15 thoughts on “It’s Teddy Bear Time!

  1. How nice to see the morally lazy and culturally empty enjoying one of their favorite pastimes!

    Light some candles, say some modern non-prayer to a modern, non-judgmental non-god, and that’s it! You’ve done as much “duty” (if you even know what that word means) as you need to do. Then go back home, play some video games, and let your country swirl further down the toilet.

    • This snow flake, liberal left wing response compounds French and European weakness to those that wish to destroy our western values and way of life!

      When Hitler bombed London and other major English cities, guess what, life immediately went on and THOUSANDS died in a single night raid by the Luftwaffe.

      Response – retaliation and the bombing of Dresden and other major German cities, quid pro quo in other words.

      Candle lit vigils will not make this sort of depraved attack go away, singing “Imagine” will not make it go away, waving rainbow flags will not make it go away, holding hands in solidarity will not make it go away, hash tagging will not go away either.

      My heart goes out to all the victims and their families and friends and I cannot imagine how they are coping with this terrible tragedy, all I know is, that God forbid it happened to any of my friends or loved ones I would want revenge.

      Especially when you keep in mind the terrible attack on the
      Theatre in Paris, when the horrific details of torture are only now being released by govt authorities who deliberately suppressed the information at the time.

      People deserve the truth from their governments, we are citizens, with rights, not targets for some crazed jihadi to kill at will.

          • Dresden was also bombed as a deliberate act of cultural warfare, along with Nuremburg and other historic cities – hence the fire bombing in the old parts of such cities.
            The result though was not achieved as the German spirit kept fighting due to the way the population had been taught to believe in itself.
            Similarly the Russians kept fighting in the ruins of their cities because of the belief that their way of life must survive, that the enemy must be defeated.
            Piling garish junk on the road is meaningless.

            To those wanting to know who to direct ire against – a measured response would be to stop moslem immigration and immediately repatriate all recent arrivals not in fulltime employment.
            Following up on that would be the requirement that all moslem schools pay for a non-moslem overseer to manage what is taught in the schools.
            Personally I’d ban anyone of a certain background from gaining a heavy vehicle licence or any kind of pilot’s licence. The crux of the problem is that the authorities treat the moslem community as regular people yet treat nationalists as pariahs when the reverse should be true.
            Practically every moslem country discriminates against non-moslems at some level, Europe and Western countries need to start doing the same in regards moslems to at least achieve an even playing field.
            That’s the measured response – bare minimum stuff.

          • Dresden was also bombed as a deliberate act of cultural warfare, along with Nuremberg and other historic cities – hence the fire bombing in the old parts of such cities.
            The result though was not achieved as the German spirit kept fighting due to the way the population had been taught to believe in itself.

            Nor did the initial saturation bombing several years before – a very deliberate act of cultural warfare by the Germans against Britain – succeed in its motive, to break the British spirit. Because the British believed in themselves.

            Dresden lasted several days; the bombing of Britain went on for months before Hitler gave up in defeat. Ask the Londoners who lived through the attacks (you’ll have to dig up most of ’em by now) if they found Dresden more disturbing than the vast wasteland created in London by the Luftwaffe. It was still being rebuilt decades later because the Brits fell into a pit of socialism and threw out the man who could have best rebuilt the country.

            I disagree that the firebombings had no effect. The side that did the last bombing won the war, even if they stupidly gave away far too much of their besmirched winnings to the USSR. America’s evil in permitting Stalin to get away with what he did is far greater than the destruction the U.S. caused in the War. American POWS from the Russian-held parts of Berlin were shipped to the gulags by the USSR and America said NOTHING.

            Obviously, VE Day came before VJ Day- the Japanese required the evidence of TWO A-bombs to be convinced all was lost, while the Germans were ready to give up far sooner. And then America set about with its Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe and similar aid to Japan was initiated.


            Criticism after the fact is easy and one can find lots of it, whether it’s war or aid. But at the time of its implementation the Plan was considered revolutionary. Of course places like Belgium didn’t really need it – socialism hadn’t struck there yet. And countries like the Netherlands used the money to keep their colonies dependent to the point that the Dutch were threatened with a cut-off they didn’t use the money to rebuild their country.

