9-Year-Old Boy Badly Beaten by Migrants: Whose Side Are the German Police On?

Sadly enough, he incident described in the following video is probably typical of what is happening in Germany these days, what with the ever-increasing numbers of “refugees” showing up to enrich German culture with their rape, rapine, and miscellaneous mayhem.

What makes this story different is the behavior of the police after the family filed a report about the severe beating inflicted on their nine-year-old son by much older asylum-seekers. Rather than hunt down and arrest the perpetrators, the cops chose to harass the boy’s father for doing what he could to deter further violence by the “youths”.

Not knowing what else to do, the boy’s mother used her phone to record this video, and then uploaded it in the faint hope that it might somehow, somewhere do some good.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Hello, dear people. I want to tell you the following.
0:04   My son Tyron played soccer on March 12 for the MSV Ludwigshafen.
0:08   After his game he and a few of his friends from the team
0:14   walked over to (…) to play more soccer.
0:18   Unauthorized.
0:21   Asylum seekers showed up.
0:24   After a short time, fights broke out because of a ‘foul’.
0:28   A 14-year-old punched my son in the face with his fist.
0:32   Tyron defended himself.
0:35   Four more asylum seekers attacked Tyron.
0:38   His friends managed to pull three of them away.
0:44   The 14-year-old and a 17-year-old were still on top of Tyron.
0:49   The 17-year-old was the brother of the 14-year-old.
0:53   The 17-year-old pushed Tyron to the ground,
0:57   and with his hands he started to choke him,
1:00   and the 14-year-old kept punching Tyron in the face.
1:10   His face is all swollen up, completely blue, everything swelled, hematoma,
1:23   When his friends then managed to pull those two away from Tyron,
1:28   they called me and said that five asylum seekers attacked Tyron,
1:32   that he has a black eye and his face is all swollen,
1:36   that we had to come.
1:39   My husband called the police and said I need a squad car to (…) street;
1:44   my son, who is 9 years old, was jumped by 14- and 17-year-old asylum seekers,
1:48   five of them ranging in age from 14 to 17; he was beaten.
1:56   The cop said to my husband, get your son, come to the police station,
2:00   file a report.
2:03   My husband said, ooookay…?,
2:06   my husband went to his wardrobe, got out his alarm gun,
2:10   from Silvester [New Year’s Eve], put it in his pocket.
2:14   If we’re honest, we all know what it looks like presently in that street,
2:19   and not a soul would walk in there without self protection.
2:25   We did try to call the police; they didn’t wanna come,
2:29   and therefore my husband didn’t see any other choice.
2:34   We got in the car, my husband and a friend, got in and drove out
2:40   to (…) street, picked up Tyron, got him in the car.
2:45   Then we tried to find the kids who did that.
2:50   Tyron’s friends were still there, we walked (…),
2:56   wanted to set this straight, then the mother came down,
3:00   and those kids were there too.
3:03   the mother was yelling the whole time.
3:06   Nobody understood; she didn’t speak German,
3:09   and the kids too only spoke broken German.
3:12   Within thirty seconds there were suddenly 20 asylum seekers standing around,
3:19   and suddenly pieces of wood and broom sticks flew out of the windows,
3:26   and my husband, as the 17-year-old walked up to my husband,
3:29   he pulled his alarm gun, but he didn’t point it at the guy, he only showed it,
3:34   for deterrence.
3:37   What did the 17-year-old say? Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!
3:41   My husband was perplexed, put his gun back
3:44   in his back pocket and said ‘two minutes’. He went to the car.
3:48   In the meantime the mother of one of my son’s friends arrived,
3:52   she as well had already called the police.
3:56   The police asked her, ‘Well, is there an actual fight going on now?’
4:00   She said, ‘Oh yes, there’s a fight right now, please come quick.’
4:05   Yeah. Only then did the police show up.
4:08   With two ambulances, because that woman’s daughter also was injured,
4:12   when the 17-year-old grabbed her and threw her against an iron bar.
4:16   She got hurt on her back and shoulder.
4:19   She was in one ambulance, Tyron was in the other one,
4:23   with suspected cheek bone fracture and a punctured eardrum.
4:27   We were at the hospital for two hours, (…)
4:31   Thank God only intensive bruising, hematoma, but no fractures,
4:35   and his eardrum was also intact.
