Was it Jihad? Or Was it a Ride on Buraq?

It’s not in the Koran, but according to various hadith Mohammed was transported from Mecca to Jerusalem in a single night on the back of a miraculous flying horse named Buraq.

In a tragic incident that occurred early this morning in Ontario, another Mohammad took to the skies in a stolen two-seater plane, only to be killed a little while later when the plane crashed during an attempted emergency landing. The young pilot is said to have had mental health issues (surprise!), so maybe he imagined that he had mounted his very own Buraq when he took to the air in Peterborough. Rather than Jerusalem, however, he seems to have been bound for Ottawa, based on his aborted flight path.

Or maybe young Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary intended to wage jihad with the stolen plane. The RCMP doesn’t think so, though; it says there’s no connection with terrorism (another surprise!). All that’s left at this point is for investigators to discover that Master Chaudhary was bullied at school.

In any case, the incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

The following news video features an interview with Mohammad Chaudhary’s father:

Below are excerpts from an article in The Toronto Sun about the incident:

Fatal Plane Crash in Peterborough, Ont., Not a National Security Issue: RCMP

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — The RCMP has clarified its role in the ongoing investigation into the fatal crash of a stolen plane in Peterborough last Friday after a broadcast report linked its investigation to national security concerns.

“The RCMP is providing assistance to local police to determine circumstance of the crash. We don’t have any information to indicate any link with national security at this point,” reads a statement issued to Postmedia Network Thursday evening.

York Regional police told The Canadian Press the Mounties are part of the investigation into the crash — which claimed the life of 20-year-old Mohammad Hassan Chaudhary of Markham — “from an aviation point of view” as part of an ongoing probe into the incident.

Staff Sgt. David Mitchell would not comment on reports that Chaudhary had previously faced criminal charges, saying only that the man has “a bit of a history.”

Mitchell said police would examine the background of anyone involved in such an unusual crime, noting that plane theft is “very rare.”

“We know (Chaudhary) has a bit of a history, and how did he get his hands on this plane or why did he take the plane?” he said.

He said someone with little piloting experience could likely still handle flying a small aircraft such as the one that crashed.

“If you’ve got some flight computer skills, flight simulation and stuff like that on the computer, you can get a pretty good handle on it,” he said. “Landing is where you need all the practice.”


The level of local police involvement will be determined as the investigation continues, city police stated Tuesday.

The crash occurred at about 1:20 a.m. Friday when a two-seat Piper Tomahawk with the designation C-FSYH stolen from a Markham airfield crashed at Lansdowne and High streets near Lansdowne Place Mall in what’s believed was an attempted emergency landing.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

7 thoughts on “Was it Jihad? Or Was it a Ride on Buraq?

  1. “Funnily”, the MSM media the world over have now the same codename for muslim terrorists: the unbalanced individual that has psychological issues and more often than not has been “bullied” at school (in my experience, gangs of muslims kids are the bullies but the MSM media don’t know that).

    On the other side of the Atlantic, in France another “100% Mohamed case” struck again, a Jew has been attacked by a psychologically unbalanced individual ( a muslim practising what is written in the koran) . The Jew survived the knife attack.

    Immediately, the very controlled French media started to deny the muslim terrorist argument despite the terrorists having clearly shouted “allah akbar” during the attack.

    The criminal was well known by the police as he already knifed another Jew in 2010 and was interned in a psychiatric hospital for this attack.

    The socialists, the globalists, the leftist and pro-islamists have found the solution to clean the muslims of all their crimes, they just pretend they have psychological issues when they don’t pretend it didn’t happen.

    The islamisation of the West is not due only to the massive invasion-immigration of muslims but to the collaborationists who helped and even organise it!

    Now why would they cut the branch they are sitting on is puzzling.

    • A traitor in front of a videocamera or behind a typewriter is still a traitor. Those who wield a camera and pen have enabled those who wield the knife and suicide vest. They have so far proven immune to attacks in kind, but their weakness is they will cut and run when they are on the receiving end of kinetic persuasion. Violence doesn’t remain one-sided forever. These are the enemies who will have to first be defeated or neutralized before the real business of repulsing muslim invasion can begin.

  2. Al Aqsa was a Christian church in the time of Mohammed, the claims that Mohammed flew there only started in the 1930’s. In 632 when Mohammed died Jerusalem was a Christian city and the Al Aqsa Mosque was first built in 691 by Khalif Abd El Malik, his son later rebuilt on the remains of the St. Mary Church which stood there.

  3. Mental health problems? What do you expect from people who have spent 1400 years inbreeding?

  4. In France, (excuse my probably faulty english) “why would they cut the branch they are sitting on” is not really puzzling, for those who observe the common agenda of dominant media and leftist politicians:
    The branch they are sitting on is not the French people and nation. It is the already numerous islamic people who have been granted french nationality, and vote. Their share of the population is already sufficient to significantly influence elections. And they are good leftist voters : a poll has shown that 93% of French Muslims voted F.Hollande (and for socialists deputies) in 2012. Since then, distribution of nationality has greatly expanded, and hundreds of thousands of refugees will soon reinforce these troops.
    The islamic community is, for these politicians and journalists, somehting like an “insurance” against losing power.
    Of course, in the long term, their allies will destroy them as ferocioulsy as other peoples, more quickly perhaps, for nobody likes traitors, and nobody wants having one too close. But at the present time, they still think they are the most clever…

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