The Blackguard Press Versus Donald Trump

Many thanks to JLH for translating this European perspective on the American election from Politically Incorrect:

The Blackguard Press Versus Donald Trump

The German press is no longer the Lügenpresse (Lying Press). The expression is far too weak. No, it is a one-sided, cheap and primitive Lumpenpresse (Scoundrel Press). Whoever looks at the undiluted lying essays of the media against Donald Trump in the last year cannot but become sick. Even the headlines are enough. As little as an undone button can demonstrate how disgusting Trump is. On the other hand, there is an intense desire to see Hillary — stuffed full of pills and Botox — at the atomic button. With this woman — her sick ambition and inferiority complex — we will most likely to find ourselves in World War III and across the Jordan, before the yellow press can even say Oh.

If we look at the third TV debate, we read in the scoundrel press:

Trump is an axe to democracy (Tagesspiegel), Trump is breaking with American democracy (Tagesspiegel), Trump breaks a taboo (Süddeutsche), The final failure of a know-it-all (Welt), Trump, the banana Republican (Tagesschau), Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump: the successful one and the beast (Zeit), America is speechless (Stern), Why Trump is the most incompetent candidate in 100 years (Berliner Morgenpost)!

And so forth. What brought this on was Trump’s saying he would first want to see the election results. That was why they were announcing the end of democracy. Outrageous! Outrageous!

Here (is a reference to) the former vice-president Al Gore saying the same thing in the year 2000! And here just a week ago, that he had won in 2000, and Hillary nodding in agreement.! Here, in 2000, Hillary said that President Bush had not been elected. In 2015, Kerry said that Bush had manipulated the election! And so forth. Did that get any of the lying journalists excited? 70 percent of Americans fear that the election could be manipulated.

Why does the hare-brained yellow press only hammer on Trump? No one in America reads Spiegel or FAZ. Their dishonest, foaming-at-the-mouth articles are utterly senseless. Or do they intend, by pummeling Trump, to pound on Le Pen, the FPÖ or the AfD and “Dark Germany” [East Germany]?

If (as we hope) Trump is elected, then we come to the “war criminal” Putin, who is bombing the Islamic band of murderers in Aleppo. At the same time, the one who is shouting “war criminal” — Hollande is running his military around Libya. But maybe that is well-intentioned developmental aid?

Looking at this German press debacle during the US elections is frightening if you think about next year’s Bundestag elections. That is where the yellow press will go crazy. The only consolation is the reliably shrinking editions of the yellow press every quarter.

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  1. ” MERKOLAND ” is the NEW name for the territory inhabited by the brain dead subjects of a couple of seriously deformed politicians whose appearance truly illustrates their inner core. Mother nature accurately embellishes her less noteworthy creatures with an appearance that tells one at a glance what they are like. Lice..Ticks..Bedbugs..Cockroaches..and most parasites have an ” Off Putting ” appearance that serves as a warning to the unwary.. The weak chinned..soft..cloying..insipid voiced a fragile physique is a case in point. Take a look at the female who is sometimes characterized as looking like ” Stalins Housekeeper ” { Hillary Clinton }….Then view the thick ankled street sweeper who would be lucky to get a job as a chamber maid at the Holiday Inn on LeopoldStrasse. Her flat..featureless face and thick trunk which would be better served if she adopted the female clothing of her favorite immigrant group { the black tent with the eye slits } is a warning to voters that she is an inferior breed who should not be given power over much more than a Miehle vacuum cleaner. Next time choose the attractive birds and butterflies when you go to the polls. Come to think of it ” A rat with spectacles…and a featureless dough face are good descriptions of the two current European leaders.

  2. Overall, the major news media in Western European countries is even more duplicitous, ideologically driven, and cowardly than what we typically encounter in the U.S..

    Most Western Europeans are only going to realize the peril they are in at the last moment, when it is almost too late.

    • Mr Berton, surely the antics displayed by the US media in this long election campaign have long since proved their duplicity, cowardice and greedy double-dealing??

      Do media persons in Europe have the same swinging door into policy positions as our jornolists do? The same family connections (see CBS and the so-called other mind of BHO – search on Ben Rhodes (or Benjamin) for the stories – I first read of this fellow in 2013). New York Times outed him bec. they’re envious of his access.

      I am waiting to see what position Jake Tapper from CNN gets in a Hillary

      In the US, access is everything.

  3. A few weeks ago my husband and I were eating our dinner while watching PBS News Hour. They did an extended segment on Trump’s pledge to build a wall along our southern border. They sent a crew down to the AZ border and interviewed several people; ordinary citizens and local politicians. Lo and behold NOT A SINGLE PERSON thought building a wall was a good idea!
    Isn’t that amazing?
    The reporting from the MSM has become so biased that for anyone that is even modestly informed it is very disturbing.
    If you can find no other reason to vote for Trump then I suggest you ponder how the MSM will be up his posterior with a flashlight 24/7. Every word he speaks and move he makes will be analyzed in the harshest terms and he will be subject to impeachment for the slightest transgression. This will not be the case if HRC gets in. It will be corruption and dirty dealing all the way. You know, business as usual.

  4. Germany, stuck on stupid for so many years.

    The land of Fichte, Nietzsche, the Frankfurt School Marxist movement, Bismarck, Hitler, Rudi Dutschke, Ulrike Meinhoff, Andreas Baader, and a zillion others all at war with Christianity and Western Civilization. Allied with the Muslims noit only in WWII but in WWI as well.

    No gun rights, no home schooling just endless Gleichschaltung of one variety or another where nothing matters but the state.

    The Austrians, the Brits and even the French had philosophers of Free Markets and Liberty, but Germany? Wilhem Ropke, perhaps but that is about it. Why? No idea, but I would watch Germany very carefully.

    Glad my ancestors left there 170 years ago.

    • I’ve also been reading up on German history, trying to work out what’s going on. It does seem more Jews were killed around there than elsewhere in Europe during the early Crusades and Black Plague. Half of all witch burnings occurred in southern Germany, around 26 000. Apparently Germans were known for their hysteria in previous centuries.

      In South Africa and Namibia especially it’s well known that the same people who put on Oktoberfest also celebrate Hitler’s birthday. It’s the same in South America.

      If you see a young black girl in an expensive restaurant with an older European man, he’s German.

      Obviously we all know many lovely German people but at the same time, if someone is involved with some sort of neighbourly or community dispute where I live (where people welcome German money) invariably there’s a grumpy old rich German behind it. And it’s always ridiculous but they just won’t let it go.

      Is something historical I’m missing ? The man who makes historical videos posted at VoG to correct historical inaccuracies says Germans were running the Roman Empire when it was laid to waste by the Muslims, so I thought perhaps that was traumatising. But that wouldn’t account for the behaviour of villagers hundreds of miles away? Did that part of Europe suffer more during the Dark Ages ? Or did the Huns do something to them ? It seems the Frankish kings and the other tribes have always been strong and secure. Very odd and counter-intuitive.

  5. Hey Sally,
    Bringing up incidents that happened hundreds of years ago is exactly what is paralyzing German society today. While there very well be wealthy German men throwing their money around in your part of the world… If you look closely there are also other men of various nationalities also doing same; especially those from Islamic countries that have a real penchant for throwing money around no matter what part of the globe they happen to be in.
    While I appreciate your historic refs, I think the issue is a lot more immediate.

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