Hillary Clinton Screwed Over Trump for Good

The following essay is an entertaining take by a Hungarian writer on last month’s presidential election.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők:

Hillary Clinton Screwed Over Trump for Good

by Orbán János Dénes
December 3, 2016

I realized what led to the death of liberalism. We have an old saying: a lot of talk kills the thing. It’s amazing that a liberal group can produce a tsunami of talk regarding any topic. In the liberal world, in order for a decision to be taken — even an obvious decision, in which common sense would suffice — first-impact studies and dozens of draft must be made ready, then masses of conferences, meetings and post-conference discussions must take place.

Each time they wave a Gordian knot, which of course they cannot then untangle, ergo the problem remains unresolved. Somehow they are unable to engage in easy and clear thinking, as if it were tacky to do so. The simple folks — who of course are primitive, redneck single-cell morons — shake their heads, being unable to understand what’s so complicated and why we should further complicate it, and most importantly, why should we continue yakking about it until nobody knows what is going on.

Then a leading personality shows up and simply cuts the Gordian knot, and thereby gains the support of the simple folks; they call him a “populist”. This is a swear word in the liberal dictionary. (Pretty lame though, the previous ones were more punchy.)

According to liberal thinking, “lots of talk kills things”, “too much talk = poverty” and “silence is golden” are primitive, clichéd phrases, not timeless folk wisdom. They talk and talk and talk, until any decent person’s head starts to hurt and his nerves are inflamed. Then he doesn’t want to take any more of this twaddle, and they say to hell with the whole company, together with its ideas. Anything repeated ad nauseam will cause an extreme backlash. Excessive political correctness led to a surfeit, the holocaust rhetoric caused an overdose of anti-Semitism, and homophobia arose from the overdrive propaganda about sexual minorities.

For almost a month we have known that the next President of the United States will be Donald Trump. This is the biggest event of the year and a huge surprise. They say every miracle lasts only three days. Sure, for a larger miracle, let’s give it a week. But I beg of you, notice it’s more than three weeks later and the squealing and brawling just do not want to end, as American liberal intellectual snowflakes cannot accept the result of a democratic election.

Uncomprehending, looking for an explanation, hysterical and more and more embarrassing and ridiculous manifestations emerge daily. Now, for example, in recent weeks a CNN article was pushed under my nose on Facebook, with a Trump-themed centennial. The one-time standard, a pioneering media outlet, now sunk to the level of a tenaciously struggling propaganda channel; and they publish and advertise any idiocy where Trump can be shown in a negative light.

There’s an ominous article written by one Rachel Sklar, who of course — it goes without saying — is a Clinton campaign activist and volunteer, according to the bio from her publicist. Trump is incredibly jealous of one person as ballyhooed in the article. And who is Trump jealous of? Of course it is none other than Hillary Clinton. Hillary because she is relentlessly popular, as evidenced by the two million extra votes.

And why he is green with envy? Please hold onto your hats! — because Trump was bluffing. He actually did not want to be president. Just wanted to troll; he did it for the sake of good, outrageous fun and he really just wanted more people to vote for him, but he not want to be president. In fact, he hated the idea of dealing with presidential tasks, while living in a far more modest presidential suite than his own, and he did not want to give up his businesses and stuff. Well now he is royally screwed! Oh, merciful father, do not leave me! This was pushed by Rachel Sklar on the CNN portal for millions of readers. And no kidding, this screed does not have as much humor and self-irony in it as the contents of a Slovak-Russian dictionary. She seriously thinks this!

I repeat, to make it more easily understood: the actual, metaphysical winner of this is the cunning Hillary, who screwed over that dupe Trump. She took the majority of votes, but pushed away the uncomfortable, smelly job of President and that lousy crib in the White House. Now she chuckles into her hand, while she can finally play with her cats and dogs and finally play the horny games with her husband, so he no longer needs Monica Lewinsky’s dangerous lips.

The possible version in which her ladyship alternates between fits of rage and hysterical crying, and between cat pestering sessions she uses a Trump voodoo doll to prick with needles, she utters not a word. In liberal discourse something either has a single color or just a single flip side.

I mentioned in my previous articles that I’m having trouble taking Trump seriously, and I was just rooting for him because her ladyship’s thirst for power is greater than even Islamic fanaticism, and because I think of perverted and cretinous liberalism as the ultimate bore. But the more these idiots’ unproductive discussions are pushed in my face, and the more that straitjackets needs to be prepared for hysterical activists who have epileptic seizures because a democratic election was not won by their favorite, the more and more likeable he becomes.

