Chancellor Merkel: Germans Need to Learn to Integrate With the Immigrants

Below is an excerpt from a speech given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the CDU (Christian Democrats) party congress on December 6th, when she announced her intention to run for re-election as chancellor next year.

It’s hard to believe the amount of applause she receives. And look at the ecstatic faces of her supporters in the CDU!

Amazingly enough, instead of dragging her out of her limo and administering summary justice on the street, the German people — or rather, “people who have lived in Germany for a long time” — actually VOTE for her. Over and over again.

Mass insanity is the only explanation I can think of for such suicidal behavior.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:10   Dear friends, in truth it must be said that
0:13   sometimes one has the impression that some people
0:16   who have always been living here in Germany are in urgent need
0:19   of a course in integration themselves.
0:33   What exactly happened to our understanding that we
0:36   deal with each other respectfully?
0:39   Agitation like no one’s business on the internet,
0:42   no respect for teachers, for authorities,
0:45   for the police or fire rescue people —
0:48   I see all inhibition fall to the floor at a magnitude
0:51   which I have never before witnessed in my life.
0:54   And that’s when I say, that’s when we say,
0:57   not like that! This…
1:22   This concerns us all, and everybody is asked
1:25   to make their contribution to a culture of debate
1:28   that is worthy of its name.
1:31   And then there are cases where the government has to get involved,
1:34   that’s when the State Prosecutor is responsible,
1:37   even on the internet; the internet is not an extralegal space,
1:40   my dear friends.
1:52   And one thing that I also want to hold fast to, in all clarity:
1:55   Who “The People” (das Volk) is,
1:58   that is still a decision of the entire population in our country,
2:01   that is all of us, and not just a handful,
2:04   and no matter how loud they are, we all decide that.
2:50   Dear friends, if we want to live together
2:53   then people have to be able to depend on the government
2:56   to make sure laws are adhered to,
2:59   to observe law and order and provide safety.
3:02   This of course means we need a sufficient number of personnel,
3:05   for the security services.
3:08   On that we have made terrific progress, especially at the federal level,
3:11   we have just employed thousands upon thousands of new colleagues.
3:16   But let us not deceive ourselves:
3:19   The federal election of 2017 will be difficult,
3:22   like no other previous election, at least not since the German Unification.
3:26   It will truly not be a walk in the park.
3:30   With a strong polarization of our society,
3:33   and with controversy from all sides,
3:36   from the right like never before,
3:39   and challenges from the left with the possibility
3:42   of a red-red-green federal government,
3:45   to the extent that it is somewhat mathematically possible.
3:50   It is our duty to be as strong as needed
3:53   in order to prevent the formation
3:56   of a red-red-green government,
3:59   and we have to integrate from the right.
4:26   And also Europe-wide and internationally,
4:29   we have to deal with disputes,
4:32   or simply put … for…
4:35   to deal with controversy over our way of life.
4:39   And in this situation I have thought about it
4:42   a lot, and very long and intensively,
4:45   whether I also should be a candidate for the office of Chancellor
4:48   at the federal election of 2017.
4:52   This challenge is according to my political understanding inseparable
4:55   with the appointment of the chairman or chairwoman
4:58   of the CDU Party of Germany.
5:01   After eleven years in office and sixteen and a half years
5:04   as chairwoman of the CDU party,
5:07   it’s hardly believable;
5:10   such a decision is anything but trivial.

49 thoughts on “Chancellor Merkel: Germans Need to Learn to Integrate With the Immigrants

  1. Maybe her speech is a bit more nuanced than that, but still…

    It is the second time in less than a century that Germany has been seized with collective insanity.

    The first time led to mass murder.
    This time looks like it’s mass suicide.

    Baron, I know that you don’t like it when we say “XXX is done, stick a fork in it”, but it really is hard to feel any other way, some times.

      • Merkel was good for quite a few years , but in the last two years she has lost it. I think she has Alzeimers disease.

