Not Just in Corsica: Geert Wilders Wants to Ban the Burkini, Too

As reported in the news feed the other day, the mayor of the Corsican village where the Muslims ran amok decided to join Nice and other French cities and ban the burkini on the beach next to the village.

It’s not clear when the following interview with Geert Wilders was recorded — it may have been several days ago, before the Corsican brouhaha hit the international news — but Mr. Wilders is thinking along the same lines: he wants to ban the Burkini in The Netherlands.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Mr. Wilders, a crusade against the encroaching burkini, why?
0:04   A burkini, just like the burka, doesn’t belong in The Netherlands
0:11   To start with, it is a sign of blatant misogyny. We don’t treat women this way in our country.
0:18   Maybe just as important, is the fact that this is a symbol of an ideology, Islam,
0:24   which declared war on us. As it has in France, where it is banned
0:27   for that reason, in Nice for example.
0:30   By a mayor who said, listen, we are confronted in this country with an ideology
0:33   which declared war on us.
0:38   All symbols, I think, related to that, Islamic symbols, just as the Islamic uniform you’re
0:41   supposed to wear on the beach, the so called burkini, should be banned.
0:50   We have, they have nothing to do here. We don’t allow Nazi uniforms and other totalitarian
0:53   ideologies who earlier declared war on us.
1:00   If you go swimming in a t-shirt with a swastika, that is not allowed, either;
1:03   thus neither should a burkini.
1:06   Summarized: it’s misogynist; we don’t treat women like that in our country, fortunately.
1:11   If you want that, swim to Saudi Arabia.
1:14   It’s a symbol of an ideology that declared war on us.
1:19   We don’t allow Nazi swimming suits, thus neither should we allow burkinis.
1:22   That’s your opinion. Are you going to do something about it? Because nothing can be done about that.
1:27   Of course we’re presenting this to Parliament. Earlier we proposed to outlaw the burka.
1:33   The cabinet only wants that only in some public buildings, but a burka doesn’t
1:37   belong on the street. Neither does a burkini belong to the beach. Or in The Netherlands.
1:44   We should be safeguarded against it. People are allowed, in principle,
1:47   to wear what they want, but something that misogynistic,
1:50   again, what is actually a symbol of that ideology of hatred and violence
1:53   with which we, every day, every week, every month here in Europe, are confronted.
1:58   We shouldn’t want that. Again, we don’t allow people to walk around in Nazi uniforms
2:01   or go swimming in them; therefore not in an Islamic uniform, either.

8 thoughts on “Not Just in Corsica: Geert Wilders Wants to Ban the Burkini, Too

  1. Too little and too late! The only option now is to ban the muslims from your country!

  2. The burkini is a joke. We should think seriously about banning the Burka, the Niquab and the Wee Willie Winkie robes worn by both genders of islam.

  3. Correct. It is too little too late for The Netherlands. During my visits to NL, it is difficult to get a handle on what ordinary citizens really think about this. What they think and what they say is different, mostly for fear of being labeled an Islamophobe, etc. by the predominant left who seem to remain stuck in clueless mode. But the general feeling I get, from subtle expressions and other behavior, is that more and more Dutch are getting fed up with certain types of foreigners.

    • Fingers crossed that this is so; the Netherlands have had a heroic history, both against the North Sea and against foreign (e.g., Spain in the early Renaissance) domination.

      The Dutch have always seemed to have (somewhere very deeply buried, I agree) an indomitable core. Unfortunately, that core has been so strongly suppressed that even a North Sea hurricane like the one on 1 February 1953 might not be strong enough to motivate the Dutch to take back their land/earth and shun anyone who will not actively assist (e.g., Muslim hangers-on).

  4. The problem isn’t WITH the burka. It’s the attitudes contained WITHIN the burka. The cause needs to be named, not the symptom.

  5. People should have the freedom to wear what they like, so long as they do not cover their face.

    Would rather see someone in a burkini than someone in a bikini that should not be wearing one.

    Better to pick the right battles, as resources are limited.

    • Ordinarily I would agree with you as I am a proponent of modesty.

      But take a look at the article on the Burkina incident in Corsica.

      What the Burkini is about is carving out more no-go areas for the practice of Sharia and limiting those areas from use by the natives. That needs to be countered and pushed back hard.

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