4:39   The police officer on location said we shouldn’t set our hopes so high,
4:45   because of the report, because of battery, he didn’t think
4:49   it was gonna go anywhere.
4:53   We arrive back home,
4:57   we go to bed, all is normal.
5:00   Then in the morning at 8, my doorbell rang like crazy, and it rang and it rang.
5:06   I went to the kitchen window, to see who’s at my door.
5:10   There’s a white delivery van, with tinted windows, Mainz license plate, two men.
5:15   “Uh, is that your car, sorry we hit it, would you please come outside.”
5:20   I said, one moment I’ll send you my husband.
5:24   My husband looks, then opens the window, checks around, and says,
5:28   “You hit my car?” “Yeah, we accidentally drove into your car,
5:31   there’s a small scratch, just please come on out.”
5:34   That was very suspicious, he called the police,
5:38   on his cell, and said “listen we live at (…) street, there’s a white delivery van,
5:42   with Mainz license plates, at my front door two men, they’re wearing black gloves.
5:46   Do you know anything?” “No we don’t’ know anything, stay in your apartment,
5:52   we will send a squad car out to you.”
5:56   My husband in the meantime is standing on the stairway;
6:00   Said, “You can talk to the police on my phone, they said we shouldn’t open the door.”
6:04   So they got fed up, they opened their coats, and on their shirts it said POLICE.
6:09   And eight, nine, ten men stormed out of the van, Federal Border Police!
6:15   There they stood suited up in camouflage, with their
6:19   orange protective goggles, totally armed to the teeth,
6:23   at our front door.
6:27   My husband said, “The police told me not to open the door.”
6:32   So when my husband still wasn’t going to open the door,
6:36   these gentlemen went to the van, got out a battering ram,
6:39   and they were going to ram open our door!
6:42   Then my husband opened the door, three officers walked in,
6:46   threw my husband to the ground, and tied his hands with cable ties.
6:50   Then they stood him up, and they asked him, “Do you have a gun?”
6:57   He said, “Yeah, no problem, I have an alarm gun, I can give it to you.
7:01   Why this drama? You could just have asked me, I’d have given it to you.”
7:06   This is what happened, but the order states it differently,
7:12   facts are being twisted, that he was on the playground,
7:16   that he searched out this family, that he pulled the gun and pointed it
7:20   at the 14-year-old and threatened him, which isn’t true either,
7:25   and the report from us against these refugees for bodily harm
7:31   of our son was considered questionable.
7:36   So at our house they create this big fuss, came here
7:39   at 8 in the morning with Federal Border Police,
7:42   because of an alarm gun?
7:45   Uh, in our federal basic law it says we have protection of integrity.
7:51   I doubt that my son looks as if his integrity is intact.
7:58   I don’t know what I should do,
8:01   Should I go public?… since the incident, my son doesn’t wanna
8:05   go out alone anymore, he doesn’t wanna ride his bike alone anymore,
8:09   he only wants to be with us, at night he has nightmares about it.
8:13   He sleeps restlessly, he screams, he fights, he kicks and flails around,
8:19   I am very concerned for my child, and there’s a police report
8:23   filed against my husband for threatening someone,
8:27   I don’t even know if that is a threat, I mean, he didn’t aim the gun at anyone,
8:32   he had it there as a deterrent, but which of course didn’t help,
8:37   because they weren’t even afraid.
8:42   I am completely overwhelmed.
8:46   My husband is not a blank page, he is on probation.
8:50   If he would have acted like he used to years ago,
8:54   then this would have not ended that way.
8:57   We tried to go the normal way, with the police,
9:00   we called them first, but we were just left high and dry by them.
9:05   And we don’t want that my son has to look like this,
9:12   as an isolated incident, then filed away back in the drawer,
9:16   with 20,000 other isolated incidents.
9:19   Because that’s exactly what they do. Keep it secret,
9:22   don’t let anything leak to the public,
9:25   all just isolated incidents. Please, please, share this video,
9:29   send it maybe to some station where there’s still a possibility
9:33   that this could go public. I want this to get around,
9:37   and I want everyone to be able to see it.
9:40   I thank you very much, and wish you a good day, thank you.

53 thoughts on “9-Year-Old Boy Badly Beaten by Migrants: Whose Side Are the German Police On?

