Sex Slavery by the Numbers

In the following video, Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation discusses the “grooming” phenomenon in the UK. By drawing on official government statistics and examining mainstream media reports, Mr. Boby’s extrapolations show that it is not a “tiny minority” of pedophiles and satyriasts who perpetrate these heinous acts, but a majority of Muslim men.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Below is the text of Mr. Boby’s remarks, with links added.

If you read one book this year, read Easy Meat: Inside the British Grooming Gang Scandal by Peter McLoughlin, the definitive study of the Muslim rape gangs.

Is it a majority or minority of Muslim men gang raping underage British girls? What do the numbers say?

First, Rotherham

The Jay report (pdf) said Rotherham had over 1,400 victims of these gangs.

Rotherham Borough’s 240,000 population is 3.4% “Asian” (pdf, page 24), which means it’s 2.5% Muslim.

British “Asians” = 3 million Muslims + ½ million Hindus + ½ million Sikhs

That is, 6,000 Muslims in Rotherham.

But the number of rape-aged Muslim men — predominantly aged 17 to 40 according to a suppressed Birmingham police report is about 14% of the total. That means Rotherham had over 1,400 girls prostituted to 850 men.

Average UK lifespan: 81.5 years
23 ÷ 81.5 = 28.2%
28.2% ÷ 2 = 14.1%

That means Rotherham had over 1,400 girls prostituted to 1,100 men.

6,000 × 14% = 850

Maybe it was just a few men raping hundreds of girls? No! Wrong answer. Who has more partners — the prostitute or the client? Sex is her job. She’s forced on by the pimp.

The latest Keighley case convicted 12 men on 1 girl.

The latest Rochdale victim talked of “hundreds” of men.

Maybe it’s just Rotherham? No! Wrong answer. Tell that to the girls of Accrington, Barking, Birmingham, Black¬burn, Blackpool, Bradford, Bristol, Burton, Chesham, Derby, Ipswich, Keighley, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester, Middlesborough, Nel¬son, Oldham, Oxford, Peterborough, Preston, Rochdale, Rotherham, Sheffield, Skipton, Slough, Telford.
One social worker said: “If you think this isn’t happening in your town, you’re not looking for it”.

Then there’s all the helpers: the kebab shops introducing the girls, the B&Bs where they’re raped, the taxis ferrying them around, the young Romeos chatting them up, the thugs.

The numbers say it’s a majority.

Second, Operation Sanctuary in the tiny town of Bedlington, Northumberland

Overwhelmingly Muslim men charged. 120 people arrested. An arrest means the police had evidence reasonably to suspect someone of that crime.

The Council says the County contains 1,000 Muslims.

That’s about 140 rape-aged Muslim men.

So in one operation in one small town the police had evidence reasonably to suspect 6/7 rape aged Muslim in the whole County of committing this crime.

The numbers say it’s a majority.

Third, the estimate of 1 million victims nationally

From Rotherham MP Sarah Champion.

i.e. twice as many child prostitutes as the ½ million rape aged Muslim men in Britain.

That’s not me saying a majority of Muslim men rape British children.

The numbers say it’s a majority. Numbers from PC authorities, some of whom have covered up this crime.

Read the evidence yourself in this book this book. Send a copy to Dame Lowell Goddard, leading the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Don’t let them say they weren’t told.

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

29 thoughts on “Sex Slavery by the Numbers

  1. If a society won’t take ANY MEASURE NECESSARY to protect its children, should we even care if it survives? When law enforcement breaks its compact with society, they need to be pushed aside and the people need to do what needs to be done.

  2. A Hilary Clinton attitude seems to be the pat answer “At this point what does it matter?” (Or words to that effect.) Its the end line for non Muslims. If a ferocious backlash of honesty in education and action against the overt and covert assault by Muslims on the rest of mankind is not fast tracked very soon large numbers of Muslims will be putting their halal practice to its intended eventual use. Knowing what these creatures have in mind should be making everyone’s skin creep.

    • Ah, the Hillary quote. Many (uhhh, make that ‘some’) Americans can say it verbatim, in a chorus: “ What difference, at this point, does it make?