      • Not possible, pretty sure. The only question at this time is which side will kill more, the caucasians or moslems. You can bet on it.

    • I actually believe you are 100% correct. Stick a fork in it, they’re done. And you know what, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of elitist smug arrogant know it all group of people than that.

      Of course there are the masses of people who will have to suffer the collective suicide who would have chosen otherwise if given the slightest chance… but all in all, I am sorry to say… Germans have it coming.

      All my friends that I have in Germany will have to leave the country soon. I suggest move to the USA and enjoy all that Trumpland has to offer in the future.

      And those acquaintances I have who follow this suicidal cult of welcome culture hook line and sinker, well…, they can rot alongside their fellow Bahnhofs-klatscher Gutmenschen.

      I cannot begin to tell you how many German “friends” that I have collected over the span of my 49 years of life have turned out to be very deserving of everything coming their way.

      This is harsh, I know. But it’s how I feel nowadays. I guess it’s my way of dealing with it all when I translate this stuff.

      I’ve held my annual German/Swiss/Austrian ex-pat party last Saturday at our shop. We had a great turn-out of about 60 people from a – I’d say – 200 mile radius. Most of the people know and approve of my translated videos and articles, and they are following my posts on Facebook. Most of them would never return to Germany.

      But there are those few… people… who just render me speechless, because I cannot on my worst days fathom why they would live here in the USA if they are so in sync with everything Merkel does and the way things are going back in their homeland. Why don’t they just go home then? Hypocrites.

      • So you have an own business too, Nash. Can you combine it with all the work you do for GoV PLUS your family? Just asking because for me, it’s a real challenge. Especially in a business climate like Belgium’s, where private companies are milked out in the extreme.

        • Howdy Mike! Do you live in Belgium? I don’t envy you. We take everything a lot slower and more relaxed here in Montana.

          Our shop is only open upon request, my husband chromes things, everything from your toaster to refrigerator to motorcycle to a full car if you like. It’s a low overhead shop with lots of room to stow all our toys in the winter. It is not hard having a business here at all, taxes and properties are low, but a deciding factor is definitely how much income you expect from it, how many mouths you have to feed, and if it’s your sole income.

          My husband is also drives a truck for specialized oversized loads, he hauls wind towers and airplanes and rockets and all kinds of cool stuff. And that’s where the real money is in the USA. Truck drivers are still the salt of the earth, and if you are a specialized trucker and do something only about 50 other people in the entire country do, you’ll always be in demand. And it leaves you time to play with chrome. LOL

          What sort of business would one operate in Belgium? Sorry for asking like this, but I just can’t even imagine anymore that there are any traditional “business owners” left in Belgium. Going back to Switzerland a few years ago was an eye opener to me as I had to painfully realize how few personal businesses were left.

      • “All my friends that I have in Germany will have to leave the country soon. I suggest move to the USA and enjoy all that Trumpland has to offer in the future.”

        No, we have our own lunatics in the USA. A people who, collectively, cannot survive should not be allowed to poison us here.

        • Oh definitely, I agree with you on that, skzion! But, I just recently had a conversation with The Baron, he said “the best are still leaving in drones”, referring to Europeans who are leaving their countries like Germany. They emigrate to countries like Australia or New Zealand. And soon, once BathhouseBarry is gone, they’ll come back to the USA too.

          The lunatics should be enrolled in an exchange program. They should move to Germany, and we should in turn get Germans to come here.

          Remember all the lunatics who said if Trump becomes president, they will move to Canada, France, etc? I wish we would pass a law that would force them to execute their promises.

          • “………force them to execute their promises”.
            I don’t, we don’t want them in Canada! We have more than enough leftist idiots here, usually they’re called Liberals, and were responsible for voting ‘meathead’ in as PM.
            We also have other leftists, NDP–just as bad. Vancouver Island is totally NDP so I’m surrounded by them! HELP!

