Chancellor Merkel: There Will be no Rollback of Globalization

Just in case you haven’t had enough of Frau Merkel for one millennium, here’s an excerpt from an interview with the chancellor that aired last month on German TV. You’ll notice that the interviewer carefully virtue-signals that she is in total agreement with her subject.

Also notable is the way in which Chancellor Merkel refers to her fellow Germans. In the speech we posted last night they were called “people who have always been living here in Germany”, while in the interview she designates them as “those who have been living longer with us”. This has become the new official nomenclature for the soon-to-be-eradicated German ethnicity: “People who have been living here for a long time [but won’t be here much longer].”

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   With what kind of policies will you react to the worries of these people, worries that are often
00:04   linked to a radical populist, sometimes even nationalist, xenophobic, attitude?
00:13   What are you going to make of that, in the CDU, in the upcoming election campaign,
00:18   for which you feel ready? Will your policies become more conservative,
00:22   will you become more exclusive, will you become more critical of Islam,
00:26   to secure the right flank of CDU, and to trap the AfD?
00:32   Or are you still going to seek refuge in the left, the social-democratized,
00:37   let’s say Kretschmann-green, center?
00:40   No. I am seeking a solution where the CDU has always firmly stood.
00:47   That is the social market economy, the liberal-democratic state of laws.
00:52   And I refuse to consider trying to solve problems by separation, isolation, and rejection.
01:02   I believe we have to be open. Open in listening, but also open in our answers.
01:08   There will be no returning to the times before digitization, before globalization.
01:15   But we must give people the impression — not just the impression, but solve issues —
01:20   so that they have stability, orientation.
01:24   I think at the moment in our society it is —
01:27   Besides the factual issues which we will have to address —
01:31   about the question if politics can get it right on what we call the cohesion of society.
01:38   City and countryside, the elderly and young people,
01:41   those who have recently arrived and those who have been living longer with us,
01:46   questions of freedom of religion, of security, internal security,
01:51   can I live here safely and in freedom?
01:54   It is about answering these questions, and I believe we have good proposals.

30 thoughts on “Chancellor Merkel: There Will be no Rollback of Globalization

  1. replacement population and the to-be-replaced population:
    1:40 “die, die vor kurzem gekommen [bekommen?] sind, mit denen, die schon laenger bei uns leben,”
    Who’s this “uns”, Kemosabe?

    Background information:
    The Lone Ranger and Tonto are riding through one of the many canyons when suddenly rising from the hill on their right are hundreds of Indians. They start to spur their horse forward when they realised that thereare hundreds of Indians ahead of them. Wheeling to the left they, once again, see hundreds of Indians rising from the hill. They begin to back away in the direction from which they had come and they realize, they were surrounded. The Indians had spread out. They were trapped. The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto, his lifelong friend, and says “Tonto, my friend, I think I must say that I have treasured our times together but now I think we are doomed”. “We?” replied Tonto, “What’s all this ‘we’, Paleface?”


  2. I agree with the assessment of “people who have been living longer with us…” as being the native Germans, but I don’t speak German so the video is of no help; however, Merkel has indeed the colossal arrogance to refer to her countrymen as people who have just lived a bit longer in Germany….

    • “those who have been living longer with us” implies that “us” is a different group… the elites are “us”, now?

      • Who knows really what she meant, but I think Ronald (below) describes her wandering speech pattern well; the only thing I disagree with is his calling Obama an eloquent speaker–I see him as just another mouthy black who is lost without his prompter

  3. The problem with ‘globalisation’ is that it means different things to different people. To some on the ‘right’, it means free markets, and these people fear a more protectionist economic stance as counterproductive to wealth creation and indeed a tip over the edge into the next depression. To everyone else it means no borders, no nation states, a free pass to invaders. It’s very difficult to have an argument when you can’t agree on the meaning of a term. (Think ‘free speech’ and there you have the same problem.)

    • Globalization does not inhabit the world of the political players.

      Globalization is apolitical and represents the end game that is complete control of the whole world by a bunch of people who have no loyalty to any ethnic group of people or country. The Globalists use politics to play one side against the other and to this time, one may say that they have been very successful at dividing nation states into two camps while they pour in people from countries that will never fit in to those countries to then turn the divided nation into a country of tribes who all have their own agendas.

      The political system of all Western countries become compromised decades ago by those who actively assisted in bringing about the ‘sexual revolution’ of the 1960s. Much of the thinking that brought about that revolution is what is readily on display within all of our political systems.