      That saying has joined some of her other bons mots. For instance, when she blamed the wide interest in Billy-boy’s satyriasis on a “vast right wing conspiracy” – the vrwc done it.

      Or this, a la Obama: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs”.

      “We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices … Government has to make those choices for people.”

      “We came out of the White House not only dead-broke, but in debt”…[which is why they stole many items of historical value on the way out the door and proceeded to create their money-laundering op, the Clinton Foundation.It is run by all three Clintons and they actually promote the idea of their spawn’s superior fitness for public office].

      “My husband may have his faults, but he has never lied to me.”

      “I have to admit that a good deal of what my husband and I have learned (about Islam) has come from my daughter…she took a course last year in Islamic history.”

      “It takes a village to raise a child”.

      and the full version of her infamously angry blast at the Congressional COmmittee questioning her purported lack of knowledge about Benghazi: “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

      With all due respect, the FBI is threatening a massive walk-out if this royal is not brought to justice.

      • “You know, I’m not sitting here – some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,…”
        Hillary Clinton

        • Good one! I remember when she began to (sullenly) start using Clinton as her last name. His advisors made it plain to her that “Hillary Rodham” wasn’t gonna cut it with Arkansas voters, though it might attract the three radical fems in the state.

          I don’t use the B’s last name, mainly because it’s also a girl’s first name. I remember a co-worker I had long before I met the B who had that same last name. She was a realtor on the side and did a lot of her realtoring biz on company time, mainly phone calls. The long rigamarole she went through with each new person drove the rest of us batty.

          “Hello, my name is Lila May?” No, that’s my full name. Yes, ‘May’ is my last name. No, really, just Lila May. It’s NOT like Daisy Mae, I assure you”…

          I felt sorry for Lila, stuck as she was with this ambiguous surname. Then I met the Baron, aka Ned May. Oops. Ain’t going there. No way . I’ll be another Daisy Mae. Since the B didn’t care if I kept my ‘maiden’ name (I’d returned to it after my divorce) I escaped the Lila dilemma. Fortunately, my husband wasn’t running for governor and everyone knows computer geeks are weird anyway…besides I produced (with his devoted help) a bouncing baby boy who carries on his English name.

          But Hillary Rodham? She raised a cuckoo bird – it’s common knowledge, hotly denied by her supporters – via the DNA of Webster Hubbell, former mayor of Little Rock and law partner in the infamous Rose Law firm where ol’ Hillary worked:

          I don’t know how “huge” the scandal is…such stuff has been going on since forever. Anyway, Bill seems to have been a devoted dad. Besides Chelsea’s plastic surgery was money well spent; it sure did help minimize some of the more unfortunate aspects of her Hubbell DNA. As the photos at that URL show.

  3. Cameron and Blair and the rest of the establishment are criminal enablers of rape and should be prosecuted. Then again, they’re also guilty of treason.

  4. Visiting Ireland I saw very glassy eyed and innocent looking “all grown up” country girls probably no more than 12 to 14 years old hanging out in and around those filthy unhygienic Muslim run “fish and chip and pizza” halal holes. In the larger cities I see a fifteen or sixteen year old very middle class looking foreign tourist females handing out free food samples – that’s on a posh main street- how to these creatures get away with it? That was a couple of years ago. There is a price for keeping populations ignorant of the followers of Islam’s perversions, history and intent. Calling all cars.

  5. The media term ‘Asian grooming’ is libellous, misleading, and inaccurate. It gratuitously slanders the Chinese, … Hindu, …Sikh, Thai Buddhist, and many other Asian peoples. The term ‘grooming’ is misleading: to many it concerns men’s hairdressing. The principal complaint, though, is that it is inaccurate. The phenomenon is not Asian but Muslim. It is Islamic sex-slave-taking.

    • And isn’t the term ‘Asian’ …you know … racist?

      (Whereas the term ‘Muslim’ is not, because anyone of any ‘race’ can become a Muslim, or choose not to be a Muslim any more – the right to change one’s religious beliefs being an important part of human rights legislation, apparently.)