  2. “I see all inhibition fall to the floor….”
    Yes, Chancellor. It is because you have destroyed consensus.

    “to make sure laws are adhered to..”
    Your own actions, Chancellor, in opening the border, were unlawful.

    Mass insanity. So true.

    • It’s funny because I don’t see the anti-refugee people’s inhibition fall to the floor, only that of the refugees. They are the ones disrespecting teachers, firefighters and police, not Germans. They are the ones hating and persecuting and causing general disorder. Germans are way too inhibited to fully unload. Because they fear the consequences. It’s the rapefugees that don’t have to fear those.

    • And “to make sure laws are adhered to”, only as long as it is about persecuting someone other-thinking. God forbid they would adhere to the law when “refugees” rape and harass and grope.

  3. I would love to see her locked into an invader center with some of her “guests” and see her properly integrated and culturally enriched…

  4. Well, next year is Germany’s big chance… to free itself of the crazies. If Germans end up voting for the CDU, or the even more crazy SPD – or the yet more loopy Greens or Linke… surely this can only mean the End for Germany as a country, and as a people?

    There comes a time when one should be prepared to vote even for Kermit the Frog, to get rid of the existing order – and the AfD are no Kermits, but I understand they’re referred to as “the professor’s party”… now, is a party like this really like Nazis, or is this terrible N-word simply used to discredit them? We can decide, based on their policies but I suspect there’s nothing Nazi-like about them…

    But if Germans behave like good little Lemmings and vote for any of the mainstream/leftist parties, surely they know what’s coming?

    Next year is an election that is truly the German peoples’ last chance to have a homeland, in which they’re the prevailing culture… They can’t say they haven’t been warned.

  5. The audience remind me of the dutifully clapping party members of a communist state along with the nervous glances at the camera.

    Merkel has brought about the crisis in Germany and he reality that she has had to recruit thousands upon thousands of security personnel speaks to the fracturing of German society.

    Good, cohesive, societies do not need heavy policing but all across Western Europe we see the same effect.

    That is multiculturalism. That is mass migration.

    We are not fools.

    It is obvious that the political elite are moving towards societies that can be “managed” as competing tribes by race, religion, gender, sexuality, class etc.

  6. One for those in the know. An article originally published in The Times (behind a News Limited firewall) references an article in Bild, which is said to say the following: ‘Bild said that 46,000 cases of sexual assault were reported to police last year, of which 1,567 were allegedly committed by asylum-seekers.’
    Does anyone have better insight into that statistic? What is ‘sexual assault’? It would appear to be a very broad definition and it would be nice to separate out the ‘assault rapes’, as some European legal systems name them, although the taharroush also needs to be included. In addition, even if they are not ‘asylum seekers’, is there a preponderance of ‘southerners’ among the perpetrators? While I’d sure the statistic would still show a greater propensity for the hijrajihadis to commit sexual assaults than the rest of the population, the statistic doesn’t look as glaring as I’d have thought. Or have I missed, or misinterpreted, something?

    • The key could also be what happened with the other cases. Is it a case of “1567 asylum seekers, and the rest largely Germans”, or “1567 asylum seekers, and the rest largely unknown”? (eg the culprit’s not been caught)

    • Salome – I’m guessing that a significant part of the 46,000 total is what’s called in the UK ‘domestic’.

  7. Sorry, I’m answering my own question. I’ve found the article in Bild quoted by Politically Incorrect. Best I can do on the run with the relevant passage is: “The figures: in 2015 in Germany around 46,000 crimes against sexual self-determination were committed (including rape and coercion)–of which 1567 were by asylum seekers. In the first half of 2016 there were already 1683 cases. Between January 2015 and June 2016, 1.314 million people have sought protection in Germany. Most of them came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq–countries with a Muslim majority.” This suggests that, with the increase in numbers of such migrants, there has been a significant increase in the number of such crimes committed by their demographic.

