Western Leaders Should Halt Muslim Immigration or Resign

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Western Leaders Should Halt Muslim Immigration or Resign

by Fjordman

So it happens again. Yet another Muslim commits mass murder on European soil. This time, it was in Nice on the French Riviera. A terrorist from Tunisia killed at least 84 people by plowing a truck into a crowd of thousands gathered along a seaside promenade in Nice to watch the city’s Bastille Day fireworks.[1] Some of those who were murdered were children. Next time, it may be in London, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Vienna or Stockholm. Or perhaps in a French city yet again.

Several observers, among them myself,[2] have for many years predicted that France is in serious danger of facing a civil war due to mass immigration, ethnic tensions and Islam. The French intelligence chief Patrick Calvar warned against the possibility of a “civil war” even before the Nice attack.[3] Jihadist attacks have escalated in frequency and severity.

It is immensely tiresome to listen to the many nonsensical comments after each Islamic atrocity. As commentator Simon Jenkins wrote in the left-wing newspaper The Guardian: “What has happened in France is tragic and calls for human sympathy. Beyond that, there is nothing we can usefully do — other than make matters worse.”[4]

The fatalism here is striking. Muslims of immigrant background commit mass murder against Europeans over and over again. Yet we are not supposed to do anything substantial with our immigration policies. Just continue as before. Islamic terrorism is treated as the weather: Something that is beyond human control that you should merely adjust to.

A few hours after dozens of his countrymen had been brutally murdered by a militant Muslim in Nice, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated that France will “have to live with terrorism.”[5] That is a ridiculous statement.

A country’s leaders cannot publicly say everything that they think privately. Maybe a President or Prime Minister cannot state openly that we are at war with Islam, even though this is perfectly true. However, they can say something that is meaningful. If they cannot do so, it is better that they shut up.

We don’t need any more crying or meaningless gestures. We need action. For security reasons, the authorities in all Western countries should suspend indefinitely every form of immigration from the Middle East. Western political leaders must do this, or resign.


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41 thoughts on “Western Leaders Should Halt Muslim Immigration or Resign

  1. It is a very sad fact. Even here in the states we are being told that; “… this is the new norm” We have tolerated thousands of murders here and we have all shrugged our collective shoulders. Oh well, move along, nothing to see here. Our entertainment from the movies to sports and on to the small idiot box has made us numb, immune or perhaps distressingly, enamored of violence and death.

    All of the Trumping going on has not convinced me in the slightest that anything will change. We may I fear, be marching into a very dark age.

    God give me strength.

  2. Regarding the weather and fatalism.

    Governments are pressing every advantage and gearing up to spend — through wealth transfers — obscene amounts of money to combat “climate change,” a transparently bogus cause and farcically futile effort. “Because the future of our planet depends on it.”

    These same governments are pressing every advantage and spending — through wealth transfers — astronomical sums of money to combat xenophobia and discrimination by industrial-size seeding of masses of aliens into the West. The collateral damage — in loss of freedoms, loss of culture and national distinctiveness, and most wicked of all, loss of life — means nothing to these government “leaders;” it is merely part of the cost of achieving the moral superiority awarded only to those who have saved humanity from itself.

    God save us from evil megalomaniacs — today at the helm of nearly every Western government.

    • Poignant.

      Donald Trump claims he is running on the “law and order” platform. There are many ‘conservatives’ who want to shut down mosques, deport legal citizens if they don’t denounce sharia, incarcerate Muslims in general and quickly defeat ISIS on the battle field. We have seen the result of the ‘conservative’ methodology in resolving differences. How can I as an American turn my back on our constitution in order to accomplish these aims? What will Trump do to stop this insanity? Will he break the law?

      On the other side of the aisle we have these self proclaimed morally superior godlike creatures who are blatantly violating the law. They want to, like many so-called conservatives sell the United States to the lowest bidder in the name of diversity and profit. They seek to dilute the American experiment with an alien way of thinking. These creatures of wickedness and corruption slither in the light of day for all to see. They dare us to question them lest we lose our livelihood. The result of this behavior is visible in every corner of the land.

      When we are faced with these two forms of darkness it places us all in a conundrum. Do we serve these lovers of power and mammon or do we serve God? Are we as citizens to stand down in the face of Sharia to prove we are God’s people and prone not to violence but, to peace, joy, love, kindness, longsuffering, patience and all of God’s admonitions?

      I would prefer to serve God for he is not selfish. But how when we are faced with two adversaries laden with their own self importance? Where are those that follow the light? Though it is my civic duty to vote it can not be my only duty. What are my other civic duties?

