter the phrase “regime change”, and who was primarily responsible for this interventionist trigger that has unleashed so much bloodshed and tragedy. They skirted around the subject of Tunisia (whence the late truck-terrorist hails), and I was expecting the words “Arab spring”; but I waited in vain. After all, this little bunch were from Faux News. Never until eternity are they going to so much as glance at the role and the responsibility of the War Party neocons – for whom they are the loudest cheerleaders – in the sordid mess. Instead, their blame fell on some vague form of Islamism . . . that dangles in a vacuum, devoid of any historical roots or context.

    Merry CHRISTmas and/or Happy Hanukkah.

    • Still, they are head and shoulders above CNN and the alphabet channels. I’ll take any glimmering of sanity where I can find it.

      Hannity (also on Fox) is more forthright.

      • > they are head and shoulders above CNN and the alphabet channels.

        While true, it is hardly a commendation. The lower two feet of the sewage tank is “head and shoulders” above the very bottom. It’s not a glimmer of sanity.

      • Hannity has always been the voice of sanity, compared with everyone else on TV. O’Reilly is the voice of decency, but doesn’t always get it right, while the whole damned lot of them still get it wrong and keep on about ‘radical’ islam!

        Sometimes wish I could be there with them, but then I would just be thrown out.

        • I think that when someone uses the term “radical islam” , they should be corrected with “the problem is fundamentalist islam”.

    • And Yuletide, Xmas and in the US for some Orthodox Christians it’s around January 7th. Ps. Muslims recently desecrated another synagogue in supposedly quite Jewish and very liberal Santa Monica, California. The local mosque terrorists must be getting bored with the Christians. “Now boys, its o.k. every now and then but not too often. O.k? Be like that then. Well I never.”

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