    • As I have said many times… after watching what happened in Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo, that the muslims ATTACK the Serbian children FIRST and that makes their parents do whatever the muslims want…

      that is for them, the Serbs to take off and leave the homes , business’ and land & livestock for them the muslims.

  1. Thank you for this account, in which apparently the police at the door misrepresented themselves as non-police and told a false(?) story about hitting the husband’s vehicle, which was parked in front of the house. Did the phoned police send a squad car to the house, or not? What was the number on the Mainz license plate? Is there some reason why you are not making this number public?

    Incidentally, in this video the name “Tyron” is not pronounced with the standard guttural German “r”, but with an “r” as it is pronounced in English. I wonder why.

    • I think I would have found a HUMAN rights lawyer to take my case…. Oh, maybe the muslims are the only people GERMANY allows to have HUMAN RIGHTS????

      • what do you mean by: “maybe”?

        They are the only people with human rights, didn’t you that?

    • So you doubt this? It certainly has some odd parts to the story, more information would be helpful – but perhaps things have become so bad as to be unbelievable? Like the mayor of Cologne telling women that they will be OK if they keep the mob a meter away. Or the thought that the police, the media and the state would collude to misinform the public. Or a German chancellor colluding with a Jewish media baron to stifle free speech.

      • I think this story is totally real. One person pointed out the mother seems to be an American living in Germany, that’s why her pronunciation has certain differences.

        • Um no. That mother is as GERMAN as they come.

          SHE IS NATIVE GERMAN and you people need to stop ASSuming or make up weird explanations.

          I translated this video and the only reason I had a few (…) is because she speaks such thick German that sometimes she simply was hard to understand.

    • Mark Spahn: she doesn’t look native German. Maybe she is from another part of Europe which would account for the pronunciation.

      • yes, maybe, but her accent is far from anglosaxon.
        Another thing that drew my attention is the relative lack of empathy in her description, she is the mother, after all. I would even go as far and say coldness in her display, no moment of anger or exitement in her voice,display of french nails and perfect makeup…..
        is this a fake video?Subliminally, I feel some dishonesty in it all.

        • Well since you don’t even understand german you are hardly in the position to make a judgement on her empathy or anything else.

          In fact her voice is shaking several times, she is nervous, pissed off, she is aggravated and very sarcastic. Her voice has a lot of feeling to it.

          But when you don’t understand the language to match the words she speaks with her tone, then you do not hear or see it.

          And she is as German as they come. In fact her German accent is so thick that at times I had trouble understanding her.

          • This video report was prepared by a participant, not by a trained reporter, so it is not surprising that not everything in the journalistic who-what-when-why-where-how checklist was covered (not that even journalists don’t sometimes leave out relevant information too).
            Sorry to “nitpick” about the pronunciation of the “r” in “Tyron”, but this is a mystery to me. The mother’s pronunciation seems utterly native-German to me, except for this one context in which the “r” is pronounced in an English-like rather than a German-like way. Nash, what do you make of this? Does this “r” sound anomalous to you? In some French-derived German words like “Restaurant” the “n” is pronounced French-style. Is it true that in some English-derived German words the “r” is pronounced English/American-style?

          • Hello Mark!

            Yes I would have to agree with you. And there’s an explanation for this.

            Over the past, I would say 20 years, there has a shift taken place in Germany.

            My ex-boss used to tell me, “the lower the SEL, the worse the names”. He said that in response to my being stunned at one of our client’s decision to name his baby “Blake”. They were pure trailer trash, he was on probation for a sex crime, knocked up his girlfriend and so the baby was born by the name of Blake.

            Very out of place.

            And the same happens in Germany. The lower the SEL, the weirder the names, and most of all in Germany, you will find a LOT of American names in that particular crowd of people, such as “Darren” or “Kevin” or “Justin”…, and oddly this is mostly with boys.

            As for the boys’ name in the video, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if she said “Tyron” or “Tyran”, but I decided that she probably meant Tyron.

            The pronunciation is definitely different, as Germans like her do try to pronounce the name in english while they speak german. It’s kind of a weird thing. Again, for some reason, this seems to only happen among a certain class of people.

            Which leads me to make the bold assumption, based on her way of speaking, her dialect, her basically swallowing up whole words, her statement that her husband is on probation, her smoky voice, etc, several factors that I can see with my trained eye, that she is NOT a rich, uber educated woman, but simply a regular mother with probably not much of an income but doing the best she can.

