The Mujahid in the Nice Attack Has Been Identified

The now-deceased jihadi who massacred at least 84 people in Nice last night has now been identified. It’s probably no surprise to regular readers of this blog that the atrocity had a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

The Mirror gives the name of the Tunisian perpetrator as “Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel”, but it appears from the ID card that he had a fourth name, Salmene, making him Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Here’s an excerpt from the report:

First picture of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel ID card found at scene of Nice lorry massacre

This is the first picture of an ID card bearing the name of a terrorist who killed at least 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in France.

Police found documents belonging to Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old French man of Tunisian descent, in the truck which ploughed through crowds in Nice.

Anti-terror officers then raided his home and arrested his ex-wife is in connection with the terror attack.

Bouhlel was known to officers for common law crimes such as theft and violence but reportedly had no known connections with extremists.

Investigating sources said his last appearance in court was as recently as March, when he was found guilty of violent conduct.

As reported by Nice Matin, he worked as a delivery driver.

His home was searched by police this morning and a number of his relatives are now being spoken to by police.

Needless to say, this tragic incident had nothing to do with Islam.

I haven’t seen any teddy bears, flowers, and candles so far, but I assume they’ll be along shortly.

43 thoughts on “The Mujahid in the Nice Attack Has Been Identified

  1. Aside from the larger problem of Islam being incompatible with Western political and social mores – there exists an almost limitless amount of petty Muslim criminals brought up in the West whom know the ins and outs of the underworld.

    These cultural losers in no mans land are ready made cannon fodder for recruitment and throw away murderers for the Islamist groups.

    Read the bios from the last dozen attacks in Europe and you will see the pattern repeated over and over again.

  2. I’m waiting for buildings around Europe to light up in colours of French flag. As last years showed that’s a very effective measure of stopping terrorist attacks.
    Ditto chalk drawings on asphalt.

      • That’s lovely–we can all be Nice and we can all be nice. For my part, as little a fan as I am of the French Revolution, it’s about the time the French stopped singing La Marseillaise and started doing it.

        • Ah yes, if the French only literally followed the words of La Marseillaise the Jihadi vermin would be lying in the fields.

    • How about a candlelight vigil or two? Or a lofty speech from the Apologist-in-Chief? Cue the photo op with some concerned hijabbed and niquabbed hand-wringers…

  3. Watching sky news just now and guess what the news narrative is,they have just interviewed not one, but two Muslims on how to cope with the rise in,you guessed it,ISLAMAPHOBIA. Innocent children are barely dead and the reprobate MSM are making Islam the victim.This is truly sickening.

    • Yog,
      I guess you should not rely on a news printed in Indian Papers about Pakistan…. You know both are arch rivals…


  4. He must have been one of those radical muslims; after all, everyone knows that Islam is a religion of peace.

  5. Lies about 9/11 started the chaos in the world today. Bush, Giuliani and other need to be tried as war criminals.

    Back to the hornets. Matthew Bracken predicted this in his ‘Tet, Take Two’. And he was likely right that the West will not have to stomach to rid themselves of the hornets.

    • to Diane D

      you said:

      Lies about 9/11 started the chaos in the world today. Bush, Giuliani and other need to be tried as war criminals.

      This is wrong on so many levels I won’t even begin to address it. But fair warning: say it again in this venue and you’re gone. We don’t need the distraction.

  6. I’m waiting for all the puke inducing avatars on Facebook declaring their support for the victims of this [muslim], followed in the comment sections by denouncing any suggestion that [islamists] are involved.

    • Oh my. I’m so glad we had our admin in Oz close our Face Ache account. Twitter is more my speed: short, creative. Given my ADD and verbosity, Twitter is the perfect match for my disabilities. Today I made up a hashtag for those of us tired unto tedium with the relentess stupidity of this meme. The pattern: terror attack–>Mohammed coefficient discovery–>teddy bears–>#Sacchrine hashtag.

      My contribution (really the B’s but he does neither Twitter nor FB so I grabbed it) only works well in English: #WeAreAllNiceNow

      I finally had to come home, though. Unwittingly got into an endless “discussion” about the so-called horrors of Trump – e.g., He lies. Is there an emoji for eye-roll?? Yes, as it happens, there is: ?

      One has only to look at his opponent: I call HRC the Lillian Hellman of politics, of whom Mary McCarthy famously said, “everything she says is a lie, including ‘and’ & ‘the’…”

    • You know the answer to your wondering. It is NO.

      The dominant narrative will decree that ‘squashed girl’ must rapidly go down the memory hole.

      Nice slogan!

      • The allegedly posed picture of the drowned Turkish boy
        Opened the Pandora’s box when all the bleeding heart liberals in the West, headed by the childless, communist mutti Merkel opened Europe’s borders to the third world hordes.

