Judge Releases Immigrant Molester, Calls German Citizens an “Angry Mob”

A judge in Düsseldorf doesn’t want to issue an appropriate prison sentence to a culture-enriching child molester, because that is what German citizens expect of him — and he regards those citizens as an “angry mob”.

The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from NRW direkt:

Judge Mocks Populace

Düsseldorf. Just how arrogant individual German criminal judges have become was revealed on Wednesday at the District Court. That is where an illegal asylum seeker, accused of groping, was given a judgment of probation, so that “the judgment won’t serve to please the expectations of an angry mob.”

In the early morning hours of January 6th, as she was waiting for a train, a 15-year-old girl was sexually molested by two men. “The suspect grabbed her and forced her to sit on his lap even though she tried to resist. He groped her private parts and he kissed her on the mouth against her will,” the internal police report writes. One of the perpetrators was a young Syrian, the other one was from Iraq. A third Iraqi stood by and ridiculed the victim: “Person #3 stood by and laughed, says the police report. A Moroccan observed the situation and informed the police, who then freed the girl from her two tormentors.

The attack was supposed to be concealed

This attack, too, was supposed to be concealed from the public. It’s thanks to Die Welt that the people of the state capital even heard about it, when the incident was reported four days after it happened. The police explained that the attack on the young girl was not reported by them for “reasons of protection for the victim.”

One of the suspects, the now 22-year-old Iraqi Mohammed A., had to face juvenile court on Wednesday despite having reached legal age. Mohammed A. had confessed and admitted to have kissed the 15-year-old against her will and having massively groped her. But since the Düsseldorf district court had passed increasingly mild and seemingly sympathetic judgments for offenders lately, which caused a bit of indignation among the population, a harsh judgment against the asylum seeker, who entered Germany illegally, was not expected.

A “judgment that won’t serve to please the expectations of an angry mob”

But what came next was a new low point even for this court: The judge sentenced Mohammed A. to 20 months for sexual assault. But because this nation of law, after the incidents on New Year’s Eve, “should not slide into a downward spiral, in which we let ourselves be harnessed in front of the wagons of certain political groups” and we should not “pass judgments that please the expectations of an angry mob,” the judge suspended the 20 months and gave him probation instead. Under the requirement that the Iraqi, who lacks even a fixed address, complete 150 hours of community service, the court was ready for the man’s immediate release.

It is only thanks to the prosecuting attorney that Mohammed A. was not immediately released from custody. He doubted that the Iraqi would live a crime-free life in the future in Germany, and he spoke of the fact that Mohammed A. had lived and tried for asylum in many different countries under many different names. In Sweden he was even granted legal residence, and yet “he still had nothing better to do than to commit a heinous act here,” once he had crossed illegally into Germany. The court granted a deadline to the prosecuting attorney to file an appeal against the immediate release of the offender. But even so, this won’t change anything about the fact that the citizenry has already been ridiculed and mocked by being called “angry mob” by an impotent criminal justice system.

25 thoughts on “Judge Releases Immigrant Molester, Calls German Citizens an “Angry Mob”

  1. Wow.

    Do the German judicial authorities totally fail to grasp that this is exactly the sort of judgement which will lead to LYNCHINGS of Muslim offenders by the German people? Or are the German people now so pathetically supine that they will simply accept this, again and again, forever?

  2. It will also lead to lynchings of culture-enricher loving judges. As well it should.

    • Which would only reinforce his angry mob assertion.
      The EU, its acolytes and EUrabian agenda are fast losing any moral authority they might’ve once had, let’s not hand it back.

      Let them favour criminals and supremacists over their own population- let them reveal to everyone where their sympathies are.