            Someone earlier noted that she is not “emotional” which is total humbug. She is VERY emotional.

          • Oops, I didn’t finish my point.

            What I meant to say, there is a phenomena that took place over the past 20 years or so, where German mothers started to name their kids American names. And they pronounce them “american”. Or at least try to.

            The same happened in Sweden, by the way.


          • Thank you, Nash, for your further clarifying remarks. This reminds me of the chapter in “Freakonomics” that discusses names. See
            “The gist: a kid’s name can tell us something about his parents — their race, social standing, even their politics.”
            Incidentally, I have noticed that (in the U.S.) blacks and Mormons like to be creative in naming their children.

          • Thank you for that link! Vely vely intelesting! I didn’t know about the Mormons, but definitely with blacks and what Hannibal Lecter called ‘white trailers trash tornado bait’, lol.

            Btw, “Steven” is another very popular English name for German boys of lower SEL.

          • hi nash,
            were you barking up the wrong tree – at me?
            German is my mother laguage for about 70 years now and besides that, I am a linguist and worked with people all my professional life. May that suffice.

  2. Cultural enrichers for the most part liars; It comes with their religion. They probably claimed that they were afraid for their lives. And it sounds like the police are worse than useless. Maybe if the cops just got out of the way the German people could clean this mess up. I don’t know what the federal government is doing; it sounds like they want a civil war.

    • I actually am praying for a MIRACLE to happen to save Europe from the muslim hoards…. of MONSTERS.

      • Your miracle would require violence.
        Against the so-called ‘migrants’.
        And that is a no-no.
        Not only throughout Eurabia, but on some blogs.

        We (in North America, at least) are fully aware that our society is at stake; we know (some of us) that there MUST be violence if we are to win, which we are never going to do as long as we are fighting by Geneva Convention/Marquis of Queensbury rules, while the enemy observes no rules. Surely a child could understand that?

        Not only must westerners fight against the invaders, but against ‘our own’ police and governments, not much chance eh? But twice this century westerners had no option.
        As Kenny Rogers sang: “sometimes you gotta fight to be a man……”

        • This is not a blog that forbids violence, but one that limits discussion of it. This is for the sake of prudence.

          It is not true that everything that can be thought should be said. It is not true that everything that must be done should be openly discussed.

          Suppose I were to let you say: “We need to enter the Muslim no-go zones and [intemperate recommendation redacted]!”

          OK, so you get to feel good. You get yor virtual satisfaction by saying this stuff. Then when the Loretta Lynch Mob eventually cracks down on “incitement” under the CVE narrative — which they almost certainly will — they shut this blog down and arrest its proprietors. But what do you care? You’re not even in the USA; it doesn’t matter to you. But it matters to ME.

          I repeat: It is not true that everything that can be thought should be said.

          • Good heavens Baron, as they would say in Yorkshire: “I get it, I get it!” But I had no idea we had to be quite so circumspect in North America.
            I promise to be a good lad in the future!

            Wouldn’t want you to be a victim of Lynch-em!

          • It’s coming. Not today, not next week, but before too long. That’s what “Countering Violent Extremism” is for.

          • I have made the same repeated observation about this. One side attacks as a mob. The other defends more or less as individuals. If the mob is large enough the police don’t do to much. What would Sun Tzu do? Is there a forum to talk about tactics from a philosophical and theoretical perspective devoid of any current events?

          • I don’t know of any, but then, I hardly have time to read anything beyond email, skype, and the labels on my medication bottles.

            There are sites that are willing to go further out on the limb than we like to go. Western Rifle Shooters is one; I recommend it highly.

          • I have made the same repeated observation about this. One side attacks as a mob. The other defends more or less as individuals. If the mob is large enough the police don’t do to much. What would Sun Tzu do? Is there a forum to talk about tactics from a philosophical and theoretical perspective devoid of any current events? The first thing I found when I looked

          • You are quite right. Not everything can be said or done. Raise awareness of what is happening and how facts are being twisted and people made to look stupid.
            Err on the side of caution always.
            In fact caution should be at all times in all situations. We are all in a lot of danger at present and need to act wisely and with discretion.

      • It would be easy to call them monsters, and I do agree, but to me they are more like a virus. No thought, no brains. Only programmed to infiltrate and destroy the host..which is odd. They can no more act civilized than an ebola virus turn into something benevolent. They are what they are. And inviting them into your country is suicide at best. Bringing slavery, rape, murder at worst.