            The firebombing of Dresden was not a first in total war for the U.S. This same strategy had been used by the North on several occasions in our Civil War: early on in the Shenandoah Valley, and finally Sherman’s march through Georgia – of which some damage still remains.By the time Sherman began his march, he and Lincoln decided it was the only way to win. The North was superior but dispirited; the South was in rags and ruin, facing a fight to the death. If Sherman hadn’t begun his long swath of pillage and destruction, the hemorrhage would have led to broad unrest in the North. Had Lincoln lived, the South might have experienced its own “Plan” instead of the opportunistic rape and ruin his successor cynically called “Reconstruction” – and that went on for more than a generation…to this day, the old hatreds on both sides are easily roused.

            As for modern day sensibilities, we’re in full victim mode now. Love of country and national pride is suspect – unless you’re a Muslim. Then the braggadocio is expected and encouraged. As I’ve said before, many times, the assertion that Europe and the West “need to do something” is spitting into the wind. Unless there is a widespread will to “do something” it won’t happen. And when it finally does arrive, a lot of innocent Americans will be caught in the blow back.

            Offering logic in the face of turmoil, polarization, and growing violence is another spit.


            And to make it worse suggestions that foment discord are not for public display so they can’t be said here.

            Watch what happens in November. It will be the final slide if one side wins. If the other side wins, there will be a lot of work to do but it will hearten other populists around the world – and they badly need heartening now.

            We should outlaw post-terror public displays of victimhood. People do that because they have no rituals for spiritual gatherings to grieve -i.e., church or something like it. They remind me of those Muslims with their rear ends in the air; both are publicity hounds. Both are creepy.

          • This followed a lone German bomber dumping its bombs through cloud and happening to be over London, though I daresay Churchill welcomed the excuse to retaliate against Berlin.

            Earlier in 1940, Roosevelt had appealed to the belligerents not to attack civilian targets, following the Blitzkrieg.

      • I would want revenge too. But against whom? In most cases, the individual committing the massacre is already dead. The dead Mohammedan and his supporting co-cultists, in my opinion, are less culpable than the government officials who allowed him entry into the country or allowed his family to enter the country. The government officials are responsible because they have a fundamental duty to protect the country’s citizens from foreign and domestic enemies. It is also difficult to place blame on any individual government official because responsibility is so much distributed. In France’s case, Hollande is the most obvious one to blame, and there are many others.

  2. Hi, snowflakes.

    Pleased to see ya, make yer acquaintance and all that rot. (What nice stylish, clean clothes. GREAT haircuts. SUPER summer style and all that. Who IS your hairdresser?)

    Wake me when you are ready to [engage in some graphically-described carnage]. (Ya know, as in getting down and dirty and all that.)

    Then, we can talk. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  3. http://dailysignal.com/2016/07/15/france-terrorist-attack-is-shocking-and-barbaric-but-not-unsurprising/

    Those who carry out attacks on the Islamic State’s, also known as ISIS, behalf in the West tend to have this kind of profile (although it is yet to be confirmed that this is an ISIS-inspired attack). They are usually citizens of the country they attack, and the group has had terrific success in disseminating its ideology among ex-convicts and petty criminals. What is perhaps more surprising is that Bouhlel does not appear to have been on the French intelligence radar at all.

    We also cannot be too surprised by the mode of attack. The idea of using a vehicle as a form of weapon has been suggested by both al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS in the past.

    “Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car,” ISIS’ external operations emir, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, implored in an audio message from September 2014 calling for attacks in the West.

    This idea actually came to an American citizen in the United States in 2006. Inspired by al-Qaeda, Mohammed Taheri-Azar injured nine at the University of North Carolina by running over students on campus with his SUV.

    It is also unsurprising that it is France that—once again—is suffering. The country has endured a horrendous 18 months.

    Just over a month ago, I wrote about the latest Islamist attack on French soil. Yet, think of Charlie Hebdo and the Amedy Coulibaly’s attacks in the following days; the Paris massacre; Tarek Belgacem and Bertrand Nzohbonayo launching separate attacks on police stations; Ayoub el-Khazzani, the shooter on the Thalys train to Paris; Sid Ahmed Ghlam’s murder of a woman and his plan to attack churchgoers only being thwarted when he accidentally shot himself in the leg;…


    Still, no one believes for a second that will be the end of the terrorist onslaught. And there is a concerning follow-up thought to this. Perhaps France has simply hit the limits of its capacity to prevent terrorism. And perhaps the rest of the West is fresh out of ideas as to what to do next.