      There is in the United States a Constitution Party. It’s leaders are constitutionalists. They believe in the rule of law and the great American experiment in liberty. The beliefs they hold are contrary to both the left and right. Perhaps I will ‘waste’ my vote and cast it for the greater of the good, the law and liberty.

      God speed and God bless.

      • RE: Your first paragraph. It is a well documented fact, yes, I said fact, that many (most, all) mosques) are also armories. Anyone, legal (and certainly illegal) who doesn’t denounce sharia should be deported as it is clearly in violation of the Constitution – incarcerate them until they can be deported. This isn’t turning your back on the Constitution, it is defending it. What is wrong by the way with defeating ISIS on the battle field? ISIS has declared war on the USA, they need to be defeated, this is what ever country should do – defeat those who declare war on them.

        I don’t know what Trump will do but he has said he will build a wall (good walls/fences make good neighbors) did you know that there are Islamic training camps in the Western Hemisphere and that those trained there hide among the illegals. and come into the USA? Probably you didn’t know this or you wouldn’t be asking these questions.

        • I agree with you, Susan.
          And by the way — sedition against our government is unconstitutional, illegal, and subject to prosecution.
          Sharia is all about sedition (through the hijra or through Jihad) of all governments that do not align with Islamic teaching, and that includes ours despite our First Amendment Rights which do NOT include subversion of our form of government by Nazis, communists, nor Mohammedans — despite the PC riff that Islam is a religion “of peace,” no less. A religion! Secular humanism is a religion, too — but I’m getting off on a tangent. Cloaking itself as a religion and hiding, obfuscating, and lying about Islam’s one purpose: to subdue the earth under the control of the Caliphate, is a message the PC apparatchiks work tirelessly to deny.

          I would like to query our commenter Philip LaFrance, if you are still around here, sir: what are DJTrump’s supposed violations of our Constitution, as proposed, that is — since he is not yet our President?

          • “Sedition against the Government is unconstitutional, illegal and subject to prosecution.” It is long past the time that B. Obama and J. Kerry should have been arrested in violation of the anti sedition laws.

    • Well said.

      It is a vast sickness.

      Hollande’s pathetic expenditures for hair care reveal the degree of vanity at work. The superficiality of the top French official is in the same league as LBJ’s display of his gall bladder operation scar or his peculiar manner of consulting with his closest advisers. We need a dedicated team of specialists to swat these clowns with bladders as was done with the scientists on Laputa. “This way back to Planet Earth sire.” Not even a day went by after the carnage in Nice but that Hollande had located the source of France’s problem in Iraq and Syria.

      Merkel can master the intricacies of chemistry but cannot conceive of the utility of sealing the 175-mile border with Turkey. Malevolent passivity.

      Cameron similarly could not conceive of the concept of zero but thought how clever he would be to reduce immigration to the “tens of thousands.” “My people will love me” surely was his thought.

  3. This calls for a “frog in boiling water” policy. Not only to halt Muslim immigration, [redacted for violation of rules re courtesy and sheer human compassion].

  4. It’s easy enough to sign a paper titled “halting Muslim immigration”. However, immigrants would still keep coming, a piece of paper won’t stop them. Sooner or later, deadly force would have to be applied and there are no European politicians bold enough to sign something like that.

    • In the meantime it would be awfully helpful if our president would STOP signing papers bringing in Syrian migrants.

      President Poison Pen writes again.

    • >>Sooner or later, deadly force would have to be applied

      But a lot less deadly force than if we wait for out and out civil war.

      My recommendation. Seize a bridgehead in a failed state such as Libya. Establish a military base and processing center. All immigrants are deported to this tightly guarded and paroled bridgehead. Give them a stipend and traveling money to return to their own countries. If they refuse to budge they are packed onto transports and deposited 20 miles from the bridgehead and left to fend for themselves. Allowance is made for small children who cannot fend for themselves. Solution to this matter to be worked out at a future time. Anybody got a better idea?

    • Yes, but Victor Orban is building a fence around Hungary to keep this pestilence known as “refugees” out of his country. Good for him. Now if he can get the country out of the EU I say good for him. Other East European countries are doing the same – they know what tyranny is like there.

      • Europeans managed to work out a decent arrangement for living over two or three thousand years and then, in a mere 70 years, let it all slip away to embrace the tyranny you mention and reward a multitude of traitors, liars, and thieves.

        The brave, truly extraordinary people like Wilders, Le Pen, Orban, Farage, Weston, Robinson, ESW, Angry Foreigner, Hedegaard, Festering, Fortuyn, Van Gogh, Fjordman, and others mentioned frequently in these pages shine (or shone) a brilliant light but are a tiny group, though their influence gradually increases. Thousands struggle against petty indignities, onerous fines, and the real threat of loss of livelihood and libery inflicted by their inferiors to preserve even their vanishing liberties and national identity.