        • There is no logic behind the migrant behaviour, they want the financial and material benefits of western life, but at the same time to assert the supposed ‘superiority’ of Islam; an Islam which will, de facto, destroy the financial and material benefits of western life. Their lives are therefore an oxymoron. We see every other immigrant society join in with the ‘white privilaged’ lifestyle and prosper accordingly.

          Yet this pathogenic society is protected and nurtured at every turn by progressive forces that have as their stated goal a ‘utopian’ society devoid of Judeo-Christianity.

          Imagine the sheer brutality of a feudal society with those same muslim hoards commissioned as the enforcers for a socialist/communist elite…..

          Weep Sweden, for you are already there.

          Cringe Germany, for this is your last year of liberty.

          • MC-

            You’ve nailed it.

            For example, here in Algeria the authorities are going to “reform” the educational system by stressing the value of Islam and building a stronger Arab identity.

            My only thought is, “why bother?” If those are the twin pillars of your so-called educational reforms you’ve lost before you’ve even started.

          • I don’t agree with your focus, MCin.

            You feel that the Muslims migrated for economic benefit and are acting contradictory to that goal.

            My feeling is that they migrated for purposes of hijrah, to spread the faith, and seek the economic benefits as a bonus which may or may not last. As evidence of this, you can see the number of first and second-generation Muslim citizens who leave the comforts of the West to join the Islamic State.

            In the case of hijrah, there is no contradiction at all.

            They employ logic and sophisticated political techniques, in order to infiltrate the mechanisms of government in a representative society through identity group actions.

            Truthfully, I see less logic in the Western government leaders, who are acting in total and obvious contradiction to their mission, than in the actions of the migrants, who are acting in accord with their core beliefs.

  3. I’d say the police saw themselves as coming out ahead on this one.

    They had two reports on an incident. One of the reports was probably filed by a lawyer affiliated with a mosque or other Muslim group. The second report was filed by merely a German woman concerned with violent actions against her son, but without organized support. Easy choice.

    If the police had gone to question the immigrants, there would be a hundred people on the street throwing sticks and rocks, the woman would be screaming in a foreign language, and all the boys involved would pretend to speak no German at all, even the broken German they displayed to the mother. Easy choice.

    By charging the German man, the police get to clear the complaint with an arrest, and avoid having to deal with difficult, hysterical, profoundly dangerous immigrant invaders. Easy choice.

  4. Assuming the woman is giving a reasonably accurate account, it’s obvious the invaders are gaining the upper hand.

    Those that are hoping for miracles or a fairy tale ending will be disappointed. “The normal way, with the police . . .” is no longer valid. There are now one of two options: Accept the way it is or . . . fight back, and this includes teaching children to be combatants for the Fatherland.

  5. At the cost of being boringly repetitive–the Po-lice, PTB, the whatEVER you care to call it/them–are now the ENEMY; and thus they are the enemy that WE must defeat first (and defeat first).
    We have to ALSO find some very creative means to get them on our side, as they are at present the first (and only) line of defense we have against the invader. Switch sides , they must–as a first step for the fight.
    Let’s start with “shaming”
    That seems to be a Nordic “thing” for people contriol.
    Since it works on the population at large, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on the Cops.
    I use this above case as an example:
    Record it ALL–every word, every gesture, every comment, etc–BY THE POLICE INVOLVED!
    Document everything–get it out on the web for all to see………………
    ………..with FOOTNOTES. Names, numbers, BADGE NUMBERS, attendant records, employment records (AND documented complaints as well) school records, marriage dates–children and spousal records, medical records EVERYdamnTHING you can get your hands on by hook or crook.
    Anonymity is GONE!
    The point here is to make the ‘FUZZ’ feel the heat. From top to bottom make them KNOW that all they do, have done (and FAIL to do) is out on the front page for all to see (and them to TRY to defend).
    That will be phase ONE.

    For now we should let that phase rest. Try it first. I don’t want to get involved with other stuff using flame, smoke, explosives, bloodshed and other forms of mayhem……..

    ……………..for now.

    We will reserve the rest for the other coming battle; but first we have to scare the authorities back onto our side. All it takes is a little fear–the certainty that failure to protect the populace means there WILL be consequences.
    Right now—there are none.