      Democratic avenues are still open, it will perhaps depend on how quickly and visibly the EU tries to close these off too I suppose, (more that it already has that is).
      Calls for referenda on EU membership grow louder, right across Europe.
      Let’s see what happens in the UK- if that’s a stitch-up like previous referenda and other nations are denied a voice, like previous referenda, then the consequences of giving so many Europeans nowhere to go, will become apparent.
      Then again, the UK could vote out and start a domino effect.
      It might come to mobs and lamp-posts but we’re nowhere near that yet, thankfully.
      (I don’t know if you’ve ever witnessed a mob turn on someone, I have and it’s not an experience I wish to repeat).

      • You wouldn’t like to see a mob turn on that ‘judge’ and the immigrant child molester?
        I would.

        This nonsense has been going on for the last 30-40 years, and I wait in vain for people to wake up to who these so-called ‘immigrant’ rabble really are.

        The judge is one of those ‘holier than thou’ traitors who need to be taught a lesson–a permanent lesson.

        • Being aware of the problems of multikulti exceptionalism is one thing- lynching someone for their part in it quite another.

          I’ll take it you’ve never seen a mob in action because if you had, I doubt you’d be quite so enthusiastic.
          Regardless of that, I said it might come to lamp-posts and piano-wire but it’s nowhere near that at the moment.
          Any mob violence would give the authorities an excuse, (even more than they have already), to utterly crush any movement they could associate with it.

          It’s for good reason PEGIDA goes out of its way, to hold peaceful marches.

          • “It’s for good reason Pegida goes out of it’s way to hold peaceful marches.”

            And just where has it got them?

            But I do agree, mobs are invariably mindless, easily swayed, stupid and brutal.

            You’re saying we must stay on the highroad–not lower ourselves to violence; and I’m saying as an old man who’s been around and seen a few things, look where it’s getting us!

  3. This idiot judge is guaranteeing an angry mob with this kind of mockery of justice. The judge acted out of personal vindictiveness, not as an upholder of the law and the protection of the citizenry. Germany is so ripe for a citizen’s revolt.

    • I feel I must correct you here: this is not idiocy, it is pure malevolence on the part of the judge, who doesn’t seem to be upholding the law of the land.
      There is a deep-seated wish to hurt others, born of pure spite, in many [Leftist epithets], (if I may use the word, which I came up with, although I guess I can’t be the only one who is using it, however coarse it may seem).
      It is too easy to always come up with that excuse of foolishness.

      Dear Dympha,
      does my comment need to be tagged with a “Read at your peril, contains a bad word, the future of your mental health may be endangered”?

    • There is such an air of unreality everywhere right now. Are the long bearded hate faced angry weirdo Muslims superior passengers in transit or (God help us) security personnel and their hijabbed gun molls a security risk? Find the current bunch of strategic thinkers and fire them. No wait……Just stop flying.

  4. What comes through increasingly is how in Western countries the state apparatus exists to give the shaft to citizens while it bends over backgrounds to appease Islam. How many times does this have to happen before people realize this is just how the Left is. They’ll never defend the values and what anybody anywhere in any country expects the state to do. So what’s the solution. Know that you won’t receive redress or justice (‘social’ or real) from the state. You will only get justice by taking action yourself and with like-minded individuals. If a friend is raped or groped, find out his identity, where he lives, his routine, assemble a team, and after planning the best time and place, take your reprisal. Keep doing this. Don’t ever rely on state authorities. They have become the enemy pure and simple.

  5. “Germany is so ripe for a citizen’s revolt.”