I suspect I’m not alone, and if tomorrow they were to repeat the US presidential election, Trump would win a knockout victory because of this unsightly hysteria. This diarrhea of words would trigger any normal human being to do the opposite of what is suggested, and for certain this was one of the main reasons for the election loss. Rachel Sklar’s woefully inept writing is an excellent disease symptom of a perverse, warped ideological trend that practically drowned in its own indigestible and unbearably vast quantity of words.

15 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Screwed Over Trump for Good

  1. I think one only need to look at the current state of the electoral map of the U.S.A. and its possessions and count the number of red states to blue states to note that Trump literally knocked Hillary out of the race.

    This article exposes the genuine insanity of those who just cannot accept their own mistakes let alone someone beating them and their team, by applying the use of the rule of law.

  2. Very good, humorous read with interesting points. As a foreigner, the author appears to have a better grasp of American politics than many Americans.

    Kudos to the translator for rendering this essay with folksy, English idioms and slang (e.g. ballyhooed), which helps to preserve the wryness and humor of the piece; this is no easy task. Very well done.

    • Thank you very much! However I can’t take full credit as English is my second language and these translations benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of Baron. But as comparing it to the original, I think we both did a good job on this one, so thank you again!

      • Crossware, I second Craig’s applause.

        I know no Hungarian, and haven’t seen the essay in the original language, but I couldn’t help but think the author, Orbán János Dénes, has a wonderful take on things, and that it is an excellent piece.

        My second thought was that the translator had done a fantastic job, to the point that I wondered if the translator might actually have improved upon the original essay!

        Please send us more of Dénes pieces. He seems like a Hungarian gem. (I am a fan of the writings of the Hungarian-Canadian George Jonas, who unfortunately is no longer with us.)

        • Thanks guys, now I am just blushing! 😉 I promise I will be on the lookout for new, interesting and/or funny writings about how the Hungarians see the world and the Great US of A.

  3. It’s TRUE; Trump DIDN’T want to win the election. To him, the presidency was merely a game to be won; the final feather in his cap; his “right,” so to speak. He sat on his thumbs throughout the entire election process, hiding from the media, but feeding the media what he wanted it to report. He was dull and boring, projecting an appearance just short of comatose. He shunned his supporters with police and barricades.

    Huh?… What was that? Oh yeah; you’re right… That was HILLARY. Pardon… My mistake…

  4. When I read the headline, I promptly thought the Howling Harpie pulled it off and so I was pleasntly surprised that the writer was simply channeling demons. Whew!

  5. I remember watching an episode of Stargate Atlantis and the guy left in charge for a day, when he was confronted by a room full of people vying for his favour, told them all to be quiet then said: I only need enough info to make a decision. Anything more than that is a waste of my time.

    A memorable expression of a worthwhile principle.

    The improperly named ‘liberals’ of today are totally against this of course. Yak, yak yak, chatter chatter … they’d spend their lives in ‘meetings’ talking about irrelevant trivia, pretending they’re working, instead of actually making a decision about anything.

  6. “…the squealing and brawling just don’t want to end…”

    Well no. And the reason is quite obvious. The Left has no rational argument as to why it should rule. All is apocalypse and utopia. There is no interest in making things work because there is no interest in how things work. What actual arrangements improve the smooth functioning of an organic social order is a question too pedestrian to even be considered. All is about regaining the levers of power by demonizing and criminalizing the “enemy” in order to first breakdown the actual society surrounding us and then rebuild it into utopia. There will not be reasoned debate about reality and how to make it incrementally better since reality itself is the obstacle that must be smashed to smithereens. And squealing and brawling is how the Left intends to do the job. Squealing and brawling without end.

    To understand the above is to understand that there cannot be a conversation with leftist leaders like Rodham, Obama, Pelosi and Schumer or leftist foot soldiers like Sklar. There can only be determined pushback.

  7. Excellent! Very good read and worthy of sharing!
    Apropos in that the liberal apoplectic hive mind is rallying toward another “this will put HRC in” convulsion in the media. Hold on to your knit caps, everyone!

  8. I declare on my Facebook profile that my postings are my archives, as are my ‘crotalus’ comments on Breitbart, et al. It thins my Facebook herd, but I’m told that it’s often passed on. GoV remains a top source as long as it’s credited to The Baron and/or Dymphna. [My wife thinks I’m just editing my book.]

  9. I declare on my Facebook profile that my postings are my archives, as are my ‘crotalus’ comments on Breitbart, et al. It thins my Facebook herd, but I’m told that it’s often passed on. GoV remains a top source as long as it’s credited to The Baron and/or Dymphna. [My wife thinks I’m just editing my book.] I really enjoyed passing this along.

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