Corsica: Burkinis, Nude Bathers and an Attempted Muslim Takeover of a Beach

Corsicans are not like Northern Europeans. In fact, although they’re ostensibly French, and speak a French patois (at least I think it’s a French patois — I can’t really understand it at all, unless they say “merde” or something), they’re not like the French, nor even the Italians. Their general cultural characteristics are more Sicilian than anything else.

Last Sunday we posted about a confrontation between North African Muslims and Corsican natives on a beach near Sisco. The trouble plainly originated with the culture-enrichers, who attacked the natives with machetes and at least one harpoon, among other weapons. The natives did not take kindly to this behavior, and visited the local Muslim enclave en masse to express their disapproval.

The media circulated a report that the trouble began when a non-Muslim took a photo of a Muslim woman in a burkini, thereby arousing the anger of Muslim males. In other words: the Corsicans had been culturally insensitive, and that’s why the Muslims became angry and grabbed their harpoons.

It turns out that the story of the burkini-photo was bogus. The trouble actually started because the “Maghrebins” attempted to privatize the beach — that is, turn it into a Muslims-only location where sharia rules must be enforced. A young woman was sunbathing topless — which is normal in France and Corsica — but the new owners of the beach objected by throwing stones at her.

Below are two videos about the Sisco beach incident that are worth watching. The first is a Facebook rant by a young Corsican that went massively viral. The second is a news report that validates the young Corsican’s video, and confirms the real reason why the confrontation began. It also reports the happy news that all the detained Corsican natives who had been involved in the brawl were released, and any charges against them had been dropped.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Transcript Video 1 (edited):

00:02   How are you going to understand that your s***ty communitarianism
00:03   we don’t want it in Corsica? We don’t want it! and even less your intolerance
00:08   because all that started with your intolerance:
00:12   a group of tourists, because there was a woman with bare breasts
00:16   It all started from that. All started with your intolerance. What does it mean?
00:20   It means that in our country you have right to bathe in burkini
00:24   that isn’t our tradition, given that we are in Corsica and we’re in a Christian country
00:28   and if you want to bathe you can bathe in a swimming suit or with bare breasts
00:32   So it’s your intolerance that provoked all that. Attacking that couple
00:36   of tourists, because that woman was bathing with her breast naked, which is legal
00:40   which is her right 100%. We are in France in Corsica, if she wants to swim
00:44   with her breasts bared, it’s her right. And your s****y communitarianism
00:48   here, we won’t accept it. We won’t accept it!
00:52   Same thing with what you did to this poor 15-year-old boy: attacking him with a machete
00:56   A 15-year-old kid! Luckily the handle broke, or you would have opened his skull and cut it in two!
01:00   If you cut his skull open, what are we supposed to do? What do we have to do?
01:04   Do we have to kill you and all your family? We have to
01:08   kill all of you? We’ll kill all of you! The Corsican
01:12   he’s as crazy as you are! Keep that in mind! The Corsican is even more
01:16   vicious and more nuts than you. And we proved it to you, we proved it to you
01:20   at the Sisco beach. Honestly! What’s that?
01:24   Are you coming here for vacations and who do you think you are? What do you think, that the Corsicans
01:28   will let it go? That we will suck it up? Like the Europeans form the continent?
01:32   There, the Corsican doesn’t suck it up! He carries his head high
01:36   and he seeks confrontation and he confronts you and he comes behind you
01:40   and he whacks you and he makes your face explode even more
01:44   Like when one of you were being put in the ambulance and someone still came and hit you in the face
01:48   F**k ! It really got me hard! You know,
01:52   for two days! Who do you think you are? We are tolerant with you,
01:56   we are giving and that’s how you’re giving back to us!
02:01   You need to understand, the Corsican won’t suck it up!
02:04   You won’t rule here, you won’t! Or else we’ll
02:05   get together and it’s always the same: we get inside your house and we kill all of you!
02:13   We’ll kill all of you! You are the ones removing our tolerance!
02:17   We’ll be intolerant as well!
02:21   As soon as there will be a smallest thing we won’t like, boom! we’ll hit
02:25   straight away! Is that what you want? 20 years back
02:29   20 years ago or even less, go in burkini on the beach and try to bathe!
02:33   we would have seen how you ended up. Hanged by your feet and your head chopped off
02:37   There we are tolerant and we say nothing and that’s how you’re giving back: puncturing tires
02:41   Attacking tourists and young people who only wanted to calm you down.
02:45   A 15-year-old kid, and you, you attack him with a machete! Additionally
02:49   you ware full of coke, you gang of f*****g junkies, ‘cos you ‘re f*****g junkies on top of all
02:53   Cos it seems you fell from I don’t know from which height, and you were fine
02:57   You were fine on top of all; so much coke in the nose, you were a super-human!
03:01   You pack of sewer rats! that’s what you are!
03:05   You are in Corsica, and you won’t rule you won’t!
03:09   Do you want to bathe in burkini, go to a Western country and go ahead!
03:13   Here it’s a Christian country: you don’t do it! You don’t do it!
03:17   You swim in a swimming suit like everybody else! If I’m going to a Western country tomorrow
03:21   and they tell me you shouldn’t to bathe like that on the beach, it’s not how we do it, then well
03:25   I ask: how do I bathe here? and I bathe.
03:29   I’m in a foreign country and I am integrating, voila! Because it’s a provocation
03:33   what you are doing! It’s a provocation! Of course it’s a provocation!
03:37   It’s not related to your religion, not related to Allah, no!
03:41   It’s just a provocation to p**s people off! Well,
03:45   here, you don’t p*ss people off, or if you do, they’ll punch you in the face
03:49   You get a beating, your car will be trashed and your face exploded
03:53   On the beach they didn’t respect anybody! They hit women, children , husbands, everybody!
03:57   We don’t give a s**t, as soon there’s one out of the line we’ll punch!
04:01   No little conversations, we punch right away! We don’t try to understand
04:05   That’s how we do it here! So either you get it or you f**k off!
04:09   Or you get lost! You are not happy with what Corsica is giving you, our beautiful Corsica
04:13   you’re not happy? Then f***k off! Go back on the continent
04:17   Go back to a Western country, I don’t know where in the world’s ass, and stop p*ssing us off!
04:21   Stop p***ing us off, because we won’t be tolerant any longer!
04:25   If it’s war you’re looking for, you’ll find it!