        From day one it should have been made very clear

        1. You cross the Mediterranean illegally you drown.

        2. You survive the crossing you are returned same day

        3. You threaten to drown you children, your choice.

        Enough of the emotional blackmail – Learn from history

        There was a very famous Roman siege of a fort, I believe in Gaul, the beleaguered commander, on being told that food and water was rapidly diminishing came up with the idea of sending the woman and children out in the hope that the Romans would assume responsibility for them and diminish their own supplies instead! The Roman Commander left them in no man’s land where they all unfortunately starved to death.

        There is a moral case to be made for both commanders actions but on this occasion it could be said that moral blackmail most definitely failed.

        I would hope that the tragic picture of the deceased little girl with her doll beside her will galvanise a sense of anger in the French people. The politicians and media have already got their ducks in a row
        “Lone Wolf”
        Mentally unbalanced
        Nothing to do with Islam
        Fears of an Islamaphobia backlash
        We must learn to live with this
        yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda.

        Heard it all before, sick and tired of hearing it, hoping not to hear it again and see some ACTION instead from the spineless, cowardly, insipid, supposed leaders that
        European countries are currently blighted with.

        • > “There was a very famous Roman siege of a fort . . .”

          That would be the fortified hilltop town of Alesia under the command of the Avernian, Vercingetorix. The Roman commander was one Gaius Julius Caesar.

          • Thank you for this info – my school days are a long time behind me and although I can remember the substance I don’t always remember the fine detail!

            Disenfranchised, old but a little wiser.

  7. I am waiting to hear about the reports of a second assailant., and that the gendarmes were trying to find him. Were they not true?

    Likewise, if this maniac was simply a petty criminal, why and how did he have a huge arsenal in the lorry?

    Were those reports also not true? They were from police sources.

    It sounds as if the intention was even larger-scale carnage, but something went wrong with the plan.

    He may have become over-excited with his success in simply smashing people to death or major injury, and overshot a planned rendezvous point.

    The San Bernadino Christmas party slaughter was similar in that sense. The weapons they’re said to have assembled and collected make it clear that a larger target was intended, but the husband blew a fuse over workplace matters, so the plan never eventuated.

    If the reports of the arsenal in the back of the lorry in Nice were true, and it is such a strange thing to invent that one can only assume they were, then the current spin of a simple petty-criminal ‘lone wolf’ must be a lie.

      • Dymphna,

        I am too tired to find links now, but early reports in the Daily Mail among several news sites featured the second attacker and the gendarmes being after him.

        That may have been fog-of-eyewitness material, as may the early reports of hostage taking.

        The arsenal on the lorry was pretty much universally reported.

        • If you’re “too tired” to supply links, then leave out the almost-200 word comment on these “news” reports.

          Unsourced = deleted.

          • It was a simple matter of looking up the Daily Mail’s coverage. Several other mainstream sources carried the same claims. If you had looked earlier, before the attempted coup d’etat in Turkey, it and other news sources still had the ‘hostage situation’ (although already discounted, as stated at the time, by the French authorities) and ‘second gunman’ stories. I will find links to those tomorrow.

            The link below refers to the arsenal, which is now claimed to have consisted of fake weapons, in itself very strange. I didn’t think convincing fake weapons are legal in the EU, and the authorities would not have taken plastic toys to be the real thing.


            I didn’t check it in more detail except on that point, the DM is very photo-heavy, posting from my phone, tight data plan.

            Regards to you and the Baron. I can guarantee that, though only a very occasional poster, I would never post from rumours from Twitter or Facebook, never go near them.

      • I have to side with Che on this one.
        There have been several reports about a weapons cache inside the truck.

        How much weapons can a single terrorist carry by himself?

        I think the terrorist was not alone. The original plan was to drive the truck with weapons to a designated point amids a densely packed crowd. At this point accomplices would take possession of the arms and empty their clips into the crowd.
        Only because of alert French police this plan had gone awry.
        Upon realizing this the driver did the only thing he could do, use his truck as a weapon and kill as many as he could before being shot.

        And here comes the weird part.
        By the end of the day reports began to apear that some of the weapons were fake. In other words, not all of the weapons were fake!
        I’ve read many reports like this and they are rather consistent.
        Only part of the weapons were toys/fake/dummy.
        Most reports are in Dutch/German/French so I’ll save you the trouble of translating.

        • Thank you, copywriter.

          Anyone who had been following the reports would have known of that claim, that driver moron had an arsenal in the back. I will wait until tomorrow to read, but, my initial post was simply a claim to common reading, which anyone would have been able to verify in five minutes as having been on a news site, or in print.

          I do not appreciate being bullied, at all.

  8. It is being reported that the truck driver was previously convicted of a “road rage” incident. So there’s the possible spin opening. This whole horrific attack was an insane road rage incident, nothing to do with Islam, of course!