      Yesterdays hippies and radicals are now political leaders and members of political parties who have been actively vetted and then assisted into their positions as part of the Globalist agenda.

  4. Well the Führer was organizing the 1000 year old Reich…
    Also listening to Merkel talking is the equivalent of chewing on sandpaper, at least for me!

    • My thoughts exactly: Hitler promised a thousand-year Reich and ended up not too long afterward in a bunker of permanent retreat.
      They come and they go.
      But they always go.
      Poor, deluded, dear.
      I honestly believe she’s insane.

  5. Merkel gives a good impression of an Altzheimer’s victim: disoriented, fragmented thinking, an inability to stay focused, compulsive, meaningless talking.

    Whether she is actually this unhinged, or putting on an act is irrelevant. She has signaled her intention to maintain the present rate of immigration, with no change in policy. Her party has shown its support for her, and the German electorate shows no signs of changing leaders or even of significantly less intention to vote for her.

    I don’t believe for a second that this is an attempt to expand her voter base. She already has her voter base. There’s something more there.

    This is a clear signal to any European country still in possession of its collective wits to dive out of the EU. They are already going to have to build walls and have passport and visa controls between countries. Why complicate the matter with the EU gnomes proclaiming the illegality of EU internal migration controls?

    The people of the other European countries might also consider the prospect of Merkel muttering incoherently about taking care of the elderly, while kicking them out of their subsidized housing to make room for able-bodied migrants. This is the face of the new EU Europe: giving every advantage to those who have political clout or the ability to riot in the streets.

    It is not the incoherence of Merkel that is important, but the policies. In substance, she and President Obama, an eloquent speaker, are exactly the same.

    • I agree, but I believe the chancellor is in the early stage of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), not Alzheimer’s disease. She may be in the early-moderate stage now since her speech has become fragmented, meandering, and difficult to follow.

      People with FTD are younger, and at the height of their careers. This common type of dementia that strikes people in their prime hits the front part of the brain, causing people to lose their morals, inhibitions, empathy and good judgment. It disintegrates the personality and destroys character.

      This horrific disease leaves chaos and crises in its wake.

      • Thanks, Rose. I was beginning to wonder whether I wasn’t paying sufficient attention when reading the transcripts, which thms lives tend to be fragmented. Now I can be confirmed in my belief that it is in truth a problem with what is being said.

        • I am so glad everyone notices. The transcripts are often even “better” than she actually talks, as it is impossible to translate grammatical mistakes.
          I find it strange that the German public seems to be ignoring this.

  6. I think the distinction she is making may be between 1960s Gastarbeiter and modern immigrants, not between Germans and ethnics. It is an odd, ambiguous way of putting it. If she had meant Germans, she would have said people “.. deutscher Herkunft” or some similar formulation like “einheimisch,” “mit deutschem Hintergrund” etc

    • The reference to the Gast Arbeiter – mainly Turks – sounds reasonable, anonymous.

      The Guest Workers – Gast Arbeiter – were only supposed to stay for a period, and then go back home, to Turkey, however. Since they stayed on, they have been longer in Germany, than have the recent immigrants.

  7. Ronald, I agree with you. Merkel is worthless, just as Obama is worthless. He is on his way out but Merkel? She’ll be around to utterly destroy Germany by bringing on those free-loading muslims. She has to be insane, she almost seems to be alzheimers.. No leader who actually loved his/her country would do this. she could have done things to up the German birthrate but didn’t. Today’s people seem to be too lazy to recreate and have a few children and I wonder if they even have the ability to think these days. but all they are now is (please excuse the phrase)…[…]

    No. No further “excuses” or pardons for what appears to be a refusal to adhere to the same rules everyone else does. Seriously,do you really want kids to see an adult engaging in low rhetoric they could just as easily get from any music site?? Our promise to home-schooling parents trumps your willful engagement in discourteous discourse.

    This is cultural suicide. Do they REALLY want to leave Germany to the muslims? Well, no problem. It will turn into […] (sorry, but words have meaning) just like the countries the muslims came from.

    Obviously “words have meaning”. That’s why this comment forum has rules.

    So Europe, with all its great art […]

    Okay, Maria_dee: consider yourself warned. It’s a lot of work to peer carefully at each of your comments to find the scatological nuggets and ugly epithets you leave behind like a trail of “bad-girl-words”. Not only does your repeated use of what my father called “the poopy-pee” words of young children reduce the level of dialogue here, but one could infer from your deliberate flouting of our rules a basic disrepect fo those rules and for us.