        Like tropical parasites, smug bureaucrats and contemptible politicians alter their shape or cloak their thoughts to elude a healthy immune system. And they summon pestilential hordes to be their privileged and coddled shock troops and fifth column. (And reward their Chief Constable toadies and European equivalent.)

        If recent outrages don’t finally rouse European, their world is on a fast track to end not with a bang but that whimper of which Eliot wrote. There is a psychiatric condition where people yearn to sever their hands or limbs from their bodies. I am at a loss to distinguish that urge from the one to inundate a high civilization with the carriers of a truly repulsive and diseased way of thinking and simple savagery.

        As we speak the favored thinkers and “leaders” of Europe earnestly and with great seriousness are searching for that rarest of rare life forms, the radical, Islamic fanatics, the violent terrorists, the Islamists, the Dashers, the Isisists, and the jihadis under the bed. Soon they will find them and root them out. Soon!

  5. Re: “Western Leaders Should Halt Muslim Immigration or Resign”

    The ugly truth behind the mass migration and de facto invasion of Europe, the U.K. and rest of the western world is that the west’s leaders, so-called, are complicit in – if not actively aiding and abetting – the Islamization of their respective societies.

    In Europe, it is the ministers of the European Union, as well as politicians such as Angela Merkel who are to blame. It is certain that Barack Hussein Obama and his Islamist friend and coreligionist, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, are also involved. Erdogan has openly admitted that he wants to create a new caliphate for the 21st century (perhaps with him as its caliph).

    The invasion of Europe and the chaos and destruction of ISIS are of a piece, since Erdogan and his son, Bilal, have been caught red-handed, as it were, supporting the group. Bilal was caught running a massive oil-smuggling operation which used Turkish-flagged vessels to move black-market oil to market – the proceeds from the sale of which fund ISIS. Let us also not forget that Erdogan helped to create ISIS in the first place – along with his friends in the Sunni Arab Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, et. al. and Mr. Obama himself.

    Billionaire and leftist radical George Soros is the chief funder of the so-called “European Refugee Crisis” through his various foundations and non-profits. Soros envisions a world in which there are no borders and in which national identity and culture are erased.

    Over-and-over again, after each heinous and barbaric attack by the jihadists. we are assured by officials and political leaders that Islam and Muslims are not to blame, and that “racist” or “hateful speech” will be punished most-severely. Islamophobia will not be permitted.

    After the mass rapes in Cologne over the New Year, the German authorities swung into action – not to catch the perpetrators, but to tamp down any flare-ups of politically-incorrect speech, and issue citations to those critical in the social media of mass immigration from the Middle East into Germany.

    In the U.K., officials hid the Rotherham “grooming gangs” and evidence of childhood sexual slavery rings for literally years. In England, opposition political leader Paul Weston was arrested and charged with a hate crime for publicly reading a passage on Islam from Winston Churchill’s book, “The River War.”

    In Sweden, the city of Malmö – as well as a number of others – has an incidence of rape amongst the highest per capita in the world – and the perpetrators are largely male immigrants from Muslim countries. In neighboring Oslo, Norway, one-hundred percent of the cleared (solved) assault-type rape cases for a recent year – were committed by Muslim men.

    Despite the violence and chaos unfolding on their own soil, Swedish and Norwegian authorities have been quick to condemn any suggestion whatsoever that their new neighbors from the Middle East are in any way responsible.

    The pattern continues across Western Europe and the U.K. What can account for the studied indifference, if not outright negligence, of the authorities to the plight of their respective peoples? The only answer to fit the evidence is that many – if not most – of Europe’s ruling elites are themselves in on the crimes somehow. Which is to say that these modern-day Quislings have betrayed their own nations, peoples, and European civilization itself – to perhaps its oldest and most implacable enemy.

    If Europeans are to save their homes, families and communities from the soldiers of Allah, they will not only have to turn back the invaders, but defeat and bring to justice the traitors inside European civilization themselves who bear so much responsibility for the crisis in the first place.

  6. 24 hours after the attack and I haven’t yet heard a word “islam” from any high profile politician or any mainstream media report.
    But islam apologists have been busy from the beginning.
    Heartbreaking stories of poor muslims of Europe having to deal with horrible islamophobia.
    Or one of their favorite narratives: there were muslims amongst victims. Apparently this fact automatically means that attack has nothing to do with islam.