      So in order to not be ‘racist’ wouldn’t the establishment media be better off calling Muslims ‘Muslims’ instead of employing the racist term ‘Asians’?

  6. Policing is a social contract. Basically, the people restrain from taking the law into their own hands, in return for a police force and honest judiciary system. That no longer applies. It breaks my heart to see this once brilliant nation of ours brought so low. And for what? I still do not fully understand what this open arms to islam (no capital letter – deliberately, I am not an uneducated lout) is all about. Oil? Private bribery? I cannot believe that it is a genuine belief that muslims are worthy of our welcome!!!! Money is probably a major part, but what part exactly? I have read about this Coudenhove conspiracy, but somehow, I don’t think so. It involves the politicians having a genuine ideal. Politicians who get anywhere near to the top, have left their ideals along the wayside.

    • Why Muslims are tolerated anywhere is a total mind duct. A complete waste of space – at best.

    • Remember Donald Sutherland explaining how the JFK assassination took place, in that movie. Events take on a life of their own, a certain momentum is achieved, and no individual can stop anything from happening … that may be part of it.

  7. Have the English returned to the conditions of Victorian times when the well-to-do gave not a wit about the conditions of the poor white children existing around them? Do they need a Dickens to put faces and names to the abused and neglected children, under present circumstances mostly girls, so as to rouse outrage and to protect the most vulnerable in their midst?

  8. I attempted to do the same calculation a while ago. A key input is the ratio of victims to perps. The victims were not street prostitutes, and so a ratio of many perps for each victim is not appropriate. One study of another case (which I cannot locate at this moment) suggested 10 victims per perp. This suggests that about 10% of Muslim men aged 17 to 40 in Rotherham were perps: and less than this if some perps were over 40.

    Some of the Rotherham girls were trafficked to other towns, meaning that some of the perps were not from Rotherham; but this traffic was two-way, so I think it is reasonable to ignore the other towns and count the Muslim population of Rotherham alone.

    I do not believe that the majority of Muslim men are committing these crimes; but in the towns where it happens, a significant minority of about 10% is doing so. This figure is shocking enough, and is a cause for grave concern. It is counterproductive to exaggerate the figures because this invites rebuttal and ridicule.

  9. This angers me more than most. Not only have I known similar victims when I was the same age, but somewhat recently (about 4-5 years ago) I knew someone older (21-23) who was kind of similar and I knew exactly what kind of problems she had. Thing is, she probably wasn’t even prostituted out though I never really asked for details. But even at 21-23 she was still acting much like an abandoned 14 year old. I was rather impressed with how hard she was trying to be stable. I talked to her about once a month for two years, generally when she was having an anxiety attack simply because her boyfriend was busy doing something. I did convince her to talk to a social work intern (free at the U she was enrolled at) when I first met her and I’m pretty sure the intern learned quite a bit. She probably won’t ever feel totally normal but at this point I’m pretty sure she’s at least much more emotionally stable.

    She was not even anywhere near a worst case scenario so I can only imagine how bad others would be doing. So progressive [epithets]: what difference does it make? Well, I know exactly what difference it makes and it makes a very bad difference. My contempt for the “What difference does it make?” types is beyond words.

  10. But the number of rape-aged Muslim men — predominantly aged 17 to 40 according to a suppressed Birmingham police report is about 14% of the total. That means Rotherham had over 1,400 girls prostituted to 850 men.

    Average UK lifespan: 81.5 years
    23 ÷ 81.5 = 28.2%
    28.2% ÷ 2 = 14.1%

    According to the report cited in the Birmingham Mail, “The majority of offenders are typically Asian, of Pakistani origin, aged from 17 to 40.”

    The majority (not all) of offenders may indeed be Muslims aged between 17 and 40, but that does not mean that if you are a Muslim aged between 17 and 40 you are an offender. So finding the percentage of the population of Muslims in any given area who are in that age bracket will not give you the percentage of Muslims in that area, or in the age bracket, who are offenders.