    Strange…usually it’s only leftists who refuse to abide by guidelines for language. Are you a leftist or have you been infected with their viral disrespect for limits?? Degraded language is not a conservative value, Maria_dee. I thought you knew that.

    Your choices add nothing to the dialogue and they make you look bad. Ain’t gonna save you from yourself anymore.

    For your penance 😉 you might want to read America’s perennial conservative thinker (the accessible one, anyway) Russell Kirk. Think of it as an Advent spiritual exercise:

    Whether you read it or not is up to you. In any event, it’s my job to keep the home-schooled kids from being dragged through your deliberately foul language choices.

  8. Salome, I don’t think you understand what free speech means. It is freedom to speak you mind no matter who disagrees with you. In America, we still have it.

    Crossware, as always I totally agree with you.

    Sometimes I wonder why I come here — it is always painful. But the truth is also quite often painful. I just hope we win this war and I have no doubt that it is a war. There is a right and wrong and I am on the right side of it. I just hope I have the strength because I am getting old. But for my children and their children. . . we must strive.

    • I know exactly what freedom of speech means. It means the freedom to have thoughts and articulate them without the fear of being hauled up before the Courts for breaching a law that forbids their public expression. Unfortunately, the left thinks that it means the freedom to say whatever the left agrees with and the right to be provide with a forum wherever you demand one, including the right to shout down those you disagree with in venues that they have hired for the purpose of public meetings and even the right to demonstrate violently so as to stop public meetings with which you disagree going ahead. When two definitions diverge to that extent there can be no sensible argument.

  9. If France leaves the EU and Italy stops using the Euro, then it’s pretty much over. But it looks like Germany is messed up beyond repair, the damage is when it comes to the immigration problem, no going back now.

    Also the migrant invasion of Germany reminds of the allied invasion of the country and how it was inevitably partitioned East and West, look for something like that to happen again in the near future..

  10. Before 312AD, when Constantine converted, some Christians who were trying to emulate Christ’s sacrifice and heroics announced themselves to Roman officials as “confessors”. As Christianity was illegal in Rome at this time, such a confession would occassionally bring a death sentence. But this was the point: martyrdom. Harried Roman officials sought ways to avoid putting Christians to death and the confessors might have to try repeatedly to be martyred.

    Is this what Europe is trying to do with its lethal immigration policies?…to martyr itself to pay for old WWII crimes?

  11. Luckily it doesn’t have to be her who decides that. If enough Germans get [mad] enough, she’ll be gone.

  12. But will enough Germans be angry enough? In time to save their country or at least parts of it? The jury is still out. If one third of the people are firmly on her side (no matter ignorant many of them are) and one third of the people are indifferent but will just go along and only one third firmly oppose her, then Germany is doomed. I don’t know from where I get these percentages–just my impression of what I’ve read and perhaps the Baron cited figures such as these in a previous post.

    • Will they be angry enough? Doesn’t seem likely at the mo. All the Merkelites and far-leftists have to do is scream “Nazi!” at anyone expressing the mildest discontent, to shame them into desperately trying to be politically-correct again.

  13. “can I live here safely and in freedom?”

    Should that even be a question?! I mean, isn’t it any government’s most basic duty to provide these things? So does the fact that she’s framing it as a question, and suggesting that for many people in her country, the answer is “no”, mean that she’s admitting that her government may have failed, in this aspect?

    But she goes on to say they have “good suggestions” – sorry, but that doesn’t quite cut it…

  14. I have posited a theory: The recent release of new footage of the New Year’s Eve mass-sexual molestation in Cologne is being presented so to be compared favorably with the predicted outcome of a decrease in molestation and, therefore/subsequently, a good reason to re-elect Merkel! “We have an improvement!! It will work if we work it”–or something.

  15. It’s the fluoride laced water…and the fluoride saturated tooth paste that has destroyed the cognitive abilities of the German people. { How else can this nuttiness be explained ? } Time to avoid German manufactured products and purchase well made Japanese goods. In Japan { unlike Germany } they shut their gates to disruptive interlopers. Another rule of unintended consequences ; ” A decline in German Exports ” Good on Ya Merkel.

  16. Merkel is now incapable of making a right decision for Germany. Something has happened to her mind, some form of senile dementia. She is now worse for Germany than Hitler was. Frau Petry is a much more balanced politician.

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