Transcript video 2:

00:00   After last weekend’s incident in Corsica, we now know what really happened on that
00:05   beach in Sisco. Three people are still in jail today at noon. From the courthouse in Bastia,
00:09   Oliveir Teron. Right away:
00:13   This morning the three brothers originally from Morocco were interrogated by the police
00:19   in Borgot. The investigation by the court in Bastia is now finished, after interviewing
00:23   about fifty witnesses. The three men, originally from the Maghreb, will be
00:27   charged with armed assault. Concerning the two inhabitants from Sisco
00:32   who allegedly participated in the brawl, they were released last night, after more than 300 people
00:42   and many elected officials tonight were mobilized to ask for their release.
00:47   For the state prosecutor it’s definitely the aggressive behaviour
00:50   of the family originally from Maghreb that started the brawl; we are listening:
00:53   Clearly the cause of the incident was the members of the family from the Maghreb
00:57   who tried — in an al Qaida-like logic — to treat the beach like their private property.
01:00   And during the day they multiplied incidents with a number of people.
01:05   In my opinion, those objective elements show, on one hand there’s
01:09   no “radicalized person” and there’s no “mean racist”.
01:13   What we saw is a strong reaction to a undated behavior. That’s what seems
01:17   to be the case. In order to find a legal answer to the brawl,
01:21   the five protagonists will be judged here this afternoon at 3pm
01:25   in front of a very tense audience, because many Corsican movements are calling for
01:29   a rally in front of the courthouse in Bastia.

23 thoughts on “Corsica: Burkinis, Nude Bathers and an Attempted Muslim Takeover of a Beach

    • Our Corsican countrymen are known for a tradition of vendettas, maffias, terrorism and arm smuggling. THEY HAVÉ GUTS.
      Don’t ever mess with them ! Muslims are warned ! Their lives are clearly at stake if they continue their provocations.
      I wish all my fellow countrymen were like them.
      Viva Corsica.

      • [Insult redacted]. Let people choose their own religions. They might want to keep the religion that they were brought up in . Corsicans were brought up to be Roman Catholic as their head of religion.
        Let people be free to choose. Stop hating!

  1. Mr. Seasari please report to the nearest sperm bank and do your civic duty Sir.

  2. I understand *just enough French* to know that M. Arnaud Seassari is giving me lessons on how to…oh…swear!

    But he’s very clear in his meaning. I found it interesting that Seassari distinguished btw “Western” countries and Corsica, which is a “Christian” place, albeit one where nude bathing is legal. The law still rules in Corsica, c’est magnifique! and Seassari aussi c’est magnifique!