  6. The German political class are like the British-Hoodlums.

  7. I know what has happened. Muslims lie like they always do. There is a Muslim proverb that says “slap somebody, then go first to tell judge he slapped you”. That’s what they’re doing.

    On another topic, Merkel says that all invaders will return home. That’s why she wants another 20 million of them, so that they can be sent home orderly. She lies and lies again, all the way to the extinction of German nation. She is just a pawn, but she doesn’t mind to sacrifice the German nation while at it.

  8. Terrible. And I am sure repeated throughout Germany. Each story builds on the last one. An impending nation wide violent disaster.
    The migrants come from countries that despise their own police. Their only reaction is use the family and friends to get what they want. Everything is corrupt and they will never obey the law without very severe penalties to the perpetrator and their extended family and friends. The only peaceful real Islamic country is Saudi Arabia, and that is because they have no hesitation in executing people or lopping off limbs in public. There are five levels of policing: religious (Mutawa), secret police Mabahith,and informers, regular police, National Guard and the army. They know. The Germans are just finding out.

  9. With the police shirking their responsibility, the politicians creating the atmosphere and the immigrants expert at using this situation to their advantage, the citizens are caught in a terrible catch- 22. This will only get worse with time until the citizenry rebel and tear into all of those creating and using this mess. As an individual family they are pretty much helpless unless there is a chance at s strong legal defense. If the father tries to bring old fashioned justice to this mess he will be treated terribly by those in power, and then subsequently by the immigrants. From a simple old man it seems that fear is what will motivate the people operating against the citizens to change their tactics.

  10. Too bad for the boy, but I’m afraid his beating won’t merit a mention after what I assume is coming for Germany this summer. Germans are good problem solvers and I wish them well.

  11. This is how Muslims go about ethnic cleansing. They haven’t wasted any time either. Merkel knew all along what to expect, even if many German citizens fell for the “vulnerable refugee” propaganda. Well, they are as vulnerable as the hordes of Ghengis Khan. They are human WMDs launched by Merkel at her own citizens and soon the rest of Europe if she can get away with it.

  12. This story demonstrates a need for the protection of the German people from invaders and their own police force. Where can this protection come from?

    Who said “vigilantes?”

  13. The takeaway from this is not to trust the police. Never never never trust the cops. My brother was a cop and he’s now a full-bore cultural Marxist. Cops are no longer conservative, they’re much more likely to be leftist, and ultra-willing to lie & cheat & obfuscate and collaborate with the Muslims in order to screw over people who’ve been targeted by Muslims. I see no way for ordinary people to defend themselves b/c you’re fighting not to let Muslims intimidate and steal from you, and attack you, and then have the police twist the facts to make you the victim. It’s hugely in the cops’ interest to do this: it satisfies the Muslims, and the politicians pumping for more waves of unvetted migration, and the authorities over the cops, and if the cops do otherwise they’re getting from 3 sides. So you can’t trust any cop to follow the law and help you out. He’ll do the opposite, and laugh over it later on.

    So what do you do? Don’t ever cooperate with the cops. Take revenge yourself, at whatever level you’re comfortable with. [intemperate recommendation redacted], though eventually the traitor state will come after you. Their only interest now is protecting the Muslims, or in other Western nations, illegals who believe they’re entitled to whatever you have. Just because.

    This will keep escalating. It’s smart to start organizing now. My own intention is if anything like this happened I would sell everything and relocate. And arrange my affairs to always be able to relocate in 4 – 8 weeks. It’s not a smart time to own property. Better to convert it to gold and be mobile. For whatever reason Western authorities are collaborating with illegals and Muslims in almost every Western nation. I live in Thailand. There’s almost none of this [ordure] happening anywhere in Asia. It’s amazing. I’m convinced corruption is 5 x worse in most Western countries now.

    I’ll never return to the West to live. Not a chance.

    • Stephen-

      My hypothesis is that the elites are pushing Islam because they see it as the ultimate control mechanism over the masses. The mass of Muslims see earth as hell, and they are willing to accept terrible living conditions on earth because they *know* they are going to paradise because they believe.

      If any of the masses become restive, they will quickly be brought in line by religious police with broad powers and individual fanatics doing Allah’s will. The muezzins and imams will see to the daily and weekly programming of the masses.

      Imagine something like Saudi Arabia, but on a global scale.

