22 thoughts on “Pat Condell: “I vote with extreme prejudice against imbeciles and retards”

  1. what good does the talking do though? people have to get out in the streets and demonstrate

  2. I think there is a REASON why so many Ayatollahs, et al, look like second cousins of camels, or goats.

  3. Always good to have breakfast with Patrick Condell’s latest. He is one of my favorite script writers and performers. Chapeau!

  4. Nodded so much in agreement my neck hurts….

    Loved the bit about the Labour party. What Labouring people do they represent? Those that want their wages undercut by cheap immigration for big business or their culture removed from sight and history?

    • The Labour parties of both the UK and Australia ceased to represent the interests of the wage earning “working class”, especially the unskilled labourers, by the mid 1970’s. They are the parties that represent the ideological interests (see below) of a cohort of the tertiary educated middle and upper middle classes, party apparatchiks and trades union leaders (not the rank and file of union membership).

      As a former Labor Party member who was a ministerial staffer in my mid twenties, I was stunned at the cynical self-interested motives of the Labor politicians and their staffers. Everybody, with only very few exceptions, had their eye on and worked towards getting a cushy, well-paid public sector position for life with a sumptuous (and early) retirement pension. Or springboarding into an even more lucrative private sector role but only one which was entirely dependent on the public sector to feed them work, eg, consultant, lobbyist, etc. The overarching theme of all of these people was envy: of the wealthy, of successful entrepreneurs. Someone once said that politics was show business for ugly people. They were dead right.

      The ideological interests are: multiculturalism, feminism, homosexualism, environmentalism; basically anything that one can slot into the “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most virtuous and tolerant of them all?” category. In rhetoric, not how they actually live their personal lives. See Sting’s wife, Trudi Styler, as an example of this personality type.

      Interestingly, the minister I worked for was so far to the right I was shocked, despite having been warned he was “right wing”. He makes certain present-day Republicans, and definitely David Cameron, look like “Lefties”. His publicly undeclared purpose in joining the Labor party was to keep “The Coms”, ie those on the left wing of the party from attaining power. He went onto greater political power at State then Federal level.
      To his eternal credit he, as Premier of New South Wales, immediately walked out of a radio interview at a Muslim radio station during the “Lakemba [all Muslim perps, all infidel victims] Gang Rape Trials” when the female interviewer suggested to him that the victims were partly responsible because of the way they dressed. Further, with raw gut-felt sincerity, he explained his reasons for doing so and denounced the interviewer “The [one victim] was dressed for a JOB interview!” His party was dependent on the Muslim vote, but, because voting is compulsory, it did him and his party no electoral damage.

  5. Pat at his best … just wondering what kind of security detail he has. Certainly he is a target. Well – bravo, Pat – you said it all in 5 minutes. Would you like to be Trump’s VP ?

    • The Constitutional requirements per Article 2, section 1 that define the eligibility requirements to becoming the POTUS (You know, the ones that Obama, Cruz, and Rubio don’t meet) devolve onto the Vice President also. And BTW, that is the correct usage of devolve, it is not the opposite of evolve, it basically means ‘rolls onto’. Similarly, enormity means awfulness; it does mean the same thing as enormous in any way. Irregardless is not a word. I too vote against retards, not referring to Lu, just people who are marble mouthed in general.

  6. Damn good , sure gives me inspiration , and has the wit too. We need more like him.

  7. Some of us do not have access to unlimited broadband and thus can not afford to watch videos. A brief precis would be much appreciated please.

      • Thank you, Michael Copeland. As soon as I can figure out how to do an update on a Baron post (he uses html stuff that runs it all together) I’ll put this info up and ask him to use it in all our P.Condell’s.

        @ Straight Shooter: I sympathize with anyone who has a slow connection. I remember it all too well. Fortunately, the phone company developed the technology enough to deliver it to us for not too much more than our regular phone bill.

        I wish the cellphone industry thought it profitable, too. We’re in a dead zone for cell use – when repairmen come out here it drives ’em crazy if they have to call in for a part or directions…using our land line is repellent, evidently.

  8. Usually I cannot get enough of him but this was too much of a scattershot rant.
    I don’t know what Israel is like now, but when I was there 30 years ago, it certainly WAS a de facto apartheid state. I can still remember walking up a long hillside in the north alongside a water pipeline to the kibbutz at the top. The Arab villages along the way were not connected. While rural Israelis had all mod cons in their homes, thanks partly to truly massive financial support from US, the Palestinians lived like cavemen, without power, clean water, hope or decency. I know why the Palestinians are angry. The Israelis talked of the Arabs as the Germans once did about the Jews. I have no truck with Islam or Arab terrorism, but I left Israel feeling, a plague on both their houses.

    • You certainly haven’t any idea of what Israel is like and you do not know what apartheid was either.

      • That post you refer to has all the hallmarks of a troll, it slags off Condell, it slags off Israel accusing it of apartheit and Nazism and accuses the USA of funding it. but all in a way that sounds so moderate….

        Divide and diminish eh @hej?

    • Hej

      1. Scattershot rant? Perhaps you should search You Tube for all Pat Condell’s vids raising the subject of Israel. All entirely consistent with this one.

      2. The Palestinians lived “like cavemen” and “without … hope or decency”. Really? You must have been visiting a different country to the one I visited 20 years ago. How exactly did you establish that they lived with no “hope”. And did you intend to use the word “decency” or did you just get carried away in your hyperbolic anti-Israel rant?

      To be fair to you an Australian girl freshly returned from Israel told me in the 80’s, passing judgement on Israel, that the Arabs “do all the s**t jobs”. And she’s right, they did: labourers on building sites, cleaners, farm hands, kitchen hands, etc. Unskilled Arabs streamed in daily from Gaza and the West Bank for the job opportunities and higher wages. They were very grateful to have those jobs, just as Mexican illegals are in the USA. And for the same reasons. But those days are gone: Israel sources its unskilled labour from elsewhere due to the security risk.

    • Now just a minute, you said that was 30 years ago, but arabs began killing and maiming Israelis long before that–including the daughter of a friend I worked with in NZ, who went to Israel to work on a kibbutz; so it seems to me that the Israelis woke up to who their neighbours were/are a damned sight quicker than today’s westerners.

  9. Pat Condell makes frequent criticisms of Musloon activities.He’s a victim of PC poison since he never appears on the BBC,despite his speeches are full of logic.
    There should be weekly black comedy satires of imaginary Allah and malevolent Mo

  10. Now who could disagree with anything Pat Condell said in that vid?

  11. A wonderful speaker–and an atheist! What’s not to like?

    GO PAT!! Wherever you are!

    (But Pat, get a classier shirt)

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