Two Girls Molested at Multicultural Street Festival in Berlin

Cultural enrichment has struck again in Germany, this time at a multicultural street festival in Berlin. Two young women were molested by three “youths”, who have now been arrested by police. If the get a judge like the one in Düsseldorf, however, they won’t be doing any jail time for their crime.

Notice the practical effect that incidents such as this one have: young women don’t go out at night, or alone. That is, the behavior of aggressive Muslim men ushers in the earliest stages of sharia law, which forbids women to travel outside the home without being accompanied by a male relative.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Two young women
0:04   suddenly found themselves surrounded, sexually molested, and robbed.
0:08   The incident strongly reminds us of the sex mob
0:12   on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, and of course, the question remains:
0:15   How safe are these big events for us women?
0:18   Groped, forced to the ground, and robbed.
0:21   Two 17- and 18-year-old girls just wanted to dance
0:24   to African music at the Carnival of Cultures,
0:28   when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by about ten men.
0:32   A barkeeper named Melanie was nearby.
0:35   “I just heard that one girl threw herself on the floor,
0:39   to make it appear as if she had blacked out,
0:42   so that they might leave her alone,
0:45   but on the contrary she immediately was robbed and groped.
0:48   One passerby put himself in between, but they pushed him completely to the side.”
0:52   But the passerby did not give in. He positioned himself protectively
0:56   in front of the girls. The police then arrived, and they were able to arrest three teenage suspects.
1:01   But this did not remain the only incident of this kind;
1:04   attacks took place multiple times.
1:07   Maik Mischek was a witness to many cases of the so called “Mob-Dancing” [“Antanzen”] ploy.
1:13   “There just were so many pack formations,
1:18   aggressive behavior, especially towards women,
1:22   they move in small groups, about four to ten people,
1:26   and then they just kinda push and dance into the women,
1:30   and when they are so close to the women, they grope the women’s breasts,
1:33   they grope butts, they just grope, in the most vile and disgusting way.”
1:37   The Carnival of Cultures is the most popular street party in the capital city.
1:41   Over 1.5 million people yearly visit this usually very peaceful event.
1:46   These attacks over the weekend showed a dark side,
1:50   and it reminded people of the sex mob attacks on Silvester Night in Cologne,
1:53   during which over 1,100 women were attacked near the main train station
1:57   through the use of “Mob-Dancing”, sexually molested and robbed.
2:00   After the attacks in Berlin now, fear has become a constant companion.
2:05   “Now of course one thinks about whether to even go to street parties,
2:10   after a certain time at night I personally don’t go out anymore,
2:13   especially not alone, if I were all by myself.
2:16   One would constantly look back over one’s shoulder, be afraid,
2:19   how suddenly, somehow a guy is behind you, or in front of you,
2:22   if it turns into a group, you just don’t know.”
2:25   During the incidents at the festival two 17-year-old attackers with Turkish passports
2:29   and one 14-year-old person without verifiable nationality were arrested.
2:33   One of the attackers was in possession of the cell phone of one of the victims.
2:36   All three were already known to the police, through other infractions,
2:40   assault and bodily harm, property offenses.
2:43   The three were taken to the station, and questioned,
2:46   finally they were handed over to their parents — all three of them were youths.
2:50   Investigations are now ongoing concerning more suspects,
2:53   but despite the effort of 800 police officers, it goes to show
2:56   that women just cannot be fully protected at large events.
3:00   After the incidents were made public, another victim came forward via Facebook.
3:04   She is a 16-year-old girl, and quite certainly
3:07   she won’t be the last victim of a sex attack in Berlin.
3:10   This is a topic that will continue to keep us engaged. Unfortunately.

6 thoughts on “Two Girls Molested at Multicultural Street Festival in Berlin

  1. What’s wrong with you Germans? If there was one country we thought we wouldn’t have to babysit after WW2, it was yours.

    • old guy (from an old gal) agree, what will these cowards do when the Turks invade at any time and unleash mayhem and mass death for the infidel? Too bad the German male and other Euro males have been gelded and sissified (ex: man in pink jeans as shown in a pic several days ago in Brussels on this site) Soon they will be wearing dresses on the streets. Unable to fight back because of decadence, apathy and stupidity- courtesy of the gov. education system of political correctness, Marxist leaders and media lies. What a sorry mess, that they would give their countries away to third world savages.

  2. This is a major flaw in multikultist and pc official thought- they do not understand the dynamics of the street- especially when combined with a territorial, expansionist violent ideology.

    Multikulti lies and wishful thinking, particularly that most fatuous of progressive’s lies, that Islam is a religion of peace, combined with open border agendas, merely offers an open goal for Islamists promoting hijrah (jihad by immigration).

    A German academic declared “that the Cologne sex attacks show German men have forgotten how to fight, and it’s a good thing.”
    He doesn’t say if the racist, sexual assaults on hundreds of girls were a ‘good thing’ or not.

    Meanwhile back in reality;
    German teen being bullied and punched in the face;
    mother describes how her 9 year old was attacked and how quickly it escalated- the police were apparently indifferent to her family’s plight.

    It’s a fundamental flaw of multikultists, they think everyone plays to the same rules- not only is this demonstrably false but along with the massive propaganda and indoctrination effort, has left entire generations of Europeans, with a completely false narrative of reality and totally unprepared for what comes next.

    • Correction- ‘progressive’s lies’ should be progressive lies or even progressives’ lies.


  3. The caravan thieves of yore of 632 AD live still, strike always, and today only need find a street party to get to their ever goal–booty, taken (not offered nor given, (who would, but a pro?)), or framed in a street like term–bootee.

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