    Yes, but will they? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Precisely – not so long ago senior German Constitutional judges condemned the mad Angela Merkel’s actions in throwing open her country’s borders (effectively the rest of Europe’s too), without consulting her party, her Parliament or most importantly the German people, as ILLEGAL.
      Action from Germany and the rest of the EU? Total apathy.
      Trying to remedy the her total act of folly, having totally destroyed Greece as a tourist destination whilst having previously maliciously turned it into a third world nation over the monetary crisis, she has lambasted sovereign nations for trying to stem the flow of degenerates into their countries by protecting their own borders. Simultaneously she is negotiating visa free travel for 80 million Turks with her master the despot Erdogan. If this is not high treason what is?
      I am desperately sorry for this poor young girl who will most likely be traumatised for the rest of her life by the actions of third world filth but unfortunately these events will be come more common and more violent. Just look at the inaction of the authorities of the NYE attacks in Cologne and elsewhere in Germany! The citizenry of Germany and the rest of Europe have got to stand up to the liberal, left wing lunatics ruining the continent without any apparent consequences. If they are not prepared to defend your daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends or female friends and acquaintances they will all continue to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Start with the inept, corrupt, former communist Merkel and work your way down, there must be clever human rights lawyers ( I know God forbid) who for enough Euros will act on behalf of decent German people for a change. Support the ADF, support Pegida and remind the traitors masquerading as No Borders activists that there are consequences for their actions too. Just do something, anything for God’s sake Germany, I am heart sore to see such a once great, cultural beacon in the world on its knees, succumbing to the third world invasion with barely a whimper.

    • Are German judges appointed or elected? If elected, sweeping these kinds of judges out of the system will be the revolt. If appointed, those who appoint judges like this need to be tossed out come election time. I am from the U.S., so I don’t really understand the German legal system.

      • I’m in the U.S. too and from comments I’ve read very few Americans realize that we have a unique system of justice. I keep reading commenters who complain that someone’s freedom of speech has been denied in various parts of Europe, when the truth is that true freedom of speech is a uniquely American right.

        To your comment: my understanding of the German legal system is that Germany is very rapidly becoming a police state. Clearly all are NOT equal before the law in Germany. And the state is using some very vaguely written and arcane laws to jail anyone who dissents.

        • “Freedom of speech, uniquely American…”
          Heifer dust!
          Where do you [redacted] Americans come up with [this] redacted!

          Which European country is arguably nearest to an Islamic takeover?

          Yet the basis of Swedish law is—freedom of speech!

          • Theresa,
            german judges are appointed,up to the supreme courts,where of course the political influence is bigger as in say circuit courts or appeal courts.

  6. What is going on in this mecca of cultural marxism? What does a criminal have to do to get convicted apart from being white and expressing an opinion that is at variance with that of the ruling regime?

  7. It’s only a matter of time before patience of the German people, and that of those of the rest of Europe, snaps and declares war on migrants, who themselves have already in effect declared war on the West. Then there will be bloodshed. This judge, taking his cue from those above him, is not upholding law and order. He is a disgrace to his profession.

  8. With numerous other lenient rulings in similar cases , one must ask wether many
    judges and courts are more than political instruments these days ; at the very
    least the outline of a common denominator in rulings concerning “refugees” and
    “immigrants” is becoming visible .

  9. The people are right to be angry. Where can they go and what can they do when a judge lets an offender go because people are angry. That is irrelevant to the situation. The people’s anger is not in the dock, a group of criminal ‘migrants’ are.

    The people are angry because judges like this are backing them into a corner. If the state won’t do it’s job and impartially enforce the law, what choice does it leave the people?

    Maybe, and here’s a novel idea, if the judge enforced the law in a credible manner the people wouldn’t be angry. As it is, in all likelihood, these offenders will be rewarded for their actions with housing, medical care etc.

    Gee, let’s go out and attack another girl because you are rewarded for doing that in this country.

  10. Don’t forget, this is not an isolated decision.
    This is part of a juridical system that is rotten to the core.

  11. The anticulture ruling class is yearning to see people fall afoul and break into revolt state, they are clearly begging for it.

  12. Germany is doomed. Will the citizens rise up? Did they rise up against Hitler? Don’t think so. Now they have another Hitler in the form of a mob of muslims (enabled by Merkel) who don’t want to assimilate, who crap on the country’s culture and just want the freebies and to molest and rape, since they are the lords of creation in their own eyes and therefore can behave as they did in their homelands. To be fair, not all of them are like that, I suppose. But their culture is like that. When will Europa wake up? Don’t they remember their history? Evidently not.

  13. If any more kids are molested by this maniac then throw the judge into prison for life along with the molester

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