    • But it is happening in Thailand as well, or don’t you read the local news about southern Thailand?

  14. Living in Europe and seeing first-hand most of the “action” the story rings true, to me at least. That someone nitpicked over the pronunciation of “Tyron” is ridiculous. Today’s generation of young Germans may or may not use the guttural sounds their parents used. I travel all over Europe. There seems to be no standard way of saying things or pronouncing the language. It is unfortunate in a way. The “common mind” prevails. Brain-washed by the system (culture, media, education, tv). Europe is lost. I once thought of emigrating to America, where it’s supposed to be more enlightened. But I don’t believe this is true any more. It would be like going from frying pan to fire. America is lost too. It’s time to get out of Europe. I know mayors, politicians, businessmen, who have their villas outside Europe, and away from the US too. There are some books out there on “strategic relocation” by someone called Joel Skousen that cost too much, which unless he keeps them constantly updated, are worthless. But I do agree with one thing, there are about seven countries left on the planet that are relatively safe to settle on your get-away. But even those countries after a few years or a few elections, can turn on a dime…sorry for be off topic. There has been a huge betrayal in America and the EU by governments – they’ve discarded democracy. Little stories like the 9 year-old getting beaten is only a mere beginning. The human race is simply too stupid to survive. We are a primitive zero class civilization.

    • I think you are very wrong. Europe is changing as populations wake up. I used to be pessimistic but I see even the Daily Mail is preaching against the Saudi State and its cruelty. The Saudis are far from stabke and their most wealthy have moved their money out of the Kingdom. So have the other Gulf states. A Docmunetary is being shown too on a MSM Channel tonight showing the full barbarity of the regime and in particular Wahabism, The elite are getting worried as the voters start to rally and support other political parties, opposed to Islam. The Winds of Change are blowing at last -ITV tomorrow 9pm


      • @Bishop Cardinal Guy Leven-Torres TOCC UK

        Granted, you may be right, I could be wrong in many things and I hope I am (you didn’t specify exactly what I was wrong in) but I know for certain fact of mayors, politicians, businessmen, who have their get-a-aways in countries where they will have a 90 percent chance of surviving global economic collapse (if it comes). These are our leaders. How much confidence does that inspire? Sure, a percentage of the populations are awakening – but a greater percentage will nevertheless be too afraid to speak out. The noose gets tighter. I know all about the Saudis and their investments but what does that have to do with the West’s destabilization of seven countries, of Europe’s puppets, who went along with it and is partially the reason for the migrant invasion and permanent martial law in France?

    • If you believe that, then what’s the purpose of writing in this comments-section? If I believed the final two sentences you wrote, then I would be doing something else. This is just an observation.

  15. The human race has survived for a long time. And, as this blog’s title mentions, they were stopped at the gates of Vienna once before. It could, theoretically, still happen (although it does seem too late). I agree that Europe is pretty much lost, except for the Eastern European countries, who experienced communism but endured. Therefore they still have guts and “manly parts” at least I hope so. I’m thinking of Viktor Orban and his Polish counterpart. And I’m not fogetting Vlad Putin, either. We shall see, if we live long enough.

    America is currently dumbed down but that too could change. Based on my knowledge (limited) of American history, USA is slow to wake up but once it does, look out. We will need a different president before that happens.

    Let us pray.

    • @mariadee

      Hope your right. But did you hear Paul Weston talk about the “illusion of permanence”?

    • What really disturbs me about the US is the changing demographics, and we now realize that demographics determine policy. When you destroy social cohesion, you lose the focus and direction to take positive action. Will the America of the future care about saving traditional European culture if it is no longer European based in its outlook? Look at how the recent military activities of the US have been constantly destroyed by leftist elites that undermine their ability to take a overwhelming response to the problems we face. They seemingly want to make the US military into some sort of very restricted, global police force instead of them acting in their traditional role of destroying the enemy and his support. We did not beat the Japanese or the Nazis by arresting them. There is nothing humanitarian about the actions of the military when used correctly. They have one job and one job only, and that is to destroy the enemy. Try to make them into something else and you will fail. Either the left does not understand this, or they are deliberately trying to sabotage their efforts and undermine the entire country. Their thoughts and actions point to the latter.

  16. It looks like if the German people do not step up and ‘take care of business’, all will be lost. To wait for ‘help’ from the political class who control the police is an exercise in futility .

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