    • P.S. Thank you for showing us the Corsican flag again!!! Unbelievable (incroyable?) that the cultural visitors forget what that flag looks like….smh

  3. The Europeans should have acted in a similar manner and, indeed, would have done had they not been infected with cultural marxism.

  4. For what’s it’s worth, I’ve read a report about the state prosecutor’s findings – apparently the moslem women were swimming in full burkhas, not burkinis.

  5. ” in an al Qaida-like logic”

    I understand the confusion, but he said “in a caida like logic”, a caïd in french is another word for a mob boss, but in this context it’s used to say they’re “racaille” aka low level scum delinquents. Note that caïda isn’t a word, so I guess using it isn’t neutral either.

  6. News of Burkini bans are popping up in several European beaches now. The liberal media, like the BBC are running stories of the positive aspects of Burkini culture. Some even suggest it’s a human right. But here’s the thing, whether these muslim ladies wear a Burkini or a hat and overcoat while bathing is not the real issue. This is another “thin end of the wedge” situation. The real issue is what happened at Corsica. Muslim migrants will, without a doubt try to carve out a stretch of beach for their community and then try to enforce by intimidation “sharia compliant swimming attire”. This sort of colonialization and exclusion of other citizens is evident where ever muslims establish themselves. One example, in London’s Tower Hamlets a self styled “Sharia Police” tried to stop the sale of alcohol in “their area”. This is what the Burkini push back is about. Retaining control of the beaches for all, and resisting the dictatorship of the minority.

    • That report of the news is so disjointed. Stop hating people.

      You worship the Pope and are brought up to be Roman Catholics.
      Let people be free to worship who they want and wear what they want.
      Corsica is clearly not a free country.

  7. I kept hearing Ian Gillian singing ‘If you’re lookin’ for trouble … you came to the right place … ‘

  8. Everything has been done to shift the blame on the Corsicans in this story. It’s not possible anymore. This news is reinvigorating.
    By the way, Corsicans speak either French with quite a strong southern accent similar to the Marseille accent, or Corsican, which is closer to Italian than French.

  9. I can confirm that this young Corsican gentleman is speaking perfectly standard French, albeit with the strong regional accent that one hears in the South of France.

  10. It is the Muslims themselves who seem to be begging for a violent response. I’m not sure Islam even allows for the capacity of civil discourse. It’s unfortunate. I hate violence and conflict (even verbal) but neither do I like to be seen as a mat to be trampled. My pride can only be pushed so far.

    I saw this on a smaller scale this summer. We were vacationing as a family and our children were on a public playground. Some muslim boys came up and one was intent on bullying my son who was much smaller than the muslim boy. He kept doing these slides which knocked my son over. My son has special needs so he was oblivious to the intent and wasn’t hurt so I merely kept a watchful eye. At one point the boy’s mom called him over and my husband said “see, she is dealing with him” and I openly scoffed. A muslim mom tell her dear prince he is doing wrong by tormenting the kuffar? Nope. She gave him a treat. He immediately returned and slid at my son again. But this time my son twisted and threw himself on top of the boy as he fell. They were on top of a steep (but short) hill and the muslim boy was thrown down several feet with my son’s full weight landing on him. The muslim left my son alone and even avoided him the rest of the time. My son plays to win and I’m not going to correct that.

    My ire was raised because the day before I had overheard another muslim family mocking my children’s names (my kids have Old Testament names so I suppose they thought we were Jewish).

  11. Obscenity on the Canadian government for allowing all the musloid tidal wave to start in the 1970’s. Obscenity on the liberal university’s, progressives in the USA government who follow the “plan for America ” put in place by nazi collaborator George Sorous . If any readers think the Corcican outrage is too much of a response to the jihad just wait till we in the USA get rolling. The Muslims and their secular progressive sponsors will feel the wrath of Jesus Christ’s flogging the satanists money lenders from the temple. Here is the scam :encourage America’s youth to go into massive debt by attending universities that teach Orwellian “newspeak” allowing these same persons unlimited access to drugs, hookup disease ridden sex and you have the creation of a citizenery that will offer no resistance or so they think. Hats off to the Corcican!!

  12. Who would have thought that Corsica would be the Hope Oh the World? Viva Corsica!

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