    The West is never “fresh out of ideas”.

    The West is defined by innovation. Islam is defined by stealing the West’s martial innovations to destroy stuff. China is defined by stealing the West’s useful stuff across the board, from musical notation to computer technology…



    Monitoring Mosques

    People are outraged because Newt Gingrich suggested that the U.S. government should start monitoring mosques to thwart terrorism. Outrage is a perfectly reasonable response to Gingrich’s proposal if you’re dumb enough to think the government isn’t already monitoring mosques in the U.S.

    How do I know the government already monitors any mosques in which they suspect there might be problems?

    It’s because the government has motive, opportunity, low risk, and a lot at stake. When you put human beings (moist robots) in an environment with those variables, the outcome is predictable. It’s the same reason you can be sure some hedge funds are trading on insider information and some state primaries are rigged. When you have a lot to gain and almost no risk of getting caught, shenanigans are guaranteed.

    So how can President Obama act as though Gingrich’s suggestion to monitor mosques is unconstitutional while Obama is almost certainly monitoring mosques right now? That’s easy, thanks to the miracle of words. The government isn’t really monitoring mosques. It is simply monitoring any situation in which they have credible intelligence about a threat.

    Such as, oh, say…mosques, for example.

    To remain on the right side of the constitution, all Obama needs to do is not monitor every mosque. If you know a mosque preaches against terrorism, for example, you can probably skip that one. Now you’re operating within the constitution. Worst case scenario, the Supreme Court someday disagrees. No biggie.

    Testing Loyalty to Sharia Law

    Gingrich also recently said he wants to “test” Muslims living in the United States to see if they support Sharia Law because it is incompatible with the Constitution. Gingrich says we should deport anyone who fails the test, as they are not loyal Americans.

    Your first reaction to Gingrich’s idea is that singling out one religion is unconstitutional and bigoted, and the tests would be worthless because people can simply lie. Plus, all that testing would be impractical. Let’s dig into that a little.

    If the government tests all Muslims, and no one else, that is clearly a problem with the Constitution and unfair as well. But let’s say you test everyone in the country for loyalty to the Constitution versus loyalty to any competing system. That makes it fair, albeit impractical to implement. There are simply too many people to test.

    Well, not so fast. Imagine that the test is administered to anyone who applies for a driver’s license, passport, or government ID. Those applicants would be asked to sign an oath of allegiance to the United States at the same time. It takes an extra 30 seconds. After a few years, you’d have most adults.

    But how accurate would such a test be? People can simply lie. Here’s where things get interesting, because I think technology is right on the cusp of being able to create a lie detector that is 99.99% accurate. Let me say a bit about that.


    There has also been a lot of technological improvement in the speed, sensitivity, and cost of brain scan technology. …


    This gets us to the Adams Law of Slow-Moving Disasters. The Law states that whenever humans can see a disaster coming, and we have lots of time to prepare, we always do okay. That’s why the world hasn’t run out of food or fuel. It’s why the Year 2000 bug was no problem at all. It’s why the hole in the Ozone is closing. It’s why your drinking water and air quality are better than in the seventies. When we see a problem coming from a distance, we solve it.

    And that will be the same with immigration and the risk of letting terrorists slip into the country. We have time to solve it. And technology is already 85% there. We’re probably three years away from lie detection technology that is 99% effective. That’s probably the solution. And if we test all citizens – not just Muslims – such a system is probably fair enough to satisfy the Constitution.

    Which is why I like Scott Adams. A smart cartoonist, and witty when he has to be.

  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with lighting candles for those that have passed here. People have died, and it is traditional in many cultures to light candles for them.

    Of course, absolving Islam of the blame is a whole another story. We have to be clear that these people died because of Islam (not radical Islam or any other Islam, but core Islam—namely Kuran and Hadith). The call to terrorize Kafirs occurs at many places throughout the Kuran and Hadith. The lorry-driver was following his religion. Let’s be very clear about that.

    • You know, in some cultures there is a profession of paid mourner on funerals.
      This candle/teddy bear crowd reminds me of those paid mourners. Every time there is an act of terror you see those people with their #PrayFor______ (fill the city) hashtags.
      This sad sarcasm comes from the fact that no matter how many candles are burned those people will never think about the reason why this happened or how to stop it. Their job is to mourn. And this crowd with peace signs will most likely tear you apart if you try to suggest anything about Islam.

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