    • Wrong, the attack had EVERYTHING to do with Islam. The attack on the assembled crowd on the 14th of July was tantamount to an attack on the assembled crowd on the Capitol Mall on the 4th of July. Both days commemorate the founding of the respective nations. The message was very clear, “Sharia has no respect for the governments of the infidel or the apostate.” And, “Jihad is declared until the apostate and infidel scourge is slaughtered or converted.” The Caliphate Dar al Salaam uber alles!!

      That was what was said last night and we had better open our eyes to the reality and address it, else we will be run over as those who were assembled to honor Bastille Day were.

      • You might read Baucent’s post more closely, he or she was speaking of ‘spin’, and otherwise being sarcastic about that.

      • I must also add that the foundation of the French state was in the late 5th century, not the late eighteenth, very soon after Romulus Augustulus (very symbolic name) was deposed in Ravenna.
        . .

  9. Most if not all rational experts and researchers in the field of Islamic terrorism have over time predicted the increase in frequency and intensity of these horrific slaughters perpetrated by these sub human vermin. Sadly most of the political class in the USA and the EU are still staffed by feckless,spineless, and ####less poor excuses for ‘leaders’ or heads of government. It appears to me that the collective will to address the problem of this ever growing threat is lacking or non existent. Their cronies in the MSM (the government media complex) must really think that most of us are either fools or dupes. It boggles one’s mind to hear the endless terms , ‘possible terror attack’, ‘lone wolf’ (actually a known wolf) deranged, mentally ill, disturbed individual, etc., etc. I agree, this is a Tet redo, we are in the beginning of WW 3, they, the various organizations of radical Islamism have declared war on the West it’s values and citizens. However the bumbling administration in the USA wants to basically sick the cops on them and try them as felons in the criminal justice system. It is high time war is declared on the Jihadi vermin. Either real military, financial, and other actions are taken now ( not the recent half hearted charade) or my Grandsons will be called up to participate in another phase of this 1400+ yrs. war on the Infidel.

    • I also wonder about my grandchildren being called up to fight. But since my sons refuse to reproduce I guess that is a mute point.
      Funny how demographics works…

  10. ‘check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible’: please, apply that policy to me as well as others.

    • That’s for the news feed. Dymphna was not talking about the news feed.

      The things you mentioning were widely reported in the news. I didn’t have a problem with your simply mentioning them. However, I think Dymphna had not read as much of the news as I had.

      Even so, leaving a link is a kindness to all those who don’t keep up on the news as well as you do.

  11. The sad thing and I apologize ahead of time for pointing this out — is that it would take only a few well-placed bombs in the middle-east to make these people retreat, at least for awhile. We have the weapons, but we don’t have the guts. No, let me re-phrase that: our leaders, so-called, don’t have the guts. They’d rather wring their hands and say not all muslims are violent.[…] While I agree that not ALL are violent, but there are enough violent ones to constitute a dire and deadly threat to both Europe and America.

  12. Alright, get the message.

    ‘check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible’

    Read-only site to me, it seems. Thx.

  13. Points taken. The evolution of the arsenal story, originally ‘grenades, guns, and heavy weapons’, then suddenly one theatre prop grenade and a couple of fancy toys (or deactivated souvenirs) was very strange.

    As for dating the origin of France, just about all sources place the coronation of Clovis in the late fifth century, only a few years after Romulus Augustulus had been deposed as the ‘Emperor’ in the west at Ravenna.

    If the Merovingians were not the first dynasty of what eventually became the French kingdom, I am not sure who is supposed to have been. Educated French people certainly consider them to have been that.

    So, as you say, ‘even if you had been incorrect about the time frame’, I was not.

    I will pay heed in future, given available time, personally wish I had kept a close record of the mainstream media’s twists and turns on the narrative of the Nice massacre, except for the boring and predictable ‘wasn’t even really a Muslim’ and ‘OMG, one or two victims were themselves also Muslims’, etc.

    The northern silly season is upon us, but we have already had the Nice massacre and Sultana Erdogan’s coup by stealth.

    I predict that unless a major natural disaster happens, two scary earthquakes here since Sat., the only big news until the end of the real dog days will be yet another murder of several cops by a black man, inspired by BLM, who will have nothing to do with black nationalism or Islam, until the initial impression has left its imprint on weak minds (as has happened in the recent cases), and he (or she) turns out to have links to one or both.

    Riots outside the Republican convention will be incredibly violent, possibly featuring a few murders of the type described above, but the MSM will blame Trump for incitement.

    Oh, and the UK’s politico-bureaucratic class slowly working towards overthrowing the referendum vote or holding a repeat, in the usual pattern, but that will only be reported very quietly, and only in the outlets that desperately support the EUSSR.

    More, too, but you won’t hear about much because most journalist are high on self-esteem and wages, but low on talent and pride, so many will be spending a few weeks in dull resorts, with their paymasters paying.

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