  8. How long will it take before Merkel and her CDU are ready for another “bierkellerputsch”

  9. Watching this video reminds me of the speeches I used to watch being given by Saddam Hussein and other dictators, where the audience would be giving them a rapturous applause. One could somewhat forgive these audience members as they knew only too well that if they did not go along with what these dictators were saying they were in imminent danger of being shot or disappearing. What, in God’s name is the reason that they are going along with the abject insanity of what this dictator proposes? Sometimes I really do feel like I am missing the plot here.

  10. Another dumbed down nation! I quite agree with you Baron! Mass insanity!
    Still, if their staple news diet is the German MSM, it is hardly surprising!

  11. I can’t believe the looks of rapture on the faces of these people!!! Are they all on drugs or sedated or what??

  12. Their fault for voting Mutti Merkel in again. No different here. People get the government they deserve, in a manner of speaking. I don’t feel I deserve it because I didn’t vote for it but. . . here it is anyway. On the bright side, there will be a changing of the guard in USA soon. I can hardly wait. And I do feel sorry for the average German, still saddled with that stupid woman. How high does the rape/murder rate have to go in Germany before the people finally rise up?

  13. As Hillary was defeated, I cannot think of any other public figure I would take more pleasure in destroying than this sanctimonious, wrecking ball.

    I predict, in the not too distant future, her effigy will be burnt in the streets and future Germans – if they do in fact survive – will celebrate her demise like we, in the Anglo-world used to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, by fire-works and sparklers.

    As for the sheep in the audience, they look no different from the Germans who adulated Hitler – though better fed!

  14. How many of the people present here in the video live anywhere near the migrants?
    Are they ready to integrate with them?
    Would they be accepted as equals with the migrants?

  15. It`s not realy mass-insanity. Its fear and and the will for survival.

    They know that their party is on the decline (bleeding out on the left and right side), and since no one had the guts to overthrow Merkel the CDU masses do the next logical thing – they rally behind their leader.
    Everyone hoping to be one of the survivors when the situation for the party gets worse, be it on the state or nation wide level.

    • yes, and if the AfD scores over 15% , some 100 representatives ( ( which they are actually not) and their teams of sycophants will have to look for gainful employment.Good luck.

  16. She is a disgrace to Germany, Europe and the first world nations also the feminine gender.

    Our so- called “leaders” are equally gutless as they actually sit down at meetings with this insane hag and treat as the de facto leader of Europe!

    GET RID of her for pity’s sake Germany!

    We in the UK rid ourselves of the useless “call me Dave” Cameron
    Who is now just a small, unimportant foot note in history – simply remembered as the PM who allegedly inserted his penis into a dead pig’s
    Head to entertain his equally thick Etonian mates!

  17. One can’t make this Scheisse up. The views of Merkel’s delighted audience as they applaud her verbalisms { how else does on describe the nonsense coming out of her mouth ? |tells me that it is time for us here in the States to purchase products made in Japan. The Muslim immigrants can buy the VW’s. My next car will be a Toyota made in a country that is self protective enough to ban the importation of members of the ” fourteen hundred year scourge of humanity “. Oh I forgot : Merkel is from WARTBURG COUNTRY.

      • Ugh CrossWare!!! So funny! Thanks for the flashbacks.

        My brother bought a cheapie Trabbi in the mid-70’s. It was so much fun! We were using it as a giant sled in the winter. We took off the wheels, then had our neighbor, a farmer, tow us to the top of the big hill north of our village (Ringwil) with his tractor, positioned ourselves on top, got in, shut the doors, and sled downhill at awe inspiring speed!

        One time we crashed into a creek, another time we barely missed a lonesome tree, occasionally we hit bumps and became air bound, but all in all… Best childhood memory, ever! It was wild.

        Poor Trabbi was so banged up after two seasons of sledding, we ended up using it as a trout, turtle and salamander pond in our garden. Hahaha.