    In other news: military coup in Turkey.[SEE SOURCES: http://www.drudgereport.com/ – admin]

    Looks like we have 80 millions of potential muslim refugees which Europe must take his year.

  7. Trump better build a wall, and soon. At least today he came out and said “we are in a war” which is more than Hillary or anyone in the DNC will say. He probably will (he likes building things) but THIS IS WAR and he is a PROBLEM SOLVER. He wasn’t my first choice, but I’m starting to like this guy. What does that Post-Turtle in the WH want to do – bring in more “Syrians.” Ditto Hillary Clinton. DOWN WITH THE DNC (although I’m hardly a fan of the GOP).

    Incidentally Breitbart London said very much the same thing. See Reehem Kassam’s article at http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/03/23/tears-teddy-bears-but-no-resolve-to-deal-with-islamist-threat-in-europe/

    Yeah, I know Breitbart has been supporting Trump for a long time, but maybe they are on to something.

  8. This French “civil war” mentioned in the Article… With what, pitchforks and baguettes? Win or lose, another reason why it is so critical that we hold onto our 2nd Amendment.

  9. Isn’t France responsible for giving sanctuary to many political terrorists in the past? Seems to me they brought them on themselves. Why should I feel sorrow for a country who has aided political criminals in the past?

  10. “Maybe a President or Prime Minister cannot state openly that we are at war with Islam”

    Yes, indeed, how can they? We can only hope that members of the West’s political elite are not as naive as their statements appear to suggest. The reason France has been the victim of so many atrocities is obvious, it’s not alienation, radicalisation or something in the water, the country has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe. There’s a practically inexhaustible supply of wannabe jihadis.

    • They can say that our countries are our own and our values are our own, and if anyone else wants to live here, then they must renounce their old culture and abandon their old religions.

      In short they can renounce the irrational ideology of multiculturalism. That they can do.

      Then all they would have to do is step aside.

      We could do the rest, by criticising the false and poisonous ideology of Islam at every opportunity. By having our councils reject any and all planning permissions for mosques, and by doing what Islamic authorities do to other religions, refusing any permission for repairs to any Islamic buildings that have already been built. No permission, no materials, no local tradesmen to do the work. Let them fall into disrepair.

      Ban them from their incessant caterwauling at all hours of the day and night too btw.

      Ban all their dietary practices from our countries, in any and all shapes and forms.

      Et cetera …

      Meanwhile have parades and protests outside their doors so that they know whereabouts their false religion is in our countries.

      In short, treat Islam as non-Islamic religions are treated in Islamic countries. Make Mohammedans aware that they are not special. Make followers of Islam aware that we see their poisonous, false beliefs for what they are. Reclaim our countries, and if any Mohammedan wants to live where Islam is respected, then they will have to move somewhere else.

      Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Our governments need to step aside so that the people can use freedom of speech the way it is supposed to be used. That would go a long, long way to rectifying this whole situation.

  11. Of course it is splashed all over the Daily Mirror, UK, and other media like it, the narrative that the terrorist from Tunisia was not a Muslim.

  12. I think that one massively important step that could be taken here is to restore freedom of speech in our countries. And make it known that this has been done.

    This would allow everyone – all citizens that is – to poke fun at, ridicule, refute and otherwise criticize the poisonous false doctrines of Islam. At every turn. And of course the poor ‘refugees’ wouldn’t be able to cope with that. In much the same way that they can’t cope with seeing females walking about with normal clothes on – so they force them to wear a black sheet over their bodies. But on and on it would go, every minute of every day.

    Whenever a Mohammedan started his arrogant demands for special treatment, they’d be met with a flood of criticism and it would be made clear to them that they weren’t going to get any special treatment, not now, not ever.

    The governement doesn’t need to do that. The citizens are more than capable. All the government has to do is step aside and let us get on with it.

    Islam would never be able to stand up to proper criticism, and followers of that poisonous ideology would never be able to push their ridiculous beliefs on anyone else either. If a Mohammedan wanted to live in an Islamic environment then they’d have no option but go and live in an Islamic country.

    So no ‘civil war’, no great costly projects, no more surveillance, no more of any of the failed government sponsored projects that haven’t worked since 9/11.

    All the government has to do is step aside.

    We’ll do the rest. And the Mohammedans who have chosen to uproot their lives and come to live in our country will discover the true power of the spoken word.

  13. I decided on 14 July to go to the Promenade des Anglais with my wife and child. It was a quiet evening, with the Angels bay reflecting the sparkling lights of Nice. The firework show was beautiful, and the thousands of visitors were all happy about. Fortunately I chose the right year to go there: 2015.
    Yes, I do agree with Fjordman. The politicians responsable for this state of affairs in France and other European countries should not only resign, but arrested and be prosecuted.