    So it’s not clear what is being calculated in the above article. At first glance it seems to be saying that if you are 23 years old, then you have lived for approximately 28.2% of your total lifespan.

    And half of 28.2% of your total lifespan would be 14.1% of your total lifespan.

    This checks out.

    Half of 23 is 11.5.

    So: 11.5 / 81.5 = x / 100

    81.5x = 11.5 x 100

    81/5x = 1150

    x = 1150 / 81.5

    x = 14.1%

    This hardly seems relevant to the argument Mr. Boby is trying to make.

    • Typo alert.

      That line (3rd from bottom) should read: 81.5x = 1150

      So apparently if you are 11 and a half years old, you have lived for 14.1% of your total lifespan, given that the average age for males is 81.5 years.

      So what?

      These figures are questionable too, for the report which is apparently being relied upon only claims that the life expectancy will increase in years to come to 81.5 years. The latest figures available from the ONS indicate that as things stand right now, the national life expectancy for males living in the UK is 78.9 years.

      • And it’s difficult to see how one could assume that simply taking the age ‘band’ between 17 and 40 and calculating that ‘band’ as a percentage of the total lifespan could possibly be correct. After all, the age indicated is only supposed to change to 81.5 in the future. At the minute it appears to be 78.9. And who is to say that there are exactly the same amount of men and women in the community in question? If that ratio is not known, then one cannot simply divide by two and say that will be how many males there are. And there is no way of knowing whether there are a lot of children or pensioners, either. The age groups within any particular community could be weighted towards young children, with granny left out on an ice floe so that there’s one less mouth to feed, for example. Who knows? Or as in China, there could be a limit on the number of children allowed to be born. Or there could have been an epidemic which degraded a generation. Or there could be a density spike with most of the population in the community in question being under 30. Or most of that age group could have travelled to the Middle East for some Islamic fun and games … but simply saying that the age band between 17 and 40 equates to 28.2% of the total community, and if you divide that by 2 you get the number of males in that age group is far too simplistic.

      • Fact check: The national life expectancy figure of 78.9 years is from the 2012 figures from the ONS. In their 2014 study, the life expectancy for males in Yorkshire & The Humber appears to be 78.7 years, and the national life expectancy in England appears to be 79.5 years.

  11. “Rotherham had over 1,400 girls prostituted to 850 men.”

    “That means Rotherham had over 1,400 girls prostituted to 1,100 men.”

    Which is it?

  12. ” One study of another case (which I cannot locate at this moment) suggested 10 victims per perp. This suggests that about 10% of Muslim men aged 17 to 40 in Rotherham were perps…”

    No it doesn’t.

    One offender could have ten victims. Two offenders could have twenty victims between then. It doesn’t follow that 10 percent, or 15 percent, or any other percentage of any group of people those offenders happened to belong to were also offenders. Two members of a chess club with a total of 30 members could be serial rapists with twenty victims between them. That doesn’t mean one of the other members of the chess club must also be a serial rapist. The number of victims of any one serial offender says nothing whatsoever about the probabilty of Joe Bloggs, walking down the street minding his own business, also being a serial offender or not.

  13. And one can’t simply say that there were approximately 1 400 victims, ten victims per offender, therefore 140 groups of ten, one group to each offenders, & use that to calculate a percentage of the age group referred to in the Birmingham Mail within the Islamic community, because the victims could have been, and apparently were, passed around between offenders, like pieces of meat, so any one victim could appear in several ‘groups’ of ten victims. So there may have been more than 140 ‘groups’ of victims, but how many? Well who can say.

  14. “Rotherham Borough’s 240,000 population is 3.4% “Asian” (pdf, page 24), which means it’s 2.5% Muslim.

    British “Asians” = 3 million Muslims + ½ million Hindus + ½ million Sikhs

    That is, 6,000 Muslims in Rotherham.”

    If the above ratio is correct (and it is difficult to see how one could take a national estimation and apply it to a local situation), then 3/4 of 3.4% is not 2.5%, it is 2.55%

    Which means, if the total population is indeed 240, 000, then there would not be 6, 000 Muslims in Rotherham at all. There would be 6, 120.

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