  18. Angela Merkel is a pox on the German people. Will they ever have the nerve to vote her OUT??? I am sick of her face and I sick of her mouthings about how “we can do this” which is purest [offal].

    I don’t even understand (sorry, I am stupid) how all these muslim invaders made it into Europe. Hungary and Poland are the only countries I know of that said “No!” Who needs all these backward people who are illiterate, can’t do a job, can’t do [much of anything], other then to collect welfare. I am waiting to see if the taxpayers in Germany, Italy, and France finally rise up and say “ENOUGH” and “NO MORE” But I’m not holding my breath, of course.

    It really beats the hell (sorry) out of me trying to understand how all this happened. Back in the day, the real days of Gates of Vienna, they were stopped. People had more sense then. Today, I suppose PC goes into othe picture quite a lot and it’s a huge mistake. They will regret it, but it will be too late, of course. Unless they impose mass deportations back to the country of origin.

    Oh, Francis — I know what that word means! Yay for you for saying it like it is.

  19. Oh, and then I read something in the news this morning to the effect that the muslims are saying they will outbreed the British (probably true) and gain power that way, I pity formerly Great Britain.

    Well, you know — if you have 3-4 wives and stay busy as the husband. you can breed a lot of little muslims and as we know the British are not like that.

    I’m glad I visited formerly Great Britain a number of years ago to see my godmother and to visit a number of stately homes, which were very enjoyable.

    Ave, Great Britain.

  20. There is an innate proclivity in all men (and women) to need some form of higher being to worship at the feet of. Societies who have no god create one from their own ranks – So much the better if they be living. The overviews or sectarian beliefs matter not to the worshipers, they have their god and will follow him/her to the ends of the earth whatever the cost. Witness those still worshiping at the feet of Castro. Indeed the followers of Mohammed cannot be turned, just as those who follow Merkel, or Hillary, or Barry O. Never forget the followers of Jim Jones truly believed they were heaven bound.

  21. Crossware, I finally looked at the pictures of those cars. Fugly, unfortunately.

    Well, not holding breath on the European people waking up from theie long nap in stupidity but I do feel sorry for the innocent victims, like that poor girl I saw posted the other day. I think the trouble is that Europe has been disarmed. If they had guns, the dear muslims would be a little more careful, as they are here in USA.

    • Let me give you a scenario:

      Germany falls it become an islamic state.
      Most highly trained workforce will fled to the Visegrad Four and if USA revamp its immigration policy then go there…
      (Did you know, right now someone slipping under the fence has a better chance in the US, like myself holding multiple degrees and wanting to work there legally?)
      So Germany will starve, maybe they try to invade some of the resisting country but they will find military opposition.
      Then once they starved and killed each other off we can take back the territory like we did with Spain.

  22. … Reading through those first 3-1/2 minutes of Frau Merkel’s speech (and thanks so much for posting transcripts in your articles, since my sorry old PC just can’t handle video), I was struck by the notion that — although she never SPOKE the word — she was being utterly Islamic in her own way: “Submit, submit, submit” is her plea to her fellow Germans. “Our Great and Loving God, the all-Knowing and Beneficent State, will not fail you if you keep faith and follow the Commandments we have given unto you.”

    All these Globalists, every damned one of them, wants to be a God. They seem to TRULY believe that they have but to speak the proper words and all of Reality Itself (not to mention that old bugaboo, human nature) must-and-will conform Itself to their Special Intentions. God said “Let there be light …”; these Globalist Fools say “Let there be a Peaceful Islam in our midst”.

    Or, as others have said: Total Insanity. A _total_ disconnect from Reality. And unfortunately, “ordinary people” are the ones who always have to pay for their unhinged leaders’ vanity and foolishness.

  23. Yes. Very true. Europeans everywhere including many millions of infidels are busy learning as fast as humanly possible a language that all Muslims speak and understand. I imagine the US government is doing the same.

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