  14. And here I thought that Hungary was NOT a member of the EU. They (Hungary) should leave if they want to retain control of their own country. Hungary has been invaded by Islam in its history and should know better to take even ONE of them. The same applies to USA, but it looks like it’s too late — they are here.

  15. All of this is a Hindu/Buddhist conspiracy to defame Islam. Islam means “peace” and its teachings are very peaceful. It has been misunderstood at many places, but even your president said it is a peaceful religion 🙂 (being sarcastic—this is what the leftists keep saying in India).

    Islam has no place in the civilized world. Period. It is the excretement of a primitive barbaric and sexually deviant 7th century bedouin. It should be flushed down the toilet.

  16. Hollande is a disgrace, his first duty is to protect the citizens of France, if he is unable to comply with this basic tenet he should be either removed or given the opportunity to resign. He is clearly a vain glorious imbecile as one glance in a mirror would tell him he is rapidly balding and shouldn’t have to spend ten euros a year on hair care let alone 10k euros a month!

    Merkel’s madness has now been compounded by the revelation that Germany took in almost two million so called refugees last year.
    She was very quick, along with the duplicitous Obama, to call for the legitimate, elected government of the Turkish tyro Erdogan to be upheld and recognised. Talk about double standards, they actually funded and encouraged the over throwing of the democratically elected government in the Ukraine not so long ago.

    Failed coup or not in Turkey I believe that there will be many European Governments worrying that their generals might be getting a few ideas. Greece for example was subject to military rule not so long ago and their poor, austerity weary, illegally usurped by a third world invasion, populace might just be up for a change.

  17. How many Frenchmen does it take to defend France?

    Once again we do not know, since it has never been tried.

    • Not “never”…one has to go back to WWII, where many French fought valiantly. And the French underground, once Vichy France capitulated, was robust. I met a man who’d been in the Underground and knew many people whose books I’d read admiringly. In this country he was a retired (successful) business owner; during WWII his day job consisted of teaching ballroom dancing to German officers – who obviously never knew of his clandestine life.

      Currently, the French govt is caught in the quandary many countries face: inviting in their former colonies’ citizens out of a sense of duty – that distorted sense of “justice” one sees among atheists who cling to a desiccated residue of their once-Christian underpinnings.

      But there are others, Le Pen for one, who are intent on defending France. We can’t know the extent of her support bec the PTB make life difficult for those who openly support her.

      We have the same phenomenon in America in the current presidential campaign: polling potential voters is a useless endeavor since many people will lie, either saying they support Hillary so they don’t place their lives in danger (threats are not uncommon at Trump events), or claiming they’re undecided. When the “undecideds” grow this late in the game, you know the truth isn’t being told…

    • Charles Martel would be rolling in his grave. Why did he even bother repelling the Islamic invaders from conquering Europe. Hollande is a disgrace, and it is quite obvious he knows nothing about Islam and the history of France. France is reaping the ‘benefits’ of Islamic immigration. Most western countries were built on Judeo Christian heritage and ideology, Islam is the total opposite of this, hence you have the problems we are seeing today. Expect more of the same.

  18. “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

    – Western “leader” Hillary Clinton tweeting after Ilamic terrorist Nice msssacre

    • Well, she’s a paid spokesman for Saudi Arabia—what else do you expect, she’s merely doing her job like a good professional.

      She is bankrolled by the Saudis.

      • Disgusting creature – why isn’t she and her equally loathsome husband on trial for their multitude of misdeeds?

        Surely she cannot become the President of the USA?

    • Liberty is doomed if we are lead by “leaders” who believe such nonsense.

  19. ” Islamic terrorism is treated as the weather: Something that is beyond human control that you should merely adjust to.”

    It’s worse than that because the Left says we’re in a war against fictitious climate change that we truly can’t control but refuses to recognize a real war that we can control.

  20. Neither GoV nor Fjordman exactly make it easy to donate per the request. When you push the ‘Donate’ button as asked, you get what I take to be the Swedish language version of Paypayl. When I entered an amount, following the American standard of placing a period separating the dollars and cents, I got an error message- in Swedish. Well it was Greek to me- as far as I was concerned, my donation was declined.

    Clever fellow that I am, and seeing the part in the ‘Amount’ field used a comma to demarcate dollars and cents, per the European standard, I followed suit and my donation went through.

    • Fjordman and I have tried and tried to make the PayPal widget appear in English, instead of Norwegian, but it just won’t do it. I don’t know why.

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