8 thoughts on “Friends of Hillary #2

  1. Nearly 6k word email in the WikiLeaks dump discusses the devastating consequences of Merkel’s multi-culti politic
    which was sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Jon Podesta. The author is a Dutch journalist/academic identified as “Orca”.


    Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans
    Britain is something of the odd man out in immigration-devastated Europe, having also received large numbers of successful non-Western immigrants such as Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese. By sharp contrast, the UK’s Muslims, blacks, Roma and other problem immigrant groups do no better than those on the Continent, as I will show with statistics at a later date. Muslim Immigration and Multicultural Madness have left a trail of misery and mayhem across Germany – with far worse to come because of demographics.

    (follow link to read the entire post)

    • Read the link, which I don’t doubt, and is horrifying!
      And he’s basically only describing the situation in Germany!

      Just wonder if a general strike–Europe wide–might be the answer?
      Well until something happens, nothing will happen, and the status-quo means a moslem Eurabia.

        • Peter35 was responding to Anon’s link above, a Wikileaks email sent to Jon Podesta who is a friend of Hillary.
          If you haven’t read the link you should. You might want to put it on your front page.
          What I wonder is who is this Orca and why did he send it to Jon Podesta? Anon states that he/she is a Dutch journalist/academic. How do you know that Anon?

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